8 Best Solar Pool Cover

Solar pool cover absorbs heat from the sun and provides it in pool water. It is the latest solar technology that reduces pool heating costs. 

Best solar pool covers protect your swimming pool from different types of dirt and keep the water fresh. It also works against birds and pets. 

Sometimes it is difficult to swim because of the low temperature and cold water. You can raise the water temperature if you have an efficient solar pool cover. 

Depending on shapes, sizes, material, and surface, you can select a pool cover. It is better to fix the purpose of the cover and select the best one for you. 

This writing presents the best solar pool covers and a complete buyer’s guide. You will get answers to the FAQs regarding this product. Let’s get started. 

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Solar Pool Covers and Its Usages

Solar Pool Covers and Its Usages

You can use a solar pool cover for multiple purposes. It is designed to protect the swimming pool and its water from possible pollution and problems. 

Increase Temperature 

The most important feature of a solar pool cover is to increase the water temperature. During the winter it is not easy to jump in the swimming pool. But, if you have an effective solar pool cover, it will hold the temperature by absorbing sunlight.

Dust Control

When you are not using the swimming pool, it will get dust from the outside. It might be leaves, debris, and more. A pool cover works against them and keeps the water fresh. 

Pet and Children Control

Your home swimming pool might be a dangerous place for pets and children. A heavy-duty solar pool cover can protect them from drowning.

Rain and Snow Control

Excessive rain and snow will destroy the environment of the pool. A solar cover will protect snow, wind, and rain.

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For In A Good Solar Pool Cover?

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For In A Good Solar Pool Cover?

A buyer’s guide will help you select the best devices based on their features, prices, and efficiency. 

You can compare several issues when purchasing a solar pool cover. Some significant key features will make your cover incomparable. Let’s explore them.

Size and Shape

At the very beginning, you have to compare the size and shape of the cover with your pool. It is better to select a cover based on the pool shape.


It is an important feature while purchasing a solar pool cover. It depends on your purpose and usage. Don’t select a normal cover with low-quality material. 

Protection Option

Ask the manufacturer and seller about the protection of the cover. How long it will last and what you can protect with this. 

Heat Retention 

You will use a solar pool cover to keep pool water warm. Check the capability and heat retention feature before purchasing. 

Price and Warranty

A high-quality product comes with an official warranty and the best price. Compare other products with the same features from different manufacturers. 

Best Solar Pool Covers & Their Reviews

Best Solar Pool Covers & Their Reviews

Here we present the eight best solar pool covers that come with outstanding features and high-quality material. 

Our goal is to provide you with the best products at an affordable price. Let’s see. 

Solar Pool CoverKey Feature #1Battery IncludedKey feature #2
Happybuy Pool Safety Cover FitsTight mess surface NoBrass ground grill
Blue Wave Rectangular In-Ground Pool Safety CoverStorage bagNo12 years warranty
Sun2Solar Clear Rectangle Solar CoverFree heating NoEvaporation reduction 
Intex Solar Cover Easy SetBubble floating design NoRound shape 
Comparison of the Best Solar Pool Cover

Happybuy Pool Safety Cover Fits

First, we have the Happybuy Pool Safety cover that comes with rainwater permeability and a 100% sunblock system

You will get excellent debris and leaves prevention systems with eco-friendly technology. 

Happybuy Pool Safety Cover Fits


  • Soft PP material
  • 18×32 ft
  • 100% sunblock
  • High-quality material
  • Child protection
  • Rainwater permeability
  • Debris and leaves prevention
  • Polypropylene
  • Tight mesh surface
  • Green color
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Brass ground grill
  • 20.5 kg
  • Triple stitching 
  • Double strap

This high-quality pool cover is designed to protect your swimming pool from sun, rain, and debris. Its durable design and high-temperature resistance protect sunlight. The pool cover has excellent features and is great for the money. 

The cover has a reasonable size, and it is suitable for a 16×30 feet swimming pool. It creates a thick shade on the water and prevents dust, leaves, snow, and other materials. 

Similarly, the tight mesh membrane and sealed surface reduce water evaporation and protect swimming pool materials. Your children and pets will remain safe from drowning if they walk on it.

The installation of this pool cover is super easy, and you will have a stainless steel spring and brass ground bolt. You can easily cover the pool in case of an emergency.

Thanks to its lightweight design that allows you to carry the cover without too much effort.

Furthermore, you can use this cover for different types of swimming pools including, homes, gardens, hotels, and parks.

The most interesting thing about this pool cover is that you can use it to protect snow over your pergola and balcony.

This swimming pool cover doesn’t have any warranty coverage. But, you will get customer-friendly after-sales service. 

Happybuy Pool Safety Cover Fits Pros and Cons

Durable design with stable bondings 
Wide application
Safe and secure for in-ground pools 
No warranty period 
Happybuy Pool Safety Cover Fits Pros and Cons

Sun2Solar Clear Rectangle Solar Cover

If you are looking for a clear swimming pool cover, the Sun2Solar is an ideal cover that comes with a bubbles-down design and free heat production feature. 

This cover will work great to keep your pool warmer for the winter season.

Sun2Solar Clear Rectangle Solar Cover


  • 16×34 feet
  • Rectangle size
  • UV light protection
  • Heat production from sun
  • Minimum evaporation
  • Bubbles down design
  • Leaves and dust protection
  • Free heating
  • Eco-friendly material

It is difficult to jump in the swimming pool in winter because of the cold water. Forget those days and welcome this eco-friendly solar pool cover. It will generate heat from the sun and keep your pool ready to use. 

The flexible bubble-down design fits any type of pool and reduces the evaporation process. Though it works with sunlight, the cover will protect the sun’s harmful UV rays

You can save a huge amount on pool heating by the end of the month. 

The cover provides heat and protects leaves, dust, and snow. You can simply put it on the water body to get an effective solution.

It also enables you to use the same water maximum times and prevent water pollution in the pool.

The cover is lightweight and easy to store. It takes up a small space in your home. Besides, you can carry it easily if you want to use the cover on a remote farmhouse pool.

So, it is a cost-effective solution that protects your pool from different harmful things.

The funniest thing about the cover is that it can be trimmed according to your pool’s shape and size.

Sun2Solar Clear Rectangle Solar Cover Pros and Cons

Cost-effective solution
Easy to use and remove
Flexible material fits on any pool 
The cover is not suitable for long time protection 
Sun2Solar Clear Rectangle Solar Cover Pros and Cons

MidWest Canvas Space Age Solar Cover

If you are searching for a high-quality swimming pool cover with heat retention technology, this is a perfect cover for round-shaped swimming pools.

MidWest Canvas Space Age Solar Cover


  • 18 feet round
  • Durable resin material
  • Water evaporation prevention
  • Heat retention 
  • Dust protection
  • Blue color
  • Easy to use
  • Trimming option
  • Lightweight 
  • Long lifespan
  • 10 years warranty

This canvas solar cover combines eco-friendly technology and the value of the money. It will keep your in-ground and above-ground pool safe, secure, and warmer. 

The cover is highly recommended as a solar blanket for your pool.

It is made with high-quality resin, and you can use it for a long time. The cover will remain safe in winter, summer, and spring. 

The heat retention technology of this cover keeps the pool’s water warmer and helps you to use the swimming pool without winter fear. 

It also works on summer days to keep water cool by blocking the sun’s UV rays.

The cover will enhance the longevity of your pool by minimizing evaporation up to 95 percent. It reduces the water refilling and pool maintenance cost.

You will get a ready tool to jump into warm water. Besides, the cover is easy to put and take off. The lightweight design and soft material allow you to store it within a short time.

You can resize the cover with a sharp scissor, and it won’t void the official warranty.

Midwest is a famous solar pool cover manufacturer, and the company offers 10 years official warranty and after-sales service. 

MidWest Canvas Space Age Solar Cover Pros and Cons

An affordable option for controlling the pool temperature
Attractive color enhances the beauty of the pool 
Eco-friendly material with the latest technology 
No issue found 
MidWest Canvas Space Age Solar Cover Pros and Cons

Daitous Swimming Pool Solar Reel Blanket

Next, we have a premium quality swimming pool cover that comes with a reel system and operating handle. It offers the most convenient user experience and an easy storage facility. 

Daitous Swimming Pool Solar Reel Blanket


  • 18 feet x 18 feet
  • 1.41 pounds
  • Premium quality
  • Durable material
  • Reel system
  • Reel cover
  • Operating handle
  • Dust protection
  • Leaves protection
  • UV protection
  • Washable
  • Fade-resistant
  • Folding design
  • Carrying wheel
  • Sun blockage
  • 24 hours customer service

This is an effective solar pool cover, and you will have attractive features with the value of the money. The cover works great as you expect and protects your pool from possible dust and debris.

It is made of high-quality material that lasts for a long period in all weather conditions. The fade-resistant technology of this cover keeps pool water safe.

The size is perfect for in-ground pools in different places, including houses, gardens, hotels, and more. 

Similarly, the UV protection system blocks harmful UV rays but keeps the water warmer. It will allow you to use the pool instantly in the winter season. 

The reel system of this cover will give you a convenient option to put on and remove it easily. The reel has a durable rolling handle that offers instant covering. 

This pool cover also works for dust and leaves protection systems. It makes a shield against outdoor dust.

Thanks to its durable reel cover that you can use after removing the cover from the pool. Besides, the cover will dry quickly after protecting rain, snow, and wind.

It has two small wheels for easy carrying. You can handle this cover without taking help from others.

The manufacturer offers customer-friendly after-sales service. 

Daitous Swimming Pool Solar Reel Blanket Pros and Cons

Easy to use and store
Long lifespan with effective service
Excellent protection against dust and leaves 
No issue found 
Daitous Swimming Pool Solar Reel Blanket Pros and Cons

Intex Solar Cover

Enjoy warmer water and a longer swimming season with the Intex Solar Pool Cover. This is an ideal rectangular pool cover that contains 160-micron durable material and a lightweight design.

Intex Solar Cover


  • 18 x 9 feet
  • 5.4 pounds
  • Water heating 
  • Reduce evaporation
  • Air bubbles design
  • Debris protection
  • Dust and leaves protection
  • Durable material
  • Lightweight
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Carrying bag
  • Rectangular size
  • 160-micron material

If you have an in-ground swimming pool, this cover is suitable for you. The cover comes with a flexible material that instantly enables you to use it. 

This pool cover works great in winter and summer. During the winter, it uses the sunlight to keep pool water warmer. On the contrary, it blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays during the summer days.

The water heating technology doesn’t require electricity, thereby cutting your pool heating costs. Besides, it is the safest option for a swimming pool.

You will like the air bubble design of this pool cover with its attractive color and look. It is durable enough to protect snow, rain, and wind.

Furthermore, the cover will protect water evaporation and save the pool’s material from heat. 

It helps you keep your pool dust and debris free in all weather conditions. 

You will get an excellent carrying bag to bring this cover anywhere under the sun. It makes it possible to store the cover without any effort. 

The quick-drying system increases the lifespan of this cover. You can use the same cover for different seasons.

When the cover has no efficiency, you can reuse it as a shopping bag and save the environment from upcoming waste. 

Intex Solar Cover Pros and Cons

Easy storage
Reusable and eco-friendly material
Great for the value of the money 
No warranty period 
Intex Solar Cover Pros and Cons

Intex Solar Cover Easy Set

If you have a circular pool and don’t satisfied with the previous one, this round-shaped Intex pool cover contains heat retention and evaporation reduction technology.

Intex Solar Cover Easy Set


  • 15 feet diameter
  • Round shape
  • Heat retention
  • Reduce evaporation
  • Bubble floating design
  • Inside edge
  • Efficient heating
  • 1 pound
  • Durable surface
  • Quick-drying
  • Easy storage
  • Carrying bag
  • Eco-friendly material

This is the best alternative for an expensive solar pool cover. It reduces your pool heating cost and makes the swimming pool ready to use in any weather. The solar heat production system is excellent, and you will have the right device for your pool.

It is designed with bubble floating technology that covers the water with an attractive look. 

The 15 feet diameter of this pool cover can also be used for rectangular swimming pools. You can unfold the cover on one side and use the other side of the pool.

During the swimming season, you will never be afraid of cold water. The cover will maintain a warmer temperature all day long. Sometimes, it works after sunset with heat retention technology.

With its inside edge design, the pool cover will never fade, even on the hottest day. Similarly, the evaporation reduction system protects pool water from vanishing.

The materials are eco-friendly, and Intex manufactures pool covers with reusable raw materials. So, you will save the environment by using solar energy and biodegradable material.

You will get a handy carrying bag that offers easy storage and carrying facilities. 

Intext is a renowned company for solar products, and you can rely on their service. The one thing you might not like is the durability of the cover. It can’t survive in extreme weather like storms. 

Intex Solar Cover Easy Set Pros and Cons

Best for on-ground pool frame
Stable and durable design
Protect winds and birds anklet 
Not suitable for extreme weather conditions 
Intex Solar Cover Easy Set Pros and Cons

Blue Wave Rectangular In-Ground Pool Safety Cover

The Blue Wave Solar Pool Cover comes with a rectangular shape and a complete installation tools package. It will allow you to protect all types of dust and debris to keep your swimming pool always ready.

Blue Wave Rectangular In-Ground Pool Safety Cover


  • 15 In-Ground 
  • Rectangular shape
  • Blue color
  • Brass anchor
  • Stainless steel springs
  • Buckles
  • Storage bag
  • 48 pounds
  • Durable surface
  • UV protection
  • Heat retention
  • Snow and rain protection
  • Debris blockage
  • Children and pet safe
  • 12 years warranty

When you need something stronger and durable to cover your swimming pool, this is a great deal with the value of the money. The product comes with the best installation system and conveniently allows you to use it. 

This rectangular pool has a 15×30 feet size that is suitable for most of the pool sizes. You can use it for personal and commercial purposes.

The blue color of the cover will make your pool attractive when covered with this blanket.

Thanks to its durable design that can hold children and pets if they move on the cover. It is an additional safety for pool owners at home. 

The UV blockage system keeps pool water fresh. Similarly, the heat retention technology will convert the sunlight into heat, and you will get warm water.

This pool cover contains installation tools, including brass anchors, steel springs, and buckles. Besides, you will get drill holes, grounding sticks, and bolts.

It has a beautiful storage bag with a compact design. The bag perfectly holds the cover and allows you to carry it effortlessly.

You will get 12 years of official warranty, and you can rely on the company for excellent customer service. 

Blue Wave Rectangular In-Ground Pool Safety Cover Pros and Cons

Convenient anchoring system
Long warranty period
Multiple protections 
No issue found 
Blue Wave Rectangular In-Ground Pool Safety Cover Pros and Cons

Pool Mate Heavy-Duty Blue Winter Pool Cover

Finally, we have the Pool Mate Solar Pool Cover suitable for the winter season. It has heat-sealed technology to keep pool water warm. 

Pool Mate Heavy-Duty Blue Winter Pool Cover


  • Solid material
  • Solar heating
  • Polyethylene material
  • 5 feet overlap
  • Heat-sealed
  • 15.72 pounds
  • UV protection
  • Lightweight design
  • Water passing
  • Dust protection
  • 10 years warranty 

This is an effective solar pool cover that helps you hold the water’s temperature. It is designed to be used in the home, garden, hotel, and other places where you have a swimming pool. 

The cover is made of polyethylene material to protect against dust, snow, and rain. 

With an anti-leakage layer, the cover enhances the possibility of protection in extreme conditions.

The heat-sealed technology uses sunlight to provide heat in the water. It holds temperature without electricity. 

The process is completely natural and safe for everyday use. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use this cover. 

It is lightweight and easy to store. The long lifespan of this cover allows you to reuse it for multiple seasons. 

The manufacturer offers a 10 years warranty, and you will get the best after-sales service. 

Pool Mate Heavy-Duty Blue Winter Pool Cover Pros and Cons

Excellent design and performance
Heavy-duty material with high-quality surface
Convenient installation 
No issue found 
Pool Mate Heavy-Duty Blue Winter Pool Cover Pros and Cons

Best Solar Pool Cover FAQs

How long does a solar cover take to heat a pool?

It takes at least 10 hours to enhance the temperature up to 5 degrees celsius. The time frame depends on the weather and sunlight.

When should you put the solar cover on the pool?

You have to use a solar pool cover when you are not using the swimming pool.

How long does a solar pool cover last?

A high-quality solar pool cover lasts for three to five years. It depends on the usage, manufacturer, quality, and materials.


In conclusion, it can be said that solar pool cover allows you to keep your pool ready to use always. You will get the best protection option against different types of dust and threats. 

If you don’t have prior knowledge regarding solar pool cover, it is slightly difficult to select a high-quality cover for you. 

In this situation, you can follow our suggestions. We made a shortlist considering this issue. 

The Happybuy Pool Safety Cover Fits is the best product for pool coverage. It will give you excellent service with fantastic features.

On the contrary, the Blue Wave Rectangular In-Ground Pool Safety Cover allows you to protect your pool for a long time. 

If you want solar-powered lights for your swimming pool, we have them here.

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