SolarCity VP sympathizes with SRP customers; casts doubt on utility’s reasoning

David Arfin, vice president of customer financing for SolarCity, the largest installer of solar power units in Arizona and California, told the Sun today that the Phoenix-based utility SRP‘s claim to have reduced incentives for solar systems partly because of “falling solar prices” fails to take into account normal seasonal fluctuations.

SolarCity VP, David Arfin

SolarCity VP, David Arfin

“It is true gross cost of systems has come down slightly since the end of 2008,” wrote Arfin in an Email, “but it’s difficult to predict what will happen this summer, when demand for solar is typically higher.”

Arfin, who was in Phoenix recently for a “Solar Summit” hosted by Greentech Media, also said he sympathized with SRP customers affected by the cuts.

A spokesman for APS, the largest supplier of electricity in the state, told the Arizona Republic that his company is not considering following SRP’s example.

“We don’t have any plans on pulling back, no plans to lower it, have not thought about it and are not talking to the Commission about it,” APS spokesman Steven Gotfried said. “We are looking for more incentives to add solar.”

Peter Green, part 3. China is key

The last installment of an interview with Peter Green, CEO of Advent Solar, recorded on 15 April 2009 at a “Solar Summit” in Phoenix. In this segment, Green concludes remarks about states that missed out on the semiconductor revolution and then talks about China’s energy problems as that nation tries to grow its economy by using cheap but dirty coal.

Peter Green on attracting solar jobs

The thing is said; the thing is done.

Miles Drentell

No sooner had I broadcast news of the video’s imminent arrival, then YouTube let me know it was ready for pick-up. So here it is: Part 1 of 3, straight from the Wednesday Solar Summit here in the Valley of the Sun.

(Shout out to Greentech Media for organizing the event. It was, as my good friend Percy Piestewa would say, “awesoooome!”)

Parts 2 & 3 will be along, um, presently.