15 Best Solar Pool Cover (Updated For 2021)

Many people who have pools know that maintaining the pool is the number one priority if you want to enjoy yourself in it.

Pools are great assets that should be taken care of, and part of the maintenance includes continuously checking that the water levels are okay and regulating the temperature. 

If you have even been in a pool during the cold winter seasons, you may have realized that the water temperature has dropped drastically. Some people use the electricity heater system for their pool but the cost for a heating system is too high.

And for people living in sunny areas, water usually evaporates during the day, and without proper care, your pool will eventually lose some amount of water. 

The evaporation of water needs to be stopped by using a solar cover.

As the name suggests, it operates well under direct sunlight. It can be of great help when it comes to reducing the amount of water that evaporates and regulating the temperature. 

In our article, we have a collection of the best solar covers that are available in the market. Getting the best solar pool cover is not easy, especially in a fast-growing market. 

So, getting to know what will work for you is ideal. Our solar covers are friendly to the environment and are affordable.

Let us look at the 15 best solar pool covers available in the market.

Best Solar Pool Cover
Best Solar Pool Cover
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Sun2Solar Heat Blanket

This product generates solar energy from the sun, which it uses to keep your swimming pool warm.

Sun2Solar Heat Blanket has many pockets which are designed in a way that they can absorb energy from the sun and retain it inside. 

The blanket works well during the day when the sunlight is sufficient, and at night when temperatures have fallen drastically, it will start releasing warmth, which will keep your pool temperature at par.

It also helps reduce the amount of water that evaporates by up to 95%. When you have this product, the amount of money that you save is a lot. You will not require any maintenance, and you will be saving water at the same time. You will not need to hire someone to be cleaning your pool all the time. 

Sun2Solar Heat Blanket does help clean on the small particles of debris and dirt that are found in your pool. To get better results, you will have to change the cover of the blanket so that it will be able to absorb more heat that will be used at night. When the pool is not in use, you need to cover it using the blanket to avoid losing water through evaporation.

Pros and Benefits

  • The product has a unique and attractive design.
  • Reduces water evaporation
  • It is adjustable, and if your pool is small, you can reduce it to the required size.

Midwest Solar Canvas Space Age

Many people love swimming because it is a place where you can relax and have fun. But when it comes to maintenance, that is where the problem begins. It is never easy to maintain a pool, and that is why we have the Midwest Solar Canvas Space Age. 

With this product, you will reduce the load of pool maintenance. It will help keep the pool water levels at par, and temperatures will be controlled very well. 

This product will give you more time to have fun with your friends at the swimming pool. Purchasing this product will save you a lot of money and will keep your pool clean and healthy for a long time.

Pros and Benefits

  • Help reduce debris in the pool.
  • Regulates the temperature of the pool and helps keep it warm
  • It saves a lot of water that could be lost by evaporation.

Midwest Diamond Clear Solar Canvas

This product is ideal when it comes to reducing water loss and keeping temperatures well regulated. The pockets are diamond-shaped, which helps create more space that can absorb more heat and help regulate temperatures at night. 

The Midwest Diamond Clear Solar Canvas will save you a lot of time and money that you could have used trying to keep your pool clean. With this product, you do not have to pay anyone to help reduce the dirt, and you will save money on electricity bills. 

This product gives you more time to have fun and enjoy it. It is also attractive, and when placed in the pool, it is very appealing visually.

Pros and Benefits

  • Helps improve the efficiency of your pool, saving you more money
  • Attractive and looks great in the pool.
  • It helps regulate water temperatures and reduce heat loss.
  • Environmentally friendly saving you water in the long run

Xtreme power Round Solar Pool Cover

If you are looking for a product that will help reduce water loss and helps keep water temperatures at par, then you need the Xtreme power Round Solar Pool Cover. It is made with durable UV materials, which makes it durable and can keep maintaining your pool for many years to come. 

For those who have pools that are raised or round, this product will be ideal for you as it comes with many advantages. Once you buy this product, the time you spend in your pool will be extended as you do not have to waste time on maintaining it and cleaning.

It is eco friendly as it helps save water that could have been lost through evaporation.

Pros and Benefits

  • The product is UV protected, which means it can last long.
  • It helps reduce heat loss in your pool, making swimming possible even at night when temperatures are expected to fall.
  • Environmentally friendly as it reduces water lost through evaporation

Easy Intex Solar Cover

This product is ideal for those who have pools that are raised. It comes in five different colors to choose from, which means you are not limited to a specific color. 

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The Easy Intex Solar Cover will fit perfectly inside your pool, and when there is sufficient sunlight, your pool will start warming as it works instantly with perfect conditions. 

It will help reduce water evaporation, and with this product, you will enjoy ample time inside your pool. When you purchase the product, you will be given a carrying bag that can be used for storage when you are not using the product.

Pros and Benefits

  • It fits well on different pools with 10,12,15,16 and 18 feet.
  • The product is effective and saves water and heat.
  • Helps clean the pool by keeping out debris and dirt

The Swim Solar Pool Cover

This product comes with 14 different size options that you can choose from. It fits well in almost any kind of pool. If your pool is small, you can also reduce it by cutting with a scissor to the size that works well for you.

Even if you cut it to the size that you want, you will not reduce your manufacturer’s warranty in any way. 

If you feel you are not satisfied, you can always get a replacement. It comes with lots of heat pockets that absorb heat and help keep your pool cool and warm all the time. 

The Swim Solar Pool Cover is durable and can work for many years and will help cut maintenance costs and helps retain as much water as possible. 

The product is simple and easy to use and having one is something that will be appreciated for many years.

Pros and Benefits

  • The product comes in different sizes to fit any pool.
  • The cover is versatile and can be customized to what works well for you.
  • Helps retain heat inside your pool, making it possible to swim at night
  • It is eco friendly and helps reduce water loss, and it is budget-friendly

Pool Mate Solar Blanket

This product comes with diamond-shaped heat pockets, which helps absorb and retain heat during the day. It has a heat retention ability considering that it has an aluminum heat shield. 

The Pool Mate Solar Blanket will ensure that you have more time to enjoy in your pool without having to worry about water evaporation or heat loss at night. 

It saves you time that you could have used cleaning and buying chemicals to maintain the pool. This product will reduce your burdens and will provide you with more fun days under the sun. 

When it comes to cleaning, this product is the best, it will reduce dirt and debris from compiling in your pool, and water levels will always be maintained. It comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. This means you are free to use it, and if anything is to happen, you will get a replacement.

Pros and Benefits

  • The product helps reduce heat loss and comes in an innovative design.
  • Durable and made with UV protection
  • It has a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Friendly to the environment as it saves water and money.

Tex Solar Thermo Pool Cover

This product is ideal for those people who love swimming a lot. It will provide you with more swimming time as you do not have to worry about water or heat loss. Water levels will remain constant, and your pool will not require so much work with this product. 

The Tex Solar Thermo Pool Cover will give you more swimming time, and when placed in your pool, it will make it look attractive, and it is cost-effective. This product will save you time and money when it comes to maintenance.

Pros and Benefits

  • Helps reduce maintenance costs saving you money.
  • It is friendly to the environment as it saves water, uses fewer chemicals, and reduces electricity consumption.
  • Durable and long-lasting because of the UV protection.
  • Comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of three years—no risk involved.

Harris Solar Cover

This product has a nice appearance, and it is a great solution when it comes to pool maintenance. The Harris Solar Cover will save you time to clean and try and regulate water temperature using electricity. 

It keeps your pool clean, and it comes in ten different sizes. If your pool is tiny, you can reduce the size by cutting it to the preferred size. This product can increase your pool temperature to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. It is ideal for all pool owners.

Pros and Benefits

  • It saves you lots of money.
  • Easy to set up and install and saves energy
  • Keeps your pool warm for more pool time

Splash Round Pool Solar Cover

This product is perfect for anyone with a pool as it helps keep it warm and clean. You will not have problems with debris and dirt, and your pool water levels will be maintained. Splash Round Pool Solar Cover is quite easy to set up and highly effective in the long run. 

It reduces maintenance costs, and you can have more swim time without worrying about heat and water loss.

Pros and Benefits

  • Helps keep out dirt and debris, and you will require fewer chemicals when cleaning.
  • The product reduces heat and water loss through evaporation. Temperatures are well maintained.
  • Comes in different sizes for everyone who owns a pool

Duty Space Age Solar Cover by Robelle

This product is helpful when it comes to heat reduction in your pool. Duty Space Age Solar Cover by Robelle will reduce the amount of heat lost by 14.6%, which gives you more time to have fun in your pool. 

The solar cover is made with two layers of material. The lower layer is made of aluminum, which helps retain heat in your pool and the upper layer adds attraction to the pool. It is also available in different shapes and sizes.

Pros and Benefits

  • It helps retain heat in your pool, ensuring that it stays warm all the time.
  • Reduces the amount of water lost through evaporation and cleaning needs fewer chemicals
  • Comes with a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is a better investment in the long run.

Doheny Clear Solar Cover

This product is made with light, durable material with pockets that enable the sun’s energy to penetrate through it and help keep your pool warm. You will have more swim time once you have this product, and your pool will stay warm all the time, which means more swimming and less worry. 

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When it comes to cleanliness, Doheny Clear Solar Cover will do very well for you. It helps keep off debris and dirt, and your pool maintenance costs will reduce significantly. You never have to worry about how your pool will look.

Pros and Benefits

  • Comes in a light clear cover that enables light to penetrate, keeping your pool warm
  • The cover helps reduce evaporation, hence use little chemicals.
  • It is easy to set up and install and comes with lots of advantages.

Blue Wave Solar Blanket

This product is effective and cost-effective at the same time. It is UV protected, which makes it durable and long-lasting. Your pool water level will be maintained as the amount of water lost through evaporation will be reduced up to 95%. 

It is eco-friendly and helps conserve the environment, and you will have more fun time in your pool. Blue Wave Solar Blanket also helps to reduce the amount of dirt and debris that would instead get in your pool. It is ideal for keeping your pool clean.

Pros and Benefits

  • Helps keep your pool warm up to 15 degrees more, and have more pool time.
  • Reduces water evaporation and chemicals, which saves you more money.
  • It comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, which means you get a good quality product.

Solar Sun Squares

This product uses the same concept as conventional solar blankets, which could cover the whole pool area. The Solar Sun Squares is lightweight, and its size makes it possible to work within any pool. 

When it comes to installing this product, you will need several small layers to corner your pool. The solar covers come with an anchor that stops them from moving around your pool. The anchor also stops the cover from being blown away by the wind.

Pros and Benefits

  • Small and easy to manage.
  • Helps keep your pool warm for longer use.
  • Reduces the amount of water lost through evaporation
  • Eco-friendly and saves you money.
  • Durable and made with UV material to last long
  • It comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, so feel free to purchase the product.

Solar Sun Rings

This product works like our previous product. It uses the same concept, and it is light and small. It can still cover your pool properly and prevent water from evaporating. 

Solar Sun Rings come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, which means you will get a replacement in case of anything. So, feel free to buy the product and help keep your pool clean and warm.

Pros and Benefits

  • The cover is easy to set up and install as it is lightweight.
  • It is made with UV material, which makes it durable and can last long.
  • Better in heat retention, which means you can still use the pool at night.

Solar Pool Cover Buying & Using Notes

Our article has managed to give you 15 of the best solar pool covers that will work well for you.

We hope you have found one or maybe two that can work for you.

But if you still do not know what is best for you, there is no need to worry as we are here to help you.

Before buying a solar pool cover, you need to keep a few things in mind. Knowing them will help you get the best and clear any doubt that you have.

Do You Really Need It?

You should ask yourself questions like, what if I spend a certain amount of more right now on this product and enjoy the product for the rest of the years to come? 

Is it worth it? If your answer is yes, then go ahead and buy the product. Solar covers are a one-time investment that will save your pool for years to come. 

It will reduce electricity, chemicals, and maintenance costs. So why not invest now and enjoy the rest of the years. 

You will need less time and money trying to keep your pool clean because the solar cover does that for you. You need to keep the following in mind when purchasing a solar pool cover:

What Is the Size of Your pool?

Knowing how big your swimming pool is will help you save time when buying the cover. All you need is to know the measurements of your pool, and you are good to go.

How is Your Pool Shaped?

Different solar pool covers come in different shapes and sizes. Getting to know the shape of your pool will go a long way to help you choose the kind of cover that will work well for your pool.

What Color Do You Prefer?

The transparent solar pool covers are more ideal to use in your pool as they will allow the sun’s rays to penetrate inside your pool hence keeping it warm. 

But the blue covers are also appealing and attractive and will still serve the same purpose. Getting to know what color will work for you is crucial. It all depends on what you want.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

Different solar pool covers have different prices, and getting to know your budget is important. If you are willing to spend more, then you can go for great high-quality covers. The price of the cover depends on the UV material that is made of. The more durable the cover, the better it will work for you.

UV Protection

There are different types of pool covers, but if you want your pool to be well warmed by the sun, you need to select the one which is UV protected. UV materials are great at absorbing sunlight.

Check the Warranty

Different manufacturers of solar pool cover have different warranties that accompany their products. 

The more years of warranty the product has better means that the product is ideal and will work longer. 

In case anything happens to the product, you will be assured that you will get a replacement, unlike the product with fewer years. 

So always consider the years that the product has before you decide to buy it.

How Will You Store It? 

Some of the solar pool covers come with a protective cover where you can store the product when you are not using it, which is a great idea. 

But what happens if you do not have somewhere to store your pool cover? Storage is important because it helps keep the product in the right shape for later use. 

There is a tool called the Vingil Pool cover reel set, which is easy to use. It is the best when it comes to storing the pool cover. 

Not only does it make the process of removing it easy, but it also saves time and stores your product safely. The reel can be bought at any pool store near you, and it is easy to assemble.

It works well for pools with 14 to 18 feet, and it is adjustable to simplify the whole process. Another product that you can use is the solar saddle pool cover holder. 

It is perfect when it comes to attaching the pool rails. 

It is easy to use, and it will quickly remove the cover across the pool equally by pulling it back. 

When you have this product, it means you will never have to separate where you store the cover as it can hold it once it is removed.

Final Thoughts

For those who have swimming pools, you know that it is an expensive project which needs to be taken care of. 

Building one takes a lot of time and money, and depending on how much you spent, it might be a good idea to have a pool cleaner. 

You will have to pay the person who cleans your pool, the cost of chemicals, and so on. All those costs when you put them together, you will realize it is a lot, and you need to do something. 

This is where having a solar pool cover comes into effect. Investing in a pool cover is a one-time investment that will go a long way to protect your pool. 

Getting a pool cover made of UV material is always the best as it has a great absorption rate and will keep your pool warm and prevent water from evaporating. 

It will cost you some few dollars to get one, but it means your pool will be well taken care of. If you have a swimming pool, you need to invest today. 

That is all we had for you when it comes to the best solar pool covers.

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