13 Best Solar Powered Flashlights Reviewed and Updated 2021

Have you ever been in a situation where you are relaxing in your house enjoying your movie, and suddenly lights go off? It is not always a good feeling. 

When you reach for your flashlights, you find out that it has run out of battery, and you can barely see anything in your room. It might not be a familiar feeling, but for people who like studying at night have had that experience. If you are in an area with frequent power outages, you have been in that situation.

There is a solution to that problem, and we should give thanks to Charles Fritts, who invented the solar-powered flashlights. They only need the sun to charge, and the rest is up to you.

Once the solar-powered flashlights are fully charged, they can operate for hours without running out of power. They are sometimes called the solar-powered torches, and they have rechargeable batteries which store the solar energy gotten from the sun.

The solar-powered flashlights use LED bulbs or light-emitting diodes, which have lower energy consumption. This article will look at some of the best solar-powered torch lights and how customers have reviewed them in 2020. Let us go straight to our first contender.

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Reviews for 13 Best Solar Powered Torch Lights

Pack Hand All-Purpose LED Flashlight

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SimPeak Solar Powered Flashlights

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MECO Cranking Solar Powered Flashlight

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SimPeak Solar Powered Flashlights

This product comes in a jungle green army color and is built to last for long hours when it is fully charged. You will need to place it in sunlight the whole day so that the batteries can fully charge.

It comes with an inbuilt solar panel that can be used as a backup for the batteries. The solar panels are meant to absorb both lamplight and sunlight, making it reliable.

If you love traveling, you will like the SimPeak Solar Powered Flashlights because it comes with a secure carabiner clip that can easily be attached to your backpack. That means you can quickly go around your outdoor activities without worrying that you will lose your flashlight.

It is not heavy and weighs 86 grams and has dimensions of 124 by 45 by 32 mm; and it’s ideal for emergencies and other outdoor activities at night. It has some of the best reviews on Amazon, and that is why the SimPeak Solar Powered Flashlights comes first on our list. The price is also amicable, and you can get it as a gift for your friends.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is lightweight and comes with a carabiner for easy attachment
  • With one minute of cranking, you get 8 minutes of lighting
  • Generates power in almost all lighting conditions
  • Has a good and firm grip on your hands

Pack Hand All-Purpose LED Flashlight

This product can provide free light using an instant battery with just a few cranks, and it comes with a carrying strap, a crank lock toggle, and an on/Off switch. If you want a perfect companion when you are out camping, home, or for emergencies, this product is suitable for you as it has an immediate light supply radiating pure LED pure light.

The torch only weighs 2.4 ounces and can easily be handled in your hand and comfortable while walking. The Pack Hand All-Purpose LED Flashlight is eco-friendly, made with recycled materials, and does not emit carbon footprints.

It also does not require batteries for it to operate, and apart from the four torches that come with it, it also has a user manual and a transparent case.

Pros and Benefits

  • It does not require constant pumping to stay lit
  • It is perfect for emergencies and on-demand light
  • It is made with recycled materials
  • Does not require batteries

NPET Solar Flashlight T09

This product comes with different working modes and can last for up to 6 hours straight when fully charged. The modes include high, medium, and flashing modes. The NPET Solar Flashlight T09 comes with a white side lamp that lasts up to 7 hours and varies from medium to high.

The third light is red and varies between slow flashing and flashing for six to seven hours. If you like camping and don’t know where to attach your NPET Solar Flashlight T09, it comes with a magnet on the head of the flashlight you can attach to any magnetic surface.

The good thing about this solar flashlight is that they are weatherproof and can resist water and snow. It is made with shockproof, and if you are traveling and get lost, it can be used as a compass, a power bank, and a light working tool.

Lastly, the NPET Solar Flashlight T09 has a 2000mAh battery that should be charged during the day when sunlight is sufficient and can be used later, especially at night.

The batteries can be charged using a USB cable when you connect it with your phone. The technology that makes this torch is of high quality, and that is because it cannot overcharge, overload, or have any short circuits.

Pros and Benefits

  • The solar torch can serve as a compass
  • It is multi-functional
  • It is shock and weather resistant
  • It can serve as a power bank with the inbuilt 2000mAh battery
  • The torch cannot overcharge or overload

MECO Cranking Solar Powered Flashlight

The MECO Cranking Solar Powered Flashlight has some great reviews on Amazon, and that is because it is convenient, durable, efficient, and comes in a classic design and high quality.

This product comes with rechargeable batteries, which means that you don’t have to carry external batteries, and you need to charge them well during the day so that they can store enough solar energy to operate at night.

If you like hiking, camping, traveling long distances, and any other outdoor activities, you must have this solar flashlight. MECO Cranking Solar Powered Flashlight comes in a classic design, and if you have friends who like camping, you can always give them as a gift.

When you are out in the wild and have your backpack with you, you can easily attach this solar flashlight thanks to the carabiner clips that come with the flashlight.

It is very lightweight and can easily be carried around because it only measures 124 by 45 by 32 mm. This product can be extremely useful in power outages and will immediately restore light during those periods.

Pros and Benefits

  • The flashlight is durable and classic in design
  • It can store energy for long periods
  • You can still use it even when batteries are low
  • The flashlight does not need external batteries
  • It converts energy efficiently

ThorFire Solar Flashlight

This product has some of the best reviews on Amazon, and that is because people who like camping, hiking, and backpack hiking always say that this solar flashlight served them well. That is because it came in handy every time they needed light.

The ThorFire Solar Flashlight is embedded with LED bulbs that produce bright light, and the lights have three modes. The modes include the LED, 3LED, and SOS mode.

These solar flashlights are made with IP times six, making it waterproof and can be submerged to 45 feet without damaging the flashlight. Whether it is raining, snowy, and even amidst a storm, the ThorFire Solar Flashlight can still serve you well.

This product is quite different from the other types of flashlights, and that is because it has a one-hour light generation time in one crank. Other flashlights have ten or even 8 minutes of spare time.

That makes the ThorFire Solar Flashlight a more efficient and higher source of energy conservation. You can easily buy this product online, and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is waterproof and can submerge underwater
  • It is efficient in terms of kinetic energy
  • It is eco-friendly and energy-saving
  • It produces high bright light from its LED bulbs
  • This solar panel is durable

Primal Camp Crank Solar Powered LED Flashlights

When it comes to selecting a solar flashlight that suits your convenience is never easy, considering there are a lot of solar flashlights in the market. That is why we bring you our number six contender, the Primal Camp Crank Solar Powered LED Flashlights. It comes with one LED bulb, which is very bright compared to other solar flashlights.

 It has an inbuilt battery that stores solar energy, and with 8 minutes of cranking, you will get one hour of light without compromise.

This solar flashlight is very convenient, and it comes with a carabiner that you can hook on your backpack or even keychain holder. That means you can quickly move around with it without any conveniences, and it is also lightweight.

Once you buy the Primal Camp Crank Solar Powered LED Flashlights, you will be given a cash back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. This product can act as a gift in case you have friends who are into outdoor adventures.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is a good fit on your survival kit list
  • Can be given out as a gift
  • It is eco friendly
  • It comes with a refund policy if you are not satisfied

ECEEN Solar Flashlights

In today’s world, flashlights are not just flashlights. They don more than we think they can do. The ECEEN Solar Flashlights is a versatile solar-powered flashlight and has many functions. It can act as a power bank, phone charger, seat belt cutter, compass, glass breaker, and can act as an emergency night light.

This product comes with 50MA 5V solar panels, which need ten to twelve hours of sunlight to charge fully, and when charging using a USB, you only need three to four hours to charge fully.

Lastly, the ECEEN Solar Flashlights comes with a great lighting distance of 200 meters and has three bright LED lights consisting of 200 lumens power light. You can easily select different lighting modes that come with the solar flashlights to suit your preference.

Pros and Benefits

  • It comes with a cool design
  • The flashlight is versatile and multipurpose
  • It is capable of converting energy to electrical energy
  • Comes with different lighting modes

Hybrid light Journey 160 Lumen LED Flashlight

This product is perfect for those who like to deal with hybrid products. The Hybrid light Journey 160 Lumen LED Flashlight can be charged using a USB using solar panels, and it also uses incandescent lighting. It is versatile so that it can work both indoors and outdoors, not considering the weather condition.

You can use this solar flashlight as a power bank to charge your phone. Hybrid light Journey 160 Lumen LED Flashlight can be submerged in water up to three meters, and it will still function.

That is possible because of the materials that make the flashlight. They are durable and waterproof. It also comes in different modes, just like the other previous flashlights we have seen before.

It has a low beam mode and a high beam mode. On a low beam, it can last up to 25 hours and seven hours on a high beam. The 160 lumens will provide you with a bright white light that suits your convenience.

Pros and benefits

  • It has an excellent storing capacity
  • It is easy to carry and move around with
  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • It is one of the best among solar flashlights because of its versatility

LED Tactical Flashlight

This product boasts some great features compared to other solar flashlights; for example, it is said to have one of the brightest lightings. The LED Tactical Flashlight comes with seven working modes that give you an incredible array of modes.

They can be used as seat belt cutters, window breakers, and a compass as well. The beam light can go for lengths of 700 feet. With those features mentioned, that is the reason why it has made its way at number nine. LED Tactical Flashlight works well in different weather conditions like snow, rain, heavy winds, and even misty nights.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is lightweight and convenient to use
  • It is multipurpose
  • Has an impressive LED bulb?
  • It is rechargeable and yet reliable.

Torch 250 Flashlight

This product is perfect for people who prefer multiple charging options. The Torch 250 Flashlight can be charged using solar panels, hand cranking, and USB charge. It has one of the best lights run time among its competitors.

It can go up to 48 hours nonstop, depending on the mode you are using. It comes with three modes, which include red emergency, floodlight mode, and flashlight mode. In total, it operates on 250-lumen lights.

The Torch 250 Flashlight has power saving modes which are bright and half-bright. It is also multipurpose and can be used as a power bank, lantern, and an emergency flashlight at night.

Pros and Benefits

  • This solar flashlight is multipurpose
  • Has a three-way charging
  • Batteries are long-lasting, 4400 mAh
  • Can stay operational even during an outage

Emergency 3 LED Flashlight Torch

If you are looking for a solar torch that is not expensive, you need to get the Emergency 3 LED Flashlight Torch. It has a beautiful design and can be given out as a gift to your friends.

It is not heavy and can easily be carried around, and the torch is made with durable ABS plastic and comes with three bright LED lights. It has dimensions of 5 by 3.17 by 1 cm, and that makes it cute. If you are traveling and do not want to carry heavy flashlights, you need to get yourself one of this Emergency 3 LED Flashlight Torch. It has some good star reviews on Amazon.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is conveniently cheap
  • It is portable and easy to use
  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • It is eco friendly

LED Camping Lantern Lights

This solar panel comes with dual rechargeable options. You can use solar and USB to charge the LED Camping Lantern Lights. It comes with an inbuilt battery with a long-lasting ability of 8 hours and can last for up to 24 hours on low lighting mode.

It is flexible and expandable. You can expand it into acting as a lantern and can be minimized into a flashlight. When you are camping, and your phone runs out of power, you can use the LED Camping Lantern Lights as an emergency power bank.

The charging options make it easy to charge during the rainy season, and when sunlight is perfect, you can place it out to be recharged. When it comes to versatility, it can be used for camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.

You can check out some of its reviews on Amazon, and many customers who have bought the solar light have said it is perfect for any condition.

Pros and Benefits

  • It comes with long-lasting batteries
  • Comes with three lighting options
  • It can act as an emergency power bank
  • Comes in two charging options

Primal Camp Crank Solar Powered Flashlight

This product has some of the best reviews on Amazon because people like its features and efficiency. It has one of the best bright LED bulbs.

Which means you can use the Primal Camp Crank Solar Powered Flashlight for fishing, hiking, boating, and other outdoor adventures. Cranking the Primal Camp Crank Solar Powered Flashlight for six hours can last for one hour.

It comes with a carabiner, which means you can quickly move around with it, and you can easily grip it in your hand. This product comes with a money back guarantee, which means that in case you encounter any problems, you can quickly get your refund. You can easily hook the solar light anywhere of your convenience.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is very efficient
  • It comes with three bright LED lights
  • This solar panel does not depend on external power only
  • It has a money-back guarantee

Final Thoughts

When it comes to solar-powered flashlights or torches, they come in different shapes, sizes, and efficiency. Others have the multi-functional ability, and others are also hybrid and can easily be carried around.

Now that we have given you some of the best portable solar-powered torches, you can easily choose which one you want that can suit your needs and benefits.

When it comes to buying a solar-powered torch, you should not settle for less. Always aim for the one with the best features that suit your needs. We hope you enjoyed our list of the ten best solar torches that we have in 2020.

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