Solarized Water: 05 Step To Solarize Water

Solarized water has always been a core topic presented by specialists, discussed by experts, and popularized by Gisele Bündchen, a top model celebrity.

This blog will discover what solarized water is and many of its advantages.

You’ll also find out the finest ways for making solarized water, as well as our five simple steps to solarized water processes. 

Do not be concerned if you are unfamiliar with these topics. We’ve come to educate you. Let’s get started if you’re willing to learn!

ThePhoenixsun Video Series
ThePhoenixsun Video Series

Rising Interest in Solarized Water

Despite the increased interest in the sun in recent years, there has been little certainty about electrified water. 

Scientific research that has always looked into the light’s true effects on water always has the same result. 

Whenever it relates to solarized water, we’ll see if changing hues make a difference.

We also searched the internet for customer reviews, historical documents, chromotherapists’ recommendations, and blog reports. 

So now, to contribute our personal experiences in this article.

The following section will explain the history of solarized water and ideas, approaches, and procedures. 

These are a few ideas for maximizing the benefits of solarized water.

What is Solarized Water?

Solarized water is also known as sun water or sun filtered water. It has been purified by being exposed to direct sunshine. The sun’s UV rays kill bacteria in water, making this procedure one of the most effective for water purification.

According to scientists, different colored bottles also significantly affect how well the sunlight modifies the chemical compounds’ water when exposed to direct sunlight. Various cultures and societies employ this strategy now all around the world. Solarized water has been used for spiritual practices in some chromo therapy-based cultures.

However, people are worried about the water quality and are prepared to investigate new purifying processes using solarized water. 

We’ll study the history of solarized water and many of its practices over the next section.

Benefits of Solarized Water

Solarized Water
Solarized Water source:

Solarized water, as per chromotherapy, is a component of a rainbow diet, which was encouraged to eat a variety of colorful foodstuffs each day. 

Various chromo counselors also recommend using various colored water bottles to obtain different results. 

Each color has been attributed to a particular body portion in chromotherapy to reflect chakras concepts.

As a result, depending on the hue of the water bottle we choose to use, solarized water can have varying effects on us. 

Purple, for instance, is supposed to calm the nerves, while greenish aids in the healing of bacterial illnesses and reddish boosts energy. Other sites have gone into greater detail to describe the rainbow diet for chromotherapy.

Some people have been utilizing plastic bottles; however, this is not encouraged since plastic bottles tend to relax harmful substances in the water when subjected to sun rays for long periods. 

In the long run, this will have negative consequences for your body. As a result, it is recommended that colorful plastic bottles be avoided. 

Keep in mind that the procedures described herein should never be used in place of medical therapy for severe conditions.

History of Solarized Water

The origins of solarized water are unknown, although it appears to have been a technology employed throughout the planet during the past millennia. 

Sun-charged water procedures have been documented in some old Chinese Ayurvedic treatments. It’s also been discovered in Hawaiian religious practices & ancient Egyptian customs.

All of the world’s traditions believe that solarized or sun-powered water can help you improve your spiritual process and develop your wellness. 

That idea can also be seen in contemporary chromo therapy methods, derived from the Greek words “chroma” for color and “therapeia” for medical treatment. 

In addition, it has been employed in the production of beverages and spiritual acts.

Chromotherapy is a technique for teaching students how to solarize water using various colored bottles of glasses. 

Each colored bottle will react differently in terms of how it promotes certain water elements and the numerous rewards you’ll receive.

Many individuals who select solarized water are health-conscious and wish to eat a healthy, sustainable diet. 

Solarized water is also purer than regular water, and it is without question the most environmentally friendly option available in today’s globe.

Given that you’ll be using springs or mineral water, exposure to the sun aids in the killing of any bacteria that may remain in the water. 

That also means you won’t have to use the old-fashioned color bottle method. This is due to the fact that clear bottles can still be used to solarize water.

Claims and Evidence to Support Solarized Water Practices

We’ve seen a lot of research on how light has an irreversible influence on water constituents. The outcomes of water from various colored bottles were compared in the study. 

According to the findings, solar-charged water can change its chemical constituents and create far more. 

Science also has proven that the hue of the glass via which light is passed has a significant impact on the outcome.

Each color will also have a unique effect on the water, which is an intriguing fact. 

An investigation, for instance, found that water with blue bottles aided mosquito larvae hatching, validating the effect of color and solarized water. Additional research showed that water from the orange bottle of water encouraged the growth of roots in seedlings.

Although no primates have been observed, hypotheses about solar-charged water and its impacts on monkeys have yet to be experimentally validated. 

People have been impacted on a biological level for a long time, but the impacts observed have been either positive or negative. That’s why, in order to avoid beer-changing attributes, breweries carefully select their glass hue.

The sun has been discovered to filter green, brown, or black bottles.

When should each type of Solarized Water be drunk?

As previously said, there is no unifying practice or approach for using solar-charged water, but we have seen several helpful hints for finding our equilibrium with solarized water. 

Bluewater has been shown to help relieve stress; thus, it is recommended that we should drink it all day.

On the other hand, solarized water can also be sprayed throughout the household, ideally on cheerful plants, and used as a perfume by dabbing a few drops on the vein junctions.

Yellow water, on the other hand, has been shown to be appetite suppressing, so if you want to stick to a balanced lifestyle and avoid overeating, take yellow water before each food. 

It’s advised that you consume Redwater every morning to invigorate and increase your circulation and brain function.

Blue Bottled Solarized Water: Spiritual Practice

As we saw in our earlier story, some practices recommend using only blue water bottles with sun-charged water.

According to Hawaiian belief, the deep blue color is linked to your subconsciousness and aids communication with your directing deity. 

To assist you in clearing your mind, it is recommended that you drink your blue solarized water every time before you begin meditation or praying activities.

Solarized water is a complementing aspect of the forgiving process in the Ho’oponopono culture. 

You should follow their spiritual practices to connect to heavenly energy. They think that perhaps the solar-charged water will clear your mind of negative feelings, altering your spirit and allowing you to recover deeply.

Many of the studies we discussed earlier show that the hue blue can significantly improve our natural formation. That could be the reason why many cultures recommend drinking blue-colored water.

This is also assumed that this can harbor hazardous germs at all times, causing infections in the human lymphatic system. 

Finally, it is said that drinking blue solarized water will provide you with spiritual and psychological serenity. 

If the curing and spiritual practices do not work for one, keep using the transparent glass bottle; no need to fret; you’ll still benefit from clear solarized water.

As we’ve seen, research has proven that light has different effects on different water elements depending on the color of the container we’re using. 

There is a minor point to consider when it comes to using different colors of bottles.   

However, it is unclear if those variations are necessary on a biological level or for human consumption.

Different people are influenced differently spiritually and psychologically when it comes to color therapy. 

That suggests that other factors, in addition to the chemical structure of the water, play a role. If you don’t want to use a clear bottle, you can still obtain the benefits of purified water. 

In the next paragraph, we’ll walk you through five steps to make your own solarized water.

5 Steps to Make Solarized Water

In this section, we’ll show you how to make your own solarized water in the convenience of your own home. 

However, you should be aware that there are other methods for solarizing water; as a result, we will provide a list of the techniques that we believe are the most successful and scientifically established.

Step One: Have the Right Kits

Begin by obtaining a brightly colored water bottle.

You can do some research to see which color bottle best matches you based on the chromotherapy hypothesis, but if you can’t find one, stay with cobalt blue.

Step Two: Find an Ideal Breathable Material

Bormioli Rocco Giara Bottle, 33.75-Ounce, Blue
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  • Extra strong decorated glass

Place thin cotton cloth or, better yet, linen piece on the surface of the glass container and fasten this with a rubber stopper.

It’s best to use the same type of fabric you’d use for kombucha fermenting or jam production. 

This will enable your water to breathe out contaminants while keeping microbes at bay.

Step Three: Find an Ideal Place

Load your water bottle with mineral water. Put it in a brightly lit area of your home, such as the kitchen window sills.

Step Four: Exposure Duration

The most challenging component of the entire process of processing solarized water is usually exposed. The length of exposure will be determined by several factors, including the sun’s strength.

The sort of window or outdoor ledges you have, as well as the corner of the world you reside in, would have an impact on how you manufacture your solarized water.

That means you’ll have to judge yourself based on how much sunlight you get in a day or how many hours you receive in a day and try to fit it into your schedule and demands.

We’ll give you guidelines, so you’ll know what the thresholds and suggested exposure times are.

We recommend keeping the water in direct sunshine for at least one hour during the summer before drinking it.

Depending on where you live in the world, sunlight is sparse throughout the winter, so we recommend waiting at least a day before consuming it. 

In supermarkets, bottled water can have a one-year shelf life extension. 

Nevertheless, leaving your bottled water in direct sunlight for a month is not recommended.

Step Five: Schedule It

You must start working on the bottles’ construction. Some individuals use various colors every day or week based on their tastes.

You might use red on Monday and a different color on Tuesday; just be sure to change the colors every day or every week.

Some individuals like to designate certain prayers to different bottles, such as one for cleansing the mind, another for forgiveness, and so on.

You can also use a symbol or number to identify your bottles if that is more convenient for you. 

We’ll go through the many things we can utilize and some advice we can give you in the coming section.

Best Products to Make Solarized Water

Best Products to Make Solarized Water
Best Products to Make Solarized Water

So far, we’ve looked at the various techniques for obtaining solar-charged water, as well as wherever it originates from and how to make your personal solarized water. 

The next stage is to put theory into practice, and we’ll give you some more pointers on how to make the finest solar-charged water.

We’ll connect you with a few of the top products available for making your own solarized water. Your glassware bottle must be deliberately crafted. 

After all, you’ll be using it daily. It will be beneficial to select your water bottle based on your lifestyle, usage, and the primary purpose for which you want your solarized water to assist you.

If you enjoy running or working out in the gym, you must keep two bottles: one to keep at home and one to use during your gym sessions or running. 

If you are not the kind to spend a lot of time at home, you might invest in a little flask to keep your energy on the go. 

The great thing about solarized water is that you don’t need a lot of materials to make it, so you can make your batch with it. 

We’ll show you some popular brands accessible online in the next section.

Alternative Ways to Use Solarized Water

Solarized water’s primary and most common use is to drink it to improve our health, though some people believe it also has spiritual properties. 

Some individuals, though, are increasingly employing it in their skincare routines. 

However, it should be noted that how solarized water interacts with our skin and how it affects healthy skin has yet to be determined.

Also, it will not harm you in any case, so you can give it a shot. You can use solarized water for massage therapy or in your bath with a blend of aromatic oils. 

You can also use the chakra code to determine which colors have the most significant impact on your body. Those practices have existed for ages in the history of human understanding. 

Although there is no scientific evidence that solarized water is helpful to the skin, there is still time to learn and experiment with your skin without any harm.


We’ve investigated the origins of solar-charged water in chromotherapy, individual approaches, spiritual rituals, and science. 

The article has demonstrated how science has attempted to describe the mechanism and how it may impact commercial usage of glass-colored bottles of water, particularly beer packing.

We’ve also looked at the five steps to making solarized water on your own, as well as some basic know-how on how to get started. 

You’ve also learned about the various types of water bottles that can be used to generate solarized water, as well as how to drink and consume it.

When it comes to solarized water, you are ultimately the architect. We’re here to help you on your way to discovering the many advantages of solar energy.

We wish you the best of luck in making your solarized water, as well as a happy and healthy lifestyle, whichever path you choose.

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