Top 9 Solar Energy Examples Around You

The increasing demand for solar power expands the purposes of using solar energy. In this advanced world, you will find several Solar Energy Examples.

The sun’s power makes the production of solar energy possible for every motive of life. 

Besides, electricity consumption may bring a massive cost to your home and business.

You can reduce this expense by utilizing solar energy.

You can continue this article for a better understanding of solar energy. This writing contains 9 common solar energy examples, several solar power products, their benefits, and answers to solar power questions.

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9 Common Solar Energy Examples

The possibilities of utilizing solar power along with the latest technology create some ordinary sections for using solar energy. This resource creates different opportunities for alternative power. Let’s explore these examples. 

Solar Electricity

It is one of the great solar energy examples around the world.

A solar system can produce electricity for homes, offices, or businesses by using the sun’s power. This small and simple solar power system can reduce electricity costs. The rooftop solar system is one of the latest parts of solar electricity

Even a solar electric power system can be installed on a rental home because it is portable and easy to set up. It is cheaper and more accessible than traditional energy resources.

Besides, solar electricity is suitable for heavy electricity consumers who need more power during the day and night.

It can reduce traditional electricity usage and provide accessible energy as you need.

With the help of solar electricity, you can insulate your home by installing solar heating and lighting systems.

  • The solar lighting system can be used to get a one-stop service for an outdoor lighting solution.
  • The solar heating system includes area heating and swimming pool heating without extra electricity costs.

Solar electricity has become a major example of using solar energy for its versatile usage and benefits. The ecofriendly system is suitable for all the places under the sun. 

Solar Heating-Indoor and Outdoor

Solar heating systems can be used for indoor and outdoor heating. This is another great idea of solar energy examples. Most people are uninformed about this solar technology.

You can use the solar indoor and outdoor heating system without making huge investments.

Solar area heating and water heating systems are profitable methods to heat one’s home or swimming pool.

A single solar gadget or a set of solar panels will provide you with an uninterrupted heating solution. 

Indoor Heating

solar power can replace indoor heating
solar power can replace indoor heating.

Indoor solar heating systems come with a solar area heating system.

It usages sunshine and transforms it into thermal energy.

Thermal energy can be used through liquid or air to spread the heat around the home. Some gadgets use water as a transformer of heat, and it is applicable for large and bungalow-type houses.

The indoor solar heating system provides a warm home without spending money on the electricity bill. 

Outdoor Heating

solar power can replace outdoor heating
solar power can replace outdoor heating

Outdoor solar heating systems are popular among swimming pool users.

A solar pool heater can instantly give you warm water without oil or electric power.

It transforms thermal energy into heat and makes the pool’s water hot. Besides, several solar pool heating gadgets are available in the market.

You can select them regarding the pool size and capacity of heating. It is now one of the common solar energy examples.

Solar Lighting 

Solar lighting is a typical example of solar energy for homes and gardens.

You can now simply enhance the visibility of your home during the night. Solar power includes inside and outside lightings to improve the house’s performance.

Similarly, solar light can provide an easy setup because of its cordless operation. It collects the power from sun heat and transforms it into electricity to provide electrical energy in the evening.

Solar lights are not costly as traditional electrical lights. Besides, the lights can produce the same brightness that of LED lights. It will minimize electrical costs and make your house effective. 

Also, the incredible design of solar lighting can enhance the exterior design of a home. Using multiple solar lights may be a clever solution for the outside home style.

For its low cost and eco-friendly power system, it is accepted widely by homeowners around the globe. Considering the cost per light, it is cheaper than traditional home and gardening lights.

Considering its technology, easy setup method, solar power supply, low energy consumption, and eco-friendly system, solar lighting is beneficial for individuals and businesses.

You can rely on this technology to make your lighting resources more attractive and affordable.

Rooftop Solar

Rooftop is one of the most common solar power systems for homes and businesses.

Among all the gadgets, rooftop solar is more usable and profitable. In this sector, thousands of homes are joining rapidly to convert their energy power into a reliable system. 

It can save homeowners and businesses thousands of dollars every year.

Besides these, several benefits make the technology common in this sector. A person can easily install the rooftop solar system and make the home solar powered. 

It is a complete power solution for home and business. The solar panel will collect energy from the rooftop and convert it to electricity.

This converted electricity will be used to run all the appliances and gadgets of the house. 

At the same time, it will rapidly reduce the electricity bills and ensure uncut service. With the help of the latest technology of rooftop solar, you can add more power to your home.

These incredible facts make rooftop solar one of the common samples of using solar energy. At last, you will find a perfect solution to electricity and utility bills along with low carbon emission.

Solar Transportation

The fuel-based transportation system is changing frequently.

Solar energy revealed the alternative power of transport and it is also eco-friendly. Buses, cars, trucks, trains, and even airplanes can be powered by solar. 

In this sense, solar-powered transports are the future of the transportation system in the universe.

The invention of electric cars and buses can get their energy solution by using solar energy.

An electric car or bus also can reduce carbon emissions.

Solar transportation system is eco friendly because it uses renewable energy, produces low sound, and brings zero fuel cost. 

At the same time, solar power airplanes might be a wise solution for the global transportation system.

Solar Impulse 2 is a solar power plane that impressed many people around the world for its solar power engine and flying capacity.

People become more interested in utilizing the power of the sun.

It can reduce the fare and travel expenses along with the instant refueling method.

So, it is visible that the solar transportation system is one of the common sectors of using solar energy.

The leading manufacturers are trying to produce solar power vehicles and solutions to make this renewable energy more productive. The solar transportation system is accepted around the world.

A New Way of Cooking on Solar Power

Solar cooking is one of the latest solar energy examples.

A solar cooker uses the power of the sun to heat and cook foods. This cooking system is spreading daily because of its affordability and reliability.

The cooker functions with the power of UV light that comes from sunshine. The sun’s direct heat converts into heat energy that makes the food or drinks boiled. 

On the contrary, you can use a solar cooker for home and outdoor cooking. With the help of this latest renewable technology, you can easily make an outdoor cooking party for recreation.

It will help the participants cook foods without any inconvenience and electricity or gas. This portable cooking system is very effective for a remote place where other energy is not available. 

Several types of solar cookers are available in the market.

Panel solar cookers have a group of reflective solar panels focused on a black pot.

Secondly, parabolic solar cookers are made from Aluminium sheets or foil and iron coated.

Solar box cookers and Scheffler cookers are also on this list. Solar box cookers are easy to use, and Scheffler cookers are suitable for institutions and factories. Finally, Schwarzer cookers are best for institutional and household usage.

Charging When Travelling

Charging your devices may be difficult when you are traveling.

It can create problems, and it is not possible to be near a power outlet all the time. In this situation, solar power or chargers are the best solutions.

You can enjoy the trip without power interruption with the help of some incredible solar power banks.

Oukafen 20000 mAh Portable Solar Power Bank with LED Flashlights 

This waterproof solar power bank comes with 20000 mAh battery power and a dual USB port. It has a backup battery system, and it is suitable for smartphones, tablets, and more.

This stylish power bank contains two flashlights to make travel convenient during the night. The waterproof feature makes it appropriate for travel, even on a rainy day or riverside area. You can use this powerful eco-friendly charger during traveling.

FEELLE Portable Charger External Battery Pack with Dual USB Ports Waterproof Phone Charger for Smartphones, Tablets 

The next one is a 24000 mAh waterproof solar power bank charger.

The battery power can charge your smartphone up to 12 times after getting fully charged.

The device has multiple solar panels for fast recharging. The water and dustproof system make traveling and outdoor charging efficient.

Charging When Camping

Camping is an outstanding recreation activity, and it is different every time.

But the awesome camping activity may be destroyed with a dead battery on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

For this reason, you need the perfect charging device that can make the camping uncut and comfortable.

Solar power is the best solution to this remote activity.

You can get uninterrupted charging capacity while using solar energy to recharge the devices.

However, you will find several solar products for camping. A solar power bank might be a complete solution to this problem.

You can try these top-listed camping solar power banks.

  • Where power access is limited, you can get the solar power of the Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern. It comes with a USB port for charging your smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

The device has a unique and collapsible space-saving design for emergency power support during camping. It is a waterproof device and fittest for outdoor activity. 

  • On the contrary, if you are searching for a powerful charging device with multiple solar panels but small in size, you can try FEELLE Portable Charger External Battery Pack with Dual USB Ports Waterproof Phone Charger.

This device comes with a powerful 24000 mAh battery and fast charging system. It will provide smooth energy from the sun even in an isolated place. 

Under the sun, you can find several samples of solar energy. Scientists and manufacturers are inventing more products to increase the usage of solar power.

Besides, renewable energy will be the future power of the world. Solar energy will provide power to the devices and transportation of every sector and country. It will be the leading and eco-friendly resource of energy.

Understanding solar energy and the full concept of this renewable energy source

Solar Energy Examples FAQs

Where can we use solar energy?

We can use solar energy everywhere under the sun. It can be used for homes, businesses, and outdoor activities.

What are the most common uses of solar energy?

Solar electricity, solar area heating, solar water heating, solar lighting, solar transportation, solar charging, solar cooking systems are the most common solar energy usage.

Is solar energy renewable?

Solar energy is renewable. It has unlimited resources because sunlight is the power of solar energy. It won’t ever run out or be short in supply. Full detail article

What are the disadvantages of solar energy?

The initial cost for installation is fairly high. It depends on the weather and sunlight. Solar energy storage is expensive, and it uses a lot of space. Detail article