Do I Need A Building Permit To Add Solar Panels To My Home?: Final Answer!

You can help the environment and save yourself a lot of money if you choose to add solar panels to your household. Living green and have a green home is something that this planet is despaired for, solar panels play a big part in this scenario. If you are asking yourself, do I need a building permit to add solar panels to my home?

Then the answer is yes. You are going to need the permit to install solar panels for your home.

Solar permitting requirements prior to installing solar, you will need to get permits from your local government. That is the permission to install solar panels.

Generally, you should expect to have to file for an electrical permit, a structural or building permit, and/or a dedicated solar photovoltaic (PV) permit.

No matter what you want to add to your home, it will require a permit. Adding a solar panel is no exception.

If you choose to add anything to your home without getting the permit, it will have serious consequences.

Different states have different regulations for solar panel installations. Naturally, you will have to follow those that correspond to your state

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What Kind of Permissions Might I Need to Install Solar Panels to My House?

Installed Solar Panels on a House Roof
Installed Solar Panels on a House Roof

Filling out a form in your local government will not be enough for you to install a solar panel to your house. You will need to fulfill some state, local, and federal safety and building norms.

Having installed solar panels in the past doesn’t mean that the rules that took place are the same as those today.

To meet the electrical codes, you will have to get an electrical inspector so that he can see if you meet the proper electrical codes.

Suppose we assume that you got homeowners’ insurance. If you want to avoid invalidating policies, you will need to complete your insurer’s regulations, referring to your home’s additions.

You might also need to notify the power company about your solar panel plans.

What Happens If I Don’t Get All the Necessary Permissions?

Solar Panels Installed on Rooftop
Solar Panels Installed on Rooftop

Not getting all the clearances and permits for the solar panels will result in high fines.

In addition to the penalties, you will be asked to remove the solar system, requiring spending additional money.

How Do I Make Sure If My Solar Panel Additions Are Properly Licensed?

How Do I Make Sure If My Solar Panel Additions Are Properly Licensed?
How Do I Make Sure If My Solar Panel Additions Are Properly Licensed?

Only professional solar panel installers can assure you wheatear your solar panel additions violate any codes.

They need to come to your household to check your project and the building where you live. After doing analysis, they will give you pointers what kind of permissions you will need and where to get them.

Below we will show you why it would be a bad idea to install the solar panel by yourself, even though it would be cheaper. But if you are the person who loves DIY, then please read through our article about installing solar panels yourself.

Not having the experience in this field will result in not obtaining all the right permissions necessary, in the long run, with will end up costing you a lot more.

Firstly, these companies will have a little conversation with you, do a thorough inspection of your area of living, give you a comprehensive proposal, and have zero obligations before starting any work.

This option will give a glimpse of what to expect from the solar panel installation.

They will make sure that the panels are correctly installed to provide the best energy savings from your solar panel installation. Without a doubt, the solar panels will look great because professionals will handle them.

Secondly, you will probably face many setbacks while trying to install the solar panel by yourself.

In most cases, you might not successfully install it properly. So, all that time and money will go in vain, and you will spend more money and time when the professional come to fix what you have broken.

Imagine if you damage your roof, and the insurance will not cover it, leaving with another huge bill to pay.

Another concern is the safety of your health. By installing solar panels by yourself, you could fall off or even fall through the roof. The panels can also fail and hurt you or someone near you.  

Contacting pro installers will help you tackle all the concerns and want to install solar panels in your household.

These companies are experienced solar panel installers. They are familiar with the local regulations and can help you get the proper permits.

Wrapping Up

Do I Need A Building Permit To Add Solar Panels To My Home
Do I Need A Building Permit To Add Solar Panels To My Home

Please contact pro installers if you are thinking about installing a solar panel to your home.

We answer all your questions related to solar panel installation, the required permits, and we will provide you with an assessment for free.

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