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14 Best Solar Energy Websites; Information, Solar News, Products and More

The whole world is turning into solar energy, and solar energy has become one of the most spoken topics in our world today.

People have been spending a lot on electricity, and it is now time to shift to solar energy.

Electricity requires many things; for example we must manufacture electricity, dedicate some resources, and even hire a workforce. 

For many years, petroleum has been our main problem when it comes to electricity production.

It is a main problem we have in modern society. But that is not the case anymore. After Alexandre Edmond Becquerel invented solar energy in 1839, that was when we said goodbye to the use of expensive petroleum-based electricity.

In this article, we are going to review 10 of the best websites about solar panels. Their products, information, and many more concerning solar energy.

Best Solar Energy Websites
Best Solar Energy Websites

Best Websites To Learn About Solar Energy

Overview: This is a large resource where you can learn about solar energy or even take the certificates for your business. 

Solar Energy International has a long track record and a great reputation for people to train in the solar industry.

I would suggest people to take a class, rather than self-study has a lot of advantages.

One of which is that it can help you get a job in the field, if you are really interested.

Home Power Magazine

Another good resource, if you’re interested in any do-it-yourself work, can be found with Home Power Magazine: Renewable Energy & Efficiency Technologies

Build It Solar

Build It Solar is a great resource of actual project information if you just want to tinker around. It’s more of a hacking or “maker” kind of thing, where Home Power has a more serious and professional approach and scope. Solar energy projects for Do It Yourselfers to save money and reduce pollution

Overview: This is a very top common knowledge website when it comes to solar. They also have tons of videos that explain the solar energy & relevant topics in the simple formats.

EnergySage’s solar advisors & online resources make going solar super easy. Their resources are free to use for homeowners.

It puts all of the communication between the customer and the installer in one place.


  • Easy-to-learn articles
  • Easy quote comparison tool
  • Online quotes available
  • Free solar power savings calculator


  • More focus on providing installing quote recently
  • Installers not in all areas
  • Does not have the courses that provide certificates

Best Websites of Solar Companies

Best Websites of Solar Companies
Best Websites of Solar Companies

We have talked about the top websites to learn solar energy. Below is the list of popular solar companies and their website. You can also learn some of the very basic knowledge on the website list below.

Petersen Dean is one of the biggest corporations located in the United States of America, which is working hard to change people’s lives by changing their energy sources.

When it comes to the solar power industry, Petersen Dean has a good reputation.

When you visit their website, you will find out that they have different solutions and critical features on solar energy, and it is all accessible through their website. 

You can be able to design your solar power equipment on their websites, including all the preferences that you would like your solar panel to have.

They can also provide you with different housing solutions that are being powered by solar energy.

On their website, you can also view some of the main projects they are undertaking when it comes to solar power. 

Due to their excellent reputation and continued service to customers when it comes to solar power, Petersen Dean increased its sales and gained more customers than any other solar energy manufacturing company. 

New to solar energy? Do you want to know how solar energy works? Read our Solar 101 to learn more about solar energy.

If you are one of their customers, you will be provided with different types of installation packages that are easy and convenient to handle.

Petersen Dean solar energy products are some of the best, and that is so because: They produce products with unique design, a reasonable price range on all their products, they have the best services, and offer different housing solutions.

Zener Net is one of the famous solar power brands that exist in the market today.

Not only a solar power brand, but they also manufacture different electrical equipment that is being powered by solar energy.

According to its website, Zener net mission is to accelerate solar energy freedom to everyone worldwide.

They want to be the leaders in energy freedom and help every citizen go solar and use solar energy today.

They have made their name in the market today because of their high-class solar panels and solar hardware.

When you visit their website, you will see how simple it can be to go solar without much hassle. 

ZenerNet has all the prices on their website, and you can compare them to other solar panel vendors.

You will notice that there is a significant difference. One of the reasons why ZenerNet has gotten their name among the highly valuable solar power names is that they offer transparent and competitive pricing to their customers compared to other solar panel companies. 

You can see on their website all the price ranges for their services and equipment. ZenerNet allows all customers to buy their products online using debit or credit card.

Once you purchase on their website, ZenerNet will contact you to confirm your purchase and help you fix it at your place. In case you have any queries, they have a support line that is always ready to help you in any situation.

You can also send them an email or chat with them using the live bot, and all your questions will be answered on their website. Zener net also displays all its regional distribution centers worldwide using a mini-map on their website. That makes it very convenient for customers because you can check your location on their website before proceeding to purchase their products and services. 

There are so many reasons you should use Zener net; for example, They offer concise and transparent information about their products, offer a competitive price range, their website is simple to access and maneuver, and are available worldwide.

Solar Energy Industries Association

This is a solar energy power company based in the United Kingdom, and the United Kingdom government mainly governs it.

This solar energy company has been in the market for decades now. They have been able to help many UK residents transform into solar energy and spend their lives using eco-friendly solar products.

Solar Energy Industries Association has a website that shows all the services that they provide to their customers.

Their website will allow you to share your ideas on implementing solar energy to the economy of the United Kingdom.

SEIA also provides finance and tax services, trading, social awareness on how to transform into solar power, charity, and technological research are just some of the services they provide besides solar power.

Even SEIA is based in the United Kingdom, but it has started to expand its business to a larger geographical area. They are mainly expanding to the United States of America and the United Kingdom. In that case, they will be your best choice if you want to transform into the solar power world at an incredibly low price.

On their website, they are trying to implement new solar rules, policies, and regulations in their UK and US markets.

Their main tagline is #DefendTheITC, which they are now using on their campaign.

Many advantages come with using Solar Energy Industries Association like; They have reasonable price ranges, they are implementing new rules and regulations, and they are available both in the United Kingdom and The United States of America.


SunPower is based in the United States of America and is one of the leading solar energy companies in the world.

SunPower has been founded around 35 years (2020 data), and they are still going strong. They have helped many families in the United States transform into solar energy and an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

On their website, SunPower will give you brief but detailed information on their products and services, which will make you want to shift to the solar energy-powered lifestyle. You can select critical features when inquiring about their products, and they will also give you access to other options to choose. 

One thing that is unique about SunPower is that they have different business lines you can choose from to build your solar-based house. That is why SunPower websites receive many inquiries daily, trying to get more information on home building services.

On their website, they have clearly stated that if you use their solar-powered house, we will have a zero-carbon emission society in the next ten years

You will also be able to get examples and testimonials on their website, and if you buy their solar products, you will get a twenty-five-year warranty.

If you check out their customer reviews, you will notice that they have been doing a great job in solar energy. SunPower claims to have over 100 dedicated team members on their new home building project. They also claim to have a strategic partnership with solar installation and top roofing companies. 

SunPower has had a good reputation when it comes to producing solar powered flood lights which can be used for various purposes.

Numerous advantages come with using SunPower like:

  • Competitive price range.
  • Unique 25-year warranty for their products.
  • Build houses using solar energy technology.
  • Based in the United States of America.

The Solar Foundation

The Solar Foundation is another non-profit organization of solar energy companies that is based in the United Kingdom.

According to the Solar Foundation website, they claim that they have been transforming and giving solar energy life to many people in the United Kingdom.

They have a tag line that creates and transforms solutions to achieving a prosperous future where solar energy is integrated into all aspects of people’s lives. 

Since the Solar Foundation is a non-profit organization, they have a section where you can donate for their website’s worthy cause.

The Solar Foundation has been in existence for around 43 years (2020 data), and they have been able to convert many people in the United Kingdom into solar-based lives.

On their website, they have a separate section that displays their community. 

Their community is mainly made of volunteer people who are dedicated and willing to invest their time to change lives into solar power.

There are many benefits of using The Solar Foundation like:

  • They have a team of staff and a technical team dedicated to supporting their cause and vision.
  • It’s a non-profit organization that provides cheap solar energy solutions.

They help people globally through the SolSmart project and help rural areas to get access to electricity using solar energy.


Sunrun is another of the larger solar corporations dedicated and working hard to ensure that they change the way you get your solar power.

Sunrun has been in the business for two decades, and they have been able to gain customer trust because of their commitment and dedication.

When you check out their customer reviews, you will notice just how much customers love their products. 

According to its website, Sunrun was one of the first companies that created a solar power solution for their boats.

They have been able to manufacture motors for boats powered by solar energy and have also been able to provide solar energy solutions to other industries.

On their website, you will find out that Sunrun has three main sections or categories of purchase for their residential customers: solar battery, solar lease, and solar purchase. 

Sunrun has had over 255,000 customers globally, and that is because they can provide personalized and customized products and services to its users.

Sunrun claims to have 1760 megawatts deployed to electrical systems, and they are in more than 22 countries.

Many advantages come with using Sunrun like:

  • They offer different services and products for different vehicles
  • Offer both industrial and residential services to their customers
  • Their products and services are available globally.

Solar Power Europe

Solar Power Europe is one of the organizations working to transform people’s lives across the European region into solar energy powered lives.

Solar Power Europe is based in Europe, but they have plans to expand to Asia and Africa.

Are you planning to buy solar panels to power your house? Read our Solar Panel Buying Guide first before purchasing.

The primary mission of Solar Power Europe, according to its website, is to shape the rules and regulations of the environment to facilitate solar energy growth across the European region. 

Solar Power Europe has also promoted many solar energy policymakers, and in the next ten years, they want to prove that they can move 100% into the solar energy economy.

Solar Power Europe is one of the famous solar energy companies that provide facts and figures about solar energy transformation.

According to its website, Solar Power Europe provides consultations to transport, farming, schools, and homes. 

You will see customer testimonials whose lives were changed by using Solar Power Europe products, and many of them are living the solar-powered lifestyle on their website.

Solar Power Europe website statistics also show that they will provide 120,000 new jobs running on solar-based energy.

Solar Power Europe has many advantages like:

  • Their website can show the future of the solar power economy
  • They are working to amend and create policies for the solar-based economy.

Sun Lux Energy

Sun Lux Energy is one of the world’s leading corporations that manufacture solar panels that suit any building.

They have managed to change many people who were willing to change their lives into the world’s solar energy.

According to Sun Lux Energy, they have provided their customers with cheaper solar energy solutions customized according to their customer needs and requirements

Sun Lux Energy has provided their customers with excellent products and services, and when you check their reviews on their website, you will see that they have a five-star service, which has helped them build their business.

Not only does Sun Lux Energy manufacture solar panels, but they are also creating solar powered units for recreation vehicles.

They have helped build solar charge controllers for different recreational vehicle companies. 

On their website, you will see that Sun Lux Energy has a reasonable price range compared to other companies, and they are working on producing even cheaper solar panels that can produce more energy than the typical solar panel.

Many advantages come with using Sun Lux Energy like: 

  • They are working on new technologies and are investing in new solutions that can store even more solar energy.
  • They are manufacturing solar energy controllers for recreational vehicles
  • They provide purchasing facilities on their website.

Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar is one of the leading solar product manufacturing companies that exist in the world today and they are based in the United States.

They work on providing energy solutions to every part of the globe.

On their website, you will see that Vivint Solar is providing solar energy solutions to its customers at an incredibly low price. 

That is the number one reason they have been able to be in the solar energy product business for more than ten years. Vivint Solar is also working on new technologies of solar panels, which will act as solar power banks. If you like hiking, fishing, and camping, Vivint Solar will provide you with solar-powered products and work well for you when you are out on your adventure.

Apart from manufacturing power banks and solar panels, Vivint Solar also manufactures solar car chargers, solar batteries, etc.

Vivint smart home concept is one of their favorite and most popular products in the American region. Vivint Solar provides its customers with a house concept that is solar powered at a very reasonable price. 

If you are a customer and you are interested in one of their products, Vivint Solar will provide you with a free quote on their website.

You can also request a free review of their product on their website just before you purchase it.

Many advantages come with using Vivint Solar, like:

  • They manufacture military-grade solar panels, solar power banks that can support different gadgets
  • Provide a cheaper and sustainable solution that can store solar energy.

Solar Trade Association

Solar Trade Association is a non-profit organization, and it’s one of the best when it comes to promoting solar energy.

They are famous all around the world because of their reputable charity work. The Solar Trade Association has been working hard to support rural areas in Africa to get solar-powered electricity for their daily usage.

That is why the Solar Trade Association has many users willing to donate and support them on their website’s worthy cause. 

On the Solar Trade Association website, you will be able to get a free quote and updates on all their solar products for anyone interested in their products.

Solar Trade Association is based in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Their primary mission is to support the UK residents to transform into solar power. Their main aim is to floor the way for solar systems by 2030 to deliver maximum possible share in the United Kingdom. 

As part of their main products, they want to introduce solar power, solar heat, and battery storage to their market.

Surprisingly, the Solar Trade Association has won awards for breaking through all those technologies.

On their website, the Solar Trade Association provides both industrial and household solar energy solutions, and they have managed to provide all those technologies to their customers at reasonable prices. 

Because of that, they have managed to get more value for their sales than any other solar company.

Many benefits come with using the Solar Trade Association, like:

  • Offering special discounts UK citizens. 
  • Providing technologies, both industrial and household
  • Their products and technologies are at a low price.

Final Thoughts

For centuries we have been using solar energy sources to produce electricity, forgetting the impact we create on the environment when we make those choices.

If the whole world can decide to go green, we will protect our planet and its atmosphere from being polluted and destroyed.

Our article has reviewed a list of 10 prominent solar corporations that exist and their websites.

We know that there is still a lot to learn and write about solar energy. We hope you enjoyed the article.

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