10 Best Solar Flood Lights Updated For 2021

The introduction of flood lights brought a new change to the outdoor environment especially at night.

Many flood lights emit bright lights that can cover a wide area. The solar flood lights come with a solar panel attached to the lights, especially on top of the light, and others have sensors. 

Solar flood lights are easy to set up and require less maintenance because they use the sun’s energy to operate independently. 

You will not need to recharge them using direct power; hence you will not have to pay any electric bills come the end of the month. 

Without further ado, let us jump straight to the ten most effective solar powered flood lights available in the market.

Best Solar Flood Lights
Best Solar Flood Lights
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Litom Solar LED lights

This product is a super effective flood light that comes with motion sensors. Furthermore, it comes with three essential parts

The solar flood lights will be brighter when motion is detected, and it will lower its brightness when the surrounding is still. When the light is on the dime mode, it will help store energy.

On top of the floodlight, you will find a robust solar panel that captures solar energy and stores it to be used later. 

The lower part consists of the bright LED lights, which can become even brighter when it senses motion. 

It will automatically turn into a brighter light when someone or something passes beneath it and will turn off for about 20 seconds then turn off to save energy for later use.

The solar flood light can be installed in two ways, you can either screw it to an area of your choice, and it will stay firm, but you can also use a double-sided adhesive tape to stick it on any surface. 

The second method is not advisable as the lights’ rare side has some buttons that you can use to switch the lights. But if you do not need to use the rare side, you can go ahead and stick with it.

The product is perfectly designed for outdoor use, and that means the materials that make the lights are waterproof and can work well in snow, rain, wind, and moisture cannot affect it. Most buyers who have bought the solar flood lights appreciate how bright the lights are, mostly at night.

Pros and Benefits

  • It comes with a motion sensor.
  • Covers a wide surface area when its lit
  • Has a better light generation

Landscape Solar Lights – URPOWER

An excellent choice for your garden, patio, driveway areas, or any wider space that needs flood lights. These flood lights are solar-powered, and when in operation, they will light up a wide area when darkness creeps in (2 times wider than the Litom Solar LED light).

This solar floodlight can also be used as security lights. These lights have 50 by 4 lumens in each light, which means that there will be enough brightness in your property at night when you light them.

The best part is the lights have an inbuilt solar battery, which is used to store solar energy. The batteries have a 2200mAh power, and when fully charged, they can operate for nine straight hours. 

Even though it comes with an automatic switch mode, for better efficiency, the solar light has a rotating solar panel, which means more light can be captured. 

More light captured and automatic switching mode make this product become the best choice when people are looking for solar flood light options.

The product is weatherproof and can work well outdoors. 

Most people who have bought the flood lights say that it is easy to install and emits bright light and it is very pocket friendly.

Pros and Benefits

  • Has long lighting hours of up to 9 hours.
  • It is excellent when it comes to power conversion.
  • Comes at a very budget-friendly price
  • They are easy to install, comfortable, and attractive as well.
  • Can be installed on the ground or the wall.

RAB Super Stealth

This product is the best when it comes to illuminating vast areas. It can cover an area of 60ft when lit, and it also comes with a motion detector. 

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Its detector works at an angle of 360 degrees from top to bottom and 180 degrees from side to side. 

The product comes with dual heads, which means if you want to cover more ground, you just tilt one of the heads to face a different direction, and you can cover even more ground. The RAB super floodlights can also work as security lights because of their ability to detect motion. 

The motion detection is activated using a switch button on the lights, and when you do not need the sensor on, you can switch it off. The solar flood lights can also operate in a steady mode, and it has 1000 watts ability, which means more light at night. 

It also has a 360 degrees view, which means it can cover a comprehensive view depending on the lights’ arrangements. 

The twin heads enable the light to have a more robust detection collection mode, and if you buy several of them, you can cover your whole property very well. It cannot work well for those who want light motion sensors. Installing the lights might be a bit difficult as the electrical cords are attached to the light. 

You need to be careful when handling it, especially when it comes to fixing it on the wall and drilling. The lights need to be firmly placed on the wall if you are to get better results. The solar flood lights are not that cheap, but its results are just top-notch.

It comes at around $90, and it is best for those clients who have a vast outdoor space and would like some security lights to cover the area.

Pros and Benefits

  • Can be used as security lights because of their bright lights
  • Comes with a dual head and can cover a 360 degrees angle
  • It needs special handling when installing as it has electrical wires fitted on it.
  • Costly compared to others

Motion Detector Security Spotlight by MAXSA

This product can work well for people with a garage, lawn, sidewalks, sheds, and walkways. It comes with a motion sensor that covers an area of 40 feet. It can brighten a wide area as it comes with 160 lumens and bright LEDs of 0.5 watts. 

The motion-activated lights are easy to install on wood as you only need screws, and you are done. You might want to remove it and place it in a different area, which is very easy as you can easily uninstall it from the wooden area and fix it on the wall or a hard surface. 

When fixing it on a hard surface, you will need a drill to make holes on the wall then install them.

Pros and Benefits

  • Comes with motion detectors which cover 40 feet
  • Easy to set up and install
  • It is expensive compared to others.
  • Has a wide coverage and is waterproof

Rugged Solar Grade Flood Lights

This product can work correctly as security lights as it scares off intruders with its bright lights. It has 1000 lumens, which can illuminate a wide area of your pathways and walkways.

It will automatically turn on when it senses motion emitting a brighter light. It comes with inbuilt batteries that do not need to be changed all the time. 

Once you have fixed the floodlights in an area where they can access direct sunlight, you are good to go. If you want the best solar flood lights to act as your security, this product is the best choice. The package that comes with this product includes a solar panel, Bright LED photosensors, and a motion sensor. 

The batteries are of high quality and have a power of 8000mAh, which is much stronger compared to others. It comes with a red button, which is used to change the lighting modes. The light has four modes which you can choose from. 

When there is no motion, the lights have a 10% devoid but will become brighter when they detect any motion nearby. When it is not functioning in full mode, it can use up to 500 lumens and will go on full strength when motion is detected.

Pros and Benefits

  • Comes with an adjustable head, which means you can direct it to any side for better results.
  • The solar flood lights are easy to set up and install and are very secure.
  • Can be used as security lights and keep your property safe from intruders
  • It is weatherproof, and fixing it might take a bit of time as the lights are separate from the solar panel.
  • Has some good reviews on the internet

SunForce Solar Motion LED Lights

This product, just like all the ones we have seen before, comes with a motion sensor, and it is a bit complicated as it does not come in one compact design. The solar panel and the headlights are separate and connected using a thin wire. 

It cannot be compared to the one we have just seen when it comes to brightness, but it is still bright enough to keep your yard well lit. 

It has 900 lumens; therefore, it can work well in your garage, garden area, and other outdoor spaces. The product comes with an adjustable mounting height, which means you can set it on the height that works well for you. 

The motion sensor distance is 30 feet, and you can set how long you want it to remain active once motion is detected. You can set it at 30, 60, and 120 seconds whichever works well for you. 

This product comes with a solar panel that is not that big compared to the previous lights, but it is still strong enough to capture sunlight and keep your property well illuminated all night. It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery, which, when fully charged, can operate for more than eight hours without running out of power.

Pros and Benefits

  • The solar panel is flexible, which means you can set it at any angle where it can get direct sunlight.
  • Has a great absorption rate and will keep your batteries full in a few hours?
  • The lights have a broader coverage when it comes to brightness.
  • You will need to fix it in two different positions since the light is not one.

Maggift Solar Floodlight/Pathway

This product can be used to light up your outdoor spaces like the driveway, lawn, yard, garage, and so on. It is eco-friendly and powered by solar energy, and you will not need to use any direct power. 

Maggift solar flood light comes with a 200mAh battery, which is used to store solar energy that can be used at night. 

The light produced is white and very bright, which means you can see your yard clearly at night. This light, compared to others, is relatively low when it comes to brightness. When you get the product, you will first remove the insulation strip that comes with the lights, or else it will not function. 

It can withstand mild amounts of rain, and that means it is excellent for outdoor use. Installing the floodlights is not hard all you need to do is find a place where it can fit well, and after setting up the spikes, you are good to go. 

These lights can be installed around your garden and walkways, and you will not need any extra source of power apart from sunlight.

Pros and Benefits

  • Comes with a budget-friendly price
  • Easy to install and set up
  • It has long lighting hours of 8 hours when fully charged.

Othway Fence Solar Lights

These products come in a round shape and can be installed around your fence, and it will provide you with sufficient bright light. It will automatically go off when it detects daylight and will go on at night. It comes with inbuilt solar panels which charge during the day.

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It comes in six small LED chips of light, and it comes with a switch. During installation, you will need to take off the plastic wrap, and it uses screws that are used to mount it around your fence. The design is very appealing and will look great when installed around your fence.

Pros and Benefits

  • Can be installed using screws or super adhesive glue to fix them firmly on the walls.
  • They work well along with the driveways and will illuminate it well at night.
  • Eco-friendly and only uses solar energy to recharge.
  • Its battery power is relatively low compared to other solar floodlights.

INNOGear Solar Lights

This product comes with a long arm stick, which is perfect and improves the solar lights’ coverage area. 

With 36 LEDs, you have a capacity of around 450 lumens that will work well in your front and back yard area.

The lights come with four lighting modes that you can choose from, which are regular bright, constant bright, continuous soft bright light, and full brightness. 

Just like the others we have seen, it also comes with a motion sensor. It will go to full brightness when it senses anything moving around its coverage area. 

The light comes with an on and off button just beside the lights, and you can set it in a way that it will be effortless when it is operating. 

This product is great for outdoor use, and that means it is waterproof. It can withstand rain, snow, moisture, and heavy winds.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is easy to set up and install
  • The solar panels are powerful and can charge during cloudy days
  • The solar panel is not flexible and cannot be tilted in any direction to enable more light to hit the surface
  • Customers have complained about the inability of the panels to be tilted

Outdoor Solar Wireless Lights

This product comes in a compact flood light design and size, and its head is designed to resemble a ball socket. 

The product is flexible and can be adjusted to different angles for better results. It comes with an inbuilt sensor that detects any movement around its coverage area.

Installing it won’t take long and the lights are super easy to use.

With a mounting bracket, which can be installed on the wall or the fence.

To describe how easy the installation is, you will just place the lights on top. If you want to fix the lights in a different area, you can simply uninstall them and reinstall them in a new area. 

This solar flood light has great reviews on the internet, and buyers like it because of its brightness and simple design.

Pros and Benefits

  • This product is highly effective and resilient when it comes to sensing motion.
  • Works well in different temperatures and can be adjusted to work well in hot and cold temperatures.
  • It provides excellent lighting anywhere you place it.

Micro Solar Heavy-Duty Light

This product comes with 120 LEDs and has 500 lumens of light, which will ensure your property is well lit at night. Its brightness is perfect, and it has inbuilt rechargeable batteries that charge during the day. 

The solar panel is well situated, and it absorbs solar energy during the day. When the battery is fully charged, it can operate between 8 to 12 hours straight, providing you with sufficient light. The internal batteries that come with the product do not need to be replaced often. 

They are only replaced after two years. It is lightweight and can easily be mounted on the wall or fence. The lights have a power of 10 watts, and it is made with aluminum, which makes it durable and can work well outdoors.

It has great reviews on the internet, and out of 5, it has 4.8 stars. This means people love their performance.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is easy to set up and can be fixed quickly using screws around your fence and walls.
  • This product does not need to be charged using external power sources; it only works using direct sunlight.
  • Even though it is a bit expensive compared to others, its performance stands out among all the lights we have seen.

Final Thoughts

Most of the solar flood lights that we have seen usually come with the installation equipment like screws, brackets, bolts, and sometimes you will need a screwdriver or a drill to make sure it is firmly fixed on any surface. 

Once you have found a perfect position, you can quickly fix it as it is not a complex job. Almost all the lights we have seen come with LEDs because they last longer and produce bright light at night. 

They are also the best when it comes to energy saving as compared to halogen lights. These lights do not burn out easily compared to other bulbs. That is all we had about the best solar powered flood lights.

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