Video Series Announcement

June 2021

We have published teaching many articles about solar & its system to power your home and many outdoor devices.

One of the most challenge for us is to bring better user experience when readers browse our pages.

In may 2021, I explored an awesome article about level up our user experience at

It blew my mind. To be honest, I never think about producing videos. It is quite a big challenge for me, an 62 years old man. I reached Shannon for a bunch of questions, and we decided to have a video series to teach people about solar.

I am forming a team to produce video content for my published articles. The focus would be guidelines or buying tips.

In the short plan, we will have the very first videos on July 2021.

Paul and I are currently scripting our articles in a better video transcript format to produce short-informative-engage videos.

Btw, let’s welcome Paul to our team.