Sunrun Review: Is It The Good Deal For Solar Solution?

Are you bored with high electric bills? There is your answer: Sunrun. We will review Sunrun as the company that provides solar power solutions.

Sunrun is the largest Solar company in the United States, with over 250,000 customers and over 23 states. If you are interested in using solar power to save the environment while saving money, this article is made for you.

The idea may seem perfect, but is it worth it? You will learn the answer while telling you everything you need to know about Sunrun.

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Who is Sunrun?

Sunrun Review

Sunrun is a finance company that is an expert in solar power purchase agreements (PPA) and solar leases.

Both of them have the same offer. Both products ask nothing from the customer and contact Sunrun instead.

The customer needs to subscribe to Sunrun for a monthly paid subscription to use solar power.

When subscribed, Sunrun handles the installation process. Even if some local companies can install your panels as long as they have a “certified Sunrun Partner.” You still pay for the Sunrun.

When the installation is finished, Sunrun and its services take all the responsibility. This means you will contact them if you have any problems or questions.  

So, What’s SunRun Offering?

Sunrun’s PPA and lease choices are most popular in the market. These choices have no downpayment and have the potential to lower electric bills—however, their chances of credit score, sufficient roof integrity, and convenient electric equipment, etc.

Sunrun will apply for your solar permits if you fulfill these requirements. This means they will take care of your panels’ installation, and they will serve your system until your agreement ends.

You will be required to pay a predetermined monthly bill for this service.

To find your bill cost, Sunrun will first check your electric bills in the past. Mainly they will check your most recent 12 months.

Then they will attempt to calculate for building a system that produces 100% of the power calculated from your recent power usage for a year.

Of course, it is almost impossible to get 100% efficiency, especially in northern states, because of the climate.

Sunrun will use your roof space as much as they need to meet the power needs. If there is not a lot of space on your roof, it may not be a good idea to subscribe to Sunrun.

Sunrun has two options for the payment: a lower price that can change throughout the years and a flat rate that never changes. To illustrate it, if the calculated estimation is 11 cents for that year, the flat rate might be 13 or 14 cents.

Selecting either option is up to you. If you stay in your home for the long term, probably choosing the flat rate may be better. If you stay for less than ten years, you might want to choose a lower price that escalates every year.

Both options may be choosable up to your needs. Ask a person that knows about Sunrun if you know more about your area. The price might be lower than expected.

A Finance Company: Sunrun

You may wonder how Sunrun makes a profit in this business. There are multiple ways that they are using in that market: 

  • The first way is from the customer, of course! Customers’ monthly bills are going directly to Sunrun.
  • The second way is ITC, also known as “The federal investment tax credit.” The government offers to reimburse the owner of a solar power system. In 2020, the credit was set to 26%. Since Sunrun is an owner, They can use this tax.
  • Any incentives are a money source for Sunrun as well.

Suppose you’d like to save more money and research any available incentives in your area. If there are, you will get more discount.

Sunrun’s Reviews: Service Types

Sunrun is a solar company working with a “solar for service” motto. That means customers are getting full of the services for monthly payments. The services involve installation, monitoring, maintenance, insurance, roof warranty, and performance guarantee. Let us start explaining these by beginning installation.


Sunrun is responsible for complete installation. They will pay and apply for permits, interconnection for you. Be aware that Sunrun is responsible for such tasks only if these approvals are accepted.


Sunrun solar panel systems need the production of monitoring. The customer’s monitoring system can be reached via their mobile app (there are some features in this up, such as payment and managing accounts).

Note: Keep in mind that Sunrun and its customers can control the production every time.

It is Sunrun’s customer service due to control of the monitoring. But it is highly advised to be sure that the system is working without any issue.

The solar monitoring system is working via the internet, so note that any connection loss might cause problems in the control system.

The system may or may not work correctly, but the control system will fail without a network connection.


Service maintenance, such as controlling the system or repairing it, is entirely Sunrun’s responsibility. If some issues are detected, the service will come. There is no regular maintenance.


Sunrun has $1 million per incident and $2 million insurance in case of the solar system’s damage.

Roof Warranty

A roof warranty is important for Sunrun. The warranty can change in terms of location and installer since Sunrun can install the “licensed” local partners.

The warranty is about how long Sunrun guarantees the roof will be leak-free after installation.

Depending on the environment, this can be between 1-10 years. Given data gives us that mostly it is five years. In a given time, if there is a leak, it is Sunrun’s responsibility to repair all damages from the leak.

After that period, it is the customer’s responsibility.

Sunrun Review: Performance Guarantee

Who wants a solar panel system that doesn’t work properly and sometimes does not work at all? Sunrun knows the problem for its customers, and they are giving a guarantee for the work.

Having started the field’s performance guarantee, Sunrun has made that standard in the solar power field.

Sunrun will help customers calculate how much power the solar panels will produce and guarantee per year.

As expected, the amount of power produced by solar panels will decrease each year.

That being said, Sunrun will calculate the amount of power for two years to see if they can make it up for the other year.

Sunrun will make it up to the customer if there is under production.

You should check the agreement for your safety before signing it first since there can be a conflict between the agreement and the bill.

However, you shouldn’t worry that much because the solar power system has been a reliable power source for years.

Sunrun Review: Sunrun’s Customer Service

Sunrun has very strong customer service since the whole system depends on that. Sunrun has one of the largest customer support services in the field.

They have specialists to help you with almost everything in the field, such as answering your questions, repairing systems, etc.

Sunrun’s response time changes based on the importance of the issue. If it’s an urgent issue like damage to the house, they will respond within two days.

According to customers’ feedback, if there is something less urgent such as equipment repair, they will respond in approximately two weeks. 

Sunrun Review: Ratings

Angie’s List: C


Net Promoter Score: 33 (As of 2017 study by Provoke Insights, a market research firm)

A net promoter score ranges from -100 to 100 and measures the likelihood of a customer recommending a company’s service.

Should You Subscribe to Sunrun?

According to the feedback, the money you will save is around 20% to 60%. This means if the circumstances are good, It is an excellent offer to subscribe.

There is no specific agreement about comparing the Sunrun lease to the zero-down solar loan. The opinion can vary in the people that are used.

The cost of over 25 years can be a better option than your Sunrun lease. This, of course, depends on where you live, your roof type, etc. Installers who give loans also have warranties to compete in the Sunrun.

In the end, we highly recommend you to consult an expert in that matter. They can choose the best option for you.

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