Best Solar Pool Heaters for Inground Pools

A private swimming pool in your yard will make the recreation amazing and provide you with a luxurious environment. 

In the winter and even during the summer, the swimming pool might be cold and curb your swimming experience. 

With the best solar inground pool heaters, you can avoid this situation.

A pool heating system helps you to enjoy the swimming season with your family. 

Besides, the heating system is a perfect solution for a pleasant moment during swimming.

In this writing, you will get the key features of the best solar inground swimming pool heaters and a complete buyer’s guide.

Similarly, this writing will introduce you to some of the best solar inground pool heaters and reveal their features, advantages, disadvantages with the answers of FAQs.

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Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in a Good Solar Inground Pool Heaters

What to Look for in a Good Solar Inground Pool Heaters
What to Look for in a Good Solar Inground Pool Heaters

Picking the best solar inground pool heater may be difficult when purchasing it for the first time. 

Your first-hand experience can lead you to mistakes.

Don’t worry about this matter. We present a complete buyer’s guide with the most significant information for finding good solar inground pool heaters.

So, you have to consider some basic features before purchasing a solar pool heater, such as the size of your pool, the distance of the pool from home, the installing system, and the temperature, the function of the heater, the cost of the heater, quality, and warranty.

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The Size of Your Pool

When you are looking for a solar pool heater, then the pool size matters a lot.

The size of the pool plays a vital role and helps you understand the operation of the heaters.

You have to select a heater that will set easily to the pool and get the perfect depth. 

Small and medium-sized pools require a standard-size heater.

On the other hand, a large pool requires more powerful and effective heaters for the expected heating capacity.

So, consider the most suitable solar pool heater for your swimming pool.

The Distance of the Pool from Home

In general, a pool is placed in the ground of the home so that you can take a swim quickly. 

It is important for the heating system too. 

However, the distance of your pool will decide the heating time and duration of the warm water.

If you have a pool far from your home, heat, the water will take more time. 

You may feel embarrassed to wait beside the poolside. 

In this case, select a powerful solar inground pool heater that can warm the water quickly. 

It will enable you to get quick access to the pool.

The Installing System

The best solar pool heater should have an easy installation system. 

If you select a heater that comes with a complex installing system, it will delay your swimming and reduce efficiency. 

It is better to purchase an inground pool heater that is more comfortable during setup. 

Installing duration depends on the size and function of the heater, and we try to select the solar swimming pool heaters that have a quick installation facility.

You have to avoid the heaters that require additional equipment to set up. 

Similarly, easy installation means easy and quick access to warm water.


You have to understand the minimum and maximum temperature of the heater. It depends on you. 

If you require a small amount of heat, then select a small pool heater. 

Besides, it will make your swimming comfortable and avoid excessive heat.

High temperature provides more heat to the water, and the pool will be uncomfortable. 

On the contrary, if you live in a colder place, try an effective heater to get an instant heating system.

Remember, you are installing a solar pool heater to get warm water in the pool, and the standard temperature is ideal for swimming.

The function of the pool

A pool is designed according to its function and purpose. 

It is important to understand the exact function of your pool before selecting and installing a pool heater. 

For instance, if you are using your pool for recreational purposes, then a solar pool heater functions well with the pool. 

The heater will deliver the perfect temperature and make the recreation perfect.  

On the other hand, sport and exercise swimming pools require more effective pool heaters to provide the additional temperature.

So, this key feature is significant and allows you to find the best solar inground pool heaters.


Affordability makes your pool heater more productive and suitable for the swimming pool’s inground.

However, you have to consider the budget and cost of the heater before selecting a model. 

Try to compare the price and the value of the product for the money. 

Sometimes, an expensive solar pool heater can perform better, but too much expense can reduce the expectation based on the performance.

For better performance, find a high-quality solar pool heater loaded with good features at a reasonable price.

A cost-effective heater enhances the performance and saves electricity costs also.


A good product always maintains quality and durability. 

Quality solar pool heaters enable you to use them for a long time and function perfectly even on multiple operations.

Besides, the built-in capacity ensures temperature control and other essential facilities such as a fast heating system.

Similarly, if the manufacturer used quality materials during construction, then you will get a quality product. 

Longevity and ability turn the heater to perform in several situations. 

If you want to get a durable and last longer model, you should consider glass coating, sunlight absorbing capacity, etc., before selecting a solar pool heater.


With a good warranty facility, you can use the heater without tension. 

A manufacturer’s warranty should cover the complete functions and materials of the pool heater. 

You are finding the best solar inground pool heater. 

So, the best heater should contain the best warranty. 

On the contrary, the warranty ensures the availability of spare parts and after-sales services.

Best Solar Inground Pool Heaters Reviews

Best Solar Inground Pool Heaters Reviews
Best Solar Inground Pool Heaters Reviews

We are introducing the eight best solar inground pool heaters to you that are excellent regarding their features, functions, ability, and configuration.

Besides, our list contains the most valuable solar pool heaters and maintains quality guidelines to pick the best one.

Our target is to present cost-effective heaters with advanced options and quick warming system.

We concentrate on the value for money and calculate the budget based on the probability of service so that you can get a proper review of the best swimming pool heaters.

Solar Inground Pool HeatersScoreSpec 1Key Feature 1
Smartpool S601P SunHeater For In-Ground Pool8 out of 1080 square feet solar panelEasy installation system 
SunQuest inground Solar Powered Pool Heater7.5 out of 10 2×12 feet surface areasPerfect for inground and above ground
Enersol 1′ x 8′ Solar Pool HeaterSunHeater S120U4 out of 10It can raise the temperature of pool water to 15 degreesDIY installation
SunHeater S120U7 out of 106 to 10 degrees heating capacity40 square feet heating panels 
Smartpool S601P Solar Swimming Pool Heater8 out of 1010-degree heating capacityWide vents
Sun2Solar Ground Mounted7 out of 10 40 square feet solar panel surfaceFilter system
GAME 4721-BB SolarPRO6.5 out of 10Adjustable legsEasy set up and install
SunQuest 6-2X128 out of 10Flexible hoseGood for both above ground and inground pools

Smartpool S601P SunHeater For In-Ground Pool

If you want to keep your pool warm in case of cold water, try the polypropylene heat collector system of Smartpool S601P SunHeater For In-Ground Pool. 

It comes with a direct flow system and one header hole for each heating tube. 

The heater has 80 square feet of solar panels, and the solar panel’s dimension is 4 feet wide and 20 feet long. 

This efficient heater can raise the water temperature from 4 to 6-degree Celsius. 

Besides, the two hose connector adapter helps you to warm the pool temperature quickly. 

Similarly, the heater comes with two-ended caps and a spring check valve. 

The trilingual installation system allows you to install the heater easily during or before swimming. 

The exclusive fiberglass-reinforced over-molded header of the heater provides superior durability. 

The flexible header helps you to connect the part on the ground softly. 

You can mount it even vertically on a fence with an easy mounting system. 

For superior water flow, the pool heater has fed collector tubes. 

It will be reduced back pressure on the pool pump and increase the draining facility of draining winterization. 

The wind vents of the heater help to maintain panel integrity during windy conditions.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Spec 1: 80 square feet solar panel
Spec 2: Ground  installation 
Spec 3: 2′ x 20′ polypropylene solar collector
Spec 4: 2 hose connector adapters
Spec 5: Comes with two ended caps
Spec 6: Stainless steel clamp
Spec 7: Trilingual Installation
Spec 8: 1 Spring Check valve
Spec 9: Solar powered
Spec 10: 4 feet wide and 20 feet long panel
Spec 11: Wind vents 


This smart pool solar inground pool heater works with an automatic pumping system by solar energy power. 

When the water moves through the collectors, it provides heat towards the pool. 

This is an ideal solar pool heater for warming a family swimming pool instantly.

In the same way, the wide and broad solar panels will absorb more sunlight and work perfectly during swimming.

For instance, if the solar panels get at least 6 hours of heat from the sun, it will increase your pool water temperature up to 10-15 degrees. 

Besides, its collectors are reversible, and you can heat your pool without electricity costs.

The heating panels of this pool heater are designed to install easily, and perfect materials make it durable. 

The liquid shield locks the evaporation and increases the warming rate of water. 

It has an advanced reel system that permits you to remove your solar blanket quickly and easily. 

So, enjoy free heat from the sun for at least 20 years.

Pros and Cons

Easy installation system 
No fuel or electricity required 
Perfect panel height
In-ground heating system
Low maintenance
Requires sunlight to operate 
Requires a pump

SunQuest inground Solar Powered Pool Heater

This effective solar pool heater is best for small and medium-sized swimming pools. 

It is an inground and above ground swimming pool heater. 

The heater can increase pool water temperature up to 10 degrees and provide you with warm water. 

This high-powered pool heater has a max-flow design for better water circulation. 

It comes with a 2 inches OD header to reduce back pressure on your water pump. 

The solar panels of the heater come with 1-1/2 to 1-1/4 inches flexible hose. 

You will get an optional connector and 2 inches PVC pipe.
Rating: 3.9 out of 5
Spec 1: MAX-FLOW design
Spec 2: 2″ OD headers
Spec 3: Solar powered 
Spec 4: 10 degrees heating capacity
Spec 5: Perfect with existing water pump
Spec 6: 2″ rigid PVC pipe
Spec 7: Optional connector kit 
Spec 8: Better water circulation
Spec 9: Inground and above-ground installations
Spec 10: 2×12 feet surface areas


SunQuest solar pool water heater absorbs free energy from the sun and provides you with a warm swimming pool without heating costs. 

The high-efficient system of this heater circulates pool water and uses solar energy to heat the pool water.

It is a high-quality pool heater and comes with durable materials to perform for a long time. 

This premium quality solar inground pool heater can increase your swimming time by eliminating the cold temperature of the pool. 

It comes with superior technology and contains outstanding features. 

The heater will enable you to swim in the luxurious warm water. 

The solar panels of the heater contain a professional construction quality to make the heating system more efficient. 

It has everything that is required for the best solar inground pool heater.

You can assemble the heater effortlessly by yourself and enjoy the warm temperature of the pool.

Pros and Cons

Easy to install and mount 
Complete package of heating
You can use the existing pool pump
Perfect for inground and above ground
LightweightFlexible hose
Only the sun can power  
It can’t operate with conventional electricity 

Enersol 1′ x 8′ Solar Pool Heater

If you are looking for a small and compact designed solar pool heater, the Enersol pool heater can be a great choice. 

This compact and powerful swimming pool heater will provide you with warm water without electricity costs. 

It is a complete package and comes with the necessary kits that are required for installation. 

The size of this pool heater is 1 x 8 inches and is perfect for small swimming pools. 

It will generate the expected heat and make the water warm. 

You can use this affordable pool heater to avoid massive heating costs. 

Besides, the heater is affordable and requires less primary investment.

Rating: 3.6 out of 5
Spec 1: Solar-powered heater
Spec 2: Small and compact design
Spec 3: Effective for instant heating 
Spec 4: Typical body structure 
Spec 5: Complete heater package 
Spec 6: High-quality solar panels


This Enersol solar pool heater is perfect for a long-lasting and effective heating system. 

The model of this heater is exclusive, and it can raise the temperature of pool water up to 15 degrees. 

The compact design makes it the most durable heater in its category. 

It contains a rubber material to protect water and another chemical in the pool. 

It can perform even in extreme weather. 

The slip and clip technology of this heater make it easy to install for an instant heating system. 

The clips are functional and can attach to the heater in the extreme winter season. 

The materials of these heaters are very flexible, and you can install them without too much labor.

Pros and Cons

High-quality materials 
Very flexible
Easy to mount
DIY installation
Use existing water pump
Durable and compact design
Solar panel requires 

SunHeater S120U

If you are searching for a max power solar inground pool heater, the SunHeater S120U is ready to meet your expectations. 

It is an effective solar pool heater that will remove cold temperatures and provide warm water for swimming. 

You can use this high-efficient solar pool heater with an existing water pump, and it comes with a manual power source. 

With this powerful heater, you can raise the temperature to 10 degrees without any cost. 

The manual operation system makes it accurate for water heating for the swimming pool. 

This modern pool heater can be installed on the ground, rack, roof, or fence. 

So, it is suitable for an inground and above-ground mounting system. 

The patented design will provide maximum exposure, and you will get the ultimate result. 

It is a 2 feet wide and 20 feet long universal solar pool heater. 

The black color can absorb more sunlight than general heaters.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Spec 1: 2 by 20 feet structure
Spec 2: Patented web design
Spec 3: Solar powered 
Spec 4: 6 to 10 degrees heating capacity
Spec 5: Manual operation
Spec 6: Uses existing pool pump 
Spec 7: 18 pounds
Spec 8: Energy efficient
Spec 9: Inground and above-ground installations


This pool heater is suitable for small, medium, and large pool types and requires only a one-time investment. 

A wide heating panel enables it for both above and inground pools. 

These pool heaters have an effective web design solar panel that can absorb maximum sunlight. 

The system works better in most weather conditions. 

This pool heater has a simple do-it-yourself installation process and offers you warm, luxurious pool water. 

This cost-effective heater contains very flexible solar panels, and you can install it on the ground, beside the fence.

Pros and Cons

Very flexible to use
Simple mounting system
Contains durable materials
Quick heating system 
Best quality solar panels 
An additional connector is required for large swimming pools.

Smartpool S601P Solar Swimming Pool Heater

If you want to get an instant pool heating system without electricity costs, the SunHeater solar pool heating system enables you to get warm water while swimming. 

The 4 feet by 20 solar panels absorb sufficient heat from the sun. 

It contains an 80 square feet panel area and is suitable for a large and medium-sized pool. 

With this massive solar swimming pool heater, you will get warm water with up to 10-degree temperature. 

It comes with pool accessories that are effective and perfect. 

The tube on the web design of the heater covers more surface area of each heating tube.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Spec 1: Molded heater
Spec 2: Exclusive fiberglass coating 
Spec 3: Threaded headers 
Spec 4: 10-degree heating capacity
Spec 5: Wide vents 
Spec 6: Interlocking channels
Spec 7: 29 pounds
Spec 8: Internal baffle
Spec 9: Inground and above-ground installations


This solar water heater comes with a versatile heating capacity and can produce more heat from the sun.

It is easy to install a solar pool water heater, and you can enjoy the winter in the pool without the cold bite.

It has a perfect design for instant and quick heating processes. 

The heater includes wide vents and interlocking channels for an easy heating system.

You can mount this solar pool heater on the ground and above the ground. 

You can get a warm temperature with this heater, and it will provide up to 10-degree heat.

This powerful heater is essential for personal or sports-type swimming pools. 

The heater can work with different circumstances, including homes, playgrounds, gardens, or professional pools.

Pros and Cons

Fit for different types of swimming pools
Quick installation process
User-Friendly setup
Low maintenance
Manual operation required

Sun2Solar Ground Mounted

A complete ground-mounted solar pool heater can enhance your swimming experience by removing cold temperature from the pool. 

Sun2Solar Ground-mounted pool heater comes with 40 square feet solar panels with powerful energy production ability. 

The panels are lightweight, durable, and made from black polyolefin. 

The solar panel contains a tube for transferring heat from the sun to your pool.

It can warm your pool instantly. After installing this heater, it will work with its maximum efficiency to heat the pool water consistently.

The solar surface and other equipment of the heater are made with high-quality materials to get long-lasting service.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Spec 1: One 4′ x 20′ panels
Spec 2: Effective heat production
Spec 3: Solar powered 
Spec 4: 40 square feet solar panel surface
Spec 5: Rubber hose connector
Spec 6: Filter system
Spec 7: Made with polyolefin
Spec 8: 5 years warranty


The outstanding features and functions make this pool heater perfect for you. 

You can warm your pool by installing this heater at ease. 

This is an outstanding solar pool heater that uses renewable energy. 

It doesn’t require compact settings and installation processes. You will get instant heat for your pool. 

The system has a dual installation design and will be installed on above-ground or in-ground pools. 

It can be used for individual or family pools. 

Besides, it has an effortless setup process. 

This potential solar pool heater comes with five years of warranty to ensure continuous use.

Pros and Cons

Need to use multiple connectors  

GAME 4721-BB SolarPRO

Game 4721-BB Solar Pro pool heater is perfect for in-ground and above-ground pools. 

This effective solar pool heater comes with two hoses and clamps. 

It has dimensions of 27.5 x 5.91 x 44.88 inches. The weight of the heater is only 18.3 pounds. 

This durably constructed heater contains quality materials to survive outdoors and expose to the sun. 

The unique curved shape of the solar pool heater has a unique design and is suitable for maximum heat collection. 

It included a threaded port for versatile plumbing options. 

The unique features and specifications make this heater incomparable in its class.

The texture of this pool heater makes it compatible with a large pool too.
Rating: 3.2 out of 5
Spec 1: Increases the pool temperature by 5 degrees in 4 days
Spec 2: Adjustable legs
Spec 3: Easy to install 
Spec 4: Clear cover
Spec 5: Curved shape 
Spec 6: Versatile plumbing options
Spec 7: Durable solar panel area
Spec 8: Space-saving footprint 


Game Solar PRO Curve Solar Pool Heater has a unique curved shape for optimal sun exposure. 

The durable solar panel’s area allows you to use it for a long time. 

The foldable legs help you store it easily, and you can set it instantly on the ground. 

It works with solar power to heat your pool water. 

This solar pool heater makes you happy when you will start swimming. 

The covered panel is better even for a wide and deep swimming pool. 

The easy to set up system works well and produces lots of heat that need warm water.

Pros and Cons

Includes Intex Adapters
Easy set up and install
High quality
Adjustable legs
Needs longer connection hoses  

SunQuest 6-2X12

If you are looking for a solar swimming pool heater compatible with in-ground and above-ground swimming pools, consider the SunQuest Solar Swimming pool heater. 

It can increase the water temperature up to 10 degrees and provide warm water for better swimming experiences.

This item has 93 pounds of weight and is perfect for a do-it-yourself installation. 

It includes optional connector kits with standard connectors. 

The high quality and professional design make the heater the best for water warming. 

The wide header enables it to circulate more water within the shortest time.

If you select this heater, you will get an easy and effective solution for pool water heating.

Rating: 3.9 out of 5
Spec 1: Solar powered 
Spec 2: Flexible hose
Spec 3: Easy to install 
Spec 4: Standard connectors
Spec 5: Premium quality 
Spec 6: Good for both above-ground and in-ground pools.


This standard pool heater helps you to enjoy the pool time and remove cold from the water. 

It will increase the user capacity and lead you to a sophisticated swimming experience.

Solid engineering and design make the heater unique in its category. 

The complete package will give you a one-stop heating solution, and you can install it by yourself.

The water heater is made with superior technology and a max-flow design with 2″ headers for ensuring proper water circulation.

Pros and Cons

Eliminate swimming pool heating costs
Superior user experience
Easy to store
Compatible with existing pools
Needs to connect several connectors
Takes time to heat water

Best Solar Inground Pool Heaters FAQs 

What size heater do I need for my inground pool?

An inground pool needs a 150,000 BTUs pool heater in comparison with the surface and diving area.

How long does solar pool heating last?

The best quality solar pool heating can last for 20-25 years. 
The duration depends on the manufacturer’s process and the quality of construction materials.

What is the best pool heater on the market?

The best solar pool heater in the market is Smartpool S601P SunHeater Solar Heating System for In-Ground Pools. 

This heater comes with outstanding features and a durable design.


Finally, you got the reviews of the best solar inground pool heater. 

We know that you are serious about finding the best solar pool heater for you, and you want to make your decision. 

But sometimes, it is not easy to select the best pool heater, and you may get confused about the final decision. 

In this situation, we are suggesting you have a look at our recommendations. 

We recommend the best solar pool heaters that come with excellent working capability.

You can select the Smartpool S601P SunHeater Solar Heating System for In-Ground Pools or the SunQuest 6-2X12 for the outstanding experience.

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