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Top 10 Best: Solar Panels Comparison

It has come that time of the year when we must issue our top 10 solar panels comparisons. The previous year we were looking at the methodologies that we use as a company.

Some of the methodologies still lie around the ten metrics. They include performance, product warranty, power output, brand, efficiency, technology, aesthetics, cost/ value, labor warranty, and degradation warranty.

In this article, we are going to compare different solar modules. We are going to use a scale from one to ten.

Industrial Changes

There has been a drastic change when it comes to competition in solar companies.

Many companies have come up, for example, SunPower, LG, and Solaria. In the past years, SunPower was the only solar panel producer, but other companies have come on board.

One exciting thing about the top 10 modules of solar panels is that they all lead when it comes to efficiency.

They all rank 20% and above inefficiency.

That only means one thing, the market for the solar industry is growing dramatically.

The other thing that stands out when it comes to the industry is the warranty.

Most warranties have three core values: Labor, performance, and product. Most companies are now giving warranties of up to 25 years.

Among the top ten solar panels, nine out of the ten offer a 25-year warranty.

Previously a standard solar panel with a 25-year warranty only had a one percent degradation rate with an output performance of up to 80%.

When it comes to the top ten solar panels we have, seven have a degradation ratio of point five percent and 90% output.

That is something to boast of when it comes to solar panels.

The third thing that has also changed in the industry is the labor warranty.

In the previous years, only one company had a labor warranty, and that is SunPower. That has now changed.

Companies like LG, Panasonic, and Solaria have also come up with a labor warranty.

A labor warranty means that if your solar panels happen to have a problem, the manufacturing company will send an installer to come and check it out and pay them in return.

That is something too great when it comes to taking care of your employees.

On average, most solar panels have a life span of ten to twelve years. But our top ten solar panels have a guarantee of 25 years of excellent efficiency, performance, and productivity.

Top 10 Solar Panels With Comparisons

Top 10 Solar Panels With Comparison
Top 10 Solar Panels With Comparison

Most companies have tried to maintain the models they produce when it comes to solar panels.

Companies like LG and Panasonic have maintained their modules in the top 10. SunPower has had a bit of decline when it comes to the top 10.

They only have one model, which is the X – Series module. The decline is due to the pending discontinuation of their brand module, decisions to change from the standard module, and company split.

On the other hand, Solaria and LG are producing high quality and efficient solar panels that are better than SunPower.

A newcomer known as Hanwha Q – Cells have been in the limelight a lot of time when it comes to the top 10.

They have their new 340-watt six diode model, which is their new brand. Silfab has also made its weight with all black solar panels.

The exciting thing about this year is that we have a new company in number one.

10. Q. PEAK DUO BLK G6 340 – (Hanwha 340-Watt Q-Cell) ALL BLACK

Hanwha, in 2012 bought a German company called the Q -Cell. Ever since the purchase, Hanwha has proved to be one of the largest and biggest conglomerates’ electronic companies in Asia.

They have gone to court to sue many solar companies who have tried to infringe on their patent rights.

The Q-Cell is one of the most renowned companies, and other solar panel companies trying to emulate them.

Even though their new brand, the 340-watt all-black panel, is still new in the market, it still made its way to the top 10.

It has a Duo Peak technology that separates the modules into six parts. It is a new technology in the market as most solar panels have a 3-diode section.

Before introducing diodes, a slight shading caused by a tree or a chimney could crash the whole solar panel.

The 340-Watt Q-Cell module can operate at a capacity of 90%. Solaria is the only other company that has similar functionalities.

The Q-Cell solar panel has an “All black” appearance, and the silver linings on the bars cannot go unnoticed.

The solar panel pricing is very friendly, and it is by far the cheapest when it comes to the solar industry. Only Silfab shares similar low pricing. 340 Watts is one of the best.

Pros and Benefits

  • The pricing is very friendly, and it is very affordable for anyone. Prices are at the rock bottom.
  • -The technology is out of the ordinary. German technology is one of the best in the world.
  • Six diodes usage and the appearance, which is all black, makes the solar panel incredibly attractive.

9. Silfab 320 Watt (SIL329NL) ALL BALCK

If you are looking for a solar panel with the industry’s most extended warranty, Silfab 320 is the right choice.

Silfab is a Canadian made solar panel, and it has an amazingly low price compared to other panels.

It only has a slight decrease of 10 Watts when it comes to power production. Its power production is at 80% like other solar panels that have a 25-year warranty.

All Silfab solar panels conform with the rule of “Buy American Act Compliance.” The United States Military, US State Department, and the FAA are all using the Silfab solar installations.

Silfab solar panels are compliant to BAA/ARRA.

Pros and Benefits

  • The best quality in the market and its black appearance make it more stylish and good looking.
  • Convenient when it comes to roof spacing. It fits very well in most roofs.
  • Manufacturing is in America that means excellent quality and very affordable.

8. 325 Watt Panasonic HIT (VBHN325KA03) ALL BLACK

This solar panel has a drastic movement from position nine last year to the 8th position.

Panasonic solar panels use the HIT technology, which uses the traditional silicon wafers and thin-film technology.

It uses the N-Type solar cells, which are among the best in the industry when it comes to efficiency and low degradation levels.

Panasonic has the best warranty dedication compared to other panels. It was tested and fully functional in areas like New England, where the temperatures usually fluctuate. 

Panasonic is among the oldest companies in the industry, and with other competitors approaching the 400-Watt mark, Panasonic tends to lag.

They have one of the least aesthetics in the industry and sorry to say this, but many people prefer the silver-like solar panels.

Panasonic needs to change its appearance from all black to a more renowned appearance the same way LG did with their type R-line.

Pros and Benefits

  • They are among the oldest and best in the industry when it comes to reputation.
  • The 325 HIT module is the people’s choice because of its efficiency and durability.

7. 350 Watt SunPower X-Series (X21-350-BLK-E-AC) ALL BLACK

The SunPower 350-Watt solar panel is by far the most beautiful panel in the world.

They are the best when it comes to efficiency, technology, and even durability. Using Maxeon Cell Technology, they have the lowest degradation rate in the market.

They probably have one of the most extended lifespans among solar panels with 40 years.

Over the years, SunPower has lost its advantages in the market regarding power output, price, and company.

They have become expensive compared to LG and Solaria in 2020. The company itself has undergone drastic changes in recent years, which has lowered its rates and reviews.

Pros and Benefits

  • They have a 25-year warranty, which means they are durable and long-lasting.
  • Appearance is also incredibly attractive and gorgeous. The all-black appearance is one of the best in the market.
  • The technology they use is also reliable and has a low degradation ratio. Maxeon Cell Technology is one of the best.

6. 335 Watt LG NeON 2 (LG335N1K-V5) ALL BLACK

This solar panel is probably one of the most tested and used solar panels in recent times.

The technology they use, the NeON2, has been available for over a decade and beyond. I can tell you with no fear that the LG module has NEVER had a single fail.

It is one of the widely installed solar panels in America among many homesteads.

The only drawback that comes with the LG all black NeON2 is the silver lines visible on the front plate conductors.

They are used to conduct electricity flow in the panel. However, it is not a flaw; compared to other companies, they have found a way to hide the silver lines.

The LG solar panel is still among the low-cost panels in our top 10.

Pros and Benefits

  • The LG solar panel is one of the cheapest in the solar industry. Almost anybody can afford the solar panel.
  • -It is durable and has a low degradation rate compared to other solar panels.
  • Its durability can never go unnoticed, and its power output is also very ridiculous.

5. 350 Watt L G NeON2 (LG350N1C-V5) BLACK AND WHITE

LG is just so unique; here we have yet another LG solar panel among the top 10.

That is because LG produces some of the best solar panels in the world, and using the NeON2 technology, which has been around for a decade now, you will never go wrong when it comes to technology and durability.

This module has black cells interconnected with a white back sheet, which gives the solar panel more power.

Many homeowners love using LG solar panels because they have reassurance in their brand name.

The power output is one of the best with 350 Watt; you can never miss anything when you buy yourself the LG 350-Watt solar panel.

Pros and Benefits

  • High durability and one of the best when it comes to power output.
  • It is very economical, and most households in the United States have installed our LG solar panels because they are affordable.

4. 40 Watt Panasonic HIT (VBHN340SA17) BLACK ON WHITE

As you can see, Panasonic has once again come up in our top 10 list.

The 340 Watt HIT solar panel has the highest efficiency ratings in 2020 at 22.9%, and when it comes to performance and power output, Panasonic 340-Watt modules have a 90% performance after 25 years.

Even though not many people like the black on white HIT module, the panel is still worth mentioning in our top 10 list.

So, you might wonder why the Panasonic 340 HIT module has come after the two LG panels at five and six.

PRICE! Yes, the price of the Panasonic solar panel is just so unbelievable. It is cheaper than most brands like SunPower, Solaria, and LG modules.

The HIT technology is so far undisputed when it comes to technologies used to make solar panels.

They can withstand conditions in places like New England and still perform at their best. The Panasonic solar panel also has its downside; for example, it will never win when it comes to a beauty contest.

Even though they have tried to use some white back sheets, it still looks like an old design.

Pros and Benefits

  • It uses one of the best technologies in the world. The HIT technology is the best when it comes to the Panasonic modules.
  • Affordability. Yes, the solar panels are very affordable, and many people find it very economical.

3. 375 Watt LG Prime neon (375Q1C V5) BLACK ON WHITE

The LG 375-Watt Prime neon is one of the powerful solar panels we have on our list.

It can only compare to Solaria; however, you should remember that Solaria and our second in the list are there because they have a black back sheet.

The black back sheet reflects more light, but the white back sheet reflects even better.

We also need to warn you that the LG 375-Watt solar panel uses white back sheets, and if aesthetics is not what you think, you should not consider this type of panel.

The price also might be slightly higher when it comes to the LG 375 watt Prime. So, it would be best if you dug deeper into your pocket.

Pros and Benefits

  • High power output, and that is because of the 375 Watts per square foot.
  • The durability of up to 25years and a 90% performance output, LG is still the winner among other panels.
  • Exceptional technology. The panels use the backplate conductor and the N-Type technology.

2. 360 Watt LG Prime (360Q1K V5 AW1) ALL BLACK

The only reason the new LG 360-Watt black is not at the top this year is because of the price.

As far as price is concerned, SunPower has taken over the market even though years back, you could get a solar panel that looked exactly like this at a much lower price.

All in all, if you are looking for a top-notch solar panel, you might get yourself one of LG 360-Watt Prime.

But the product itself has everything you will ever want in a high-quality solar panel. It has a 25-year warranty and a 90% production power output.

It uses N Cell technology, which is the best in the market, and when it comes to appearance, all black will astonish you with its looks.

Pros and Benefits

  • Brand recognition is always the best thing about all the LG products. The brand name is worth trying the new LG 360-Watt Prime solar panel.
  • Durability and power output are top class, and its production is also one of the best.

1. 370 Watt Solaria Power XT-370R-PD (ALL BLACK)

Solaria has done everything to deserve the top spot in this year’s top 10.

They improved their efficiency, improved their warranty, and the black finishing sleekness was beautiful and darning.

The Solaria 370-watt Power XT has over sixty-five patents built. Solaria came up with a way to hide the nasty silver lines that usually appear on the module’s front, which meant increased power output.

It has an output of 370 Watt, which is way higher than its competitors like LG, SunPower, and Panasonic.

The solaria Power XT solar module has a 4-section diode system compared to its competitors apart from the Hanwha Q-Cell, which has six.

The more the diodes, the better the output when it comes to shading from trees, snow, or even buildings.

Solaria technology combines both silicon wafers and overlapping cells, which means better performance all the time.

Pros and Benefits

  • The pricing is very affordable compared to other solar panel companies.
  • Extraordinary power output. The Solaris 370 module is the best when it comes to power production among solar panels.
  • When it comes to appearance, the Solaria 370-watt Power XT will win any beauty contest in the world, and it will always look awesome on top of your roof.

With all that said, Solaria Power XT -370 R-PD deserves the number one spot in 2020, and until anyone comes with something more unique, Solaria will still be undisputed. Congratulations!

Shopping for Solar

Two customers came to Rayah solar, who are brothers who come from the same town went to a Rayah solar shop to purchase solar panels.

Both chose different types of solar panels, which cost different amounts of money.

Solar panels are all the same all over the world, just like buying cars or even a TV set.

You should never expect your neighbor to have the same tv as you or even the same car. It all depends on who you are in the market and what you offer the market.

That said, there was this argument that people would never buy cheap solar panels because they are not the best.

That is very not true. People buy different solar panels, depending on consumer needs and habits.

Does that mean that people do not buy cheap cell phones? No. We have come to realise that people do not care a lot when it comes to price.

They care more about the brand reputation, technology used, quality of the product, and warranty.

Other people want the good-looking solar panels in the market, and other people are just price shoppers and only care about the brand.

We try to help you understand the difference between different solar panels. We try to analyze and not be biased when it comes to the best solar panels. We consider people’s recommendations and observations over a period and try to give you some of the best in the market.

Our goal and aim are to provide customers with the best solar panel’s installation, giving some of the best products ranging from inverters, energy storage, efficiency, and many more.

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