Best Solar Powered Dusk to Dawn Lights & Their Reviews

Outdoor lighting enables you to make the place visible, and more visibility means more security. You can use the place comfortably at night if it contains ample brightness.

Solar-powered dusk to dawn light brings radiant light to the place. Solar power creates the opportunity to get whole night coverage.

Whereas traditional electric dusk to dawn light consumes enormous electricity and costs you hundreds of dollars monthly.

But, if you have solar-powered light, it will save your money and wiring costs. Besides, the easy installation provides instant light wherever you want.

In this writing, we present the best solar dusk to dawn light with a complete buyer’s guide along with the key features. So, let’s explore these effective lighting appliances.

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Buyer’s Guide: What Makes a Good Solar Dusk to Dawn Light

Best Solar Powered Dusk to Dawn Lights Guide
Best Solar Powered Dusk to Dawn Lights Guide

Before talking about what actually makes good solar dusk to dawn light, here is the top 3 best dusk to dawn solar lights that we would recommend to have.

LOHAS Deck Post Solar Light can use as solar dusk to dawn light

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Best Solar Powered Dusk to Dawn Light: LEDMO 400 LED Dusk to Dawn

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eLEDing Solar Powered Microgrid Dual Head LED Smart Lighting

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A complete buyer’s guide will lead you on the right path for selecting the best products with the most attractive essential features.

Here, we include the key features that you should consider before finalizing your selection. It will give you the way to choose good solar dusk to dawn light based on your needs.

Automatic operation

This feature enables you to operate the light automatically. With the automatic operation, this light turns on in the evening and off in the morning. You don’t have to operate the device manually. It enables you to get instant power in darkness.

Water Resistance

You will install a solar light for securing the whole night and getting brighter outdoors. The best solar dawn to dusk light should have waterproof technology. It will allow the light to serve even in the rainy season.

Number Of Lumens

One of the main aspects of light is its capability to produce lumens. You can understand the brightness of the light by comparing the lumens. Select a light that is capable of eliminating the darkness of the space.

Lighting Modes

Lighting modes help you to run the light in a suitable way regarding your needs. Most of the lights contain distinct modes to make the operation unique for the place. The best light provides an efficient solution to adapt in a better way.

Quality of The Battery

As we discovered, the battery is the main element that you have to consider before selecting the best solar dusk to dawn light. An efficient battery will provide you with bright light from evening to morning.

Warranty and Price

Analyzing the feature and value is one of the toughest tasks while purchasing an electric device. You have to look for the value of the money with the best features.  It enhances the possibility of getting the most valuable product.

Best Solar Dusk to Dawn Light & Their Reviews

This section comprises the best eight solar dusk to dawn lights that come with attractive function and durable design.

To create this review list, we emphasize the specifications, features of each product. Besides, we concentrate on market research and read reviews of customers.

These products gained hundreds of positive reviews from consumers worldwide, and the overall ratings are excellent, making them the best in the category.

You can select solar dusk to dawn light from this list and secure the ambiance with bright light.

So, let’s get started.

MAXSA Solar-Powered

First, we have the MAXSA Solar-Powered light that comes with hours of battery backup, and three rechargeable batteries will provide this long backup.

This light has 12 powerful LEDs and can produce up to 80 lumens of light in two different modes.

With the auto-on/off system, the light will automatically turn on in the evening and off in the morning.

It has durable materials and 2 pounds of total weight that is perfect for portability.

Besides, it is completely waterproof and performs well in the rainy season.


  • Spec 1: 10 hours backup
  • Spec 2: 80 lumens
  • Spec 3: DIY installation
  • Spec 4: 3 rechargeable batteries
  • Spec 5: Water and heatproof 
  • Spec 6: 12 LEDs
  • Spec 7: Auto on/off
  • Spec 8: 11 x 9 x 8 inches 
  • Spec 9: 2 pounds 
  • Spec 10: Different lighting modes

Do you want to get solar dusk to tiny dawn light and produce bright light? This is the best light in the category that generates huge brightness with solar power. Besides, it is an excellent light with a perfect design.

With the efficient solar panel, it will get sufficient power and store energy for long-term operation. You will get 5 hours of backup in full brightness and 10 hours of brightness in half lighting mode.

Similarly, the automatic night activation mode will give you a hassle-free operation, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn the light on at night.

One of the most significant things is that this light can be installed conveniently anywhere without any wiring.

You can also install this light on the pole, and it will be fitted on a pole that is four inches in diameter.

The water and heatproof technology include operating on a rainy day, and snow or heat can not affect the light. You can enhance outdoor security in any season, even without electricity.

At the same time, this is a versatile light suitable for office, home, and business.

So, get this cheapest solar dusk to dawn light with effective features to secure your property.

Pros and Cons

Very bright
Long battery life
Durable design
No warranty 
Pros and cons of MAXSA Solar-Powered Light for Dusk to Dawn Lights

LOHAS Deck Post Solar Light

If you want to purchase solar dusk to dawn light with an attached solar panel instead of a separated one, this light is suitable for you.

Besides, this light can produce 150 lumens of brightness, which is greater than the previous one. It has eight powerful LEDs with a quality design. 

Besides, it also included an auto-on/off system that will automatically turn on and off the light. 

After a single charge, this light will provide your 6 to 8 hours backup, ensuring night security.


  • Spec 1: 8 LEDs
  • Spec 2: Auto on/off
  • Spec 3: IP65 waterproof 
  • Spec 4: Wall and pole mount 
  • Spec 5: Auto charging 
  • Spec 6: 6 to 8 hours backup 
  • Spec 7: 150 Lumen
  • Spec 8: 3.94*2.24*1.18 inches
  • Spec 9: Modern color 
  • Spec 10: 5 Volts 

This light comes with versatile usage and is suitable for corridors, dooryard, patio, garden, walkway, and more. You can decorate the outdoor areas with this cost-effective light, and it has a super easy installation system. We ensure that you will do what you pay for.

New to solar energy? Do you want to know how solar energy works? Read our Solar 101 to learn more about solar energy.

The modern color and brightness enhance the night beauty of the house, office, and business.

With the energy-saving mode, the light will enable you to get an enduring lighting solution without electricity.

These attractive lights will make the poolside attractive and enhance the beauty of the walkway. Your next pool parties will be vivid and brighter if you get this instant lighting solution.

If you have a large yard or garden, it will cost you hundreds of dollars to install and pay the electricity bill.

But, if you select his small but effective light, you can cover the whole area with several lights that don’t require wiring or connectivity.

This is weather-resistant, and you can use this light conveniently in any weather condition.

You know that battery is the power source of solar devices at night, and this device requires a 5 volts battery. You have to purchase AAA  batteries separately to ensure sufficient power storage.

Pros and Cons

Versatile usage
Attached solar panel
Installation screws included 
Batteries required but not included 
Pros and cons of LOHAS Deck Post Solar Light

Awanber New Version Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Dusk to Dawn

If you are not satisfied with the brightness of LOHAS DECK light, this is the best solar dusk to dawn light for you. It is eight times brighter than the previous one and generates 1100 lumens of brightness.

This light comes with a remote control feature, and you can control the device from 40 feet distance. 

Connecting the separate solar panel includes a 5-meter long extension cable, and you can install the light far from the solar panel.

The light will provide you with 8 hours of battery backup, and it has a powerful lithium-ion battery.


  • Spec 1: 180-degree adjustable head
  • Spec 2: 1100 lumens
  • Spec 3: 3 optimal modes
  • Spec 4: IP65 waterproof 
  • Spec 5: 5-meter extension cable
  • Spec 6: Remote control
  • Spec 7: Automatic charging
  • Spec 8: Auto on/off
  • Spec 9: 8 hours backup
  • Spec 10: 5.84 pounds
  • Spec 11: Motion sensor

This is another option that allows you to light up a large area with super brightness. You can make the entire home or garden visible with this light, and you don’t have to purchase unlimited LEDs. Besides, it detects well, and the price is affordable in comparing the service.

The light contains three lighting modes including, manual, automatic, and motion sensor control mode. With the manual mode, you can control the brightness and running time according to your needs.

The automatic mode enables you to operate the light without concern about the turning on and off time. This intelligent light will do that in its way.

Similarly, the motion sensor mode detects movement from 40 feet away. It will save the battery and provide long-term light.

It is a versatile light suitable for garden, garage, pool, deck, pathway, and more.

Besides, you can adjust the focus with the 180-degree rotating system. It will enable you to get enough brightness in the exact place.

So let’s get started with this cost-effective light to convert the darker areas of your home, office, or business into a brighter ambiance.

Pros and Cons

Eco-friendly friendly light
Easy to install
Super bright
No issues found
Pros and cons of Awanber New Version

Best Solar Powered Dusk to Dawn Light: LEDMO 400 LED Dusk to Dawn

So, what are you thinking about solar dawn to dusk light? They are tiny, small, and compact with average lumens and brightness. 

Let’s change your idea. The LEDMO 400 LED Dusk to Dawn comes with 400 LEDs and a 200 W household solar panel. The light produces 10000 lumens brightness. 

It has a super powerful 3900mAh battery that will provide you with high brightness for 20 hours after a single charge.

With the three lighting modes, including remote control, you can easily operate this master solar dusk to dawn light.

It contains a 16 feet extension cable and five years of warranty to provide you with unique installation and customer service.


  • Spec 1: 200 W 
  • Spec 2: 400 LEDs 
  • Spec 3: 39000mah battery
  • Spec 4: 16 feet extension cable 
  • Spec 5: 3 modes
  • Spec 6: Remote control
  • Spec 7: 20 hours after fully charged 
  • Spec 8: 8 hours to charge
  • Spec 9: 10000 LM
  • Spec 10: 5-year warranty 

This is a high-efficient solar light that will eliminate the darkness of your outdoor area with super brightness. It is suitable for the backyard, garage, garden, driveway, basketball ground, and more. Besides, it is an excellent light that works better than your expectations.

The light includes an efficient solar panel that is the same model for household solar panel installation. You will get sufficient energy from this light.

Besides, it has a user-friendly interface with a remote control that makes the operation easy and hassle-free.

Using the auto on/off sensor can fix the running time and modes without touching the light.

It has three lighting modes, including manual, super-bright, and energy saving. With these modes, you can control the light and save the battery according to your lighting time.

If you think about the warranty, this one comes with a long time and five years of warranty. Besides, the solar panel is designed perfectly to run for 25 to 30 years.

You can install this light on the poolside playground to make the place visible as day.

Pros and Cons

Super Bright
High-efficient solar panel
Cover large areas
No issues found 
LEDMO 400 LEDs Pros and Cons

Richarm Remote Controlled Solar Lights

Do you want to cover larger areas with bright light? The Richard Remote Controlled Solar Lights comes with two adjustable light heads. 

It is remote-controlled, and you can install the light on at high places to get the maximum brightness spread. 

This effective light contains 42 LEDs and produces 800 lumens of brightness. It is a two-pack solar light that runs with a single solar panel.

The solar panel is 6 watts, and you can separate the panel and light with a 16 feet long connecting wire.

A 2200mAh battery will provide you with 8 hours of super bright light after a single charge.


  • Spec 1: Solar powered
  • Spec 2: Remote control
  • Spec 3: Adjustable brightness
  • Spec 4: 42 LEDs
  • Spec 5: 800 Lumens
  • Spec 6: 6 W
  • Spec 7: 16.4ft cable
  • Spec 8: 2200mAh battery
  • Spec 9: 7.48 x 11.42 x 0.2 inches 
  • Spec 10: 6-8 hours of continuous operation 

This light comes with versatile applications, and you can install the light park, garden, street, walkways, yard, and more.  Besides, it is perfect for security purposes, and you will get enhanced visibility without electricity. The light is a solid build and comes with good value with the specifications.

The wide coverage area of the light enables you to capture most of the places. With the remote control feature, you can control the device from the ground easily.

You can pick this light to make night pool parties visible and enjoy the time without darkness.

Similarly, waterproof technology makes light suitable for any weather condition.

Are you planning to buy solar panels to power your house? Read our Solar Panel Buying Guide first before purchasing.

The most important thing is that you can use this solar dusk to dawn light for landscaping in the yard. Your yard or entrance will get a unique lighting solution after installing these lights.

It is two operating modes, including manual and automatic. These modes are perfect hassle-free operations.

Furthermore, the design is durable with ABS and steel materials. This solar panel will last for 25 to 30 years.

Pros and Cons

Long Working from Dusk to Dawn
Huge Cover Area
Apply to install most occasion
No issues found 

TENKOO Solar Street Lights Outdoor

Now, we present solar dusk to dawn street light that comes with a 12600mAh vehicle power battery.  It can produce more than 4000 lumens of bright light.

After a single charge, this light will last for 10 hours, and the solar panel is efficient enough to charge the battery. 

Besides, it has a motion sensor to control the lighting mode, and you can easily handle the device with remote control.

The light is waterproof and comes with three years of the manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Spec 1: 40-watt light
  • Spec 2: 30-watt solar panel
  • Spec 3: 12600mAh
  • Spec 4: 6 hours to charge
  • Spec 5: 10 hours operating time 
  • Spec 6: 180-degree motion angle 
  • Spec 7: Remote control
  • Spec 8: Waterproof
  • Spec 9: 4000 Lumen
  • Spec 10: 3 years of warranty

Street lights have a wide range of operations, and in most cases, it creates bright light from above the head. This light comes with multiple applications, and you can install the light on the street or pathway of the home, garden, and office. Similarly, the price and features are excellent.

With the multiple mounting options and long connecting wire, you can install it without any difficulty.

If you have a tennis or basketball court and want to play at night, this is the ideal option for lighting your playground.

Without any wiring and electricity connection, you will get sufficient light on the court that is secure and safe.

If you want to decorate the home pathway or provide more light to the garden to make it vivid, you can elect this light without any hesitation.

At the same time, poolside lighting costs you more than any area. You can install this long-distance controlling light to reduce electricity costs.

On the contrary, this light contains a lifespan of more than 50000 hours, and you will get an easy 30 days return option in case of any difficulty.

Pros and Cons

Over 50000 hours long lifespan
Easy installation process 
10-meter long motion sensor
30 days easy return 
No issues found 

eLEDing Solar Powered Microgrid Dual Head LED Smart Lighting

When you are thinking about getting solar dusk to dawn light with multiple heads, this light has two adjustable heads with a single central one. 

It will cover a 270-degree area and comes with smart and auto mode to spread the light according to your needs. 

With the 1200 lumens brightness, the 10-watt light enables you to eliminate the darkness even from the darker area. 

It is waterproof and can perform in any weather condition. For the betters service, you will get one year of manufacturing warranty.


  • Spec 1: 270-degree illuminating coverage
  • Spec 2: Smart and auto mode
  • Spec 3: 1200 lumens 
  • Spec 4: 10-watt
  • Spec 5: 3 pounds 
  • Spec 6: Adjustable heads
  • Spec 7: IP65 waterproof
  • Spec 8: Attached solar panel
  • Spec 9: Motion sensor 
  • Spec 10: 1-year warranty

At first glance, you see that this light has a unique design instead of a traditional floodlight. Solar dawn to dusk lights can be a great solution for corners and covered areas. So, you can set the adjustable head to that place and use the three heads for different focus options.

It comes with a CCTV illuminating option, and if you install this light outdoors, the footage will be visible and clear. These features increase the security of your home, office, and business.

If you want to use this floodlight on your home entrance, it will focus on both sides of the door. These multi-purpose lights create visibility and welcome the guest to the home.

Poolside lighting is the most important part of the night while thinking about enjoying the parties and inviting your guest.

With the lightweight and durable material, the light will perform outdoors perfectly. Altogether, the design is very effective in eliminating outdoor darkness.

Pros and Cons

Attractive design
Long area coverage
Durable materials and enduring service
It has no remote control device 

Gebosun LED 60W Solar Flood Outdoor Dusk to Dawn Light

Finally, we get this solar dawn to dusk light with an aluminum body and street light design.

It can produce 6000 lumens of light, and 40 LEDs will generate high brightness with a clear focus.

After a single charge, this light will run for 12 hours, and you can cover the whole night.

Moreover, lightweight and durable aluminum structures create an excellent design that allows you to install the light easily.

Undoubtedly, the two years of warranty provide you excellent customer service, and you will get stable lighting for a long time.


  • Spec 1: 6000 lumens
  • Spec 2: 40 LEDs 
  • Spec 3: 8 hours charging 
  • Spec 4: 12 hours lighting
  • Spec 5: 140-degree adjustment 
  • Spec 6: 2 Pounds
  • Spec 7: Aluminum body
  • Spec 8: 150W 
  • Spec 9: 2 lithium-ion batteries
  • Spec 10: 2 years unlimited warranty

Apart from the other options, this light is specially designed for home, garden, office, poolside, playground, and street.

The high and adjustable beam of the light enables you to keep the place secure with vivid light. It has an efficient battery that will provide enough power at night.

With the automatic charging and on/of system, you will get a hassle-free operation.

The solar charge controller of this light is the best and absorbs more power during the day.

This device doesn’t require any wiring, and you can install it for versatile usage. It will be a great choice for a basketball playground, and you will get super brightness for night matches.

On the contrary, installing this solar light on the poolside will cover the entire swimming pool area with bright light. That will reduce the limitation of night swimming and poolside parties.

Pros and Cons

High brightness
Easy installation
No issues found 

Best Solar Dusk to Dawn Light FAQs 

How good are solar dusk to dawn lights?

Dusk to dawn lights are great for getting super brightness outdoors, and if you have solar-powered dusk to dawn light, you can save electricity costs.

Do solar dusk to dawn lights work at night?

Yes, solar dusk to dawn lights work at night, and they come with built-in batteries. It will ensure the energy source at night.

How long will solar dusk to dawn light last?

A quality solar dusk to dawn light lasts for 10 to 12 hours after a single charge, and you will get bright light for the whole night with this backup time.


To sum up, the best solar dusk to dawn lights can ensure enough brightness at night.

LOHAS Deck Post Solar Light can use as solar dusk to dawn light

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Best Solar Powered Dusk to Dawn Light: LEDMO 400 LED Dusk to Dawn

Buy on Amazon

eLEDing Solar Powered Microgrid Dual Head LED Smart Lighting

Buy on Amazon

By using these energy-saving lights, you can save thousands of dollars and get outdoor lighting without electricity.

On the other hand, if you are searching for solar dusk to dawn light for the first time, it is difficult to select a perfect device.

So, what do you want? Extra brightness, different lighting modes, high battery efficiency?

If you want to get a light with super brightness, you can select the LEDMO 400 LED Dusk to Dawn Light is perfect for you.

On the contrary, the TENKOO Solar Street Lights Outdoor comes with a 12600mAh high-power battery and remote control. You can select the different lighting modes according to your needs. 

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