Panasonic Solar Panels Reviews and Comparison

Panasonic has been the best solar panel producer worldwide when it comes to solar panel production. We will have the Panasonic solar panels reviewed to consider buying from them.

Panasonic has been producing solar panels for more than 44 years, and they are still going strong.

Indeed, no other company has taken the development of solar panels more seriously than Panasonic. Their most advanced and efficient solar panel model is the HIT solar panel.

Panasonic has always surprised its market demand with its innovative approach to solar technology.

Of late, many investors are trying to look for the best solar panel that can provide them with better efficiency, better performance output, durability, and maximized reliability.

Panasonic has proven to be the best for producing high-efficiency solar panels when it comes to green energy production.

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Panasonic Solar Review

Panasonic Solar Panels Reviews

Over the years, Panasonic has been one of the leading producers of solar panels, and of late, they have produced one of the best high-performance utility scalable modules.

It is called the HIT series.

It comes with 96 cell modules, one of the best the world has ever seen. Because of the solar panel performance, Panasonic is today sharing some of its technological secrets and includes:

1) Low-Temperature Eco-Efficiency.

Panasonic has achieved one of its core targets: the low-temperature coefficient.

Most photovoltaic solar panels that exist today are usually affected during hot summer.

They tend to have a low output efficiency because of the high temperatures, which only means that the PV solar panels’ performance and efficiency will significantly reduce and not serve their purpose. That is why Panasonic engineers came up with more improved temperature-dependent solar panels that are not affected by weather temperatures.

All their solar panels are meant to withstand any weather, even scorching temperatures.

That will only mean more production during the hot summer days as they can harvest more energy and increase efficiency.

2) Improvement in Efficiency.

Panasonic solar panels have a module efficiency improvement of more than 19%. That is far much better than all other panels produced by other companies.

PV modules from other companies usually produce less than 18% module efficiency.

That means that Panasonic modules are still the best for the conversion rate of solar energy into electricity.

3) Use of Heterojunction Technology.

Out of all companies that produce solar panels, Panasonic is the only one producing solar panels with an ultra-thin amorphous silicon layer.

The technology helps open electron paths in the solar panel, reducing energy loss.

Panasonic helps its consumers yield 100% performance than other PV modules by introducing such technology.

4) Extraordinary Output Performance.

Most PV solar panels typically experience a considerable decline in linear output performance during their first year of use.

That is not so when it comes to the Panasonic 96 cell module.

After using the product for 25 years, you will only experience a slight decline in linear power output.

It will slightly reduce to 90.76% of its power output. Panasonic boasts of having one of the best high-performance solar panels in the world.

That means that after 25 years, your power output will have only reduced by 9.24% of its nominal output.

5) Durability.

When it comes to the Panasonic solar panels, a 40mm solid frame of panels has been built together to ensure durability even in the worst weather conditions.

This means that you don’t need to worry when you have your panel installed, as it can withstand the harshest of conditions.

6) Atmospheric Precipitation Design.

Most do not have a way to reduce water stains, which will, in the long run, cause the panel to have poor performance and reduced efficiency.

The Panasonic PV modules have a water drainage frame designed to redirect atmospheric water precipitation.

That means that your panel will never be damaged by water that tends to accumulate at the bottom of the panel, causing damage and poor performance in the long run.

Panasonic engineers’ various steps to improve the solar panels’ quality, efficiency, and durability only mean that they want their customers to always have a steady supply of energy without any interruptions.

They are always ready to supply you with the best solar energy products which are friendly to the environment.

To add to what Panasonic has produced so far, they have introduced their HIT N340 PV module with a maximum efficiency capacity of 20.4%.

The Panasonic solar panels designers have even gone the extra mile to improve their products’ performance, enabling them to minimize energy production with every installed watt in the panel module.

Apart from the well-known features, performance benefits, and size, the smaller the panel does not have to be an obstacle to achieving your goal when it comes to output.

Some of the best smaller modules when it comes to PV modules are the HIT N335 and HIT N340.

They can harvest a lot of energy and are very convenient when it comes to households with limited roof spacing.

That only means one thing, less space should only mean more energy when it comes to Panasonic HIT solar panels.

Many people are always focusing on the standard solar with a blue surface. It is among the best, but Panasonic did not want to limit you when it comes to color.

They introduced the black slim, compact, and enormously powerful HIT PV module.

So, when it comes to Panasonic solar modules, you will always get what you want.

Treepublic High Efficiency Solar Panels Panasonic 335W Black on White | 96 Cell HIT+ Series Array PV Module 335 Watts 40MM Thick (18)
  • Increased module efficiency of 20% enables higher power output and greater energy yields
  • A low temperature coefficient of -0.258%/°C produces higher output at high temperatures
  • Heterojunction technology with ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers reduces electron loss

How Effective are Panasonic Solar Panels During Cloudy Conditions?

review affective of Panasonic solar panels
Effectiveness of Panasonic solar panels

When it comes to the low number of solar rays that directly fall or reflect on the solar panels’ surface, the Panasonic solar panels will never have a problem even during such conditions.

Low irradiance means that your solar panel is not getting enough direct solar energy.

Outside conditions are cloudy, and your panel can only manage 20% of the sun’s energy. Your Panasonic solar panel’s production capacity will still be at 25%, which means you will continue with your business as usual.

Panasonic has continuously conducted tests in their laboratories to determine which locations are suitable for their panels to operate.

Incredibly, their panels produced a better result test when tested in Great Britain, which does not have the best Sunny conditions.

What is The Durability of a Panasonic Solar Panel?

When they purchase PV modules of solar panels, most people always hope that it will serve the purpose it was meant to do; in most cases, that is never the case. But it would be best if you never worried when it comes to Panasonic PV module solar panels.

You will rest assured that you will get the best productivity and efficiency for the next 25years without any interruptions.

Even after you have used your panel for 25 years, you will still expect to have productivity as it will have only reduced its performance by 9.24% of nominal use.

Panasonic always uses some of the best high-quality materials without comparison with the fabrication. You can always trust their warranty as their products are made to last for long.

Does Tesla Use Panasonic Solar Panels?

Even though Tesla and Panasonic started cooperating, that does not mean that the two companies are merging.

However, Tesla implants Panasonic solar cells to form their solar panels in their non-solar product range.

It looks like Tesla has also realized the highly efficient PV module cells from a wide range of innovative solar solutions from Panasonic’s innovative quality standards.

If Panasonic solar cells can be compared to Tesla’s Powerwall and powerpack, who are we to question our products’ quality? After all, it is Tesla’s first choice.

Who Are the Manufacturers of Panasonic Solar Panels?

As we have seen earlier, Panasonic started researching and production 44 years ago. (1975). They started focusing on high conversion efficiency products.

After launching their first solar panel, the 200W module expanded to other major cities like Malaysia, Osaka, Japan, Kedah, and Shiga.

It’s good to know that Panasonic Corporation is celebrating its 101st birthday this year. The company can boast of reaching 1 billion solar cells, and globally, they have produced 1GW HIT modules.

With the famous Japanese technologies having a considerable role in all the production and manufacturing of high-quality modules, we can always say they are the best in silicon production.

What Is the Price of a Panasonic Solar Panel?

Although Panasonic produces some of the best high-quality products globally, when it comes to their Panasonic solar system, the prices are fair and very economical.

The installation ranges between 3.4 dollars to 3.8 dollars per watt. It will cost you between 22,800 dollars before tax and other incentives and rebates for a 6KW Panasonic solar panel.

When it comes to durability and efficiency, Panasonic solar panels are always the best and long-lasting. So, spending the most to get a highly efficient Panasonic product should never be that hard.

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Comparison Between Panasonic, LG, and SunPower

We live in a world where we share many expectations when it comes to different manufacturing companies.

Let us know how our world-class cell efficiency solar panels have compared to other applicants?

Even though Panasonic was the first company when it came to cell efficiency, other competitors also decided to try and compete with Panasonic.

Even though SunPower boasts an efficiency of 21%, it still does not match the market efficiency. High yields and performance can only be achieved with the market’s best technologies.

Panasonic is so far the best in the market when it comes to PV modules. Their products are made from some of the best high-quality, sustainable, and long-lasting materials globally.

So, when you buy a Panasonic PV module solar panel, you will rest assured that you have gotten one of the best, super-performing products in the market.

As Panasonic, we will keep an eye on LG and SunPower and see if they can beat us when it comes to supercell PV solar panels.

Why is Panasonic Solar Panel the Best?

The Panasonic solar panels are always number one for performance, efficiency, and reliability when it comes to the latest innovations that the world has ever witnessed.

Many companies and businesses using the HIT series PV module boast high productivity and high performance when using the panels.

Panasonic is providing a reliable energy source to the market, and its panels are the best when it comes to technology innovation in the whole world.

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