Solar Heating Blankets? Heat Your Pool with Zero Electricity Cost

There is nothing more satisfying than a warm pool in winter. And an electric heater is one of the most efficient ways to heat your pools. But the question is, are there solar heating blankets?

Besides that, electric heating is costly. Using a solar heating blanket is a more cost-effective solution than using a room heater.

In this writing, we will describe the necessity and availability of solar heating blankets in the market.

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Why You Need Solar Heating Blankets for Pools

solar heating blankets
solar heating blankets

Electric heating will increase your electricity costs, while solar heating blankets enable you to get warm water for pools without electricity.

Similarly, reducing electricity use also helps us to save our planet.

Picking Solar Heating Blankets

Solar heating blankets are perfect for covering pools, especially in winter (the article was updated in Oct 2020). Let us reveal to you our top picks regarding solar heating blanket options.

SwimWays Thermo Spring Solar Mat

SwimWays Thermo Spring Solar Mat comes with 10 solar rings, and you can use all of them together. 

These effective heat generators are ideal for triangular, rectangular, and circular pools. The overall dimensions of the ring are 37.5 inches wide and 70 inches long.

It is only 28 pounds and easy to carry. The high-quality materials and layers of vinyl make it efficient enough to generate heat.

You can set the rings together to cover the whole swimming pool. The solar sun ring is perfect for in-ground and above-ground swimming pools. 

This device helps you to swim in the warm water.

Rating: 3.8 out of 5
Spec 1: Attractive style
Spec 2: Fitt on any pool
Spec 3: Several mats
Spec 4: Powerful vinyl
Spec 5: Wide covering
Spec 6: Instant heating
Spec 7: Absorbs 50% heat
Spec 8: Spring technology
Spec 9: Generates up to 75-degree temperature

This solar ring absorbs more heat and consumes less energy. The heat production process of this ring is effective, and you will get an outstanding result within a short time.

It is a complete heating solution that requires zero electricity. The ring uses solar energy that is renewable and comes from nature.

The multiple layers of vinyl ensure sufficient heat and keep the expected temperature for a long-lasting experience.

You can use a single ring or a complete set of 10 rings according to the size and needs of your pool.

Offers great insulations 
Easy to install and remove
Attractive color
Perfect dimensions
Oval design
Quick heating system

SwimWays 17400 Pool Heater ThermaSpring Solar Mat

This easy-storage solar pool ring comes with an oval shape and advanced heating system. It helps you to raise the pool temperature consistently without electricity costs. 

The ring reduces water and chemical pool evaporation. You can cover 70 to 80% of the surface of the swimming pool with this ring. 

Each mat contains 22 square feet area, and the package included 15 mats. You can purchase a single mat or another number regarding your needs. 

The ring has twist and spring technology for easy installation and storage. With durable materials, it will provide you with a hassle-free heating solution for your pool. 

It is a unisex device and should be assembled by an adult person. The device is designed to generate sufficient heat for your pool.

The ring is designed with a Polka-dot system that is a very effective method for pool heating.

Rating: 3.1 out of 5
Spec 1: Solar powered
Spec 2: Oval-shaped
Spec 3: Multiple mats
Spec 4: Polka-dot design
Spec 5: Large coverage
Spec 6: High-quality vinyl’s layers
Spec 7: Fast heating
Spec 8: Eye-catchy design

If you are searching for a solar ring that is perfect for different shapes of swimming pools, the SwimWays 17400 Pool Heater ThermaSpring Solar Mat might be a great choice. 

The oval shape design of the ring allows you to attach many rings side by side with a large coverage. This process enables you less evaporation and more insulation. 

It can absorb up to 50% sunlight, and 21,000 BTU heat keeps your pool warmer for a long time. When you are not using the ring, you can store it without toil. 

The unit will be folded easily, and it is perfect for storage with less space.

Pros and Cons

Great design 
Contains enough thickness
Easy to store 
Hassle-free installation
Perfect for large pools
Strong wind can carry it out

Intex Solar Cover for 15ft

This effective solar pool heater ring comes with a powerful heating system and can cover up to 15 feet around the swimming pool.

It absorbs heat from the sunlight and transfers the heat into the pool. The 15 feet circular ring can be a great solution for in-ground and above-ground pools.

This ring works perfectly by reducing 95% evaporation. The system will ensure maximum heating capacity and keep your pool water warm for a long time.

The Intex solar cover ring is easy to use and has a quality bubble structure for generating more heat during the day.

This ring has drain holes on the cover to reduce water accumulation and provide a hassle-free user experience.

It comes with a portable carry bag that will help you to store and carry the ring outside. It has a high floating capacity that makes it more powerful than a traditional pool heating system.

Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Spec 1: Solar powered
Spec 2: High floating capacity
Spec 3: 15 feet circular design
Spec 4: Reduces 95% water evaporation 
Spec 5: 4.57-meter diameter
Spec 6: Zero chemical consumption
Spec 7: High-quality bubbles 
Spec 8:Registered with Canadia PMRA

It is a solar pool ring with a crystal clear solar cover and helps you keep the water warmer for a long time.

The ring is efficient enough to provide you necessary heat. You can set this solar pool ring easily in the swimming pool, and it will enhance the usability of the pool.

The total ring is designed with quality materials and color so that you can get the ultimate result from this solar cover ring.

You can consider this ring as a complete pool heating solution without electricity costs. It contains lightweight materials, and you can carry it without too much labor.

The powerful layers of vinyl absorb more sunlight and provide heat to the water. This ring is fitted perfectly in the pool, and you can use it even in a windy situation.

You will get a complete and natural pool heating system if you select this Intext solar ring for the pool.

Pros and Cons

Easy to install
Easy to carry
Zero maintenance
Powerful cover
High efficiency
Not support weight 

10′ Solar Pool Cover

This effective solar sun ring is constructed from two layers of UV-resistant vinyl. You can heat your swimming pool with this ring quickly and continuously. 

The top layer of the ring is clear, and it can absorb more than 50% of the sunlight. It works perfectly with the thick layers of vinyl and converts sunlight into heat. 

The blue color also helps the ring absorb sunlight quickly. It comes with a circular-shaped design, and the round part is a little bit high. 

This technical design allows you to keep the water warmer for a long time. It has ten separated solar sun rings, and each ring contains six magnets to attach the rings. 

The bottom part of the ring is constructed with a rapid heat transferring process for getting instant and powerful heat to the pool.

Rating: 3.4 out of 5
Spec 1: Pack of 10 solar rings
Spec 2: Solar powered
Spec 3: Circular design
Spec 4: Absorb more than 50% sunlight 
Spec 5: Two layers of vinyl
Spec 6: Broad coverage area
Spec 7: Long-lasting heating solution
Spec 8: High floatable 

Solar sun ring is a powerful and efficient swimming pool heating device. The ring can convert sunlight into heat and makes your pool warmer. 

It has a clear layer that provides the remaining heat of the sun directly to the water after absorbing sufficient sunlight. 

The device has an effective covering process that helps you to get the expected temperature in the pool. It doesn’t require electricity or battery power

It works with the power of solar energy. Besides, the sun ring is cost-effective and easy to use. You can install the ring quickly and store it without too much labor.

Pros and Cons

Great quality
Beautiful plum tree design
Suitable for different sized pools
Easy to use
It can not stand in a windy weather 

Solar Sun Rings Solar Pool Heater (6 packs)

If you are looking for an effective and easy-to-install solar ring for your pool, you can consider the Solar Sun Ring Solar Pool Heater. 

It is a package of 6 powerful solar sun rings, and you can cover your small or medium-sized swimming pool perfectly. 

The rings of this pack contain two efficient layers of vinyl. It can absorb sunlight rapidly. The layers are clear and able to pass heat and total sunlight to the water.

You can cover up to 80% area of the swimming pool with this high-quality solar sun ring. It is perfect for rectangular, round, and oval-shaped pools.

Rating For This Solar Ring: 3.7 out of 5
Spec 1: 6 solar heating rings
Spec 2: Solar powered
Spec 3: Wide coverage area
Spec 4: Pass heat and sunlight
Spec 5: Solar powered
Spec 6: Effective vinyl layers
Spec 7: Quick heating process
Spec 8: Beautiful design with blue color

This cost-effective and heavy-duty solar sun ring will enhance your swimming experience by generating heat from the sun.

It is a process that allows you to heat your pool without electricity bills. You can easily install the rings together to heat the pool. 

Besides, the protective layers of vinyl provide you with the necessary heat within a short time.

The different solar rings will be attached with a magnet, and they remain connected without a complex installation process.

The rings will be a great heating solution for your swimming pool, and you can do it by yourself with this effective sun ring.

Instant heating system
Easy to store and use
Easy to carry

Wrapping Up for Solar Heating Blankets

We revealed the top solar heating blanket options in the market for 2020. All of the products were tested by many people, and they confirmed it works.

One small note for you is that you need to leave the blankets for more hours before using them in some cases. The reason is we are not staying in the same weather conditions.

In the state where you get more sun hours, such as Florida, you can enjoy swimming time after just two hours, while in other states, you need to spend at least 6 hours for the pool to be warmed.

Suppose you are looking for another alternative solution to heat the pool. You can have a look at our article about the best solar pool heaters. That article is a massive list, a massive solution for you to heat your pool instantly using solar power.

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