Best Solar Power Banks Reviewed in 2021

As we embrace technological devices like smartphones and other electronic appliances, their batteries cannot hold for long periods, which means the devices cannot keep up with our daily demands and needs. 

I believe all of us have experienced that feeling where your device warns you that your battery is running low, and you do not have a place to plug in the charger. The simple answer to those tiny issues is to invest in power banks.

Unlike the conventional power banks that need electricity to charge, solar power banks come with the ability to charge anywhere. 

As long as sunlight is available, you will be able to charge your laptop, smartphones, and other devices thanks to solar power banks’ introduction. They are very eco-friendly and a good source of renewable energy.

You can always charge your devices even when you are off-grid or on the go. In this article, we have some of the top ten best solar power banks reviewed.

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Blavor Qi Charger Portable

This product starts our list of solar power banks, and that is because it is durable and has a compact size. The device is very portable and is made with premium ABS materials, which can last for longer hours. The Blavor Qi Charger Portable has lithium batteries, is equipped with type C USB ports, has dual flashlights, and its lightweight. 

The Blavor Qi Charger Portable’s charge time has been extensively tested and found to be able to charge within 6 hours, and that will ensure that all your devices will have charge all the time. Tests have revealed that it can charge iPhone 8 3.5 times, iPhone X 2.3time and iPhone 7 plus 2.2times. 

If you are a person who likes adventure, you will genuinely like the Blavor Qi Charger Portable. It comes with a compass and dual flashlight making it a handy tool for camping, fishing, traveling, and cycling. It charges well when the sun is out, and if other charging options are not available, you can still operate well using sunlight. Always ensure that your power bank is fully charged before you start any trip. 

The Blavor Qi Charger Portable is a wireless power bank, and it has 10,000nAh, and it’s capable of charging all types of Qi devices, including iPhone and Samsung phones.

It is waterproof, which means you can still use it even if the weather is not conducive. It weighs 9.3 ounces, and once you buy the device, you will be given a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. It has some of the best reviews on the market, and it goes for around $26.99.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is affordable
  • Comes with a multi functions
  • It is durable
  • The device is wireless and durable

Hiluckey Solar Charger 

This device has a more power conversion rate, and that is because it comes with four foldable, highly efficient panels. The solar panels can convert solar energy into battery power very quickly and fast. It has a charger power of 5W and input of 1A that is the fastest compared to other power banks. 

The Hiluckey Solar Charger comes with 9 inbuilt LED lights making it suitable for all outdoor activities. The LED lights come with three modes that are SOS, Strobe, and regular.

The USB ports are made with waterproof covers, which means no dust, dirt, or water can penetrate. Hiluckey Solar Charger has a 25000mAhcharge, a user manual, and a USB cable. 

The 25000mAh lithium battery is of high quality, and once it is fully charged, you do not have to worry about running out of power. The dual charge enables you to charge two devices simultaneously, and the charge ability is 2.1Ahigh speed charge.

Hiluckey Solar Charger can charge Samsung, Sony, HTC tablets, cameras, iPad, LG, Nexus, and many more devices without running out of power. 

It weighs 1.3 pounds and has dimensions of 6.1by3.335by1.37 inches. Before embarking on a trip, you will need to charge it for 15 hours to get the maximum charge. The Hiluckey Solar Charger comes in blue, black, and orange, and it costs $46.99, comes with a one-year warranty, and in case of any queries, you can always call the support line.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is easy to set up as you can hang it anywhere
  • It has a high-speed charge
  • It is versatile
  • High capacity
  • Stylish

BEARTWO Solar Ultra-Compact Power Bank

Many customers love this product, and that is because of its features, which include a 10000mAh high capacity charge, comes with extra charging cables, it is weather resistant.

It can withstand rain, dust, and even snow, and keep in mind that it is shock proof and Comes with a mini flashlight, and if you like camping, you will love the BEARTWO Solar Ultra-Compact Power Bank. 

It weighs 1.74 oz, perfect for cycling, jogging, and traveling. You can charge two devices simultaneously as it comes with dual USB ports.

The size of the BEARTWO Solar Ultra-Compact Power Bank is very compact, and you can hold it like a smartphone, place it in your back pockets as you change your phone. 

The flashlights come in three modes: Strobe, SOS, and standard. The BEARTWO Solar Ultra-Compact Power Bank takes 4 to 5 hours to charge fully, has an output of 5V/2.1A, and will save you charging time compared to other power banks. 

It has been certified by the CE, FCC, and RoHS that means you will always get stable power output and will never experience overloading and short circuit. BEARTWO Solar Ultra-Compact Power Bank has some of the best reviews on the market, and it costs $19.98.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • It is highly affordable
  • Perfect for outdoor use

RAVPower Solar Phone Outdoor Charger

This product charges itself and, at the same time, charges your devices. It has two outlet charging methods, the USB and the type C input port. When the sun is out, it can still charge, and it is the best solar power bank if you have any emergencies. The ports include DC 5V-6.5V.3A,9012V,6.509V.2A max. 

The RAVPower Solar Phone Outdoor Charger is durable as the outer case is made of durable ABS+ PC material, the solar charge cells are waterproof, dustproof, and even dirtproof. It is perfect for outdoor adventures like hiking, camping, cycling, jogging, and even fishing. 

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RAVPower Solar Phone Outdoor Charger has a 25000mAh capacity and can operate well with iPhone and other devices. It comes with emergency LED flashlights which are also waterproof and has three modes. If you are camping, the LED flashlights will come in handy. 

The package comes with one solar power bank, 25000mAh, one user guide, two micro USB charger cables, One micro USB type C adaptor, and one card. It costs $ 39.99, and once you buy one, you will have a dedicated customer support line if you have any questions about the device.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is a high capacity power bank
  • Can charge multiple devices once
  • It is weatherproof
  • Is affordable

FEELLE Solar Portable Power Bank

This product is very convenient as you can easily fold it and bring it anywhere you go. It has a 25000mAh high capacity charge and can charge devices 8 to 10 times faster. The Li-polymer battery is long-lasting, and once it is fully charged, it can use it the whole day as it charges using sunlight. 

The FEELLE Solar Portable Power Bank comes with four solar panels that can be placed anywhere and still function well. The panels charge four to five times faster, making the FEELLE Solar Portable Power Bank one of the fastest charging solar power banks available in the market. You can charge two devices simultaneously, and the product itself is waterproof, so you do not need to worry about water penetrating. 

It comes with backup protection, and you will never experience overloading or short circuits whenever you use the power bank. It weighs 1.18 lbs. and has dimensions of 6.1by3.35by1.37 inches when folded and 13.6 by 6.1 inches when it unfolded.

The FEELLE Solar Portable Power Bank can take up to 30 hours to fully charge, but once that is done, it will serve you during your trip without compromise. 

The USB output is 2.1 A, making it suitable for camping, hiking, traveling, fishing, and jogging. FEELLE Solar Portable Power Bank comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and only costs $39.99.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is affordable
  • Flexible and very portable
  • Perfect for any outdoor activities
  • It is very efficient

ORYTO Qi Portable Wireless Solar Power Bank

This product has a massive capacity of 26,800mAh capable of charging all Qi devices like iPhone, Samsung, and any other devices that are Qi-enabled. It is a tangle-free, wireless high-speed charge for four devices and has two inputs for a better charge. 

ORYTO Qi Portable Wireless Solar Power Bank is waterproof and has IP66 rainproof and can, at the same time, withstand any other wet weather conditions. It comes with an LED multi-functional flashlight and is perfect for emergencies and can lead you through the darkness. The power bank will prevent overcharging and short circuits from occurring while charging your devices. 

It boasts an output capacity of 5V/2A, Dual USB 3.1A output, and can also support type C output, and both are fast charges. ORYTO Qi Portable Wireless Solar Power Bank weighs 1.2 lbs. and is made with a durable and reliable frame. It has some of the best reviews in the market and comes with a support line just if you have any queries. 

If you are in a hurry and need to charge your tablet, laptop, smartphone, and iPad, the ORYTO Qi Portable Wireless Solar Power Bank can be the best as it can charge four different devices simultaneously and will automatically detect overcharge and prevent it from occurring.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is well built and Sturdy
  • It is multi-purpose
  • it can hold a large capacity of power
  • Uses sunlight to charge

Elzie Solar Portable Power Bank

This product is perfect for emergency use, and the fact that it uses sunlight to charge makes it very efficient. It has intelligent security protection, which can detect overloading, over-voltage, and helps avoid short circuits. The Elzie Solar Portable Power Bank comes with 4LED indicator lights, which shows you how far your charge has reached. 

It comes with an inbuilt 6 LED lights that can be used as a torch, flashlight, or emergency lighting. A dual USB output of 5V/1A, 5V/2.1A, and two USB ports for smartphones and other devices.

Elzie Solar Portable Power Bank is made with durable ABS + PC material and IPtimes6 making it dustproof. It is light, weighing 9.6 ounces, and can easily fit in your back pocket as you charge your phone on the go. 

The package comes with one USB cable, 15000mAh portable power bank charger, one user manual, one carabiner, and exquisite packing. The flashlight has three modes SOS, Strobe, and familiar. Once you purchase it, you will get an 18-month warranty and always return in case of any problems. It costs $ 25.99, and it is cost-friendly.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is durable
  • It has a great value
  • It is multi-functional
  • It is weatherproof

OUTXE Rugged Savage Solar Power Bank

If you are looking for a product that you can highly rely on when you are out camping or on an adventure with your friends, then the OUTXE Rugged Savage Solar Power Bank is your best companion. 

It is made with the best military materials, and no matter the weather, your devices will never run out of power. It is durable, and even if it falls on a rock, it will not damage the OUTXE Rugged Savage Solar Power Bank.

The device is built to survive the harsh conditions in nature whether it be rain, storm, or snow. It will keep your devices powered. It has a fast charge with speeds of 18W, which is four times faster than any other power bank. 

It is compatible with almost all devices, and a device can hit an 80% charge in just 35 minutes. With a 20000mAh high capacity, it is very efficient and can last a whole week without charging it.

It has 4A dual input ports, which means it only takes j6 hours to charge devices. OUTXE Rugged Savage Solar Power Bank is shockproof, and you never need to worry about shocks anymore. 

It can prevent overcharging and prevent short circuits. It weighs 1.15 lbs. You can quickly move around with it, and with an IP67 rating, you can pour water on it, and it will not be affected. The OUTXE Rugged Savage Solar Power Bank is perfect for camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking, and other simple outdoor adventures. 

It comes with a USB charger, Type C charging cable, two carabines, two lanyards, and the LED flashlights in case of an emergency. It comes with an 18-month warranty, and they have a good customer support line.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • Has a high capacity
  • It charges fast
  • Uses solar energy to charge

JETSUN Solar Charger

This product comes with a dual USB port of DC5V/2V output and can take less than two hours to charge your smartphone. It has a 16,750 mAh capacity, but it is still not the least when it comes to capacity. The JETSUN Solar Charger takes up to ten hours to fully charge with a DC5V/2.0A input. 

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The device is durable as it is made with ABS + PC materials and silicon as well. It comes in blue and green colors, and its rugged design makes it simple for outdoor activities. JETSUN Solar Charger costs $ 27.99, and the manufacturer has a support line in case you have any problems with the device. 

The package comes with a carabiner and a USB cable; all included it the power bank bag. Another feature that comes with the JETSUN Solar Charger is the LED lights.

The lights can last for up to 80 hours when the power bank is fully charged. Once you buy the product, you will get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Pros and Benefits

  • Perfect for outdoor adventure
  • It is portable and durable
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • It is cost-friendly

Portable Solar Charger Melitech

This product is not expensive and will serve all your needs, just like another solar power bank. With a 20000mAh capacity, you will be assured that your devices will never run short of power anywhere you go. 

They are durable as the material that makes them is meant to last long. You will be able to charge up to three devices simultaneously with the Portable Solar Charger Melitech.

Even though it does not have the most features which other power banks have, you will still use it while on an adventure and any other outdoor activities. 

You will need to charge the Portable Solar Charger Melitech from an electric socket for some hours until it’s full after that; you can embark on your adventure. It also comes with LED Lights, which have three modes, strobe, regular, and SOS. Portable Solar Charger Melitech is made with silicone materials, ABS+PS.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is cost-effective
  • It is durable
  • It is weatherproof

High Function Solar Charge

This product comes with a dual input DC5V/2.4A for both android and Type C inputs, and it has an inbuilt LCD screen, which will always remind you of the remaining power. The High Function Solar Charge is the best for the solar charge industry with a capacity of 25000mAh; it can power a lot of devices when it is fully charged. 

It is not expensive, and the manufacturer has two-year quality assurance. High Function Solar Charge is designed to operate well under the sun, and it has one of the safest battery packs compared to any other solar power bank. 

The batteries can sustain power for long hours without running low. It is perfect for outdoor adventure, and that means before you embark on your journey, you will need to charge the High Function Solar Charge to the brink to avoid any power shortages. It comes in one color type, and it has excellent reviews.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is not expensive
  • It uses sunlight to charge
  • Perfect for any weather condition
  • Portable and durable

Reliable Sturdy Solar Charger

The Reliable Sturdy Solar Charger is durable and has a stern look among the solar power banks on our list. It is the perfect companion for outdoor adventure, and you can easily carry it anywhere you go. Even though it has less capacity of 5000mAh, it will still serve your charge needs, and your devices will not run out of power. 

You will need to change it for some hours before you start using it. It goes for around $19.95 in the market, making it affordable for most people.

The Reliable Sturdy Solar Charger comes with a free hook that you can use to hang the power bank anywhere of your convenience is made with silicone materials that means that it can withstand any weather condition. Just in case you happen to drop the Reliable Sturdy Solar Charger, it will continue to function as the materials that make it is ABS+ PS.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is cost-effective
  • Perfect for outdoor adventure
  • Can charge multiple devices at once.
  • It is long-lasting

Solar Charger Smart Technology

The technology that makes the Reliable Sturdy Solar Charger is one of the best. They ensure that solar power banks have no wires, making it light and can produce a reasonable amount of power output. It comes with a smart IC technology that will always ensure your devices get the fastest charge. 

It is very versatile and efficient, with a conversion efficiency of up to 23.5%. Reliable Sturdy Solar Charger is made to withstand any kind of weather condition, and it has IPtimes4 rates. The design is very flexible, as you can fold it into a small bag and carry it around. It has a 28W solar charger capacity, and you will need to charge it before you use it.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is cost-friendly
  • Has a perfect efficiency rate
  • Can charger devices quickly
  • It is weatherproof

Wallet Solar Charger

This product is made to accommodate any type of environment. It is not made with any metals, which could add some weight to the device. The Wallet Solar Charger is light and can be carried anywhere you go while still charging your phone. 

The materials that make the device are highly tested and can withstand any weather conditions presented to it. Wallet Solar Charger comes with 2.0A AND 3.0A, which means it can charge your laptop, tablet, and smartphones without running low power. 

You can place it anywhere if it gets sunlight; it will function properly. It has an output of 20W and can charge two devices at the same time. It has dual USB ports, lithium batteries, which can hold power for a long time.

Pros and Benefits

  • Comes with hooks
  • It has a classy look
  • It is not made with metals
  • It is affordable

Durable Efficient Solar Charger

This product can capture sunlight at any angle that you will place it. It has a large surface area, which means that sunlight will hit it, and it will then generate electricity which you will be able to use when you change your devices. It is simple and easy to fold, and you can carry it anywhere you go with ease. 

The Durable Efficient Solar Charger has an efficiency of 22%, which means it produces more solar energy that two solar power banks can produce. It has an output of 2A and dimensions of 14by7by1.0 inches.

It comes with a dual USB of 1.6 A total output. It is made with high-quality polyester material which is weather resistant. The package comes with four cabins, one user manual, micro USB, and the solar power bank.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is portable
  • Made to withstand all weather
  • Easy to fold
  • It is environment friendly

Ultra-Thin Solar Charger

This solar panel is made with monocrystalline silicon materials making it one of the very portable though high-power banks. It is 2mm thick, has a standard USB output, environment friendly, and can be useful for outdoor adventure. It has a conversion rate of 20% and can be operated while riding your bike or kayaking.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is foldable
  • Durable
  • It is eco-friendly and inexpensive
  • Come with no batteries

Final Thoughts

Depending on which solar power bank you choose from the list, you will still be able to charge your devices without compromising whether you are on the go or just relaxing in your tent. Whether you are looking for durability, multi-function, capacity, or durability, you can never fail to get something that will suit your needs. 

Solar manufacturers of power banks always recommend using Solar power banks as the last option or planning to travel. The curated list will give you a wide range to choose from when it comes to solar power banks. Next time you want something to keep some power when you are on the go, go back to our list, and you will get something.

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