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10 Best Solar Voltage Regulators Updated 2021

If you have been using a solar panel, you know that having a solar voltage regulator is incredibly essential. Any solar energy system, including solar panels, need solar regulators for them to function correctly. Why, then, do we need to use a solar regulator when using a solar panel? 

Even though solar panels have been in existence for many years, the early aughts have started using solar panels for home and recreational use. The good thing about solar panels is that they can be used for a wide array of reasons.

The wide range of solar energy is why residential solar homes are using solar water heating, making it a common and popular thing today. 

Solar energy is free, and many people have started to know the advantages of using solar as a renewable energy source. Recently, many homeowners have started installing solar roof tiles, which have the ability to capture a significant amount of solar energy that can be used to power a lot of home appliances around your home or even outside your property. 

With solar energy, solar users are able to tap into a renewable free, plenty, and clean energy source, which does not affect the surrounding in any way at all. Solar energy can be used almost anytime and anywhere you can imagine. 

It can be used for power and heating in homes, cultivating solar power to run home appliances, like electronics, stoves, washers, dryers, and lights. You can use solar energy to heat water to use in your shower and bath tabs, cooking, heating a swimming pool, and even laundry. 

Solar energy can also be used outdoors for solar-powered string lights, garden ornaments like birdbaths, fountains, lamps, and many more. Solar power has also started to branch out into the automobile industry.

Companies are manufacturing vehicles that use solar panels as their source of power to operate. Solar energy can be used for commercial use and can also be used for recreational purposes like in vehicles, aircraft, scooters, boats, and many more.

A solar regulator is a small box consisting of circuitry in a solid-state located between a solar panel and a battery. The solar regulator’s work is to control the amount of solar charge going from the solar panel flowing to the deep cycle of the battery bank. The regulator prevents the battery from overcharging to preserve the health and life of the battery. 

So, a solar regulator’s central role is to keep your battery from being overcharged by the energy gotten from the solar panel. This will extend the life of your battery, and you will not need to replace them often.

The solar regulator can protect your battery by disconnecting the solar panel from sending more energy to the battery.

In conclusion, therefore, a solar regulator is a switch that controls the currents and voltage coming from the solar panel to the battery. There are many types of solar regulators out in the market, and knowing one which is best for you can be tedious work. So how do you know which solar panel regulator is right for you? 

You will need to do a little research and get to know the ones available in the market. You will need to check for things like the regulator’s efficiency rate, price, durability, quality, and other features before settling on one device. 

The amperage ratings should also be put into consideration.  It is important to note that most PV charge regulators come in 12, 24, and 48 volts. The amperage should be between 1 to 60 amps, and voltage ratings should be 6 to 60 volts. Before buying a solar regulator, you should check if it is compatible with your solar panel in terms of make and design. 

Check if the voltage systems are compatible and make sure you select the product that can handle the maximum output current of your solar panel array. Once you have figured out the answers to those questions, you can then go ahead and select the product that is right for you.

It can look like a daunting task, but fortunately, we have compiled for you 10 of the best solar voltage regulators available in 2020 and their reviews. This article will get to know the different types of solar regulators that exist on the market. 

We will look at different factors like design, efficiency, quality, price, and many other features. So, without further ado, let us jump straight to some of the best solar voltage regulators.

10 Best Solar Voltage Regulators & Their Reviews 2020

ZEALLIFE Solar Panel Charge Regulator, Regulator For 12Volts Solar Battery Charger, 8Amps Battery, Solar Battery controller, And 12Volts Batteries Power Kit Safe Protection

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POTEK Solar Charge Regulators 10 Amp / 130-Watt 12 Volt Battery Regulator for Solar Panel

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EPEVER Flush Mount Solar Charge Regulator 30 Amps 12Volts 24Volts. Max Input 360W/720W Negative Ground Solar Regulator Compatible with Sealed Gel and Flooded Batteries

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POTEK Solar Charge Regulators 10 Amp / 130-Watt 12 Volt Battery Regulator for Solar Panel

If you have a small solar energy system that only requires a short circuit and reverse connection solutions, then you need to get the POTEK Solar Charge Regulator 10 Amp / 130-Watt 12 Volt Battery Regulator For Solar Panel. Once you buy the product, you will get an 18-month warranty from the manufacturer for any defects that may occur. 

The product comes with ten Amp and a simple regulator, making it highly effective in regulating solar energy properly. The regulator weighs four-ounce and can be easily moved from one place to the other.

The good thing about this solar regulator is that it can work even when it is not connected to the battery, which is exceedingly rare to find with most regulators. 

The device is simple to set up and install, and you do not have to be an expert to make sure that it is well fixed. Once you have connected it safely, you will need to place it under direct sunlight so that it can fully charge for better performance.

The regulator uses sunlight, and it will help you cut on your electricity bills. Once it is fully charged, it will protect your battery from overcharge, over-discharge, overload protection as well as short circuit and protect your battery from a reverse connection. 

POTEK Solar Charge Regulator 10 Amp / 130-Watt 12 Volt Battery Regulator for Solar Panel is perfect for small solar energy connection systems like cameras and phones.

The product ensures output power, which is independent of the battery voltage, ensuring that you operate with ease.

Pros and Benefits

  • The solar regulator is easy to set up and install
  • It comes with an 18-month warranty.
  • The product is perfect for small devices.

EEEKit Solar Charge Regulator, Adjustable Multi-Functional LCD Display Light Controller, With USB Dual Port Solar Panel Battery, 12Volts 24Volts 30 Amps

If you have a solar system with 12Volts or 24Volts and need a system that will work well for you, you need to get the EEEKit Solar Charge Regulator. It is rated 30V and can control the current discharge, and it is compatible with systems of 12Volts and 24Volts. 

This product is ideal for lead-acid batteries like OPEN, GEL, and AGM. It is not suitable for lithium, li-ions, nickel hydride, and other batteries.  This solar-powered regulator will protect your battery against current protection, inverse connection protection, short circuit protection, low voltage, and overcharge protection, making it a reliable protector for your devices. 

New to solar energy? Do you want to know how solar energy works? Read our Solar 101 to learn more about solar energy.

It comes with a dual USB port of 5V/3A and can charge your smartphone, laptops, tablets, and other devices with a five-voltage voltage. The EEEKit Solar Charge Regulator is built with an industrial microcontroller for automatic management. Its ability to memorize various user parameters and your data won’t be lost even if the battery runs out of power. 

The solar power regulator will switch off when it senses that the voltage is running low. It comes with an intuitive LCD that can clearly indicate the data and the status of your battery. The product can switch modes and parameter configurations, making it suitable for home, industrial and commercial use. 

The EEEKit Solar Charge Regulator is easy to set up and install. You will first start by connecting the controller to the battery, then to the solar panel, and lastly, the load.

It comes with a button that you can use to change the settings. You should note that this solar voltage regulator uses photovoltaic panels and cannot use DC or other power charging options. 

This product is meant for indoor use only and works well in temperatures of -35 degrees to 60 degrees and can quickly drop as low as 8V. Always keep the charge regulator in a cool and well-ventilated place for better performance.

Pros and Benefits

  • The product comes with a sizable LCD
  • It is versatile and can be used in different places
  • It comes with different protection features which will ensure your devices are safe
  • It is equipped with an industrial microcontroller

EPEVER Flush Mount Solar Charge Regulator 30 Amps 12Volts 24Volts. Max Input 360W/720W Negative Ground Solar Regulator Compatible with Sealed Gel and Flooded Batteries

This product is perfect for those homes with an off-grid solar system such as solar boats, recreational vehicles, mobile service vehicles, and many more.

The EPEVER Flush Mount Solar Charge Regulator comes with intelligent protection and its ability to protect your devices from overcharging, reverse polarity, over-discharge, overload, short circuit, TVS light protection, and reverse current. 

It protects your battery from being overcharged by the solar panel and over-discharge by loads. This product has excellent reviews on the internet, and that is because of its unique features and design. It can show real-time energy statistics, multiple peripheral communications, and battery temperature compensation features. 

This solar voltage charger gives you the option of controlling and changing the parameters through an app or your PC software, making it easy for those who are attached to their devices.

The EPEVER Flush Mount Solar Charge Regulator has a sleek LCD screen that makes the device stand out from the rest. 

It comes with a negative ground charge regulator, and in case of grounding; it must be completed on the negative line. The product is equipped with a Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) charging mode. 

The PWM feature enables the product to achieve constant battery voltage by switching the solar system controller device off and on. The solar voltage charger has a charge current, which remains at working temperature without derating and compensates for the temperature.

Pros and Benefits

  • The product comes with a sleek LCD
  • It can be operated using a PC or an app
  • It comes equipped with protection features to protect your battery and devices

ZEALLIFE Solar Panel Charge Regulator, Regulator For 12Volts Solar Battery Charger, 8Amps Battery, Solar Battery controller, And 12Volts Batteries Power Kit Safe Protection

This solar voltage regulator is ideal for those using the 12Volts solar panel and 12Volts batteries. The ZEALLIFE Solar Panel Charge Regulator can convert solar energy into electric energy stored in batteries, which will protect the solar controller. It has a maximum solar energy input of 130 W; the maximum voltage is 22Volt and 8A maximum current.

If you want the device to work for long periods, please do not overload it. This product comes with two LED lights green to mean that the device is fully charged, and yellow to show that it is charging. The solar controller can protect from overload protection, over-discharge, overcharge as well as a short circuit. 

The device is easy to set up and install and can only take approximately ten minutes, and you are done. It uses SAE plugs for easy use and access to the solar panel, loading equipment, and batteries.

You never have to worry about positive or negative. It will automatically switch itself on at night and will not consume battery power, and if there is a connection error, it will not damage your devices. 

The ZEALLIFE Solar Panel Charge Regulator is suitable for homes, industrial, commercial, and other places. While using the solar controller, there are things that you should never allow.

Never let the battery voltage pass below 11.0 Volts, never deeply discharge your battery; during connection, start by connecting the charge controller to the battery and removing it last.

The solar charge regulator is not waterproof and should be placed in a cool, dry area free from anything flammable and moist. The package will include the user manual and the solar charge regulator.

Pros and Benefits

  • The product is easy to set up and install
  • It comes in two styles to choose from classic and LCD style.
  • It comes equipped with an omnidirectional protection function.
  • Not appropriate for lithium batteries and NiMH batteries

GHB 20 Amp 12Volts 24Volt Solar Charge Regulator with Auto Switch LCD Intelligent Panel Battery Regulator Overload Charge Controller, Temperature Protection Compensation

This product is fully automatic, and it comes with a solar panel regulator with an output switch. The GHB 20 Amp 12Volt 24Volt Solar Charge Regulator is easy to operate and has intelligent controls that can connect to the controller and the battery using cables with the right polarity. 

The solar controller is successfully connected; the indicator will light on; otherwise, you will need to check on the connectivity again. The solar controller comes with an LCD that can display all the parameters, and the user can intuitively know the controller’s working conditions. The display is clear, modern, more beautiful, and more power-efficient. 

This product comes with a microcontroller for digital accuracy when charging. The arrow between the panel will flash faster, indicating that the battery is fully charged. It will flash slowly, indicating that it has stopped charging. GHB 20 Amp 12Volt 24Volt Solar Charge Regulator can protect against voltage overshoot and voltage discharge.

It has various protection functions like short circuit and overload protection. It can still protect your device from overcharging, reverse polarity, lighting protection, under-voltage, and it uses PWM and WPC modes. Those modes will ensure the efficiency and prolonged lifespan of the battery. 

This product will work well no matter at home or on the road; it will operate automatically with ease. Before starting to use the solar controller, you need to ensure that the battery has enough voltage for the controller to detect the battery type (12Volt/24Volt) before installation. 

The solar regulator is perfect for only OPEN, GEL, and AGM lead batteries and not compatible with lithium batteries and NiMh batteries. The device works well using solar energy and does not require other DC or AC power sources.

Pros and Benefits

  • The product comes with a display interface for easy use.
  • It is power efficient.
  • The device comes with various protection features.
  • The product is easy to set up and install

MOHOO Solar Charge Regulator, 12Volt/24Volt Solar Panel Intelligent Regulator with USB Port and PWM LCD Display, 30Amps Solar Charge Controller (Upgraded)

This solar charge regulator comes with a 30A discharge, and rate charge comes equipped with a dual-port for a 12Volt/24Volt.Always ensure that the battery has sufficient voltage so that the charge controller can recognize the battery type. 

The MOHOO Solar Charge Regulator has different functions, including supporting light control and time control, Large LCD, battery discharge reverse protection, battery overvoltage protection, battery under-voltage protection, and dual bottom design. 

The charge controller can automatically manage the working of the battery and the solar panel system. This product is easy to set up, and it can protect the lifespan of your battery. Once the voltage of your battery drops below 8V, the charge controller will turn off automatically. 

This product is an easy intelligent unit for your solar panel. During installation, always start by connecting the charge controller to the battery, connecting the solar panel, and finally connecting the load. This charge controller can indicate your battery’s status and data. It can conveniently switch modes and parameter configurations.

During installation, always ensure the battery and the charge controller are as close as possible to avoid voltage drop, which is caused by long wires, which can affect the normal voltage judgment.

The MOHOO Solar Charge Regulator has a good dissipation and always ensures that it avoids direct sunlight or damp places. It has a dual reverse current protection and low heat production.

Pros and Benefits

  • The solar charge is easy to set up and comes with a dual bottom design.
  • It is made with advanced technology
  • The product has a heat dissipation feature
  • It comes with various protection features.

AOSHIKE MCU Solar Charge Regulator with LCD Display 60Amps, New MPPT Maximum Technical Charging Current Multiple Load Control Modes

This product comes with an LCD screen, which enables you to check on your solar system’s status and data. It comes with multiple control modes with an industrial-grade master chip. The display screen can show the adjustable charging and discharging parameters, and it can show the characteristics of your battery. 

When connecting the power charger, you should start by connecting the battery first and then connecting your solar panel; otherwise, your controller will be damaged.

Long press the left button until the indicator flashes for two seconds, then press the middle button and then two buttons on the right to set the output time. 

Are you planning to buy solar panels to power your house? Read our Solar Panel Buying Guide first before purchasing.

After that, change the middle button into hours and the right button into minutes. Your setup is now complete, and the controller will automatically start saving after one minute. This product offers enough protection against short circuit, overload, overcharge, and over-discharge protection. 

It has an automatic MPPT tracking, high charging efficiency, nonstop detection during charging, and a bidirectional focus tracking.

Our AOSHIKE MCU Solar Charge Regulator MPPT technology is meant to detect the maximum charging current and does not boost type or the automatic charging of your solar panel. 

There are different types of MPPT technology out in the market today. Our policy is to provide good cost performance of the product and provide excellent innovative technology.

If you ever have any questions, you can always contact the support line, and you will get quick assistance.

Pros and benefits

  • The product uses MPPT technology with high tracking efficiency
  • It is built to protect your device from various risks
  • It comes with a high-power charging mode
  • The product has an overvoltage protection feature.

EPEVER PWM Solar Charge Regulator 12Volt/24Volt Battery. Regulator Charger Input with LCD Display Dual USB Output

This product comes with extensive electronic protection like; short circuit, PV reverse polarity protection, over-voltage protection, over-discharge protection, overheating protection, battery polarity reverse protection, load short circuit protection, and load overload protection. 

The package will include one user manual and one solar charge regulator. The EPEVER PWM Solar Charge Regulator is built with an LCD that adopts the most when it comes to advanced digital techniques. 

The various load control modes enable the charge regulator to be widely used on solar home systems, traffic signals, solar street lights, and solar garden lamps.

The product has a nominal voltage system of 12volt/24 Volt auto work, 60A battery charge/ discharge rate, 4 AWG terminals, and a USB output of 5V/2.4A max. 

Other specifications include low voltage reconnect/disconnect voltage, temperature consumption, self-consumption, float charge voltage, boost charge voltage, and many others. This product is versatile and will solve most of your needs. 

EPEVER PWM Solar Charge Regulator supports three charging options: Sealed, GEL, and flooded. It has a three-stage intelligent PWM charging, Bulk, boost, and float.

Once you buy the product, it comes with a one-year warranty, extensive electronic protection, and battery temperature compensation function. 

The multiple load modes include light time control, light control, and dual time control. UL and VDE have certified this product because your charge controller is more safe, reliable, and can last longer.

Pros and Benefits

  • The product supports three charging options: Gel, flooded and sealed.
  • It comes with a clear LCD with excellent features.
  • The charge controller has a one-year warranty.
  • This product will create a longer lifespan of your battery
  • It has a UL and VDE certification feature.

Bokeley Solar Charge Regulator, Intelligent Regulator with USB Port and Display 12Volt/24Volt, 30A Solar Panel Battery

If you are looking for an affordable and effective charge regulator for your off-grid PV system, then you need to try the Bokeley Solar Charge Regulator. This product comes with a display that can indicate your system’s status, data, and statistics. 

The charge regulator is easy to set up and install and does not require an expert. It comes with a digital display, one critical setting, and an auto memory function. The product has a four-stage Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) charge manager with dual Mosfet reverse current protection and low heat production. 

It has different modes that can easily be switched to display parameter configurations and can be changed with ease. The display screen can indicate the position and data, and can be set for the right home, industrial and commercial use. 

This charge regulator is ideal for lead-acid batteries such as AGM, OPEN, and GEL and should never be used for lithium batteries, Li-ion batteries, and nickel hydride batteries.  This product is very crucial when using a solar power system. 

This product can prevent overcharge, over-voltage, which can reduce the lifespan of your battery. This charge regulator is meant to give you battery better performance and a longer lifespan.

It may be used to prevent over draining of your battery and perform control discharges to protect your battery life. 

This device is perfect for those homeowners with smaller appliances and batteries. Not only does Bokeley Solar Charge Regulator come at a relatively low price, but it also has great reviews on the internet. It is simple and easy to use, and it does precisely what it’s set to do.

Pros and Benefits

  • The product is easy to set up
  • It has a PWM charge management
  • The charge regulator supports lead-acid batteries
  • It protects your battery from overcharge, overvoltage and ensures your battery has a long lifespan.

Our Final Thoughts about Buying Solar Voltage Regulator

If you have decided to go solar, you will realize that there are different solar regulators in the market.

Getting to know which one is the best is a very tedious job, and that is why we have simplified the work for you and given you the ten best solar voltage regulators that are available in the market today. 

We researched and gathered all the relevant information that we thought you should know about the solar regulators. Before deciding on a solar voltage regulator, you need to know what type of battery you have and what you want the regulator to do for you.

Having an idea about the type of solar regulator to buy is incredibly important, and that is why we compiled this list for you.

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