TOP 12 Best Solar Deck Post Lights Reviews

When you want that perfect look in your compound, and you want time to spend with your family and friends, solar decks often have that perfect look.

Want to have a perfect look in your compound? Want to spend your awesome time outdoors with friends/family ? Having solar deck post lights, you can always enjoy your evenings without any problems.

The good thing about solar deck post lights is that they charge during the day, and when night comes, they turn on automatically and light up your evenings.

When it comes to solar deck post lights, here are some advantages you can look for:

  • Amazingly easy to install and have little or no maintenance costs associated with them.
  • Ideal for homeowners who are busy.
  • Reasonable price. Almost everyone can afford them.

In this article, we will walk you through the list of best solar deck post lights in the market & their features + reviews.

1. Davinci Flexfit Solar Post Lights

Davinci Flexfit Solar Post Lights
Davinci Flexfit Solar Post Lights

Davinci flex-fit is our set of elegant decks. It has a simple but stylish look and will match any decor in your compound.

Many customers have highly recommended this type of deck lamps as they are also not expensive.

It comes with mounting hardware, which means you will not have to rush to your local hardware to look for installation kits. It comes with its set of screws to mount literally any wooden surface or PVC vinyl decks. 

The good thing about this light is that they are waterproof, and they have a hard-plastic top which ensures that water does not enter, hence maintaining your light. The LED bulbs used in the decks are exceedingly long-lasting and can run for approximately 100,000 hours without running out.

That means that once you install the deck, you will have enough time to do other things without having to worry about whether your goods are also easy to maintain. 

The more lights you have in your compound means that you will have more time out even after dark.

The Davinci brand comes with a fuzzy fit, which means they can fit any posts, such as four or six. If you are looking for a solar deck with the best reviews in the market, look no further as this product will serve all your needs and lighting problems.

Pros and Benefits

  • Comes in sets of two high-quality weatherproof lights
  • Has a warm glow at night
  • The fuzzy fit makes it compatible with any set of posts
  • The LED bulbs have a long lifespan

2. Kemeco LED Cast Aluminum Solar Post Light

Kemeco LED Cast Aluminum Solar Post Light
Kemeco LED Cast Aluminum Solar Post Light

This product comes with an all-purpose mounting base compatible with any post either rounded or squared.

The solar post glasses are exquisite and have a beautiful look. If you fancy the old traditional street lamps, you have your perfect match with this product.

With the latest technology of LED bulbs that comes with them, you will always have the best of the old and latest solar post lights. 

You will never have to worry about rust as the lamps are made of aluminum and have aluminum tops.

That means that even in the worst weather conditions, your compound will still be glaring. If you want something that will last for an extended period without replacing, these solar lights are the best.

They come with four sets of solar panels, which means that they will receive sunlight from all angles.

They are the best when it comes to energy saving as they do not consume a lot of energy, and they will give you a perfect look.

Pros and Benefits

  • Have an old stylish look with modern technology
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comes with four solar panels
  • Has 6 powered LED lights?

3. Greluna Outdoor Solar Wall Lights

Greluna Outdoor Solar Wall Lights
Greluna Outdoor Solar Wall Lights

This product is always the best when you are looking for a nice-looking staircase in your compound.

Greluna comes in sets of 8, which means you will be able to use them in various places in your compound.

You can install them in various places, such as the swimming pool, staircase, porches, rock paths, and even the seating areas. They can also fit well in any posts, and they are relatively easy to install.

They are always the best lights if you are looking for a fun, party-like environment for you and your friends.

When turned on, they come with a switch that can bring a rainbow color of lights in your compound, which the kids will like.

They do not have excess glare, which can be harmful to your eyes. They give that perfect evening look.

Since they are multi-directional, you can use them for your fencing space to give your compound that nice glowing look. The package comes with all the installation equipment from screws, plastic casing, and easy to install. So next time you are shopping, think if the Greluna.

Pros and Benefits

  • Has color-changing lighting from white to rainbow colors
  • Easy to install and comes with mounting equipment
  • Comes in an eight pack
  • Can last for long hours

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4. OTHWAY Solar Fence Lights

OTHWAY Solar Fence Lights
OTHWAY Solar Fence Lights

If you are looking for small-sized lights that you want to install in your deck post, look no further.

They are very affordable and come in sets of four. They can either be posted higher or lower on your posts and will still deliver a perfect result. Honeycomb design provides a lovely look when installed in your driveways or stairs.

If you have a large compound and need that nice look, you can always use this type of light, which will make your friends and family loving the environment in your area.

If you have a decorative waterfall in your compound, you will want to install these types of lights near the decoration to give that glaring look.

These solar lights consist of a hard-plastic lightweight, which is easy to install—customers who have bought them before having always given positive reviews, and you better try them out.

Pros and Benefits

  • Has a 3 to 6 hours lighting power when fully charged
  • They are perfect for all weather conditions
  • Provides the perfect glow to your compound
  • Easy to install

5. IGLOW 4 PACK Vintage Solar Post Lights

IGLOW 4 PACK Vintage Solar Post Lights
IGLOW 4 PACK Vintage Solar Post Lights

If you want a post light with an artistic design on the frosted glass, the glow four pack is the perfect answer.

It has a vintage bronze look, which will give your compound that nice look in the evening.

It has a classic Asian top that offers protection from rain and snow. If you have a larger deck area, you will find these kinds of lights perfect even when your compound will still have a nice look. 

If you have a compound with a piece of patio furniture, you will need to try this kind of lights as they will provide your compound and the furniture’s nice look.

They are easy to install and have a long lifespan when it comes to the red lights. The pre-installed solar batteries can last for up to three years without replacement. They can fit well in different types of posts, and with the bronze look, your post will match well.

Pros and Benefits

  • Fits in all types of decks, even the largest
  • Available in bronze and black colors
  • Comes with pre-installed batteries
  • Has both frosted glass and clear glass

6. Green Lighting LED Solar Powered Posts

Green Lighting LED Solar Powered Posts
Green Lighting LED Solar Powered Posts

This product is quite simple and low-profile solar lights, which comes with a square rooftop, enabling recharging during the daylight.

They can blend well with any PVC or Vinyl posts, but you cannot use them with wooden posts. So, if you have a white vinyl post, you might consider trying this solar powered post for the perfect blend in your compound.

It comes in sets of 12, which means that you will have many options when it comes to installation.

You can place them in your staircase, compound, or even swimming pool areas they will always blend.

They come in colors of white, but you can also get them in black colors. They are suitable for a four by four vinyl posts.

Pros and Benefits

  • Has a simple profile look
  • Available in two types black and white
  • Comes in quantity of 12 packs
  • Easy to install

7. Green Lighting Mordern Design 2 Pack Post Light

Green Lighting Mordern Design 2 Pack Post Light
Green Lighting Mordern Design 2 Pack Post Light

These post lights work well with different deck posts types.

They include the adaptors. The product has a soft and gentle deck area and has a black design that will blend well with any posts.

Green Lighting Modern Design 2 solar deck post lights provide a low intense glow that does not glare too much like a flashlight. They provide a gentle candlelight tone, which provides a relaxing evening.

It comes with 5-lumen lights, which provide a softer mood lighting to your compound.

They are easy to install, and with the five pieces that they come with, you will have different places to install them in your compound area.

It has a roof pattern that is waterproof and is suitable for all conditions like rain and snow.

The glass pattern is textured, and it gives the solar lights a lovely, beautiful look. It comes in different packs of 6, 2, or even 12 packs.

Pros and Benefits

  • Modern style design
  • Comes in 5 lumens
  • Available in 6 packs
  • Easy to install

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8. Lampat Waterproof Solar Lights

Lampat Waterproof Solar Lights
Lampat Waterproof Solar Lights

If you are looking for an enhanced outdoor look, the Lampat solar lights will be right for you.

They will always bring that wow factor to your deck, and with their stylish flame look, your compound will look very prestigious.

The product comes in two sets of lamps that appear to be flickering. All your neighbors will keep on asking you where you got those lovely flickering solar lamps.

Another plus point is that they bring that romantic warm look and can be perfect outdoors and indoors. When we talk of flames, we do not necessarily mean the real flames, but that means you can touch them, and they are also kids friendly.

The good thing about this kind of solar post lights is that they have an automatic on and off the system, so you do not need to worry. The Led bulbs are long-lasting. These lights will always make a statement, especially when installed in your deck, pool area, or next to your compound entrance.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is safer than real flames
  • Easy to install
  • Best for indoor or outdoor
  • Has a nice flame flickering style

9. Sterno Home Post Light

Sterno Home Post Light
Sterno Home Post Light

For those people who want an easy way out, this type of solar post lights will be simply perfect.

It does not require any tool, no screws, it is just placing it on a wooden post, and you are good to go.

You never need to drill anything or call for help; installation is just in minutes.

The best part is that they do not stand on top of posts, so they are perfect if you do not want anything on your posts. 

They have a frosted plastic lens, which creates a softer look while still providing plenty of light. When it comes to being user friendly, this is the best choice for you.

You can easily remove them if you are moving to a new neighborhood. They are portable, which means you can easily remove them when traveling and replace them when you so need.

Pros and Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Has a frost plastic lens
  • Portable
  •  Efficient when it comes to space

10. Moonray Hummingbird Solar Power LED

Moonray Hummingbird Solar Power LED
Moonray Hummingbird Solar Power LED

Finally, we have an attractive and beautiful Moonrays hummingbird solar lights.

Moonray Hummingbirds are unique as the glass is made with nature’s lovely hummingbird feeders.

You will love its appearance.

If you are looking to bring a special touch to your compound or even your staircase area and swimming pool area, this is the best solar light decoration for you.

It has that attractive and appealing look that will keep your visitors loving the view. It will be attractive during the day and at night. 

The solar light consists of a hard-plastic top, and the glass is designed with some lovely artwork. On one side, you will see the art, and on the other, the led will brighten out the glare you love. It is amazingly easy to install.

Many people have used it before leaving some excellent reviews, so I suggest you get yourself one.

Pros and Benefits

  • Has beautiful patterns on all sides
  • Has a nice, bright led white light
  • Fits nicely in a four by four-deck post
  • Very artistic design

11. Davinci Solar Post Light 4 by 4 Clear Lens

Davinci Solar Post Light 4 by 4 Clear Lens
Davinci Solar Post Light 4 by 4 Clear Lens

They come in a way that they do not stand on top of the post stands like many other decks.

That means that you will still have that lovely view of your compound without any interference.

These solar deck post lights are easy to install and can look good in various places like the swimming area, compound fence, and staircase.

They have a nice glow that reflects through the clear glass making your nights look like day. 

Apart from the four by four sizes, they also come in other deck post sizes, so you will always have something for your compound. They do not have the spotlight glare; instead, they are enough to make your home area feel great. They come in 15 lumens.

When we say they are easy to install, we mean that you do not need screws or drills to have them installed. In a nutshell, you do not need any tools. 

They are convenient because when it comes time to shift homes, you can easily remove them, which means they are suitable for rental apartments and temporary homeowners. They are multipurpose, which means you can use them during the day as they charge using sunlight.

Pros and Benefits

  •  Comes in different sizes
  •  Very versatile
  • They come in 15 lumen led lights
  • Easy to install and needs no tools

12. Iglow 12 Pack Solar Post Lights

Iglow 12 Pack Solar Post Lights
Iglow 12 Pack Solar Post Lights

The one thing that stands out with these solar lamps is their golden look. They blend well in different deck areas of almost all kinds of compounds.

The Led bulbs have a lifespan of more than 100,000 hours, which means that you will not need to change them anytime soon once you install the sold lights.

The light post’s tops consist of plastic, which is strong and will not allow water or even snow to penetrate. 

They come with rechargeable batteries, and the solar deck lights are relatively easy to install.

They come in golden copper colors, but you can get them in other colors like white or black.

You will be surprised that you will not have to spend a lot when it comes to purchasing them, that is because they are economical and very affordable.

Pros and Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Very economical
  • Comes in different colors and styles
  • They have an inbuilt battery

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a stylish look in your compound, you should try one of the above-mentioned solar deck post lights.

You will always have that summer free atmosphere in your compound.

Once you set up one of these solar decks in the compound, you will have a comfortable environment for your friends and family.

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