REC Solar And Their Solar Panels Review 2021

One of the top 10 companies in the solar panel manufacturing industry is REC (Renewable Energy Corporation). Further in this article, we will go deeper into REC’s solar panel’s efficiency, sizes, and performance classes. 

REC was established in Norway in 1996 and has become an innovative leader by creating solar panel technology manufacturing trends while improving REC’s products.

REC’s technology has integrated the most significant improvements made in the solar cell field. This Norwegian solar panel was able to break through the market, and as such, it became part of the gigawatt club.

ThePhoenixsun Video Series
ThePhoenixsun Video Series

REC Solar Panels for Homeowners Review

REC Solar And Their Solar Panels Review
REC Solar And Their Solar Panels Review

Places with little sun hours are what REC design engineers are passionate about. This is because Norway is a Scandinavian country, and as such, they have lesser sun hours than other parts of the Earth.

In order to generate power, the solar panel requires solar radiation; this makes the solar manufacturers put their accent on high output performance and high solar panels’ efficiency by having in mind what to expect when the sky is covered with grey clouds.

Compared to their competitors, REC’s top-performing modules have a better output when the days are cloudy, at a 6.1% efficiency rating. This is how this company says that your solar system won’t be affected by less favorable weather.

This company is proud to share its newest technological advantages; its goal is to increase efficiency and bring more energy to ordinary people. Rec was able to launch new ways of solar cell production.

Partly shaded places won’t be an issue with the 120 half-cells photovoltaic panel, which is designed to provide high power output in such situations. The number of cells was doubled as the 60 standard cells were halved.

What does that mean to the overall output?

When the surface of the cell is shaded, the whole output decreases. But, by having more cells, the panel will still be able to gather sunlight even though some parts are shaded. This will provide more power in an efficient way of its home.

For homeowners, REC recommends these three models:

  • REC TwinPeak 2 Mono
  • REC N-Peak
  • REC TwinPeak 2

REC N-PEAK Solar Panel Review

REC N-Peak Solar Panel
REC N-Peak Solar Panel

If you are a homeowner with a roof with limited space, you would want to get a REC N-Peak solar panel. This model allows you to get higher total power with fewer panels and on a much smaller surface.

This model consists of a panel composed of 60 cells that are split in half, which allows the solar system to reach high yields despite the potential presence of the shading obstruction, as we mentioned above.

This model has 330 watts of power and a frame design that is very strong and allows loads up to 7000 KPa. No matter what the weather conditions are, you will have no worries.

Having 700KPa compared to their competitors that provide no more than 5400 KPa, makes this model much stronger and sturdier, which helps against stormy or windy weather. You will certainly have no worries with this model as storms and hurricanes can’t do anything against it.

REC’s design engineers revealed a secret that the solar panel industry has hidden. It looks like there is a negative solar panel feature named Light Induced Degradation.

This considers the nominal power losses due to a chemical reaction in the silicone of the photovoltaic module (when oxygen and boron inside the cell react to unnatural light sources or the sunlight) that causes a permanent decrease of panels maximum power.

LID’s value ranges from 0.3% to 4% of the solar panel’s nominal power. For instance, 300Wp solar panels can create from 288Wp to 298.8Wp maximum power.

REC N-Peak production technology excluded the LID feature by physically separating oxygen and boron and preventing them from mixing in the cells. You will get every watt you pay for when buying the REC N-Peak, as this photovoltaic module provides no LID loss.

REC TwinPeak 2 Mono Solar Panel Review

REC TwinPeak 2 Mono
REC TwinPeak 2 Mono

REC TwinPeak 2 Mono production technology has several Inter solar awards. Intersolar stands as the world’s major trade fair in the solar energy industry, and this prize award can only mean excellence in technology, pioneering solutions, and innovations.

REC TwinPeak 2 Mono has 60 cells that are split in half, and you are assured by its manufacturer that the benefits of this model will go a long way.

Additional power-packed and high efficiency on a smaller surface get up to 25Wp more power per panel than the other solar panels of the same size.

This model provides its REC panels with more power per square foot, the investment in the installation is reduced, and the overall repayment period is faster.

You will have a choice between 300Wp, 320Wp, and 380Wp. This product comes with black frames and black surface panels, making it more attractive to buyers.

REC TwinPeak 2 Solar Panel Review

REC TwinPeak 2 Solar Panel
REC TwinPeak 2 Solar Panel

REC TwinPeak 2 is the prototype of REC TwinPeak2 Mono and has more modest characteristics. This panel, just like REC TwinPeak2 Mono, has 60 cells split in half. The one difference is the blue color and the 285Wp and 300Wp size of the panel.

This model can produce 20Wp more than conventional solar panels of the same size but less from REC TwinPeak2 Mono.

Even though it has the same size as REC TwinPeak2, this model generates less power. This model is a regular middle-class panel with 18% efficiency, which is standard. It is its name that is the only famous thing about it.  

REC N-Peak panel leads this company as the characteristics of all the models mentioned above are more or less similar.

Nominal power(Wp)Panel efficiency(%)Area(ft2)Weight(lbs)
REC N-Peak32519.517.9839.68
REC TwinPeak2 Mono32019.217.9840.79
REC TwinPeak23001817.9840.79

How Long is the Warranty on REC Solar Panels?

The warranty provided on REC solar panels is not the longest in the solar world, as all of the REC’s products for homeowners have a warranty of 20 years.

Their competitors have up to 25 years of warranty on their products, thus making them more appealing to the customer than REC.

The warranty of REC’s output is linear: after the first year, the nominal output of REC solar panels decreases from 0.5% – 0.7%, and in 25 years of usage, you can see that panels will generate 86% of the nominal power.

Even though this statement is a bit intimidating for future buyers of REC solar panels, it’s between the better values of output values – many competitors cannot exceed 80% of the output by using the panel after the 25-year mark.

How Much Do REC Solar Panels Cost?

The entire installation with REC solar panels will cost you from $2.60 to $3.60 per watt, and that is the price that makes this company’s solar panel popular for the buyers.

For comparison, the average 6kW solar panel installation can cost you roughly between $15,600 and $21,600, and that is before incentive tax credits.

Considering the price range, REC’s solar panels give you the most for your money compared to other manufacturers.

Where Are REC Solar Panels Made From?

Since 2010 the REC solar panels have been manufactured in Singapore, and they can produce around 1.4 gigawatts a year.

In 1996 the production was only based in Norway and Sweden, but in 2000 they decided to move their production to Southeast Asia, with the headquarters still being located in Oslo, Norway.

REC has a fully automated, modern, and integrated production line. Between sales and manufacturing, this company employs around 2000 people.

REC Group, REC Solar, and REC Silicon

REC Solar and REC Silicon are the two companies that came from the REC group in 2013. The main core of REC Silicon is polysilicon and silane gas for the photovoltaic and electronics industry; they have facilities located in Washington, Washington, and Butte, Montana.

The focus of REC Solar is on solar cell and photovoltaic production technology.

These two companies have their headquarters in Oslo. REC Silicon kept the name REC and REC Solar was renamed to RECSOL or “REC Americas.”

REC Solar, Inc is the US solar installer company for commercial, residential, and utility-scale solar power systems. This company has separate entities even though they use REC solar panels in their solar projects.

Efficiency Comes with Split-Half Technology

The world of solar panels recognizes REC solar panels as a top brand. They are known as middle-class solar panel manufacturers.

The beautiful and simplistic design of REC TwinPeak2 Mono and the reliable performance of REC N-Peak solar panels are good enough reasons to classify them to a high manufacturer rank.

Having a roof with shading obstruction is not an issue with this company’s innovative split-cell technology that provides higher overall output.

REC solar panels, without a doubt, will provide more power compared to other photovoltaic modules that you can find on the market.  

This would be the complete review of this solar panel manufacturer. To find the right panels for your house, you will need to consider many factors.

Get a glimpse at the “Get A Quote Page” as it will help you get solar quotes for your business or home for zero payment. This page will lead you in the right direction, and it will offer you free solar quotes if you are located somewhere in the US.

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