How to Shovel Snow from Solar Panels? Is it dumb to do it?

Many of our customers have always asked us the safest ways to remove snow from solar panels. We will discuss the answer to how to shovel snow from solar panels as we go further along the article.

When it comes to a time when snow is falling two to three feet on your solar panels, you should know some of the best ways to remove it without affecting yourself and the solar panel.

This short article will give you some of the best and most straightforward ways to remove snow during the icy and cold seasons.

Do Not Do It

Solar Panels Covered in Snow
Solar Panels Covered in Snow

Do not ever try to remove snow from your solar panel personally. You might end up hurting yourself in the process as most times, it’s dangerous.

You might end up covered with a pile of snow, and you will end up in an emergency room. On the other hand, you will scratch your solar panel using the shovel, which will affect the solar panel’s performance.

So, the best advice is never to do it yourself.

Use Roof Rakes

You can always purchase a roof rake at your local store at a reasonable price, depending on the length.

Most rakes used to remove snow from roofs can go from 10 feet up to 20 plus feet.

The roof rack is good because you will no longer need to climb ladders when removing snow from your solar panel.

Even though most solar panels can withstand a 110-mph hurricane or hail, having scratches on your solar panel might not be a good idea.

Next time you are removing snow from your solar panel, try and be careful to avoid scratching the panel surface.

Consider the Roof Rake Material

Most roof rakes have aluminum, and some can have a blunt edge, which can end up leaving nasty marks on your solar panel.

You should always check the roof rake edges first before using it to scrape off the snow.

Some people advise using the plastic model of roof rakes, but even the plastic racks have screws or bolts used to attach the rakes head.

If you cannot find both the aluminum and the plastic model, you can try the soft nonabrasive roof rakes.

But you must first cross check the attachment areas to be sure there are no loose ends.

Is It Necessary?

How To Shovel Snow From Solar Panels
How To Shovel Snow From Solar Panels

Even before you try and think of removing snow from your panel, you must ask yourself, does removing snow from solar panels necessary?

Many solar panels are dark and have a glass front surface. That means that when snow gathers on top of the panel, it will not stay long before it falls off.

Their surfaces are different from the normal roof surface of a building, that means that if you happen to have snow on your panel, you should probably wait until the next day, and it will have fallen off.

If you happen to experience a mega-storm, you can always use your long roof rack to remove your panel’s snow.

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