10 Best Old Fashioned Solar Lantern (Vintage Solar Lantern)

Solar-powered lanterns are an iconic lighting solution with the latest technology and antic design. You will get a device with both style and energy efficiency.

Old-fashioned solar lanterns are now used to symbolize great personality and choice. It is an attractive element for your interior decoration.

Besides, the portability of solar lanterns will enable you to get instant lighting solutions without electricity and fuel.

This eco-friendly product can be used for garden, poolside, balcony, terrace, and other outdoor lighting pleasure. You can take it while traveling, camping, hiking, and fishing. It is safer for tents than kerosene light or candles.

In this article, we present a complete buyer’s guide and review of the best old-fashioned solar lanterns. You will get the answer to the FAQ related to this product.

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What To Look For In An Old Fashioned Solar Lantern?

Old Fashioned Solar Lantern

Selecting a device is not as easy as you think.

Solar devices come with different models, efficiency, design, and colors. You have to consider many things to ensure that it is the best lantern comparing price and efficiency.

A buyer’s guide will help you to understand the key features of solar-powered lanterns and enable you to search for the best product. Let’s reveal the key features that should be considered before purchasing an old-fashioned solar lantern.


An old-fashioned solar lantern is an attractive solution for decorating your home’s garden and outdoor places. A quality product should have a design aesthetic to bring a premium look.

Considering its design is a major issue while searching for a good solar lantern.


It’s all about power. Only the design can not give you powerful light. You need bright light with different options to make the place visible and vivid. Find a lantern with efficient solar panels and lighting solutions. A powerful solar panel will produce sufficient energy to make the light brighter.

Light’s Color

High-quality lanterns come with multiple lighting and color-changing options. You have to consider this feature before selecting your device. You might need mild, high, and other lighting options depending on the place.


The solar lantern is most probably used for outdoor and indoor decoration purposes. A durable design will ensure enduring performance and keep it safe in any place. Choose a design with top-rated material.


Always compare the price with its efficiency, performance, and design. You will get the best device that stands out. Not just looking for products with a higher price.


Manufacturers offer an official warranty with high-quality products. You have to consider the replacement warranty and guarantee before purchasing a solar lantern.

Best Old Fashioned Solar Lantern
Best Old Fashioned Solar Lantern

Old Fashioned Solar Lantern Reviews

Solar Lamp Post Lights Outdoor

This is a long-height solar lamp post light with triple head LEDs and a metal body. 

You will get bright light for outdoor safety and decorate your home brightly.


  • 72 inches
  • 3 heads
  • Metal stand
  • 15 lumens
  • 0.39 w light
  • 3.2-volt solar panel
  • 3 LEDs
  • Manual switch
  • 6.16 pounds 
  • 22 x 10 x 9.4 inches
  • 3 Lithium-ion batteries
  • Water and heatproof

If you are looking for a solar decorative solar lamp post, this is an ideal solution for outdoor areas. You can use this light for several purposes, and the LED lights will make the front/backyard brighter at night. It is perfect for the driveway, walkway, sidewalk, patio, and porch.

This light comes 72 inches in height that is very easy to install, and no wiring is required. It is DIY lighting with an instant installation process. You can also remove or reinstall the light by yourself.

The product is designed with an energy-saving mode and rechargeable battery. You don’t need to charge the light manually. It will automatically absorb power from the sun.

It has 3 lithium-ion batteries, and you will get 6 to 8 hours of light after a sunny day. The 3 LEDs produce 15 lumens of light together, brighter and vivid.

The design is stronger with a metal frame, and waterproof technology will allow you to get light in any weather condition.

With the traditional design, you can decorate a garden, poolside, or pathway to enhance the beauty. It will help you to complete garden parties at night.

 Greluna is a developed brand for solar devices, and you can rely on this brand for quality products.

They don’t offer a warranty with this product, but you will get all the spare parts in the local market.

Solar Lamp Post Lights Outdoor Pros and Cons

Traditional design 
Easy to install 
Energy saving
No issue found
Solar Lamp Post Lights Outdoor Pros and Cons

Sterno Home GL42309 Upgraded Version Outdoor Solar LED

Sterno Home Outdoor Solar Lamp comes with an aluminum frame and a durable design.

It has second-generation looks that show your design aesthetic and personality for antic light decoration.


  • Aluminum frame 
  • LED light
  • 60 lumens 
  • Waterproof
  • 13.07 pounds
  • 8.75 x 8.75 x 76 inches 
  • Rechargeable 
  • 1 powerful light
  • 1-year warranty
  • 76 inches height
  • Durable design

This excellent light has a unique design idea and a powerful battery for long night performance. It is suitable for your entrance pathways: Garden, porch, main gate, lakeside, and more.

The metal body is 76 inches long, and it has a decent height for outdoor lighting solutions. A single LED light will provide you with 60 lumens bright light.

You will get a lightweight solar lamp post that is easy to install and remove. You don’t need to hire any professional. The design is completely DIY, and the wireless process will allow you to install it within a few minutes.

Waterproof technology enables you to get bright light in any weather condition. You will feel the smooth light on a rainy day. It will be awesome and significantly beautiful.

Besides, it has a rechargeable battery with one year warranty. You will have a fantastic product at an affordable price. 

Sterno Home Outdoor Solar LED Pros and Cons

No wiring
Zero maintenance
Easy to install 
No issue found
Sterno Home Outdoor Solar LED Pros and Cons

Kyson Solar Power Vintage Lantern

This is a 4 pack solar candle lamp with 2 LEDs per candle, and it has an automatic light sensor

The light will turn on automatically in the morning and off at night by its dusk-sensitive sensor.


  • 4 packs 
  • 2 LEDs
  • 1.76 pounds
  • Automatic sensor 
  • 6-9 hours working time
  • ABS plastic material
  • 600mAh battery
  • 7.3 x 7.3 x 5.9 inches 
  • Waterproof
  • Candle lamp design
  • Waterproof

This solar candle light pathway, stair, wall, umbrella lakeside, garden, bedroom, and other places where you can use it instead of a candle. But, you don’t have to worry about finishing time because it is solar-powered.

After a single charge, this light will give you pleasure lights for 6 to 9 hours. Rechargeable and powerful battery will enable you to get light up to midnight.

If you install this light on the pathway, the light will turn on automatically in the evening, depending on the dusk.

With its unique old-fashioned design, you can change the decoration outdoors and indoor. The portability option enhances its performance and gives you easy access without wiring.

The overall performance is outstanding for candlelight solutions.

Kyson Solar Power Vintage Lantern Pros and Cons

Perfect for decoration
No wire required 
Zero maintenance 
No issue found
Kyson Solar Power Vintage Lantern Pros and Cons

ONEVER Solar Vintage Wall Lamp

If you are searching for a solar-powered vintage lamp for your wall, this lamp is specially designed for wall lighting and decoration

It has an easy mounting option, and you can install it with 2 screws.


  • 1.91 pounds
  • 13.74 x 7.48 x 6.02 inches
  • ABS plastic material
  • 2 lights
  • 3 Watts solar panel
  • LED
  • 10 hours backup
  • 8 hours charge
  • Waterproof

This is an excellent solar lamp, and you will get warm white light without electricity. It produces mild brightness and makes the surroundings awesome.

The light contains 3-watt high-efficient solar panels that will charge the battery within 10 hours. With a rechargeable battery, you will get more than 10 hours back. So, it will get charged during the day and serve you for the whole night.

It has ABS material and waterproof technology to perform outdoors in any weather condition for a long time.

You can also install this light beside the swimming pool and entrance. The design is suitable for a garage and balcony.

You will have an excellent lighting solution to decorate outdoor areas. The brand ONEVER offers high-quality products.

ONEVER Solar Vintage Wall Lamp Pros and Cons

Warm white color
Excellent design
No issue found
ONEVER Solar Vintage Wall Lamp Pros and Cons

Gama Sonic GS-94B-D Victorian Bulb

This light has classical 19th-century victorian lamp series design to provide you dusk to dawn lighting solution.

It contains an integrated sensor to maintain power in the system.


  • Energy efficient
  • Automatic dusk to dawn
  • 12 to 24 hours backup
  • Weather-resistant
  • 360-degree light and spread 
  • 16.4 pounds
  • 300 lumens
  • 2 Lithium-ion batteries
  • 10 years lifespan

This energy-efficient solar lamp has GS solar LED technology that combines conventional design and high-performance bright light.

It comes with an automatic dusk to dawn light sensor that will turn the light on in the evening and off in the morning. This integrated protocol sensor works faster than other technology.

The light doesn’t contain any electrical wiring, and it will work automatically after getting sunlight. You don’t need to do anything manually.

Besides, the light is weather-resistant, and you can use the bright light even on a rainy day. It is very difficult to light the outer area in bad weather due to the power cut. But, it will never happen if you install this lamp.

Gama Sonic is a renowned brand for solar lights, and they make this product durable enough to last for 10 years. 

Gama Sonic GS-94B-D Victorian Bulb Pros and Cons

No wiring 
Easy to install
Durable material
No issue found
Gama Sonic GS-94B-D Victorian Bulb Pros and Cons

Solar Lights Outdoor Decorative – ALOVECO

ALOVECO solar light comes with 2 smart lighting modes. You will get warm white and yellow light from the same light.

The lighting mode will be changed when the light detects movement.


  • 2200 mAh
  • 3.7 volt
  • 8 hours backup
  • 2 smart lighting modes
  • Waterproof
  • Warm white and yellow 
  • Automatic switch
  • 24 months warranty

This is an attractive twine solar light for entrance, balcony, pathways, stairs, poolside, garage, garden, and more. It has an adorable design and lightweight material for an easy and strong installation.

The most attractive thing is 2 in 1 lighting effect. The solar light will change automatically from yellow to white when someone approaches. It takes 30 seconds to turn into the flickering mode.

You will get a vintage design that is perfect for every home. It will enhance the beauty and make everything vivid at night.

The device is waterproof, and it will allow you to make the outdoors brighter.

ALOVECO offers 30 days money-back guarantee and 24 months warranty. So, you will get the perfect performance and after-sales service with this light.

Solar Lights Outdoor Decorative – ALOVECO Pros and Cons

Vintage design
Easy installation
Low maintenance 
No issue found
Solar Lights Outdoor Decorative – ALOVECO Pros and Cons

TomCare Solar Lights

This light has a flammable flickering option that is excellent and eye-catchy like a real flaring torch.

Realistic flickering flames will create a unique ambiance after installing this light.


  • Solar-powered
  • 96 LEDs
  • 2200 mAh battery
  • Plastic ground
  • Portable
  • Water-resistant
  • Extra grounding stick
  • 12 hours backup
  • Flammable flickering light
  • Automatic dawn to dusk
  • 8.1 ounces
  • 4.7 x 4.7 x 32.67 inches

This is a fantastic light, and you will have the best solar flickering lights that you can buy. You can install this all-weather condition light in your garden, pathways, driveways, backyard, etc.

It comes with a durable plastic grounding stick and allows you to install the light within 30 seconds.

You can take the light in your backpack and install it while arranging a party outdoors and camping in a remote place.

It has 96 LEDs that will serve you more than 12 hours after a single charge.

Waterproof technology allows the light to perform in any weather condition.

Besides, the brand Tomcare always produces stylistic solar lights for consumers. You can rely on them.

TomCare Solar Lights Pros and Cons

Energy efficient
Gorgeous design
Super easy installation
No issue found
TomCare Solar Lights Pros and Cons

Maggift 2 Pack Hanging Solar Lights

This is a hanging solar lantern that is designed for decorative purposes. It will enhance the outdoor and indoor beauty of your home.

The rustic frame design will give the real feeling of an old-fashioned lantern. 


  • 6 x 6 x 6.7 inches 
  • 3000K Warm White LED
  • 6 lumens
  • Charging Time: 6-8 hours
  • Working Time: 8-10 hours
  • 180 days warranty

If your demand is something different, this light will be perfect for you. The unique design will bring a beautiful atmosphere day and night.

You can use this pretty light on a balcony, garden, entrance, living room, bedroom, and other areas.

The light will maintain a dusk to dawn power circle with an automatic on/off the system. Once you have turned the light on, you don’t need to do it every day.

Besides, each light includes a rechargeable AA battery that will enable you to take the light to any place you wish.

You can also hang this light on trees, porches, umbrellas, and tents. It is an outstanding lighting solution for outdoor camping.

Maggift offers 180 days official product warranty and ensures after-sales service.

Maggift 2 Pack Hanging Solar Lights Pros and Cons

Easy to use
Durable design
Powerful battery
No issue found
Maggift 2 Pack Hanging Solar Lights Pros and Cons

Petrala Solar Table Lights Outdoor

The Petrala Solar Table Light has a rustic and antique design. It is a perfect light to create charming surroundings between man and nature.

It is a combination of natural elements and the beauty of the light.


  • Solar-powered
  • Waterproof
  • 7 lumens
  • 12.8 ounces
  • 6.4 x 6.4 x 5.1 inches
  • 8 hours backup
  • White color
  • Metal body
  • 1.2 Volts
  • Push-button 
  • Dusk to dawn control
  • 8.14 watts

This light is ideal for Christmas, birthday, valentine and mother’s day. You can wish them this surprising gift that produces powerful natural lights.

It will create a soft and swift atmosphere, indoor and outdoor. 7 lumens light will give you the same light as a candle produces.

The durability and portability of this light allow you to use it on a table, balcony, wall, bedside table and other possible candle placing places.

Waterproof technology allows you to use the light outdoors on a rainy day.

Petrala Solar Table Lights Outdoor Pros and Cons

Unique design
Multiple usages
No issue found
Petrala Solar Table Lights Outdoor Pros and Cons

Solar-powered Mason Jar Lights

Finally, we have the CHBKT solar-powered lantern with an old-fashioned jar design.


  • Solar-powered
  • Art decorative
  • LED light
  • 20 bulbs
  • Waterproof
  • Automatic on/off

This is an excellent hanging light that can be used as a garden hanging light or on a table light. It has a decorative design and warm white color that will enhance the beauty of the surroundings.

The decorative art style will give you pleasant and sweet light at home. After a single charge, the light will serve for the whole night.

It contains a high-efficient solar panel and powerful battery for enduring service.

You can take this light while camping, fishing, and arranging parties at your home.

Unlike other solar decorative lights, it is not flickering, but you can make the place vivid at night with the warm white light.

Solar-powered Mason Jar Lights Pros and Cons

Integrated design
Old fashioned look
Easy to use
No issue found
Solar-powered Mason Jar Lights Pros and Cons

Old Fashioned Solar Lantern FAQs

What is the life expectancy of a solar lantern?

A solar lantern will perform more than 50,000 hours, and lamp posts have 10 years of life expectancy.

Can solar lanterns cause a fire?

No, solar lanterns are wire-free. There is no possibility of getting fire while running.

How long do solar lights stay on at night?

A solar light will stay for 8 to 12 hours at night. It depends on the wattage of the solar panel and the bulb’s voltage.

Final Thoughts

Finally, old-fashioned solar lanterns are perfect for outdoor and indoor decoration. You will get the perfect light and beautiful atmosphere.

If you are confused about your choice, you can follow our suggestion to get an excellent lantern.

The TomCare Solar Lights are best for decoration and flickering light solutions. It will give you flammable light like a real flame. 

On the contrary, the Solar Lamp Post Lights Outdoor is perfect for brighter light, and you can make the outdoors visible with solar-powered. It is an effective lamp post that will save energy and cost.

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