14 Best Solar Energy Websites For Certificated And Research (Updated 2021)

Research is the entrance of new knowledge, and it gets implemented through learning. Solar power is the most advantageous outcome of energy research. If you are willing to learn, contribute, and research solar energy, several solar energy websites can help you. 

These websites are created to provide you with the modern knowledge, technology, and future of this industry. You will get a clear concept of the products and usage of solar power. It helps you to make your life easy with this alternative power source.

Similarly, if you are a solar energy professional, you can keep up to date with the latest news and technology. This writing presents the best solar energy websites concerned about learning and researching solar energy. 

ThePhoenixsun Video Series x
ThePhoenixsun Video Series

Best Websites To Learn About Solar Energy

This section finds the top websites to learn about solar energy. These websites are the source of knowledge and help you learn about solar energy


First, we have solarenergy.org. Solar Energy Institution (SEI) is an educational and non-profit organization that helps people gather knowledge about renewable energy. 

The organization works for solar energy and enhances the possibility of solar and the future of solar products. Besides, they interact with people through different workshops and learning courses. 

If you are a solar energy enthusiast, you can learn through their international project and analysis. The website has a long-term goal to educate and enlighten men about solar energy. People from around the world get their desired information from the organization. 

Organized and easy information access
Latest technology discussion
Provides Certificate
Need field experience for professional certification

Home Power Magazine

Next, you can learn about solar energy from Home Power Magazine. It is the oldest magazine about solar energy that has been in publication for more than 30 years. The site has a golden history of renewable energy movement in the U.S and around the globe.

Their resources are available for non-commercial usage, and you can register on this site without any cost.  They offer free membership, and it is the most reliable source for researching, problem-solving, and exploring the latest inventions.

You can browse and download all the publications from the website. It is completely free, and the archive is organized to explore and learn new things. 

Free subscription and download
User-friendly archive
Oldest and trustworthy platform
The site doesn’t offer any courses or certifications.

Build It Solar

If you are a learner and like to complete your task yourself, this is the best solar energy website offering DIY renewable energy resources. It runs hundreds of projects covering everything about solar, from changing a bulb to building a complete solar home.

The site helps learners and users to create plans, use tools and find information. In addition, this site is a reliable resource for Do-it-yourself projects. 

A learner can start a project from the beginning or use the resources to complete an incomplete project on this site. Everything is free on this site, and it offers only research, knowledge, ideas, and information—nothing for sale. 

Easy to learn and start projects
Solar energy calculators
International access
No certification
Only idea sharing 


EnergySage is the top-rated solar energy website. This website generates solar energy information and distributes it via simple video lessons. 

The company offers local solar installation, solar loans, and community development. This is a big opportunity for users to communicate with each other for energy sharing.

EnergySage also helps users with a solar power calculator. This is an advisory site for enhancing solar energy usage across the globe. The site also provides news about new technology and energy up-gradation.

The shop section of the site reviews and sells high-quality products. You can purchase and compare products according to your needs.

Easy access to information
Dynamic video presentations
Community development
Free resources
No professional courses or certification
Only basic information

Best Websites of Solar Companies

Now, we present the best websites for solar companies. These companies help people to get helpful information about solar energy. Besides, the products and services impact powerfully to the development of the renewable energy sector. 


Thephoenixsun is a solar energy-related blog that presents resources about this renewable energy source. In addition, this site has a complete solar guide for users and a review section for the latest solar products.

The goal of this site is to make life easy with various solar products. It is a far-reaching movement to inspire people to use solar-powered devices instead of traditional electricity.

Though the site doesn’t offer courses and certification, it enlightens users with the latest solar technology. The site has a solar-101 section, where you will get all the information and answer a hundred important questions.

Easy to use and search contents
Best for product research
Not suitable for certification


It is one of the largest solar energy corporations in America. The goal of this company is to manufacture solar products and change the energy usage habit of people.

The company works from the basic to advanced level of solar installation. It helps people from financing to building a complete solar home. Its solar roofing and energy storage products spread renewable solar energy locally and internationally. 

Besides, the website shares the latest information on their blog. Due to their excellent service, solar energy users find this site helpful for installing and using solar products. 

Unique design
Reliable service
Reasonable price
Prioritize large projects first


Zenernet is the leading solar product manufacturer in the market. The company helps people to use independent energy for everyday life. They have a wide range of solar panel models and solar products used with solar energy. 

The high-class solar panel and products enhance their presence in the market. Besides, Zenerner has the simplest sales service, and you can measure, manage, and order remotely via the website. 

To establish a complete solar home, the company provides a complete home backup system. Stress-free installation and excellent customer service make the company a convenient energy expert and consultant.

High-quality products
Fully remote order management
Best customer experience
Available in certain states

Solar Energy Industries Association

Solar Energy Industries Association is a non-profit organization that transforms renewable energy in the U.S. market. This organization aims to convert 20% of the total electricity user to solar power by 2030. 

SEIA collaborates with 1000 member companies to make effective strategies and policies for low-cost solar power distribution.

The organization also works with the national trade association of the U.S with a solar energy vision. It also organizes seminars, courses, and advocacy to enlighten the solar energy users and suppliers. 

In the research field, the SEIA tries to develop and expand solar technology worldwide. 

A worldwide platform
Total solar energy solution
Non-profit organization
Most of the research and development run through third-party companies.

Solar Energy: The physics and engineering of photovoltaic conversion, technologies and systems


SunPower has been the number one commercial solar company since 2017. Headquartered in silicon valley, the company diversifies residential, commercial, and solar storage solutions.

The company produces efficient solar panels that produce the highest energy with self-developed technology.

They try to make clean energy and storage available for everybody. The company developed an all-in-one solar energy solution with excellent customer service. 

High-quality products, dedicated service, and sustainable energy solutions make SunPower a global renewable energy leader. SunPower is trusted by the world’s leading industries and companies. 

Wide range of services
Financial support available
At present, the company focuses more on commercial solar solutions.

The Solar Foundation

The Solar Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing solar energy and technology worldwide. This organization works and raises funds to lift people’s lives with reliable and affordable energy solutions.

The organization runs on donations, and they try to develop a clean energy solution for the entire world. The Solar Foundation has a strong community to develop, spread, and share solar energy among the mass people.

Their reputation, analysis, and impartiality work to develop a bright solar future. This is the rapid advancement to clean energy. 

Non-profit organization
Mass people connectivity
Only partners can contribute and share technology


Sunrun is one of the leading solar companies that work for solar education, incentives, plans, and services. The company also developed a customized solar solution for home and commercial. You can purchase solar products with financial support from Sunrun.

It tries to make solar energy available for the mass people and offers solar product rental services. Sunrun has the most efficient solar cells, and its goal is to take control over rising energy costs. 

The company is now the number one choice for homeowners for the dedicated service. 

Dedicated service
Integrated solar solution
It is a commercial company targeted to get profit.

Solar Power Europe

Solar Power Europe is a European organization, and it works to provide this renewable energy in the European region. The goal of this organization is to promote solar energy up to 100% in the residential and commercial sectors of Europe. 

The organization recently started work in Asia and Africa to contribute to the growing solar industry. Thousands of people found the best solar energy solution in Europe, and the service is growing day by day. 

A solar energy user will get cost-effective, customer-friendly, and flexible services from Solar Power Europe.

Contributing to the future of the solar economy
Runs several solar energy campaigns
The service is only available in a few countries and regions

Sun Lux Energy

Sunlux is a renowned solar manufacturer. The company manufactures, installs, and builds a smart solar home systems across the globe. This company has a wide range of solar panel models installed on any type of roof. 

Sunlux is expanding its services, and the goal is to provide cost-effective and cheaper solar energy solutions. A consumer will get many advantages when using the service of Sunrun. 

Researching on new technologies
Five stars customer service ratings
Some services are not available internationally

Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar is an American renewable energy company. It empowers homes with customized, simple, and safe solar energy solutions. Besides, the company also manufactures and installs solar storage batteries and EV chargers.

Apart from installation and manufacturing, the company helps you upgrade your roof to install solar panels. If you are willing to get a reliable and cost-effective solar home solution, Vivint solar is the ideal company. 

Versatile service
Easy communication and customization
Not recommended for commercial solar installation

Solar Trade Association

Finally, we have another non-profit organization that promotes solar energy around the globe. Again, the association got support from people with its charity work. The Solar Trade Association tries to expand solar energy in rural areas where electricity is unavailable.

This association raises a fund from potential members to develop a sustainable energy solution for the entire world. The association also launched new products and battery storage systems at a reasonable price.

Solar Trade Association also supports manufacturers and suppliers with the latest technology to make the service affordable.

Non-profit organization.
Making solar panels available for rural areas.
Most of the services are available only in the United Kingdom

Wasp Trap Outdoor-2 Pack-Solar Energy

Wrapping Up

Finally, you get reliable sources for learning and researching about solar energy. These are the most advanced and trustworthy platforms that provide solar energy solutions for the mass people.

You can use the resources and products of these companies to develop commercial or household solar energy systems. Some companies serve locally and internationally. It is better to ask them online to get the service available in your area. 

Solar energy learning resources are unlimited, control and you can use any other reliable sources to get desired information. 

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