12 Best Product Ideas for Solar Decorations (Perfect for Outdoor)

Solar decorations are a simple and self-sustaining idea for your plug-in indoor and outdoor lighting. You can creatively decorate any space in your house to make it more aesthetically appealing with new and exciting Solar Decoration Ideas. 

Solar lights are not only significant energy savings, but they also provide a charming and fashionable aesthetic in many ways. These lights can transform every space in your house to grab the attention of admirers during any occasion or season.

In this post, you will see some unique, cost-effective, and simple Solar Decorations Ideas for artistically designing various spaces in your home, along with the materials required and the cost involved.

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ThePhoenixsun Video Series

Looking for Solar Decoration Ideas – Go for DIY.

DIY Solar Decoration Ideas

People may sometimes say it is dull and boring even though solar lights are sustainable and green. And if you are looking for lovely fancy lights, they will be expensive. However, this is not true. 

You can still make your spaces look livelier and more beautiful and at minimum expenditure using Solar Lights. All you need to do is follow new and exciting Solar Decoration Ideas and go DIY (Do It Yourself). 

With DIY Solar Light Ideas, you can now give an interesting touch to your lighting and make your spaces appear more attractive. Learn how easy it is to create DIY Solar Lights at “LINK.”

Top 12 Solar Decoration Ideas

Solar Decorations Ideas are low-cost and simple to execute, and they can transform any area in your home, from the bedroom to the garden, including pathways, swimming pools, balconies, and fountains.

Here are some DIY Solar Decoration Ideas handpicked especially to suit all your moods and occasions for your garden, lawn, or indoors.

Solar Pathway Light

Solar Pathway Light

You normally illuminate your pathway going to your garden or the main entrance to help you find your way. How about using some Solar lights to give it a magical look? 

Add an element of elegance to your pathway with these crafted solar pathway lights. All you need is some old unused items from your storeroom to create this simple and cheap masterpiece.

Materials Required:

  • The glass cover of any old light
  • An old hollow pipe
  • Solar light
  • Some color paint

Rechargeable Led Bulb E27 LED Solar Lamp Bulb

Cost: While all other items are already available at your home, you only need to buy a Solar Light. Its price may vary from 3$ – 5$ per light depending upon the type of light you may use.

Solar Balcony Decor Light

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Solar Balcony Decor Light

Balconies are one space in our home that is mostly neglected. Why not use some solar lights to bring your balconies back to life?

Capturing a little amount of sunlight in a jar may seem like science fiction, but Sun Jars do precisely that for you. Use this charming way to lighten up your balcony by replicating a sunset or a bunch of fireflies.

Materials required:

  • Mason jar
  • Solar light
  • Glass frosting spray
  • Silicone glue

Mason Jar 16 oz Regular Mouth

Cost: You already have a Mason jar at home. Use any old jar to create your Sun Jar light with a minimum cost of 5$ to 10$.

Solar Home Fountain Light

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Solar Home Fountain Light

Water fountains are a stunning addition to any house, garden, or outdoor area. If your property has this distinguishing feature, using a solar light during the night may convert it into a magnificent attraction point.

Glowing orbs can be the easiest, cheapest landscape lighting hack that you can use to add a distinctive feature to your water fountain. They’re really nice and quick to make with minimum required items.

Materials Required:

  • Opaque glass shade
  • Solar LED string light

105 FT 300 LED Solar String Lights

Cost: If you already have an opaque glass shade, all you need to buy is a Solar Led String light of a maximum of 5$.

Solar Table Lamp

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Solar Table Lamp

Generally, the living room is the most important space in the home, where various activities occur day and night. Furniture may be an essential element of a living room design, but the lighting literally creates the mood.

You can design a beautiful DIY table lamp as a center of attraction in your living room with simple techniques using old Vodka bottles.


Materials Required:

  • Old Vodka bottle
  • Lampshade (You can make and design it yourself also)
  • Solar lamp

Cost: The only cost is the Solar lamp you use, which may be as cheap as 3$-5$.

Solar Dinner Table Light

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Candlelight dinners are the most lovely and romantic night for any couple in love. You can treat your date with a fairy-tale experience creating blissful moments at your home itself with Solar Candle Lights

Enjoy your romantic dinner date at the comfort of your home with unique solar candlelight, which you can easily prepare with cheap and straightforward items.

Homemory Solar Candles Outdoor Waterproof

Materials Required

  • Candle wax
  • Cardboard tube with plastic lid
  • Old tin cans
  • Solar lamp
  • Galvanized wire

Cost: The total cost for these amazing solar light candles can be as little as 5$-7$.

Solar Bedroom Night Lamp

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Solar Bedroom Night Lamp

It is important to have an inviting, comfortable, and cozy décor in your bedroom to add warmth and character. One element that helps you achieve this is a beautiful solar night lamp.

You can use an amazingly designed beautiful Paper night lamp using solar light to give a fantastic look to your bedroom. All it needs is an artistic approach with minimum investment. 

Materials Required:

  • Cylindrical glass or tube
  • Good quality paper 
  • Double side tape
  • Knife and paper cutter
  • Solar LED light or candle

SoulBay 6pcs Solar Power Tea Lights

Cost: A Solar LED light or candle can cost you about 5$ and creating this beautiful design may require a good quality paper sheet as cheap as 1$.

Solar Garden Light

Solar Garden Light

Garden lights are excellent for adding mood and lighting to outdoor locations. If you want to make your garden spectacular, combine nature with your lights.

Some solar lights can be creatively designed to blend with nature. Making a portable light with twigs is a great way to do this since they can be suspended over the branches of a tree.

Materials Required:

  • Twigs
  • A balloon or inflatable ball
  • Glue
  • LED Fairy solar light

50 pcs Birch Twigs

Cost: This Solar Decoration Idea can cost you a maximum of 5$-8$ per light.

Solar Pool Light

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Solar Pool Light

You may have designed a swimming pool in your backyard to make you feel comfortable and fresh. Yet, it will look dull during the evening and is an imminent danger if not appropriately lighted.

Lighting up your swimming pool may seem tricky and require a skilled technician. However, you can illuminate your pool not only for safety but for highlighting its true beauty using a simple solar paper lantern.

Materials required:

  • Butter or Parchment paper
  • Round or Square plastic plates
  • Solar lights
  • Glue
  • Fishing line or thin string
  • Something to use as a pool weight

Katbite 200PCS 12×16 In Heavy Duty Flat Parchment Paper

Cost: You can give your swimming pool area life with this simple solar decoration area for less than 10$.

Outdoor Party Lighting

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Outdoor Party Lighting

A beautifully decorated garden is the best place to host all your events, from small get together to grand parties. Using twinkling solar fairy lights, an easy craft idea, will give a truly magical look.

Besides being gorgeous, these outdoor solar light chandeliers are surprisingly easy to make. Using this solar decoration idea, you can set up a perfect mood for garden parties.

Materials required:

  • Solar LED fairy light 
  • Strings
  • Thin wooden stick
  • Spray paint

ZH Solar fairy Lights

Cost: This solar decoration idea only requires you to invest in a Solar LED fairy light for under 10$ per light.

Backyard Lighting

Backyard Lighting

The backyard is like an organic extension of the interiors of any home. Your backyard can be just as inviting, comfortable, and stylish as your interiors by creatively using solar light.

An idea as simple as a solar light designed in an old tin can will make your backyard shine. These pretty solar tin can lanterns can be made in various designs and colors.

Materials required:

  • Old Tin Cans
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Solar light
  • Wire

U.S. Toy Metal Carnival Cans

Cost: Instead of throwing an old tin can, you can use it in this DIY design with a solar light to make a beautiful Tin can lantern for just about $5.

Outdoor Stair Lighting

Outdoor Stair Lighting

The staircase is the spine of your home, linking your indoor and outdoor space together. It should be functional and well-designed, but the important part is that the staircase lighting can make a real difference in its appearance.

A DIY hanging lantern solar path light is a classic way to light up your outdoor stairs. This DIY Solar decoration idea can easily accommodate the existing lamp post.

Materials required:

  • Cylindrical glass or tube
  • Solar LED light
  • Existing lamp post

Outdoor Lamp Post

Cost: Because you can implement this idea on your existing lamp post, you only need to purchase a Solar LED light below 5$ per light.

Terrace Lighting

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Terrace Lighting

The terrace is a multi-utility space of any home for hosting a party to spend some time under the moonlight. This space can become even more magical with Solar decoration.

You can simply DIY a Solar lantern to light up your terrace using some unused, old, or broken lanterns. This idea gives a stylish appearance to your terrace inspired by the sunset with a pleasant view.

Solar Lanterns Outdoor

Materials required:

  • Old or broken lantern
  • A wooden block
  • Solar light candle

Cost: You can transform your old or broken lantern into a beautiful terrace light by spending as low as 3$-5$.

Where to Find Solar decorations?

Whether you’re on a tight budget or want to have fun setting up your solar lights, there is a wide range of options available. If you are looking for Solar decorations, you have two options to choose from:

  • Go DIY way
  • Hire a professional contractor.

Go DIY Way

Designing your indoor and outdoor lighting yourself can be fun and give you a sense of accomplishment. DIY lighting ideas are simple, cost-effective, and require minimum materials, primarily available at your home.

If you have time and you are creative, go the DIY way. All you need is 

  • choose the place you want to decorate, 
  • select an idea, 
  • lookout for available resources at your home and
  • Select and purchase the best Solar Light for your idea.

You can use many Solar Decoration Ideas easily available on various online platforms in the form of videos, books, magazines, and blogs. Check out some fantastic, easy-to-make DIY Solar Light Ideas. “LINK”

The best part of DIY decoration ideas is that most of these ideas can be implemented in a few hours and under the budget of 10$ to 20$.

Hire a Professional Contractor

Professional contractors are specialists with years of experience in Solar Decoration. They can guide you to the correct type and number of lights required in an area, along with decoration ideas.

Many professional contractors provide you with Solar Decoration services, but you need to select the best suited for your project. Here’s a quick tip before hiring a contractor.

  1. Select your space and determine your budget.
  2. Make a list of top-rated Contactors in your area.
  3. Contact them and discuss your project.
  4. Ask about their after services and quotations for the project.
  5. Select the best contractor suiting all your requirements and budget.

You must be a little cautious if you are opting for a professional service. They will try to sell their most expensive products. So, don’t get carried away.

It is best to have some understanding of Solar Lights and the basic understanding of how to select the correct light for your requirements. Learn how to Choose the Correct Solar Power Outdoor Light? “LINK”

Final Thoughts

Solar Lights saves you a lot of money on your energy bills, and it is simple to install and is safe. Moreover, they are available in many varieties and for every space in your home.

Now that you’ve gathered all the necessary information on Solar Decoration select an idea to amplify your space!

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