4 Factors For Choosing the Best Batteries for Solar Energy System

When it comes to choosing solar batteries, it is never a comfortable experience. You need to know a few things before deciding on the best battery for your solar system. You will need to know how much power it can provide, how long the battery can last, and even the price is an important thing to consider.

You will need to know the different solar energy batteries available and the home storage option to be considered.

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ThePhoenixsun Video Series

How to Compare the Storage Options

How to Compare the Storage Options
How to Compare the Storage Options

When choosing your solar storage plus options, you will come across various complicated products in one way or the other.

Solar batteries come with different specifications, which might confuse you.

The most important thing to consider should be the battery’s capacity and power ratings.

Other factors to consider should be the round-trip efficiency, depth of discharge, warranty, and manufacturer. Let us look at each of them in detail.

Solar Batteries Depth of Discharge

A battery’s depth of discharge refers to the amount of capacity from a battery that has been used.

Many companies like to specify the depth of discharge for optional battery performance.

Let us say you have bought a battery that has a depth of discharge of 10 kilowatts, and you should not use more than 9 kilowatts of that battery before your next recharge.

That only means one thing, if you have a battery with a high depth of discharge, it will mean that you will be able to utilize more of your battery’s capacity.

Many solar panel batteries are designed to retain their charge for long periods without losing charge just because of their chemical composition.

People who use their batteries charge to the fullest. The battery’s useful lifespan will be reduced or shortened.

Batteries Round Trip Efficiency

A battery’s round-trip efficiency means the amount of energy your battery can use as a percentage of the battery stored.

Let us say that your battery has a capacity of 10 kilowatts of electricity, but it only uses 9 kilowatts, which will mean that your battery’s round-trip efficiency is 90%.

That is because you are not using it to the fullest. A battery with a high round trip efficiency will only mean that you will get more economic value from your battery.

Solar Batteries Manufacturer

Many companies have started manufacturing batteries for different solar products, from automotive companies to technology startup companies.

Some automotive companies have started to manufacture solar batteries.

Even though they have been in the battery manufacturing business for a long, they do not usually have the revolutionary technology required to manufacture the best solar batteries.

That means that a startup tech company can produce a high-performing brand-new technology battery, but its long-term functionalities have no track record.

It will all depend on your priorities and what you want to use your batteries for at home. A company might have a track record in manufacturing and a good history, but your preferences will come first.

The warranty of a given battery will also provide a clear picture of which battery is a better and good performance.

How Long can a Solar Battery Last?

How Long can a Solar Battery Last?
How Long can a Solar Battery Last?

There are many ways of answering this question.

First, you will need to know how long a solar battery can serve your house, depending on the appliances you intend to use.

Everyone wants a solar battery that can serve their house overnight.

To address that, you will need to know if a fully charged battery can last you overnight without running out of power, and you will need to determine how many appliances it can run overnight.

You will need to know the power ratings and solar battery capacity when connected and its electric grid.

Most households in the United States, on average, consume 30kilowatts of energy on a given day.

A typical solar battery can deliver 10 kilowatts.

Then look at capacity and power.

To run your entire house with electricity, you will need battery support to ensure your home is fully powered.

That means that your solar panel system will be fully functional during the day when sunlight is directly overhead for at least 7 hours.

Most solar batteries cannot run at full capacity, and most of them run to peaks of 90% depth of discharge. The average battery with a 10 kilowatts capacity has only 9 kilowatts.

So, if you pair your battery solar PV array with two or more batteries, that will be enough to provide you sufficient power overnight when the sun’s energy is not being used.

That means that you will have to use more batteries at night to ensure your house runs appropriately for 24 hours without the sun’s renewable energy.

If you intend to install solar energy storage in your home, you will need to install it a few days before using it.

That means that you will have stored some power you can use during the cloudy and rainy days.

The Lifespan of a Solar Battery

The average lifespan of most solar panel batteries is usually 15 years maximum.

If you have installed a PV solar panel, you will only replace your battery once to meet the maximum lifespan of a PV solar panel.

Just as the solar panel companies are trying extremely hard to increase the PV solar panels’ lifespan, solar battery companies will start following the same trend to meet the market demand.

That is because many people are opting for renewable energy as their primary power source.

For your battery to have a long lifespan, you must have a proper maintenance strategy.

Solar batteries need to be protected from sweltering temperatures or even freezing environments if you want your battery to last longer.

If the temperature drops below 30 degrees, most solar batteries usually require a lot of voltage to perform to their fullest.

And when the temperatures rise above 90 degrees, your battery will overheat.

So, maintaining the required room temperature is essential if you want your solar panel to have a long lifespan.

Companies have started to build their solar batteries with features that can moderate temperatures.

Tesla is one of the companies that has introduced such features in its solar batteries.

Best Batteries for Solar

Most solar batteries that we use at home are made of three major components.

  • Saltwater
  • Lead-acid
  • Lithium-ion.

The best of them all is the lithium-ion batteries when it comes to solar panel systems.

Others are relatively cheap compared to lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Most homes prefer to use this type of battery because of its efficiency and better performance.

They use lithium-ion as their chemical composition, and they are lighter than the other two. Their depth of discharge is higher, and they have a long lifespan compared to the others.

They are the best and more effective, but they are also not cheap. You will have to spend a lot to get yourself one of these high-quality batteries.

Lead-acid Batteries

The lead-acid batteries have been used in the off-grid energy system for many years, and the best technology has tested them for the solar energy industry.

The lead-acid batteries are the cheapest in the solar battery market when it comes to home energy.

Although they have a lower lifespan and a low depth of discharge, many homeowners still prefer to use them to store energy.

People who want to go off the grid should opt for lead-acid batteries.

Saltwater Batteries

The saltwater battery is a newcomer in the solar battery market. It has been used for energy storage in most homes in the United States.

Unlike other energy storage batteries, saltwater batteries contain heavy metals and instead depend on saltwater electrolytes.

The good thing about the saltwater battery is that it can be recycled and not disposed of like lead and lithium batteries.

Even though they are still being tested, they have proven to be helpful when it comes to energy storage.

Final Thoughts To Choosing The Best Batteries For Solar Energy System

Choosing The Best Batteries for Solar Energy System
Choosing The Best Batteries for Solar Energy System

Many people are shifting to renewable energy to power their homes, which means that the solar battery industries are trying to bring the best batteries to suit your home needs.

Buying either of the batteries mentioned above will guarantee your energy in your home, and you will save a lot when it comes to electricity.

Solar panels are becoming one of the best energy sources, and people are buying solar batteries to run their solar panels.

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