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Complete Solar Panels Comparison

Solar panels comparison

(silfab, Hanwha q, Sunpower, and LG solar Panels Comparison)

Finding the best solar panel is challenging because it relates to your solar system’s efficiency, durability, and productivity.

A standard comparison between brands will help you find trustworthy solar panels for your needs.

You have to compare the efficiency, features, costs, and warranty with the brand history to explore a trusted solar panel’s brand model.

We performed some market research to understand how brands and manufacturers compete.

In this writing, we present solar panels comparison for different brands, including Silfab, Hanwha Q, Sunpower, and LG. Let’s explore more and stand out from the crowd.

Industrial Changes

There has been a drastic change when it comes to competition between solar companies.

For example, many companies have come up, including SunPower, LG, and Solaria. SunPower was the only solar panel producer in the past years, but other companies have come on board.

One exciting thing about the top 10 modules of solar panels is that they all lead when it comes to efficiency.

They all rank 20% and above inefficiency.

That only means one thing, the market for the solar industry is growing dramatically.

The other thing that stands out when it comes to the industry is the warranty.

Most warranties have three core values: Labor, performance, and product. Most companies are now giving warranties of up to 25 years.

Among the top ten solar panels, nine out of the ten offer a 25-year warranty.

Previously a standard solar panel with a 25-year warranty only had a one percent degradation rate with an output performance of up to 80%.

When it comes to the top ten solar panels we have, seven have a degradation ratio of point five percent and 90% output.

That is something to boast of when it comes to solar panels.

The third thing that has also changed in the industry is the labor warranty.

In the previous years, only one company had a labor warranty, and that is SunPower. That has now changed.

Companies like LG, Panasonic, and Solaria have also developed a labor warranty.

A labor warranty means that if your solar panels happen to have a problem, the manufacturing company will send an installer to come and check it out and pay them in return.

That is something too great when it comes to taking care of your employees.

On average, most solar panels have a life span of ten to twelve years. But our top ten solar panels have a guarantee of 25 years of excellent efficiency, performance, and productivity.

Solar Panels Buying Guide

You have already decided to go solar, and the first thing you need is solar panels. Before purchasing solar panels for your system, you can look at a buyer’s guide to better understand. 

Here are some key features that will help you select the best solar panel for you.

Solar Panel Type

Monocrystalline and polycrystalline are two types of solar panels available in the market. Comparing the cell types, you can select the most efficient solar cells that will produce more power.


Solar panel sizes and wattage should be flexible for each other. A standard solar panel comes with perfect size based on the capacity. It is better to find a small panel with decent productivity.


A solar system can not provide sufficient power without accurate wattage. Before installing the system, you must compare electricity needs and solar panels’ productivity.


The best solar panel comes with a manufacturer warranty. A quality solar panel will last at least 25 to 30 years. Most companies offer 10 years of warranty for efficiency and 25 years of warranty on the panel. 


Don’t go for an affordable price. It might be a reason to get low-quality products. Find solar panels with the best features and prices. Then you will have the quality product at a competitive cost.

Top 10 Solar Panels With Comparisons

Top 10 Solar Panels With Comparison
Top 10 Solar Panels With Comparison

We include the top 10 best solar panel brands and their average rating in the following chart. It contains authentic information about these models that we collect from experts and market research.

This list will help you find the most efficient solar panel according to your needs and budget. Besides, you will get an effective solution for home, commercial and outdoor solar system installation.

Solar panelsEfficiencyCostWarrantiesCell typeAVG Rating
Q -Cell (Hanwha)19.5%$0.5-$0.6 per watt12 years product warranty and 25 years performance guaranteeMonocrystalline 4.81 out of 5
Silfab 34019.4%$050 – $0.70Per watt12 years product warranty and 25 years performance guaranteeMonocrystalline 4.84 out of 5
Panasonic Solar Panels20.6%$0.50-$0.75 per watt25 years product warrantyMonocrystalline4.85 out of 5
SunPower X-Series22.8%$3.08 – $3.52 per watt25 years product warrantyMonocrystalline 4.67 out of 5
LG NeON21.7%$1.50 – $2.34 per watt25 years product warrantyMonocrystalline4.66 out of 5
LG NeON219.2%$2.20 -$2.3025 years product warrantyMonocrystalline4.76 out of 5
Panasonic HIT19.7$2.99- $3.58 per watt25 years product warrantyMonocrystalline4. 87 out of 5
LG Prime Neon20.8%$2.08 – $3.12 per watt25 years warranty Monocrystalline4.81 out of 5
360W LG Prime19.7 – 20.8$2.18 – $2.60 per watt25 years warranty Monocrystalline4.77 out of 5
Power XT-370R-PD20.5$2.32 – $3.4825 years warranty Monocrystalline4.72 out of 5
Solar panels comparison

Q Cells (Hanwha)

Q Cells is the leading solar panel manufacturer based in Germany. The company has developed solar panels in different series with the latest technology. They are providing design-sensitive and high-performing products all over the world. They grab popularity in the challenging solar panel market with high efficiency and affordable price.

Q Cells Hanwha comes with 19.5% efficiency. The solar panel is made with Q.ANTUM technology developed Q Cells. This technology works based on Passivated Emitter Rear Cell (PERC). It adds a reflective layer on the rear side of the cell that captures unused sunlight. The panel can produce more power with this technology because it will generate more electricity from unused sunlight. 

When you live in an area where sunlight remains for a short time but needs more power, you can install Q Cells solar panels. 

It will provide you more power from the same sunlight that other panels can not do. This unique technology makes the brand high-efficient than a normal solar panel.

Besides, Q Cells temperature coefficient performance will allow you to generate power on a hot summer day and snowy day in winter. 

The overall performance is excellent, and this brand’s rating is 4.81 out of 5.

Silfab 340 Reviews

Silfab is called the North American Leader in Photovoltaic solar panel manufacturing, design, and development. Based in Canada, their mission is to change the global carbon emission rate and improve access to clean energy with their module and technology.

The manufacturer has superior technology to make products that are reliable in performance. Silfab provides solar panels for residential and commercial projects with maximum efficiency.

Silfab 340 has monocrystalline black solar cells that have 19.4% of efficiency. The solar panel comes with Bifacial Modules, the latest technology invented by Silfab.

With Bifacial Modules, the panel can increase efficiency up to 30 percent. It will utilize the innovative N-type cells for ultra-high efficiency. Besides, it uses half solar cells to enhance its performance.

If you are looking for long-lasting power with higher efficiency and reliability, you can install Silfab solar panels. Their premium quality modules help you produce extra power for residential and commercial solutions. The beautiful design will meet the aesthetic and architectural beauty.

The average rating of Silfab 340 is 4.84 out of 5, and it contains a 25 years official product warranty.

Panasonic Solar Panels

Panasonic is the Japanese electrical giant that produces consumer electronics and is now developing solar technologies. This multinational electrical company produces high-efficiency solar panels.

Their goal is to provide reliable products for sustainable energy solutions. They have invested a considerable amount in grabbing the global market with their brand value in the solar industry.

Panasonic solar panel has 20.6% efficiency, and it comes with monocrystalline solar cells. They have several models and different series, and you will get a 25 years official product warranty. 

The panels are famous for their durability and enduring performance. With a customized manufacturing process, Panasonic developed an outstanding design that will remain the same for 25 or 30 years.

You can install Panasonic solar panels for general residential usage. The panels are affordable and come with higher efficiency to meet your everyday needs. They also have extra-performing solar panels that we discuss after a few paragraphs.

The average rating of Panasonic solar panels is 4.85 out of 5. That means the brand is getting popularity in the solar industry worldwide. 

It is a Japanese brand, and you can rely on the quality of this electronic manufacturing giant.

SunPower X-Series

SunPower Solar Panel
SunPower Solar Panel

SunPower is the global leader in solar panel manufacturing. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, they are changing the way of the world’s electricity supply. The company is trying to develop a reliable solution for clean energy that will be accessible to everybody. 

Their products are high-graded and designed for residential and commercial solutions. It was the number 1 company in 2017 for commercial solar panel manufacturing.

SunPower X Series is the latest solar panel that comes with unmatched performance, reliability, and aesthetics. Its top-of-the-average design generates more power than an ordinary panel. 

With a record-breaking 22.8% efficiency, the X Series provides the flexibility of electricity to homeowners. Besides, the series delivers 44% more power for each solar cell.

This is the most beautiful solar panel with black color that enhances the rooftop’s looks. It will enable you to keep the architectural style when installing a complete solar system.

For consumers who want more power with a unique design, the SunPower X series is ideal for them. At an affordable price, you will get extra-performing solar panels.

This series has 25 years of warranty, and the average rating is 4.67 out of 5.


LG is the global market leader for electronics products, and the company now produces high-quality solar panels. LG solar panels are famous for their extra-efficient power production. With 25 years of research, LG developed the super standard quality for the solar sector.

LG solar products come with unique designs and can meet your residential design criteria.

LG NeON is the latest series produced for residential solar power solutions. The series is powerful and known for its high-end performance. Its cell structure can increase the possibility of potential power production. 

The average efficiency of LG NeON solar panels is 21.7% and can produce sufficient electricity for homes. With monocrystalline solar cells, the company offers 25 years of official warranty.

When you are planning to install a complete solar solution for your home. LG NeON is highly recommended. Unlike other solar panels, LG NeON is not an average quality product. 

The manufacturer considered the needs for household devices and built the ultimate performance leader. The NeON series comes with different efficiency and will enhance your solar power experience.

The average rating is 4.66 out of 5, and you can simply install this powerful series on your rooftop.


LG is currently producing high efficient and affordable solar panels for the global market. The sustainable energy sector has invested and developed unique modules for the residential and business solution.

The company’s impact on the solar sector provides higher financial and environmental benefits to consumers.

Inspired by LG NeON, the global electronic leader produced LG NeON 2 that developed with Cello Technology.

This newly developed solar technology enhances power production rates. Cell connected to the electrical line to reduce production loss and improve sunlight absorption.

NeON 2 contains 12 wires instead of 3 ribbons that have been used in the previous version of LG Neon. It is a space-efficient connection with the shortest distance between wires.

With Cello Technology, the solar panel can maximize light absorption and reduce electrical loss by increasing the number of electrical paths.

It has a double-sided cell structure to absorb light from the back and front. The dual-performing cells will increase efficiency at a great rate.

If you are looking for space-efficient solar panels with physical durability, LG NeON 2 is the best solution for powering your residence.

It will enhance productivity by 8.4 percent than a conventional solar panel.

Panasonic HIT

Investment in solar power is a long-term collaboration. Electrical giant Panasonic understands the relationship and developed the latest solar technology with upgraded efficiency. 

Panasonic HIT solar panels are the most recent invention of the company. With the HIT technology, solar panels will produce 18% more power than general solar panels on the same roof space.

That means high performance at high temperatures. A conventional solar panel can not perform at high temperatures. The efficiency is significantly reduced due to this radical drop in power production. 

But, HIT contains high efficiency and energy production at high temperatures.

It has a Silicon Heterojunction solar cell, a unique invention of Panasonic. The structure is designed with an ultra-thin layer of silicon. This crystalline silicon will decrease the electron lost from the surface of the solar panel.

So, if you are a resident of a high-hit area and your solar panel can not produce sufficient energy due to excessive hits, Panasonic HIT technology is perfect for you.

With 19.7% efficiency, monocrystalline solar cells are the best solar panel for residential and commercial projects.

LG Prime Neon

LG electronics invented the latest solar panel LG NeON R Prime, starting with a few models and series. 

The company produced several models, and from the continuous success, they released the series.

LG NeON prime comes with the latest innovation of Cello Technology. This technology helps solar panels to decrease production loss and enhance performance.

Through an innovative cell structure, it maximizes power production. This technical feature decreases the loss of electricity passes.

Besides, the series will give you an aesthetic rooftop. It comes with a glossy black frame, a black back sheet, and no wire will be visible on the front. 

This design will help you to install solar panels with different architectural patterns. After installing solar panels, you don’t have to worry about the beauty of the structure or building.

LG offers 25 years of warranty for this superior solar panel, and they ensure that the panel will remain productive up to 90.8% for the next 25 years.

If you are starting your solar system with a high-power module, you can install LG NeON Prime for the ultimate performance.

The overall performance of the series is more than you expect.

360W LG Prime

You have already learned about LG solar in the previous paragraphs. The company has introduced several models with higher efficiency.

360W LG Prime is one of the most efficient solar panels they have developed. This is a 360W solar panel with outstanding performance. It has monocrystalline solar cells and LG NeON’s technology. 

The solar panel comes with 20.8% efficiency, and you will get electricity in any weather condition.

In general, typical solar panels use blue cells and sheets. It will bring a blue outlook, which might be a reason for low sunlight absorption.

But, 360W LG Prime has black cells and sheets to enhance its design and provide an aesthetic look.

It got this appearance from Bifacial solar panels technology. It allows manufacturers to use a transparent back sheet for more sunlight absorption. 

When you plan to install solar panels with architectural beauty, 360W LG Prime is perfect.

The manufacturer offers 25 years of official warranty, and they ensure the efficiency will remain the same from the starting to end. 

It will reduce the number of solar panels for a particular project.

Power XT-370R-PD

Starting in 2000, Solaria is now a part of solar panel innovation and history. The company started its project when solar energy was virtually invisible. 

Solaria works with several solar technologies to provide high-efficient solar panels for ground and rooftop installation. For the growing market, they developed cost-effective and energy-efficient technology for everyone.

PowerXT® Pure Black™ is the company’s latest innovation to provide you with a real solar experience. It is a ground-breaking technology that redesigned solar panels and input cells with a special pattern for higher production and capability.

Since 2016, Solaria PowerXT has been beating the conventional solar panels. This solar panel produces up to 20.5% efficiency and comes with an aesthetic design. The visible all-black design will attract you and keep a sign of aristocracy.

From the material selection to production, solaria maintained a high-quality production process. 

You will get a complete 25 years official warranty, and the panel can provide sufficient energy for the whole life. 

This solar panel is perfect for design lovers who just want to cover the roof with blue solar panels. It will provide you with a unique and classy black outlook.

Solar Panels Comparison

You have got specific reviews about different brands and products. We try to include the result and information of our internet research.

Now, we present a unique comparison between solar panels of different brands. It will help you understand the efficiency, costs, and warranty for individual brands.

Silfab vs. LG Solar Panels

Silfab and LG both produce premium-level solar panels. They have already grabbed a significant portion of the solar panel market.

If you consider the efficiency, LG solar panels are more efficient than Silfab. LG solar panel comes with a maximum of 90% efficiency for the next 25 years. In contrast, Silfab has 98 to 99%.

Both of the manufacturers provide 25 years of official product warranty. The warranty is divided into two parts. The first ten years are for production and efficiency and the entire 25 years for physical condition.

You will get Silfab for $050 – $0.70 per watt, and the price of LG is around $1.50 – $2.34 per watt.

Hanwha Q Cells vs. LG Solar Panels

Q Cell Hanwha comes with 19.5% efficiency and a total of 25 years of performance warranty. You will get your first 12 years as a product warranty.

On the contrary, LG offers a 25 years warranty with ten years performance guarantee, and the efficiency of LG solar panels is more than 21.7% depending on the model.

LG solar panel costs you $1.50 – $2.34 per watt, and Hanwha Q Cell will cost you $0.5-$0.6 per watt.

LG Solar Panels vs. SunPower

Sunpower X series is the ultimate power producer, and you will get 22.8% efficiency. The cost is double that of LG, like its performance. It will cost you $3.08 – $3.52 per watt, while LG costs $1.50 – $2.34 per watt.

Both have 25 years of warranty, and you will get sufficient power for home and commercial areas.

Wrapping Up

Finally, you got complete reviews about solar panel brands, efficiency, warranty, and costs.

Now, it’s your time to install the best brand and model that suits most of your residence or commercial building.

You can try different solar panels from individual brands for unique projects. It will help you to understand the actual efficiency and performance.

Always try to compare the power production rate and efficiency along with price and brands. It will guide you to get trustworthy products at an affordable price.