Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Review: Your Best Solar Outdoor Speaker

Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Review

If you are an avid outdoorsman or woman and enjoy activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, or backpacking, one of the best things to bring along is your music.

The Goal Zero Rock Out 2 is a small, compact, and lightweight wireless Bluetooth speaker that connects with your music devices. With solar charging capability, this Bluetooth speaker means that you can enjoy your music regardless of your location in the backcountry.

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Who is Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Review for?

The Goal Zero Rock Out 2 wireless speaker is for anyone who seeks to enjoy their music on the go. That said, its rugged and robust design makes it the ideal portable speaker to take with you on your backcountry adventures.

Campers, hikers, mountain bikers, and pretty much anyone who enjoys spending time close to nature and away from civilization will enjoy this handle little speaker.

What’s included?

The Goal Zero Rock Out 2 comes in neat packaging. Inside the package are the portable speaker and a user manual.

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The speaker also comes with a USB charging cable, a small solar panel, and compartments that allow you to store your small music accessories.

The USB charging cable allows you to charge the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 using an external power source such as a laptop and is ideal for low light.

A 3.5 mm jack pin allows you to plug into your non-Bluetooth device and still enjoy your favorite music.

Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Review Overview

At the back of the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 is a small solar panel that charges the battery by simply turning the solar panel to face the sun. A red right will turn on at the front of the speakers indicating that it is charging.

This speaker is Bluetooth compatible, allowing you to make wireless connections with your Bluetooth-enabled music devices. You can listen to your playlist while enjoying the beauty of nature all around you.

At just 454 grams making, the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 is extremely lightweight and portable.

At the front are two 3W speakers. These are protected under a rugged wire meshing and allow the speakers to withstand the rigors of the outdoors.

The control buttons at the front of the speaker enable you to control the music and playlist without touching your connected device. They include the play and pause button, forward and back buttons, and the on and off button.

A zipper at the middle of the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 opens the compartment area. You will find a small section to store your small accessories such as headphones and jacks.

The Goal Zero Rock Out 2 also comes with a USB charging cable. This is handy when looking to quickly charge the speaker with another device, such as a laptop or power bank.

There is also a 3.5 mm jack pin, which you can use to connect to non-Bluetooth music devices such as an iPod. Simply plug in the jack and play your music.

On the speaker’s side is a loop, which you can use to hang the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 and enjoy your music.

What we like

The Goal Zero Rock Out 2 has a rugged design. This makes it an ideal portable speaker for outdoor escapades.

The solar panel means that you can still enjoy your music if you don’t have access to an external power source. Simply face the solar panel to the sun, and the batteries instantly begin to charge.

It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to pack and carry. This comes in handy as you often need to keep your weight to a minimum when heading out into the backcountry.

This is a simple to use portable speaker. With just a few connections, you can sit down and relax as you enjoy some cool music.

What we don’t like

The solar panel takes up to 8 hours to charge the battery. This is quite a long time when you consider that you can charge the same battery in as few as two hours using the USB charging cable.

The zipper which opens to the compartments is not robust and seems like it could damage easily. This is not a good idea when you are out backpacking, camping, or hacking.

DesignEase of UseFeaturesCustomer Service
Robust buildSimple to operateLightweight and compactExcellent customer service
CompactControl buttons at the frontSolar and USB charging 
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How to Use Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Speaker?

The Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Bluetooth speaker is one of the simplest to use speakers available on the market.

To use its Bluetooth this feature, simply turn on the speaker. You will hear a futuristic, sort of spaceship sound telling you that the device is now on. A second sound tells you that the Bluetooth feature is on.

Next, take your Bluetooth-enabled device and turn on the Bluetooth functionality. You will see the Bluetooth device name ROCK OUT. Click on this to pair the speakers with your Bluetooth device.

Once paired, simply access your music playlist on your device and start enjoying your favorite music.

You can also connect a non-Bluetooth-enabled music device with the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 speaker. Use the 3.5mm jack pin from the compartment area and plug this into your device.

Note that you can control the music playlist both with wireless connectivity or wired connection using the control buttons at the front of the speaker.

Now you can sit down and relax and enjoy your music.

Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Review Alternatives

The ABFORCE solar Bluetooth speaker is a great alternative to consider. It doesn’t have a weak compartment feature and can offer up to 60 hours of playtime on a single charge. On top of that, the speaker also comes with a bass feature and is waterproof.

The Eton Rugged Rukus Bluetooth speaker has a larger solar panel allowing it to charge the battery in less than 5 hours. It also features a handy grip and loops, which you can use to strap onto your backpack.

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Bluetooth Speaker?

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Bluetooth Speaker?

Buying a Bluetooth speaker can seem simple, but there are several factors to keep in mind to ensure you get a quality product that serves your purpose.

1.   Answer the “Why.”

The first thing to ask yourself is why you want a Bluetooth speaker. Do you want one to use around the house, or do you want a Bluetooth speaker to take with you on your outings and backcountry excursions?

Answering this question will help you choose the most suitable Bluetooth speaker for your needs.

2.   Design and build

The best Bluetooth speaker will have a strong and durable build. This is an even more important factor if you need a speaker in the backcountry.

Check the frame of the construction. If it is made of thick plastic or metal, you are on the right track.

3.   Portability

The main goal of getting a Bluetooth speaker is to have a portable sound system that you can take with you wherever you go.

A large speaker is, therefore, not ideal. Look for a small, compact, and easy-to-carry Bluetooth speaker.

4.   Is it waterproof? 

Bluetooth speakers are often exposed to the elements more than any other type of speaker. A Bluetooth speaker that lets in water, for instance, may not be the best choice for the outdoors. Go for a speaker that is at least water-resistant.

5.   Does it have an aux input

The best Bluetooth speaker will also feature an aux input. This allows you to connect with other devices using a cable connection.

The benefit is its versatility in that you can use the speaker without only relying on the Bluetooth feature.

6.   Charging

Many Bluetooth speakers allow for USB charging from an external power source. If you are searching for a Bluetooth speaker to take with you on your next camping trip, it pays to choose a speaker that features solar charging.

7.   Ease of use

The last thing you want is to take longer than is necessary to connect your Bluetooth speaker and listen to your music. Avoid a speaker that has a lengthy and complicated connection process.

8.   Is it Bluetooth 4 or 5? 

Bluetooth 5 is the latest and comes with plenty of benefits. First off, it is super-fast at 2 Mbps compared to Bluetooth 4 at 1 Mbps.

Bluetooth 5 has a longer range at 120 meters, with Bluetooth 4 at around 30 meters. On top of that, it is important to note that most modern devices are Bluetooth 5.

Finally, you can connect multiple devices with a Bluetooth 5 speaker.


The Goal Zero Rock Out 2 is an excellent choice speaker for anyone who is an avid outdoorsman or woman and is looking to enjoy their music.

Whether you are a backpacker, mountain biker, hiker, camper, or all of the above, this Bluetooth speaker will prove a handy companion.

Granted, while the compartment feature is not as robust, the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 is an ideal speaker for the outdoors.

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