Solar Screen Fabric: What is it? Is It Worth Buying?

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What is a Solar Screen Fabric / Solar Shades?

A solar screen is a screen mesh that is meant to control sun rays distinctively. It is used in homes and office windows to protect direct sunlight from getting into your environment.

It is useful in blocking the sun’s heat from going through the windows. Solar screen fabrics help reduce glare to enjoy watching your television or even enjoy reading your books. 

It makes your environment easy to work in during sunny days. If you have expensive furniture and do not want them to be destroyed by the sun’s heat, you will need to install solar screen fabrics to protect your furniture.

Solar shades can reduce the intense UV rays by almost 50%. When you install solar shades, you will still be able to have a nice view of your city, garden, and even your street. 

Most solar screen fabrics are kids and pets friendly, so they cannot harm them. Solar screen fabrics are rollers that are made with a unique material that is intended to stop the glare of the sun.

It will lessen the electromagnetic heat gain and offer individual degree discretion but still provide a perfect view. Solar screens are also used to protect your pets from the extreme heat that is so because most of the time, pets are usually home when you go to work.

Window screens can also prevent your pets from falling off the window.

What Material Makes Solar Shades?

Solar Screen Fabric
Solar Screen Fabric

Solar shades are technically made from fiberglass yarns, which is vinyl coated.

A combination of polyester yarns and vinyl coat fiberglass 3000 is intertwined for a special ribbed weave for a chromatic combination and a unique look.

Do Solar Fabrics Reduce Heat?

Installing solar screens or fabrics on your windows during the summer will block more than 45% of heat from entering through the window. They will block a fair amount of glare from entering and hence making them useful.

You will not only reduce your cooling bill but also reduce the amount of heat load that would instead have penetrated through your windows.

How Does Solar Shades Preserve Heat on the Inside?

During the cold seasons, window treatment helps retain warmth in your home and office, hence saving money. Materials like the honeycomb shades and curtains will act as protective barriers, and that is all thanks to the cloistering window materials.

Some of the insulated solar shades have one or many air layers, honeycomb cross-sections. 

Honeycomb cross-sections have air pockets that act as insulators and can drop heat transmission through your window, increasing the R-value. During the cooling season, the cellular shades can reduce unwelcome solar heat through your windows.  

They will decrease the heat by up to 80%, reducing the solar gains by 15% when given a tight fix. Window blinds, solar shades, and other similar shadings always regulate and decrease heat gain or heat loss through the windows.

They reduce sun infiltration by a considerable margin.

Are Solar Screen Fabrics Worth it Financially?

In today’s world, a solar screen is the most affordable and inexpensive way to reduce and block heat from accessing your home interior. If you decide to do the installation and measure a 34 by a 70-inch window, you will probably have to spend about 50$ on average. 

You will save a lot of money which you could have used in cooling and heating machines. But for solar screen fabrics, they will keep your house warm during winter and block UV rays during summer.

How do You Attach Solar Screens?

Solar screens can be installed in different ways, but it all depends on their needs and preferences. Solar screens can either be attached to the window frame or the window glass.

Most solar screens come with an easy to attach dual lock pad, which can be used to attach the window frame or glass to the screen. That will enable precise placement depending on the client’s needs.

What Should you Choose: A Solar Screen or Window Tint?

What Should you Choose: A Solar Screen or Window Tint?
What Should you Choose: A Solar Screen or Window Tint?

Solar screens are fixed on the exterior of an elevated window like the standard insect screens, and a window tint is applied directly to the window inside the glass.

Solar screens are better at controlling heat transmission and are more efficient compared to window tints. The solar screen will cost between $115 to $480 per window or door when it comes to pricing. 

You will probably spend at least $7.50 per square foot. On the other hand, on average, window tinting will cost $5 to $8 per square foot.

But in general, most homeowners will spend approximately $300 and $750 for a professional installation. If you buy a DIY tint kit, you will probably save $100 compared to the professional tinting services. 

You can always find the DIY tints online at a fair price. Specialists always advise that when it comes to DIY kit, you should always be accurate and precise.

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You are always advised to seek a specialized professional who can help you with the tint. When it comes to DIY window tinting, most people lay the film down on the glass correctly, but after a few years, the tint starts to peel off. 

When you are doing tinting without professional advice, getting hold of the film can sometimes be challenging. You can always get professional service on the internet, and they will do the tinting for you at a reasonable price.

Some tinting companies always charge $25 to $50 per window, and you can also get a discount when you are tinting the entire car. 

Tinting takes less than two hours for a typical car, and it might take longer for big trucks. If you have an average car and you would like it to be tinted with a regular film, you will probably spend around$100 and $200 or $400 for high-quality tint.

How Long Can a Window Sunscreen Last?

Sunscreens always pay themselves and, on average, can last up to four years. According to studies, window sunscreens are a good investment because they can typically last for over fifteen years.

Many people who have installed window sunscreens have always said that they never bothered checking them as they can last for years once they installed it.

Does Solar Screens Fabrics Cause Windows to Crack?

According to research, when you apply a window film, the glass should never break in anyway. However, some few instances, even though not many, where the glass started cracking after applying a window film.

That is caused when the glass goes through extensive wear time or not in good condition. But that should never stop you from having a window sunscreen as you can always get advice from an expert.

Fiberglass or Aluminum glass: which one is better?

An aluminum screen is not easy to install as it is more inflexible compared to the fiberglass. That means that aluminum screens are more durable and long-lasting compared to fiberglass.

Although prone to denting and creasing during the application, the aluminum screen is always very kind. They are also likely to oxidize compared to fiberglass. 

The aluminum screen is always available in black, charcoal, gray, and black with the best visibility compared to the other colors. Fiber glasses, on the other hand, are very economical, elastic, and easy to install.

Compared to aluminum screens, fiberglass does not dent easily, crease, or unravel, making them the people’s choice.

What Material is Best for a Solar Screen?

According to research done online, the textilene is 90% better material for solar screens.Textilene are designed to fight 90% of the sun’s heat, making it the best for heat obstruction.

Do Solar Screens Offer Privacy?

Dy design, solar screens only offer some level of privacy. Depending on the day of the day, they can only offer a limited amount of privacy because they are designed to prevent heat and light control.

That means that you can easily see outside, but people on the outside cannot see through. But that will also depend on the material that makes the solar screen and its percentage to shade openness.

However, at night it is a different case. When the lights in your house are on, someone from outside can easily see that they are transparent. People outside can easily see what is going on inside, whether near the window or far away.

What is Solar Shade Openness?

Screen fabrics and woven fibers have gaps between them, and the difference between how big or how small represents the openness of a solar shade. It refers to how easily you can see through the screen shade.

Percentages differ when it comes to openness ranging from 1% to 14% openness. 

The difference in percentages also regulates the amount of light that goes through the shade. Different solar shades have different percentages of openness. It all depends on the tightness of the weave that makes the solar screen.

They range from 3%,5%, and 10%. Fabrics with a high openness factor will always allow more light and offer a clear view of the outside. They also have less privacy.

Websites and Companies That Provide Solar Shades

Sunscreen Mermet

Sunscreen Mermet is a French company that is a leader in producing and designing internal and external screens. They also offer ductile constructions, acoustic space fittings, and signage.

They specialize in fabric technology products’ expertise to meet the vast needs and range of solar protection. They produce solar screen fabrics that can cover diverse environments and locations. 

They possess a wide range of designs in both internal and external spaces. Sunscreen Mermet technology can be found in hotels, corporate office spaces, courtyards, pathways, residential buildings, and gardens.

The company also boasts of producing comfortable and pleasurable atmospheric textiles that can blend well with any interior space design and elevate every outdoor area space’s uniqueness. 

Sunscreen Mermet has also specialized in producing intelligent fabrics like solar shade fabric, transparent blind fabrics, tensile fabric, and other forms of fabrics.

The company uses fiberglass technology, which can make durable, prominent, and vigorous solar safety shades. Their solar fabrics are made to withstand any weather conditions and can last up to five years. 

Solar shade fabrics produced by the company are meant to protect the environment and ensure your wellbeing. During the solar shades production, there is little to no emission of chemicals to the atmosphere.

They use waterproof and fireproof properties, which are meant to meet all the safety standards. 

The production of fiberglass by Sunscreen Mermet ensures that they produce energy-saving solar blinds that will meet and accomplish the use of artificial and natural light to warm and improve your acoustic.

The company also intends to help its customers be independent of air conditioners and uncomfortable working environments caused by extensive heat, glaring light, and low air quality. 

The company’s blinds range from the 100% transparency blinds to the 100% Blackout series. They offer a wide range of signage choices and color palettes.

You can combine external solar blinds with signage to act as a marketing device and to protect you at the same time.


Insolroll boasts of having some of the best and high-quality solar shades that will allow natural light to get in and, at the same time, regulate the heat and glare and still uphold the connection to the outside world.

The company offers hardware selections and solar screen materials to offer a productive picture-perfect solution according to online exploration. 

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Their solar screen shades can be used in schools, office space, restaurants, and retail applications. Their goal is to offer customers and employees increased comfort and reduce internal space heating and cooling.

They always want to reduce cracking and fading from UV degradation. To go further, the company claims that its solar screens can also protect your valuable furniture and prevent heat from damaging them by eliminating glare on computers, smartphone televisions, and other devices that have screens. 

According to the company, their solar screens can help reduce worker gratification, protect commercial structures, and raise energy effectiveness. The company also tries to connect you with the outside world without hindering your view of the larger outer space.

Insolroll offers workers, pupils, and office staff the ability to restfully rejuvenate with the outside world while recharging themselves from the day’s hectic environment. 

That is why they always strive to improve the design and quality of their solar screens. Suppose you are looking for an attractive selection of solar screens that can be used commercially in schools, hotels, health care facilities, eateries, and anywhere people gather to relax.

In that case, Insolroll will provide you with their highly efficient and durable solar screens to ensure you enjoy your pastime with peace. Their solar screens are made with materials that are easy to clean, maintain, and are sufficiently durable and can be used in different communities and workplaces.

The Shade Store

If you are looking for solar shades and other shading products that have been handcrafted in the USA, the Shade Store will be the best company to buy from.

They offer some of the best and high-quality handcrafted solar screens and will deliver within a week if you buy from them. You can always visit their website

(, and from there, you can select the design, texture, percentage of concrete patterns, and many other features that you would like your solar screen to have. You will be given a wide range of solar screens to choose from depending on the material and color. 

They have different colors like grey, tan, beige, mushroom, chestnut, charcoal, and pearl. These are just some of the few colors you will get, but you can visit the website and choose what you like for more details.

You can also use the filter option on their website, and you will see what is trending and most popular solar screen that week. 

The website might also schedule a free professional measuring procedure by just filling a form, and they will send a professional. Still, most of the details are usually on the website unless otherwise.

If you want to ask any questions, you can email them, make a call, or visit their offices, which are more than 85 nationwide. You can also use the live chat option if you like. have some of the best solar screens when it comes to perfection and efficiency. They ensure their customers get the perfect outside view, reduce glare, shield furniture, and prevent excessive heat.

Their solar screens are ideal for windows that receive direct sunlight all the time. Available in sleek modern fabrics, the materials are well-knit and are tailor woven. 

You can still find the right size and quality type of solar screen even if your windows are large or small. They will have something for you.

Once you order their products online, they will offer fast shipment, offer installation personnel, and in case of any queries, you can get back to them. You can get various discounts, especially on black Fridays for most of their products. 

According to many reviews, most installations are always the best apart from a few situations where they were not installed correctly. One drawback that this company has is that they do not offer a warranty, and most customers would not recommend them to their friends.


Window Shades is another website that offers solar screen shadings even though it is family-owned, they claim to have some of the best shades on the internet. Their products are custom made and are related to their motto.

They offer handmade shades that are made with washable materials. They claim to offer the most pleasing quality shades since 1930. 

You can also get a trim selection if you buy one of their products. Some of their best products include coral brocade, red Kinna, navy blue Kinna, white brocade, and heather brocade, and most of them are labeled old fashion quality roller shades.

You can give them your specifications, and they will precisely provide you the exact shade you ordered online. 

If you have bought with them before and would like to replace your shade, they will give you a discount for being a great customer. Window shades have, for years, reached Victorian, Bungalow, and Craftsman homes.

The company has made blind shades for historical buildings nationwide.


Lastly, on our list of websites, we have the HunterDouglas.Com. They are renowned for producing distinctive aesthetic products for custom window blinds, shutters, drapery, and shades.

Their motto is to elevate everyday living, transform the light in your home, and define your home’s mood with unique and beautiful space. 

They have approximately four shade styles to choose from. Drapery, side panels, Roller and Roman Shades. Their products are said to harmonize and lay an appropriate window treatment.

With their exceedingly curated signature textiles, they also offer silk blends and sheers and velvet and jacquards. For an exciting interior space, the company recommends mixing different layers of fabrics, textures, and designs. 

The company founder, a New Yorker, Rebecca Atwood, has proclaimed a fresh color palette collection that showcases an artistic love for watercolor methods.

On their website, you will be able to offer your suggestions on the kind of solar screen you like, and they will give you their best. Their site also offers local experts in your area to answer all your questions, giving online consultation.

Final Thoughts 

Now that we have given you a good definition of solar screen fabrics and where you can get them. We believe that the article was of great help, and it will help you make significant decisions next time you want to buy a solar fabric.

They come at different sizes, shapes, and prices; it will all depend on your wallet size. If you want to protect your furniture and still maintain a cool temperature in your home or office place, you check out one of the websites mentioned in the article and your furniture will be safe.

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