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2023 Solar Panels Brands

When you are installing a solar system for your home and business, the brand is important. Quality products come from renowned manufacturers, and they try to manufacture optimal products for brand value.

Selecting a solar panel from a famous brand will ensure good service and quality for a long time. In general, solar panels’ expectancy is up to 30 years, and an established brand selection is a must for this long time.

In this writing, we present the top 20 solar panels brands and their reviews. So, let’s get started with these amazing companies in the solar industry.

Top 20 Solar Panels Brands Worldwide in 2023

Top 20 Solar Panels Brands Worldwide
Top 20 Solar Panels Brands Worldwide

Here are the top twenty solar panel brands worldwide with their estimated cost and customer reviews and ratings.

RankSolar Panel BrandCost Range (per panel)Rating (out of 5)
1LG Solar$430 – $123004.6
2Q CellsStarted from $2474.81
3Silfab$300 – $5004.83
4Sunpower$620 to $8004.53
5Panasonic$291 -$4324.84
6Mission Solar EnergyStarted from $2084.73
7SolariaStarted from $3844.75
8Axitec Solar USA$227 – $3504.80
9Canadian Solar$180-$2504.68
10Jinko Solar$250 – $3504.60
11Trina Solar$225- $5004.55
12Tesla21.5 per square foot1.80
13REC GroupStarted from $3204.57
14Seraphim$300 – $12004.72
15Longi SolarStarted from 1654.06
18Hyundai Heavy Industries$300 – $7004.44
19AE Solar$150 -$7503.82
20Solartech Energy$250 – 6304.58

Top Solar Panels Brands & Their Reviews

We select these top twenty brands from around the world, and we try to consider their service compatibilities by considering their installation and manufacturing process, cost, efficiency, and user feedback.

We completed this shortlist from our solar industry experience and considered the real customer experience. Let’s explore the world’s best manufacturers in the solar industry.

LG Solar

LG Solar is the top solar panel manufacturer, and its high-efficiency solar panel comes with 20.8% efficiency. They offer quality products, and the cost is slightly higher because, at the wholesale level, their solar panels are expensive.

But, at the retail level, it is not so expensive when we think about the total installation system. If you compare the efficiency and quality of this manufacturer, you look like they are the best in the industry.

Besides, the availability and after-sales service make them incomparable. Thousands of customers have selected this company as their best solar installer and manufacturer.


Q CELLS is a global manufacturer of solar panels, and its price started from $247 per panel. This top-rated solar panel manufacturer has easy installation facilities with diverse models.

You can select the most efficient solar panels from this brand, enabling you to establish a solar module at ease.

The efficiency of their solar panels is up to 19.07 percent, and it is quite perfect for the latest solar power production.

Customers rated them as one great value for the price and recommended Q Cells and the best panels for residential usage.


Next, we have a cost-effective solar panels manufacturer Silfab. This global producer offers a variety of solar panels based on your requirement. The company is an American manufacturer and offers affordable prices with high efficiency. With the latest technology, they offer 19.4 percent efficiency for residential solar panels.

This company is ready to deal with federal tax issues and make the installation easier for you. Besides, the manufacturing process has top-grade quality control for making the panels more durable.

Customers said that this brand is perfect for residential solar system installation, and they come with great performance on multiple dimensions. Similarly, the warranty service is incomparable in the industry.


SunPower manufactures the high efficient solar panels with a maximum efficiency rate of 22.7 percent. They offer an affordable price with a range of $620 to $800.

The installation system is suitable for any residential building, and this company reduces the risk of installation with professional service.

Besides, their power trip is very clear in step, and they will utilize your roof most effectively. You will find the TXU solution, and SunPower has the latest web-based purchasing technology.

Consumers rated them as the best solar company and along with high-quality manufacturing and broad warranty coverage.


This Japanese multinational electronics company hopefully achieved its position in the solar industry. Their model is the best globally, and this manufacturer offers reliable energy solutions for global consumers.

The highest efficiency of the Panasonic solar panel is more than 20.3 percent. They manufacture a wide variety of solar panels with different wattages.  

Similarly, the price of Panasonic solar panels is affordable in comparing the service and durability. Their solar panel’s price started from $291, and it is perfect for residential usage. 

Customers are satisfied with the service of Panasonic, and thousands of positive feedback reveal the truth. According to the customer’s rating, these solar panels contain higher quality, massive output than the normal solar panels.

Mission Solar Energy

This US-based global solar panels manufacturer offers the best price that started from $208 per panel and $0.69 per watt. The 4.77 industrial scores out of 5 present the satisfaction of the customers.

They have the leading manufacturing plants to produce high-quality solar panels for global consumers. 

The highest efficiency rate is 19.53 percent for residential solar power solutions. With professional and quality control installation, they offer a long-term service for the USA market.

Besides, customer service is excellent, and the solar panels work great with PV modules.


Solaria is one of the leading solar panel manufacturing brands, and the price of its solar panel is $1.07 per watt. With this affordable price, the company allows the consumer to install a powerful solar system for their home and business. The efficiency of these solar panels is also high, and 20.5 percent is the highest production rate.

Besides, the quality control manufacturing process enables this company to conquer the market with effective products. Their goal is to reach customers in remote places of the world to provide energy solutions.

Customers say that their 370-watt solar panel is less expensive and suitable for any roof.

Axitec Solar USA

AXITEC Solar USA deals with solar panels that contain solar cells with 19 percent of efficiency. This manufacturer produces quality solar panels with different solar cells. 

The goal of this company is to provide efficient solar panels for a long time operation

With $2.27 per watt, this global producer supplies solar panels for residential and business purposes. 

Consumers find Axitec solar panels best in the category with perfect warranty coverage. The products are really good, and American-made solar cells. 

These solar panels are very highly rated and come with 25 years of warranty. Compared to other products, these solar panels can produce more power.

Canadian Solar

Next, we present the Canadian Solar. It is a Canadian solar panel manufacturing company and deals with global customers. Solar panels of this company come at an affordable price, and it offers a wide range of panels from $180 to $250. 

Besides, their manufacturing process and installation facilities are world-class, and they provide easy installation and order facilities to the consumers. 

The efficiency of their solar panels is more than 19 percent, and the company tries to increase it with the latest technology.

Consumers rated this solar company as 4.68 out of 5 and recommended using its products. This company has the best solar panels compromising price, capacity, efficiency, and lifespan.

Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar is rated as one of the best solar panel manufacturers globally because of its highest 20.61 percent efficiency rate. This company offers reasonable prices and high-quality products.

The price range is between $250 -$350 per solar panel. Solar panels of this company are produced for the global market.

Compared with the international manufacturer, their installation service is the best in the industry. The easy and hassle-free manufacturing process enables customers to install the solar system at ease. Consumers declare that the solar panels of Jinko Solar are durable and perform better in any weather conditions.

Trina Solar

Trina Solar is a global solar panels manufacturer, and the country of origin is china. But, this company serves millions of customers in the USA, and high-quality products enable them to ensure customer satisfaction. 

This manufacturer has the highest efficiency of 19.7 percent, and it is quite good for residential purposes. Besides, their manufacturing plants have the biggest production facility. 

A consumer can make a virtual tour of their manufacturing plants. Customers rated them as 4.55 out of 5, and it is contented consumer feedback for global suppliers. 

Current users rated them as top quality and efficient solar panels with durable design.


This US-based electric supercar manufacturer produces top-level solar panels for the global market. Especially Tesla PowerWall, which is designed to build for every solar system. 

A solar energy user can install this powerful battery to get uninterrupted power at home. Besides, the solar panel of this company is rated as an efficient panel with 19.6 percent efficiency. 

They have the best manufacturing plant in the world. The price of Tesla solar panels started from 21.25 per square foot. 

A Tesla PowerWall costs $10600. Consumers gather great experiences with the Tesla group while installing solar panels. They offer clean and professional installation with perfect technical support.

REC Group

REC Group manufactures high-quality solar panels with 19 percent of efficiency. The cost is affordable, and the price of their solar panels started from $320 per panel.

They follow the quality manufacturing process and ensure production capacity for each cell with adequate sunlight.

The objective of this company is to manufacture world-class solar panels for all consumers.

Users find the solar panels of this company durable and easy to use. They also explore the hassle-free installation process, along with the best price. Besides, this company can supply solar panels for residential and business purposes.


Seraphim is a world-class solar panel manufacturer and also works for the development of this industry. Seraphim solar products ensure quality and are designed to perform for longer energy solutions.

With the quality control production system, the company ensures enough durability of the pane to perform for 30 years. The efficiency rate of their solar panel is more than 19 percent, and they are trying to increase it. 

They have the best packages for solar energy solutions, and there is no difficulty in the installation process. 

Besides, customers are happy with their service and recommend Seraphim’s solar panels for small and powerful electricity production.

Longi Solar

LONGi Solar introduces solar panels with the best prices and highest capabilities. The price started at $165, and it is a reasonable price for the solar panel. 

With more than 20 perfect efficiencies, these solar panels work great in any weather conditions. This global manufacturer can produce adequate solar panels for supplying worldwide.

The production and installation process is completely hassle-free comparing the service. This company offers tax and vat solutions for regional solar panel installation.

Consumers are happy with their service and rate them cordially. Thousands of users said that Longi Solar is one of the best companies in the industry, and its solar panels can meet the expectations.


S-Energy manufactures cost-effective solar panels for renewable energy consumers, and the company has solar panels with 19.2 percent efficiency.

A 320-watt solar panel costs $154 to $300 depending on the installation area and federal tax. The company offers complete packages for city and rural areas.

With the best manufacturing process, S-energy maintains the quality of the solar panels from the raw material to distribution.

The solar panels of S-energy are sleek and great for residential purposes. Consumers recommended these solar panels for the value of the money, and durable design enables them to use them in any weather condition.

SolarWorld Americas Inc

SolarWorld Americas Inc. is one of the renowned solar panel manufacturers in the world. This American company offers affordable solar panels with higher efficiency. 

However, the solar panel of this company includes high-quality materials, and the cost started at $165.

On the contrary, they produce solar panels with a quality control manufacturing process. The installation process is easy, and the company can install solar panels in rural and remote areas. 

This process can be a great solution for the place where the grid connection is unavailable. Finally, customers find SolarWorld Americas’ solar panels durable and select them for the value of the money.

Hyundai Heavy Industries

Hyundai Heavy Industries manufactures world-class solar panels with 19.65 of efficiency and offers an affordable price. They supply solar panels worldwide and ensure quality service for the consumers.

Their manufacturing plant and the process is better than others because Hyundai has unique experience regarding product assembly.

Similarly, the company deals with the best local installers to ensure professional solar system installation. Using the world’s largest supply chain, the manufacturer delivers its products worldwide within a short time. 

Customers are satisfied with the service, and all Hyundai solar cells come with a monitoring system to understand their daily production.

AE Solar

AE Solar manufactures top-quality solar panels for local and global consumers. This famous solar panel company has a goal to install its panels in every region of the world. The efficiency of its solar panels is more than 19 percent, and these panels can perform in any place where sunlight is available.

They developed the quality by following the quality manufacturing process, and the solar panels are easy to install on any roof.

The price of AE Solar’s product is reasonable while offering a cost-effective energy solution. Users said that they are professional and install good solar panels for homes and businesses.

Solartech Energy

Finally, we have Solartech Energy, and this world-class solar panels manufacturer produces a variety of products with complete solar panels installation.

The cost of Solartech Energy is very affordable, and their solar panel’s price started at $150. This cost-effective solar solution is very helpful for rural customers and enables them to go for solar.

The installation and manufacturing process is professional, and the company can deliver custom solar panels for residential usage.

Current valuable customers mark this brand as efficient, and they are happy with the warranty coverage.

Wrapping Up Top Solar Panels Brands

Top Solar Panels Brands
Top Solar Panels Brands

Finally, we can say that solar energy is changing the idea of energy production and distribution systems. People will install solar panels for their homes and businesses because they find this system cost-effective, hassle-free, and sturdy.

So, selecting the best manufacturer is very important while installing solar panels as your energy source. Besides, you will use a solar panel for 25 to 30 years. To endure this longer service, you should select the best one in the industry.

At the same time, you have to compare the money’s value with the service you will receive. It will help you to return your investment as you expect.