10 Best 500-Watt Solar Panels & Their Reviews

We know that you have already planned to go solar and looking for the most efficient solar panels. An ideal solar panel from a trusted manufacturer will enable you to make it more effective.

A 500 watts solar panel is designed to provide maximum power for medium and large solar systems. You can use this capacity to save your space and generate more electricity.

If you use 500 watts solar panels instead of 200 or 300 watts, you can get the same power from fewer solar panels. It is designed to keep you connected to all devices.

This writing presents the reviews and buyer’s guide of the best 500 watts solar panels. We also include the FAQ section to provide you with a crystal clear idea about this specific power producer.

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What to Look for When Buying a 500-Watt Solar Panel?

What to Look for When Buying 500-Watt Solar Panel?
What to Look for When Buying a 500-Watt Solar Panel?

Before purchasing a 500-watt solar panel, you have to consider some significant key features that will ensure the device’s performance.

Like other products, you will find fake, under-graded, and low-quality 500-watt solar panels in the market. As a conscious buyer, you can follow this buyer’s guide to get an effective solar panel with the value of the money. We analyze several options to make the guide helpful with authentic info and features. Let’s explore more. 


First, you should consider the quality of the solar panel. You can ask for the types of materials and manufacturing processes to compare their quality.

A good quality solar panel comes with a standard manufacturing process, and it will last more than an average model or brand. 


You will use the solar panel to generate electricity. So, efficiency is the most important thing that you have to consider.

An efficient solar panel will produce sufficient energy for the solar system. Besides, it will allow you to get the same power for years. Compare the efficiency of a 500-watt solar panel from a different brand.


Manufacturers produce 500-watt solar panels of different sizes. A solar panel with a small design and more power will save space on the rooftop.

It is better to measure the installation area and select a compact solar panel model. You can save money and space with a perfect-sized solar panel.

Type of solar panel

You will find a little difference in the efficiency and production between monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels.

The silicon cells will produce more, and it ensures long-lasting power production.


Comparing the features and quality, you have to determine the cost. A quality product contains all the features at an affordable price.

When you are getting good performance at the best price, only then can you say that it is a cost-effective product.

500 Watt Solar Panels Use Cases

This range is perfect for various power production systems, and it will provide you with more access to electricity generation.

A 500-watt solar panel will enable you to make an effective system for home, commercial, and outdoor usage.

The ideal design, size, and efficiency make it above the standard. In the next paragraphs, let’s find the most significant applications of 500-watt solar panels.

When Do You Need a 500 Watts Solar Panel Kit?

A 500-watt solar panel kit is designed to meet your expected energy for multiple purposes.

When Do You Need 500 Watts Solar Panel Kit?
When Do You Need a 500 Watts Solar Panel Kit?

A rechargeable generator can be powered with a 500-watt solar panel kit, and its portability gives you quick access to energy. That means you are getting away to charge everything with a generator under its capacity.

Next, you can run the devices and appliances of an RV with a 500-watt solar panel. You don’t have to worry about power production. Even you can power kitchen appliances with this power.

On the contrary, when you have a small solar system for your home, a 500-watt kit can power the fan, LEDs and charge your power bank or smartphones.

A boat needs more power in remote water, and you can produce electricity for the boat. The kit enables you to power everything on the boat.

In a Hurry? Top 3 Picks For 500-Watt Solar Panels

Eco Worthy Solar Power Kit 520 Watts

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Renogy 12Volt 500-Watt Solar Premium Kit

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Eco Worthy Solar Kit 500Watts

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When Don’t You Need 500 Watts Solar Panel Kit?

When You Don’t Need 500 Watts Solar Panel Kit?
When Don’t You Need 500 Watts Solar Panel Kit?

The devices that require less power than a 500-watt solar panel kit, then you don’t need a 500-watt solar panel.

In this situation, try to install a solar panel with less power. You can go for a 200 or 300-watt solar panel.

For example, you want to run an attic fan or LED light at home. It’s unnecessary to install a 500-watt solar panel.

On the contrary, when camping in a remote place and just wanting to power lights, fans, and power banks, you don’t need a 500-watt solar panel.

In this article, we include the 3 most efficient 500-watt solar panels. Our research and experiment ensure that these are trustworthy products with higher production capacity.

We compare hundreds of models online and offline to ensure that everything goes with the standard.

Besides, we test most of the models with different devices to understand the real-time efficiency of each solar panel. Let’s explore them.

Top 6 Best 500-Watt Solar Panels & Kits (And Reviews)

In this article, we include the most efficient 500-watt solar panels. Our research and experiment ensure that these are trustworthy products with higher production capacity.

We compare hundreds of models online and offline to ensure that everything goes with the standard.

Besides, we test most of the models with different devices to understand the real-time efficiency of each solar panel. Let’s explore them.

500W Solar PanelsBrandRateFull KitPrice
Renogy 12Volt 500-WattRenogy4.3Yes$759
Eco Worthy Solar Power Kit 520 WattsEco Worthy4.0Yes$659
Eco Worthy Solar Kit 500WattsEco Worthy4.0YesBuy On Amazon
ACOPOWER 500 WattsACOPOWER4.9YesBuy On Amazon
Komaes Polycrystalline Solar PanelKomaes4.0NoN/A
ECO Worthy Solar panel Kit 720 WattsEco Worthy3.6YesBuy On Amazon
500 Watt Solar Panels & Kits

Renogy 12Volt 500-Watt Solar Premium Kit

The Renogy solar panel kit comes with a complete installation package.

If you need an efficient solar panel for home and outdoor, it has maximum power point technology with 30 percent more power transferring capability.

Renogy 12Volt 500-Watt Solar Premium Kit Overview:

  • 500-watt
  • 12 volt
  • Monocrystalline solar cell
  • MT-50 Tracer Meter
  • 235 x 86 x 6 inches
  • 90 pounds
  • Installation kit
  • Charge controller 
  • Cable
  • Solar fuse
  • 18.4% cell’s efficiency
  • 98% power efficiency

This solar panel kit will enable you to get sufficient power for everything that runs with a 500-watt panel. It has high-quality solar cells to generate more power from less sunlight.

It includes an MPPT solar charge controller, and you can charge the battery easily. The package is designed to generate the necessary power for you.

Besides, it contains monocrystalline solar cells with 18.4 percent efficiency. These cells will generate and collect more than 98 percent power from the sun.

The kit has an MT-50 power tracer to monitor the system for everyday power production and efficiency. It is important to analyze electricity generation to understand how much power you are getting.

You will like the installation process because of its easy access. The package offers screws and a Z bracket to install on the rooftop or other open spaces.

This solar panel is ideal for small homes, RV, boats, camping, and swimming pool areas. You can also use the kit to power the garage.

However, the design is similar to the typical solar panels, but the package is unique with all the features.

Similarly, if you consider the brand, Renogy is the global leader in manufacturing solar panels and kits. With innovative products and ideas, they conquer the global market.

The only thing is that you won’t get a warranty with the kit. But, it will last at least ten years.

Renogy 12Volt 500-Watt Solar Premium Kit Pros and Cons

A complete power kit
Multiple usages
Simple system
No issue found
Renogy 12Volt 500-Watt Solar Premium Kit Pros and Cons

Eco Worthy Solar Power Kit 520 Watts

June 2021, product link updated.

The solar panel is made with a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, ideal for outdoor use. In addition, it has an anti-reflective frame, low iron tempered glass, impact resistance, and is super durable.


  • The maximum discharging current of 20 A,29.2 lbs.
  • Output tolerance positive negative 3 %,
  • 58.3×26.3×1.4 inches in dimension.
  • The turbine generator consists of carbon fiber material.

This 520W solar panel comes with a hybrid controller, 20APWM, 12V, 1000W, and a controller for overload and short circuits. 

It is lightweight, has high power wind consumption, low start-up speed, and adjustable windward and anti-windward directions.

Another big plus point of this panel is that it has a wind turbine with a start-up speed of 5.6mph, rotates speed of 800r/min, and a direct current of 12-24 V.

This perfect wind and the solar hybrid system will always meet your power needs. You can use it in several places like mobile homes, leisure sectors, boats, and even green windmills.

Pros and Benefits

  • Made with Carbon
  • Comes PWM charger
  • It consists of a corrosion-resistant plate
  • Come with a regulator

Eco Worthy Solar Kit 500Watts For OffGrid

Next, we have the Eco-worthy solar panel kit that has 32 feet long cable. With this extra-large cable, you can connect the solar panel indoor and outdoor easily.

The MC4 connecting and mounting hardware make the device more effective.


  • 12 volt
  • 60A charge controller
  • 32 feet long cable
  • 12 volt
  • Polycrystalline solar cells
  • Tempered glass
  • Aluminum frame 
  • 5 years warranty
  • 25 years power production guarantee
  • High-quality material

This solar panel comes with good quality materials, and its efficiency will provide you with sufficient power in any weather condition.

It combines five 100 watts solar panels with a 30A solar charge controller. The ideal output of this solar panel kit is more than 2500Wh per day, depending on the sunlight.

With the long cable, you can connect the solar panel from a long distance. For example, you can keep the total 500-watt solar panel kit outdoors to get instant energy when you need power indoors.

On the other hand, the aluminum frame and glass-coated surface protect the panel from outdoor dangers.

The most important thing is getting a completely off-grid solar system. It has a PMW solar charge controller to generate and store energy on a battery.

This 12-volt system is enough for AC appliances because it contains an AC inverter and connector.

The brand Eco-Worthy is famous for solar panels and equipment manufacturing. You can trust them and get the value of the money with every product.

For consumer satisfaction, Eco-Worth offers two warranty facilities with this device. They include 5 years of warranty for materials and structures.

Similarly, they offer 25 years of warranty for the efficiency of solar cells. It contains 90 percent of efficiency for the first 10 years and 80 percent for the next 15 years.

The only thing you have to consider is that the sun is available where you install this. After all, you will get an affordable product with a higher production rate.

ECO-WORTHY 500 Watts Complete Solar Kit Pros and Cons

Eco friendly
Complete package for Off-grid
Higher efficiency
Durable and long-lasting 
No issue found 
ECO-WORTHY 500 Watts Complete Solar Kit Pros and Cons

ACOPOWER 500 Watts 12/24V Polycrystalline Solar Panel RV Kits

This solar panel kit contains an LCD smart display. You can control charge, load, and output with PC software or a remote MT-50 controller.

The package is suitable for multiple electricity power supplies, including RV.


  • LCD charges display
  • Charge controller 
  • Cable
  • 5 pieces 
  • Polycrystalline
  • Mounting brackets
  • 24-volt charging 
  • 25 years transferable power
  • 1-year warranty
  • 30 ft cable
  • Wind resistant

The ACOPOWER 5 pcs solar panel kit has extreme efficiency and is designed for several purposes. It can work with multiple connectors with a series of connections. You will get a real-time power production system for home, outdoor, and small commercial places.

The smart LCD will show you everything about the load and energy consumption. You can operate the total system with software.

At the same time, 24-volt charging capability enables you to power large batteries for longer backup.

You can easily mount the solar panels with provided screws and accessories.

This renowned brand offers a one-year warranty for physical materials and ensures 25 years of performance for solar panels.

Easy setup and lightweight design will allow you to install and carry the device without much effort.

ACOPOWER 500 Watts Solar Panel Solar RV Kits Pros and Cons

Compact design
Smart controller
Software control 
No issue found
ACOPOWER 500 Watts Solar Panel Solar RV Kits Pros and Cons

We have presented some good 500-watt solar panels & kits in the market. In case you want to explore more options (100W, 200W for flexible installation).

Let’s explore some more products.

Komaes Polycrystalline 100 Watts 12 volts Solar Panel

This solar panel is easy to install as it comes with predrilled holes on the aluminum frame, making mounting it relatively easy on any surface. The PV diodes of the panel are also pre-installed on the junction box. Power usage is perfect: 12 volts battery 400 watts, 24/48 volts battery charging ability. 

It works well in rural electrification, solar power station, the gas industry, traffic power supply, and many other industrial applications. It can serve you for up to 25 years, and its durability is top-notch. It has excellent solar cell technology, suitable for a 500-watt hour per day. 

This product will always provide you with silent, green, clean, and quiet solar energy sources. Your batteries will always be charged whenever you have this solar system. It can withstand winds of up to 2400 Pa and 5400Pa of snow.

It comes with a five-year warranty and a 20-year 12 volts output. KOMAES 100 watts can be used in homes as a power backup, and it is very versatile.

Pros and Benefits

  • Can withstand high winds
  • Delivers up to 17.79 voltage
  • It is made of high resistant aluminum
  • Made with solar cell technology
  • Durable for up to 20 years

ECO Worthy Solar panel Kit 720 Watts

Last item, the ECO worthy 720 watts. It comes with 200Ah, 12 Batteries suitable for recreational vehicles, and a combiner box. 60 A charge controller, six pieces mono solar panel module 120 W.

This solar kit is everything you need for a small solar system.

It comes with a predrilled diode for installation, making it easy to install anywhere you like. Just make sure that it faces the right direction to get maximum sunlight. 

The lithium batteries handle up to 1080 watts and 2160 watts. It has a maximum peak voltage of 21.6V, 6.11A peak current, and an 18 V open voltage circuit. Cc. Its dimensions are 330mm by 175 mm by 190mm, and the battery is lead-acid type.

The batteries come with a 720watts, 28kgs and 12v full kit. It has safety protection, ensuring no overload and backflow, ensuring 100% protection. You can charge devices up to a maximum of 24V, making it very versatile.

Pros and Benefits

  • Can easily handle up to 24 devices
  • It has a 10 A fuse
  • It comes with a 60A charge controller
  • The battery can handle up to 12 Voltage

Power Station: Things You MUST HAVE For A 500W Solar Kit

AIMTOM Portable 540 W Power Station

This product is ideal for people who love camping and adventures. It has a portable power station of 540 Wh and USB ports. If you love nature, you can always go anywhere with this product.

It has specifications that will leave you wanting more, for example:9 ports for charging all your devices,12V DC USB, 500W type C USB, powerful battery 500 w, weighs 11 pounds10.2 by 6.8 by 6.7. 

It is 20 % lighter than any other solar kit and has a backup battery if you ever run out of power. It has lithium batteries, which means it can last a whole night with a day’s charge. It can be used to charge laptops, smartphones, drones, and even cameras.

It has adjustable led lights on the screen for easy convenience. The solar kit comes with a BMS safeguard in case of an overcharge or short circuit.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is light in weight
  • It comes with a 9-charge port
  • Efficient and eco friendly
  • Uses lithium batteries

EF ECO Flow Portable Power Station River 412

This product is efficient and durable as it can hold a charge for up to one year without charge. It requires no gas, and it is a perfect portable generator for home and picnic use.

Always ensure that you travel with it anywhere you go, as it will come in handy one day. It has 50W charging solar cables, a padded case, 4 USB ports,11 power generator output, and a 12v car port charge. 

It only charges items up to 500 watts, and above that, it will not function. Suitable for charging small electronics like phones and low-watt electronics. Suppose you are going out for any adventures.

In that case, you should always carry your ECO flow portable solar power charge, and you can easily place it anywhere, and it will operate properly. 

It has a sound electricity output of 300 W and 500 W for excellent electricity output. That does not mean that we can use it on your refrigerator, heater, or hairdryer.

It is very eco-friendly and does not pollute the environment, and it also produces no sound at all. It comes with a money-back guarantee if anything goes wrong in the process.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is lightweight and suitable for camping and adventure
  • Easy to use and install
  • Holds charge for one year
  • Has 11 power outlets
  • It comes with a thermal management system

Aeiusny Power Station Portable

This portable power station is super convenient when it comes to camping. It consists of a 400W power solar generator and a 110 AC outlet pure sine wave.

If you have many devices that you need to charge simultaneously, you can always use this product.

This portable power station can charge up to 9 devices. 

The product comes with 12.3 by 4.88 by 6.48 inches in dimensions, making it portable and compact. It has 4 USB ports, 2DC ports, and you can use it to charge your phone several times.

If you have other devices that use USB ports, you can always charge them using this product. A warranty of one year ensures that you can quickly get assistance if you encounter any problems.

The solar panel is made of fireproof ABS material, making it eco-friendly, and in case you are not pleased with anything, you can take it back for replacement.

Do you want to learn more about Solar Energy? Read our article about Solar 101 here.

Specifications include a 5V mobile charger, 50 W fan 6 hours, 12V LED 96 hours, PC + Display 3 hours, Laptop 13 inches 8 hours, and a 20 W energy-saving lamp 14 hours. 

It has a battery management system that ensures no overload and overcharging. Aeiusny portable solar panel comes with 110V/120 AC output, 90 V 240 V, DC cables, one user manual, one car charging cable, and a portable power station.

Pros and Benefits

  • Eco friendly
  • Easy storage
  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • Has a battery management system
  • It comes with USB ports

Final Thoughts

500-Watt Solar Panels
500-Watt Solar Panels

Many people who switched to the 500-watt solar panel have enjoyed the benefits of renewable energy and its convenience.

They provide clean and eco-friendly power suitable for the whole family.

The next time you plan to buy a portable solar kit, look at the above-mentioned solar kits and have something to enjoy with the whole family.