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15 Top Solar Panel Manufacturers Worldwide

Considering the rapid growth of solar energy in the past few years, it is no surprise the production of solar panels is also growing significantly.

With the help of the top 15 solar panel manufacturers worldwide, this industry is spreading power globally, and we are getting quality solar products.

Consumers want to get modern solar panels that are more efficient and can work even in a hazardous environment.

They consider the output from the solar system and compare it with the costs of conventional electricity.

So, efficiency is important, and the best manufacturers will have the capacity to produce the most efficient solar panels.

In this sense, it is important to know the top solar panel manufacturers if you are using a solar product or considering it.

Here, we present some key features that should be found in top-tier solar panel manufacturers.  

This writing will focus on the top 10 solar panel manufacturers in the US and the top 5 solar panel manufacturers worldwide.

You will also get impartial reviews of these manufacturers with their background, top products, pros, cons, and final thoughts.

What are the criteria that make a good solar panel manufacturer?

What are the criterias that make a good solar panel manufacturer?
What are the criteria that make a good solar panel manufacturer?

It is challenging to select a solar panel manufacturer when you think about a successful solar system installation.

Considering some basic criteria, you will be able to find a good solar panel manufacturer easily.

Let’s explore some significant key features that will help you pick the top producer.

Manufacturer History

It is a growing industry, and the number of manufacturers is increasing rapidly. New manufacturers are offering cutting-edge technologies and several promotional offers.

But, it is important to ensure the solar panel has a great warranty. An established company with many years of experience can offer up to 25 years of warranty.

Selecting a company that provides you with quality service and does not hurt your investment is essential.

Rated Wattage

Power and wattage are some of the basic features of a solar panel. Some manufacturers produce solar panels that contain more power with small space.

On the contrary, you will get solar panels with a big surface but less wattage.

You have to select the manufacturer that has solar panels with more wattage and small measurements. It will reduce the installation costs and help save space.

Customer Service

Solar energy systems can generally remain in operation for at least 25 years, and it requires routine maintenance and care to continue its seamless operation.

Similarly, the system needs to be exchanged or upgraded based on your demand. A manufacturer that provides good customer service will make it easy to continue the service.


The cost of the solar panels depends on the manufacturer and the quality of the products.

Before selecting the solar panels and manufacturer, you have to compare the price and services with the value of the money.

It will ensure the best products at the best price.

Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers In The US & Their Reviews

Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers In The US & Their Reviews
Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers In The US & Their Reviews

The growing market of the United States of America develops many rising solar product manufacturers to fulfill domestic needs and export additional solar panels.

Similarly, the consumers are converting their power source from traditional electricity to renewable solar energy.

We are presenting the top 10 solar panel manufacturers in the US based on their products and services.

Auxin Solar

Auxin Solar is an American manufacturing company and started its operation in 2008.

The company’s headquarters is situated in San Jose, California, and they also serve international customers based on their products.

This US manufacturer produces solar panels, solar mounting racks, complete solar energy systems,  portable solar panels, and solar tracker systems.

They are the top solar system developers in the country and trying to manufacture quality solar products for domestic and worldwide service.

This company is working to develop commercial and residential solar systems in America, Europe, and Australia.

The advantage of this company is that they have a wide range of service areas and have produced quality products for 12 years.

But, you can’t get the service of this company in developing countries.


This solar manufacturer company is a joint venture between Europe and North American investors. The is one of the renowned solar energy production companies according to service and goal.

The company offers a creative solution to the climate change problem worldwide. Their target is to establish a strong and vast solar energy production system around the globe.

This US-based company manufactures premium quality solar modules, PV cells, high-strength solar panels and delivers them worldwide.

The company is revealed as the Tier 1 company in the US market for high-quality products.

You can get the advanced photovoltaic technologies of the company to ensure a hassle-free service for several years.

They produce high-quality solar panels and modules. In this sense, you may get an expensive price list while getting their services.

Seraphim Solar USA 

It is a high-ranked solar panel manufacturer in the US market. The Seraphim energy group runs its operation as a branch of the Seraphim group China.

In America, they serve from the headquarters in Texas and manufacturing operations in Mississippi.

The company manufactures photovoltaic modules for residential and commercial purposes. They also produce solar panels for industrial, government, utility, and military markets.

The good news is that Seraphim installed more than 6 million modules in over 30 countries worldwide.

Besides, you will get financing, marketing, designing, and consultation service for solar energy instead of manufacturing.


Solaria is considered the top solar panel manufacturer in America based on its service and production capacity.

The company started its journey in 2000, and now they have more than 65 registered patents for manufacturing, applications, products, and equipment.

The company offers solar panels, automation processes, solar energy conversion, estimation, and manufacturing.

The headquarters in California operates the company worldwide. This company is considered the most respected company in the solar industry based on IP Portfolios.

The potential service of the company enables consumers to get outstanding service at an affordable price. This manufacturer has a global reputation.

SunPark Technology

This company is a growing solar panel manufacturer in America and has over 20 years of experience in the industry.

The mother company of this manufacturer is Yiheng Science and Technology Co. Ltd is based in China.

They have been in the solar panel manufacturing industry for over 20 years and are now recognized globally as a top brand.

The company produces solar panels, PV cells, and other equipment for solar energy production.

They offer quality products and services for residential and commercial solar energy solutions.

They follow an eco-friendly production process and maintain the quality of the product.

SunPark Technology enables consumers to convert their conventional electricity to renewable energy.

They also introduce the latest technologies to the customer for a better experience.

Solar World Americas

SolarWorld Americas is a company that has been operating for over 45 years. It is the largest solar operating and manufacturing company in the western hemisphere.

It started its operation in 1975 and achieved a reputation in the solar manufacturing business.

They manufacture grid-tied, residential, and commercial solar systems for small and large businesses.

It is the most experienced company in the world according to service duration.

The company offers effective solar panels with the latest technologies and manufactures the most demandable solar modules globally.

The advanced option and affordable prices make them incomparable in this industry. Solar World Americas is working to provide green energy at an affordable price.

Domestic and global customer satisfaction makes them one of the leading manufacturers.


When two technology giants work together and manufacture solar panels, it is clear that they produce the best product.

Panasonic and Tesla started their partnership in 2018 to produce solar energy.

The headquarters of this joint venture is in New York, and Panasonic solar panels are produced in Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo.

Their high-efficient energy cells are efficient enough and can produce more than 19.7% of the energy from the sun.

Panasonic created the most reliable solar panels for residential and commercial purposes. Besides, they develop a complete system with Tesla Powerwall for off-grid solar energy installment.

The global operation and eco-friendly manufacturing process help them to lead the industry. Their solar panels are high in quality and come with the latest technology.


JinkoSolar is one of the top American solar equipment manufacturing companies in the world. The company produces and distributes several solar products in the country.

Their service and solutions make them incomparable in the solar industry. This company established an integrated value chain of solar products for a better experience.

As of December 31, 2019, the company enriched itself with 9.7 GW for silicon wafers and 7 GW for solar cells.

This company has a wide range of products including, solar panels, PV modules, batteries, off-grid and grid-tied solar systems.

They continue their operations in the United Kingdom, Chile, South Africa, India, United Arab Emirates, Italy, and Spain.

The advantage of this company is that you will get a worldwide service center and manufacturing units. It will help you to get a quick service wherever you want.

First Solar

First Solar is one of the leading solar panels and energy manufacturers in America. They own the world’s largest grid-connected photovoltaic power plants.

They invest a huge amount in the research and development of advanced technologies for the industry.

The stable grid integration system is the most significant achievement of the company.

They work to produce solar panels, solar equipment, complete solar solutions, and the development of solar technology.

The company offers solar technology that is cost-competitive with conventional energy.

Their largest connected solar power plants produce a lot of renewable energy and reduce pressure from conventional demand.

Their operations are eco-friendly and help the world to use eco-friendly solar products and energy. These multiple operations enhance their service area and include them in the top list.

LG Solar USA.

LG sells a wide range of electronic products all over the world. Now, they are producing solar panels and working to develop solar technologies.

The company developed LG all-weather solar panel that can work in any weather condition. These solar panels are eco-friendly and come with advanced solar technology.

They can produce energy with daylight even when there is no sunlight. The LG solar panels are efficient and manufactured with integrated heat-absorbing capacity.

This technology benefits the environment and satisfies thousands of clients worldwide.

LG offers different types of solar-powered products for residential and industrial uses. LG solar inverter Air Conditioner is one of the best solar-powered devices in the world.

Low energy consumption and high efficiency make the device more effective.

TOP 5 Solar Panel Manufacturers Worldwide & Their Reviews

TOP 5 Solar Panel Manufacturers Worldwide & Their Reviews
TOP 5 Solar Panel Manufacturers Worldwide & Their Reviews

The global economy allows a manufacturer to deliver its product worldwide. The solar panel manufacturers and developers are also supplying their products and technologies globally.

Now, we are presenting the top 5 solar panel manufacturers worldwide with their background, products, services, advantages, and disadvantages.

It will reveal the solar panel’s production and business along with the instructions to find the best solar panels.

JS Solar

JS Solar started its operation in 2007, and the company is located on the South East side of China. They offer engineering and manufacturing of solar energy systems.

This company produces solar panels for industry and residence to provide efficient energy production service.

They have a wide range of solar panels and technology to cope up with the latest solar technology.

The standard, high output, and smart solar panels series are the top quality panels of this manufacturer.

The solar panels produced by JS Solar are very efficient and offer 22% efficiency. It is the highest energy generation rate for photovoltaic solar modules.

Their panels are durable and come with quality materials to ensure long-lasting service.

The products are sold worldwide, and they try to develop the system at an affordable price.

Trina Solar

Trina Solar is a Chinese-based solar equipment manufacturing company that started in 1997 and is located in the southern part of China.

This company focuses on smart energy solutions and gives priority to solar energy.

They work for modern solar infrastructure to solve the energy production and consumption problem of the modern world.

This company manufactures and offers highly-effective photovoltaic solar panels with 19% of efficiency.

The solar panels of this company come with a range of 280- 310 wattage with 60 cell modules.

Their easy access and installation system enable them to serve more countries within a short time. The company provides quality products at a reasonable price.

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar company was established in 2001 with a share of Chinese investment. The goal of this company is to develop a cleaner future and generate green energy for the planet.

This company is not just a manufacturer, but it is a solar technology researcher.

The top products of this manufacturer are solar panels, modules, and mounting devices.

Their manufacturing modules are highly-effective and come with a high-performance design. For example, the Ku Modules of Canadian Solar has an 18.60% efficiency and 370 Wattage of maximum power.

The company offers quality products in comparing the value of money. This manufacturer can provide you with follow-up services for several years.

Must Solar

Must Solar was founded in 1998, and its headquarters are situated in Shenzhen, China. This company manufactures several products along with solar panels.

The company is dedicated to power inverters, solar energy, VRLA battery, etc. They produce these products and provide after-sales service.

This solar manufacturer has all the solar energy production products, including power inverters, solar batteries, monitoring products, and more.

The efficiency rate of their solar panels is 18.3% which is respectively high in the industry. The standard quality and powerful specifications offer effective energy solutions in the world.

It will help the consumers to establish a large and smart solar energy system.

Sharp Corporation

When it comes to technology, we can’t ignore the contribution of Japan. Sharp Corporation was founded in 1912.

Since the primary level, the company has been developing and producing a wide range of electronic products.

This company started the development of solar cells in 1959. So, the company has been working with solar panels for more than 60 years.

Sharp produces different types of solar panels for commercial and residential purposes.  They manufacture polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels for regular energy production.

Sharp corporation recently produced efficient solar cells that come with 44.4% of efficiency. The company is old enough and will offer quality products to its customers.


Finally, the top solar panel manufacturers worldwide produce high-quality panels for commercial and residential usage.

As a renewable energy consumer, you can find the top manufacturer of solar panels for establishing a quality solar system for your business or home.

A renowned company will provide you with the best service during and after the installation. It will ensure hassle-free service with less maintenance.

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