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10 Ways on How to Maximize Solar Panel Efficiency Updated 2020

For years, renewable energy and solar panels have been the hottest topics lately, which is because many people are now using solar energy. But “How To Maximize Solar Panel Efficiency” is still the big question mark until now.

Solar panels are now the largest source of electricity-generating devices, coming at number one for energy consumption.

When you go to the market today, you will find many solar system products. For example, solar rucksacks, solar pond lights, solar hats, solar lamps, solar chandeliers, solar umbrellas, solar vans, and many other products use solar.

So, if you are having problems with electricity bills and the maintenance cost of electricity, it would be a good idea to shift your attention to solar energy.

Just install solar panels in your home, boat, recreational vehicle, and you are all set. You will receive free sunlight, and in return, you will be able to get electricity at a low cost. They are considering that you must buy solar panels and some equipment.

In this article, we are going to look at how to maximize solar panels to your advantage.

Installation Cost of Solar Panels: Big reason why you need to maximize solar panel Efficiency

When it comes to installing a solar panel, there are different things that you will need to factor in first. You will need to know what the solar panels will be used for.

How many appliances do you have? Where is your house located? How many solar hours do you get in a day? Are you just some of the few things you will need to consider before installing a solar panel. 

Solar panels also vary in type, design, functionality, and solar generation efficiency. Different solar panels come with different prices, and one crucial thing that you should consider is how many solar panels you need to run your needs properly without running out of power. 

Recent data has shown that solar panel installation has drastically reduced, and in 2020 the average solar installation price is $ 3.05 per watt. That means you can easily install solar panels in your home without having to spend lots of dollars.

Each solar panel has its optimum output result, and it all depends on your needs and how you intend to use your solar energy.

Solar Panel Benefits: Second reason for solar panels efficiency maximizing

Different benefits come with installing solar panels in your home. Solar panels have become the most efficient way to generate efficient power from natural resources like the sun.

You must get several solar panels and install them in your home, and it will generate energy for you using the photovoltaic system

Some benefits that come with installing a solar panel include low maintenance, reduced carbon print; it is a renewable source of energy, lowers your electricity bills, inexhaustible, durable, and eco-friendly, to mention a few. Once you install a solar panel, you will be able to use diverse applications in your home. 

Still, you can also maximize grid security, adaptable to different situations, contribute to sustainable development, come with technology development, and have led to versatile installations in recent years.

Those are just some of the few benefits of installing a solar panel, not mentioning that they have an increased employment ratio. 

It is not enough to install a solar panel, solar umbrellas, solar table lamps, and other solar appliances. It would help if you also maximize the efficiency and energy of your solar panels. In this article, we will look at ways to boost your solar-powered systems’ energy.

Tips on How to Maximize Solar Panel Efficiency

Here we will look at ten ways to consider when using solar panels systems to maximize efficiency and energy consumption. When you follow these few tips, you will never regret why you invested in solar systems. Let us go straight to some of the tips.

1. More sunlight

More sunlight
More sunlight

As we have seen earlier, solar panels use sunlight to generate electricity and work correctly. That means that if you want to get the best out of your solar panels, you should place them out during the day, as that is the time they are fully functioning.

Depending on the number of solar panels you have in your home, you can power all your home appliances during the day without worrying that you will run out of power. 

That is so because solar panels work at 100% efficiency during a sunny day. You will be able to charge your laptops, lamps, smartphones, mini-fridges, and other gadgets that need electricity.

If you have solar devices like solar umbrellas, solar-powered torches, and anything that is solar-powered, sunlight hours are the best time to recharge them. 

That means you can be able to use them at night when sunlight will not be available. If you have heating and cooling devices that need solar energy, ensure that they get maximum desired temperature and energy during the day.

People who have inverters can charge them during the sunlight hours so that they can soar enough energy capable of operating your home even during the rainy and snowy season.

2. Use One Device at a Time

Use One Device at a Time
Use One Device at a Time

Depending on the number of solar panels that you have in your home, you should be able to charge all your devices without compromise.

If you have a few solar panels, you will need to charge one device at a time. That is because the amount being generated from the sun is not that much.

But if you have several solar panels, you should recharge several devices without worrying about any overload. But it would help if you never used a hairdryer and an electric razor at the same time.

Never use your dishwasher and vacuum cleaner at the same time. Always turn off your television if you are not using it.

3. Install backup Batteries

Install backup Batteries
Install backup Batteries

When you decide to go solar, there are things that you will need to buy with it.

Solar batteries should always be in your budget when you are buying a solar panel.

There are different solar batteries in the market today, and getting the best is always ideal.

Things like a solar torch, solar umbrellas, and solar lamps come with their inbuilt solar panels, and during the day when the sun is available, you should put them out so that they can recharge.

Solar batteries can store solar energy, which you can use at night when the weather conditions are not favorable. Wherever you have a power outage, your solar batteries and solar systems will always come in handy to power your house.

4. Make the Right Decision

Make the Right Decision
Make the Right Decision

When you decide to use solar systems, you should keep in mind what you intend to use the solar panels for, and that is the only way you will be able to maximize their use.

You should collect full information on specific solar panels to know how they function and their efficiency.

Getting to know which solar system best suits your needs will help you save a lot of solar energy, and you will not waste electricity.

It would help if you always got advice from a specialist who has more experience in solar panels to advise you on which types are the best to maximize their usage.

Getting such information is vital as it will help you budget and organize your home accordingly.

5. Install a solar Concentrator

Install a solar Concentrator
Install a solar Concentrator

When you buy a solar panel, you should also get yourself a concentrator. It is a device that allows your solar panel to maximize the solar energy it gets from the sun and making sure it does not lose any power.

It helps to concentrate solar light and converts it to electricity.

The device’s primary role is to concentrate all the sunlight that falls on the solar panel for optimum use.

It always ensures that there is no sunlight lost. It would help if you also used other devices like mirrors to double the advantage and maximize solar energy.

Concentrators are used to maximize your solar panel’s efficiency so that it can suit all your needs without fail. They not only provide efficiency but also save you lots of dollars.

6. Place your PV solar panels at Perfect angles

Place your PV solar panels at Perfect angles
Place your PV solar panels at Perfect angles

If you want to get the most out of your solar panels, you should ensure that they are installed wisely and at the perfect angle.

Placing your solar panels correctly will ensure that they can get maximum sunlight during the day.

It would help if you never placed a solar panel in places where it will be blocked from receiving 100% sunlight.

Avoid placing it in between buildings, places crowded with trees, and places that receive fewer hours of sunlight. 

Placing your panels smartly and wisely is essential if you want to get maximum power use from them.

If you live in the southern hemisphere, it would be best to place your solar panels facing the north for perfect solar absorption and efficiency.

And the same applies if you stay in the northern hemisphere. Some solar panels also come with tilting stands.

You can always tilt your panels and place them on a perfect angle so that they can never miss out on the sunlight.

7. Avoid Shaded Areas

Avoid Shaded Areas
Avoid Shaded Areas

Placing your solar panels in shaded areas is one factor that will hinder you from getting maximum efficiency. As we all know, solar panels need direct sunlight, and placing them in the shade will mean depriving them of optimum sunlight hence low performance.

You should never expect 100% efficiency if you place your solar panel in a shaded area.

Your installer will know which places have the best amount of sunlight, and that is one of the factors that you should always keep in mind before installing a solar panel. 

Some solar panels are always placed on the ground, and they are much vulnerable to being blocked from direct sunlight.

So, if you intend to install a solar panel on the ground level, make sure there are buildings around that will provide them with shade. If you have several solar panels and others are being blocked by shade, that will mean that your efficiency will not be 100%. 

Always do your research first before embarking with the whole process.

8. Keep Solar Panels Clean

Keep Solar Panels Clean
Keep Solar Panels Clean

You need to work on your solar panel’s cleanliness if you want to get maximum efficiency.

Cleaning your solar panels will ensure that no dust or dirt accumulates, which will hinder the solar panel’s functionality.

Solar panels are made with glass materials, so cleaning them should not be hard, wipe the dust off and get maximum solar energy. 

During the snowy days, always ensure that you remove the snowflakes from your panel every day to enable it to get direct sunlight.

Sun rays need to reach directly on the photovoltaic cells so that they can be able to convert solar energy into electricity.

You do not need to clean your solar panels every day. Cleaning them once or twice a year is never a bad idea.

A recent survey has shown that cleaning your solar panel once a year will enable 21% efficiency and ensure investment return.

Cleaning a solar panel will improve the durability of your panel and improve its efficiency.

9. Prevent Temperature Increase

Prevent Temperature Increase
Prevent Temperature Increase

Your solar panel will function well, depending on the temperature of the area they are placed.

Temperature conditions will always ensure your solar panels’ maximum efficiency and ensure the panels can get maximum sunlight.

But that does not mean you should overdo it. Different solar panels have different ways they operate if the temperature is extreme.

Others will function properly, and others will reduce their efficiency depending on the temperature they get.

Solar panels mostly depend on photovoltaic cells, and if the temperature increases, some solar panels will reduce their efficiency.

So, always ensure enough gap between the solar panels and the roof if you want maximum efficiency.

By placing them in a conducive environment, air movement will stop heat from affecting the photovoltaic cells’ efficiency.

10. Take Good Care of Your Solar System

Take Good Care of Your Solar System
Take Good Care of Your Solar System

If you want to get the best from your solar panel, always ensure that you take good care of them.

Solar panels, if not maintained properly, will, in the long run, lose their efficiency.

Clean your solar panels every six months if you want to get the best from them.

Always ensure that they are also placed in an angle where they can get optimum sunlight. You can also get professional advice from a solar panel expert, and they can advise you on how to maintain and take good care of your solar panels for better efficiency.

The expert will fix the issues you are having with your panels and identify the hidden issues that may hinder the solar kit’s performance.

If you want to keep your expenditure on the minimum, always ensure that your solar panels are taken care of and well maintained.

Final Thoughts

Solar energy has been one of the best sources of energy consumption. Thanks to the introduction of solar panels, we can now get electricity at an incredibly low cost.

It would help if you never worried about paying electricity bills and maintenance costs anymore. Get yourself a solar panel, and all your electrical problems will be solved.

Following the tips mentioned above, you will ensure that you get 100% efficiency from your solar panels, and you will never regret spending on them.

If you want to get enough power and electricity to run most of your home appliances without any problems: you can add solar panels depending on your home appliances, and you will enjoy the benefits of free solar energy.

They are eco-friendly and do not destroy the environment in any way.

A recent survey has shown that 59% of people are now using solar energy to power their homes and run their companies.

That is because solar panels have significantly reduced electricity bills and come at a much lower price than gas and wind.

If you want to save money and still enjoy the benefits of electricity, invest in solar energy and all your problems with being something of the past.

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