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  1. An Open Letter to Governor Crist

    Florida on Saving Florida (we need an International Feet of Supertankers now)

    The State of Florida cannot count on BP or the Federal Government to stop the oil from destroying our waters and coastlines. Our fishing and tourism industries are too important to rely on their dithering. In spite of budgetary woes, Florida must save Florida now.
    Here is how we can best use our money and resources:

    As soon as possible, a flotilla of super tankers should be stationed areas where the oil enters the Loop Current and pump it up – not only the surface oil but also the deeper oil which will have more toxic dispersants. Tankers and fleets of commercial, recreational boats and, why not? large cruisehips should be fitted with pumps and holding tanks to assist and be ready to move when oceanography specialists see where the flow will be the heaviest. Flexibility is the key.

    We should consult other countries with spill experience, especially Australia and the Scandinavian countries. Any foreign assistance should be encouraged and gratefully accepted.

    This won’t get all the oil but, because the West Florida’s coasts are relatively shallow, retrieving significant amounts is feasible and we could prevent large amounts of oil from entering the Florida Straits and going up the East Coast of Florida to Maine, to Europe and beyond.

    All revenues from oil captured in Florida’s waters should be used in the clean-ups that will be necessary for years to come. And a big fat bill sent to BP.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Joel Biddle
    Former Educational Director, Reef Relief
    Key West, Florida

  2. >We need Obama to get out from underneath the thumb of BP and become the president we elected him to be. We need him to declare the oil spill catastrophe a National and International Crises and encourage help from the rest of the world…. can you contact as many fishery management experts, scientists top engineers, and experts on oil spills to combine and offer help in an official letter to the President and publish the letter in the Phoenix Sun…and to the NY Times, Boston Globe and any national newspaper that will print it … perhaps such a letter could break the gridlock and make this happen… best always, joel

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