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8 Best Solar Camping Lanterns

Without a camping lantern, no night is complete in the backcountry.

The best solar camping lanterns will extend your evening and illuminate the dark to impose your camping time.

Adventurers have been using camping lanterns for centuries in the time of camping.

Lanterns are originally made of candle frames and can be run by batteries, gas USB ports, and solar panels.

Besides, solar energy expands the use of lanterns during camping and enables us to get portable power and light. 

A solar-powered lantern is best for urban, rural, mountain, beach, and other camping activities.

This writing will present a buyer’s guide and reviews of the best solar camping lanterns, including their key features, ratings, advantages, disadvantages.

It will lead you to pick the best solar lanterns and answer some FAQs regarding the product’s functions, usability, and durability. 

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in A Good Solar Camping Lantern

What to Look for in a Good Solar Camping Lanterns
What to Look for in a Good Solar Camping Lantern

When picking your best solar camping lantern, you have to consider some basic phenomena to understand the function and features of the product.

These key features of the product will help you to find the best one in this category.

Besides, you will understand if the lantern meets your expectations or not. It can be a great method for finding the correct lantern for your camping.

We present this buyer’s guide with major features such as power and run time, weight, lumen count and brightness, settings, quality of light, and other additional features.

You can search the features when looking for a good solar-powered camping lantern.

Power and Run Time

You have to consider the power and run time of a solar lantern. Some lanterns come with solar panels and additional batteries to provide continuous power. 

The battery life will ensure service longevity and extend its use time. It is better to select a lantern with enough battery capacity to avoid power shortages during camping. 

A lantern with sufficient battery and power will make your camping enjoyable and remarkable.

On the contrary, solar lanterns get power during the daytime from the sun, so the category of its solar panel, production capacity, and sunlight absorbing efficiency are important factors.

Weight of the Lantern 

The best solar camping lantern should come with a standard weight. The perfect weight helps you to use the lantern with ease and makes it handy.

Similarly, a lantern that has lightweight enables you to set up or hand it in the best place in an effective way.

On the other hand, you can use a thin lantern easily when setting a camp in the jungle or hilly areas.

Besides, you can carry it with other materials or use it when walking around the base camp.

As a conscious buyer, you need to consider the best solar lantern’s weight, dimension, and materials to pick the handy one.

Lumen Count or Brightness

It is another important factor to consider. A lantern requires more brightness than a household torchlight.

You will set your camp in an open space, so it requires additional light to cover the place.

Normally, a household torchlight contains 50 lumens. In this sense, a lantern should have 100 lumens for perfect brightness.

You have to consider the lantern lens because a bigger lens will spread the light and make the place brighter. A lantern with a perfect lens can cover a wide area with its standard lumen.


The setting of a lantern will allow you to set the expected light and brightness during the camping. 

Some lanterns come with multiple settings color options to generate accurate brightness with time and place. This light adjustment setting is an outstanding feature of any lantern. 

The color options of a lantern make the darkness vivid and change the lonely atmosphere. 

For example, if you want to get dim light to create an excellent light-dark environment, it will benefit your excellent camping experiences.

Altogether, several places and environments require different options; we include lanterns in this review list suitable for tent, outside, and multiple uses. 

Quality of Light

Another key feature of a lantern is its light quality. You have to consider the quality of its light before picking the correct lantern.

LED lights can give you different light tones and are perfect for long-term use. An LED option will increase the battery backup and provide you with clear light.

Try to select the lantern that comes with the best quality light. In this shortlist, you will get lanterns that come with high-quality lights.

Additional Features

When it comes to additional features, you have to consider many options to select a suitable device for your camping.

The best solar camping lanterns incorporate a USB port, mp3 and headphone options, heat and cold resistant capacity, etc.

Besides, waterproof features are significant when purchasing a device for outdoor use.

Best Solar Camping Lanterns Reviews

Best Solar Camping Lanterns Reviews
Best Solar Camping Lanterns Reviews

We are presenting the eight best solar power lanterns with detail to you. This review is prepared by comparing all the options of a solar camping lantern.

These lanterns are most suitable for camping regarding their category and feature.

Besides, we find the best solar camping lanterns regarding their service, customer reviews, and affordability.

Similarly, we present a trustworthy review with the help of an expert’s knowledge and our personal experience.

We try to provide you with a quality review of the best solar-powered fan that will satisfy and help you understand the right one.

These products are excellent and come with several outstanding features to serve you without electricity during camping.

Solar Camping LanternScoreUSB PortMax Lumens
Luci Outdoor 2.0 Pro (MPOWERD)9 out of 10yes150 lumens
Luci Outdoor 2.0 (MPOWERD)9 out of 10no75 lumens
AGPTEK Solar Lantern8.5 out of 10yes150 lumens 
D.Light S500 Portable8.5 out of 10yes100 lumens
Goal Zero Crush Light9 out of 10yes60 lumens
LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lanterns – Raising Star For Solar Lanterns9.5 out of 10yes75 lumens
Solar Tabletop Lantern (Portable)8 out of 10yes75 lumens 
TANSOREN 4 Pack(Rechargeable or 3 AA Power Supply)8.5 out of 10yes60 lumens

Luci Outdoor 2.0 Pro (MPOWERD)

This effective solar camping lantern has an outstanding design with a gorgeous shape. 

It is perfect for its compact and handy design. You can get effortless lighting during camping with this excellent lantern. 

MPOWERED Luci Outdoor lantern has a set of 10 powerful LED lights to generate sufficient lighting at the expected time.

It contains a 2000 mAh powerful battery and generates up to 150 lumens with four lighting modes.

Besides, the lantern has a USB port to provide you with the go charging experience. If you have this lantern, you can give power to all your USB devices.

The power source of this handy device is sunlight, so you can charge it with solar power during the day and use it from the evening to late at night.

Rating: 4.2 out of 5
Spec 1: Solar powered
Spec 2: 10 cool white LEDs
Spec 3: 4 modes for any need: low, medium, high, 1-second flashing
Spec 4: USB port for two-way charging
Spec 5: Weighs less than most mobile phones 156 g 
Spec 6: Battery level indicator 
Spec 7: 2000 mAh 5V Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery
Spec 8: Waterproof
Spec 9: 1-year warranty
Spec 10: Overcharge and over-discharge protection
Spec 11: Overcurrent and short circuit protection
Spec 12: Direct sunlight charging
Spec 13: USB port alternative fast charging


You can effectively eliminate darkness with this compact and stylish solar-powered lantern. It has an easy operating system, and you never feel irritated with the device.

The 4 LED modes will enhance the lighting experience, and you will get it useful for outside and inside the tent during hiking, camping, traveling or walking.

This solar-powered lantern is best for household and reading activities too.

The waterproof feature allows you to use it in hazardous weather. It will be a guide on a stormy or cloudy day during rain in the jungle.

The fast-charging capacity enables you to charge it directly from sunlight or via a USB port. Besides, it gets an overcharge and over-discharge protection system to make it durable.

The most attractive feature of this lantern is that you can run it up to 50 hours with a single solar charge.

MPOWERD Luci Solar Light

Pros and Cons

• Lightweight
• Clear focus
• Long-lasting use
• Waterproof
• Need to expand manually
• Need to close manually

Luci Outdoor 2.0 (MPOWERD)

This is another version of the Luci MPOWERED outdoor lantern. 

This effective solar lantern comes with an extremely durable design and lasts up to 24 hours on a single charge. 

This high-quality camping lantern can produce up to 75 lumens brightness and 7 hours of sunlight is enough for charging. 

The 1-second flashing mode with the other three modes provides you with multiple options for lighting the surroundings. It has lightweight at 125g and is best for portable use.

Rating: 4.7 out of 5
Spec 1: Solar powered
Spec 2: Waterproof
Spec 3: 10 cool white LEDs
Spec 4: Lasts up to 24 hours on a single charge 
Spec 4: Adjustable base strap


This extremely durable lantern is perfect for hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, sailing, fishing, paddle boarding, and more.

You can make your camping time more attractive and fearless with this effective lighting solution.

The light enables you to access power even on the go. 

It has outdoor features that are perfect for adventurers. You will get effortless and useful brightness during camping with this portable solar lantern.

The adjustable base strap allows the users to hang or clip it onto a backpack, tent, or whether they need it.

It is best for an unexpected situation such as a storm, rain, or power shortage at night. You can also use it at your home.

Besides, this best solar camping lantern will start a brighter way to explore. 

The lightweight and waterproof Luci 2.0 outdoor can survive the wear and tear of even the most extreme adventures. 

It can withstand up to 150 lbs pressure that is enough for the normal and unwanted situation.

It comes with complete solar power that means it will never need batteries. With its compact size, you can travel around the world and explore adventures. 

The off-grid power is with you, and it will convert your darkness into love.

Pros and Cons

• Perfect for emergency
• Lightweight
• Clear focus
• Waterproof
• Easy to use
Sunlight is required
No USB port

AGPTEK Solar Lantern

This solar lantern comes with five charging methods, and you will never face an unwanted light shortage.

You can charge it with solar power, dynamo, car adapter, and AC adapter.

The wide charging capacity allows you to charge it even in a car, home, office, or outside.

The device has 36 LED lights for a super bright light experience. 

Besides, it contains two brightness modes, including reading and normal activity mode.

The lantern has a universal USB charging port for charging mobile phones and devices. It will work like a pro-solar camping lantern. 

The solar panel absorbs sunlight quickly and stores power for further use in the fastest way. The charging and power outage indicators help you to charge it timely. 

However, the onboard and enclosed battery supports all functions without any additional batteries or connections.

It can run up to 7 hours with a single solar charge. The white LED light will remove the darkness and add more excitement to your camping time.

Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Spec 1: Solar powered
Spec 2: 36 LED lights
Spec 3: USB charging port for charging mobile
Spec 4: Car Charger Adapter
Spec 4: AC Adapter 
Spec 5: Hook swings out from handle to hang the lantern
Spec 6: Charging indicators
Spec 7: Auto lighter


This green power lantern consumes low energy and produces a bright light. The ultra-bright solar lantern is great for the real camping experience.

It comes with a handy design and is loaded with several features. It will be fully charged within 6-7 hours and serve you for a long time.

Most users like this device for its extreme and versatile charging capacity. 

The hand crank option of this lantern allows you to charge other devices, and an AC adapter can fully charge it.

The auto light option will provide a cool brightness, and the car charging option allows you to charge it even on the go.

It is great for additional features such as low and high light modes. You will like this solar lantern because of its efficient key features.

AGPTek Solar Lantern

Pros and Cons

Ultra-bright LED light
Two additional string holes
Emergencies Hurricane Outages
Green power
Not water resistant 

D.Light S500 Portable

If you are looking for a flexible and portable solar camping lantern, then D.light S500 is perfect in its category. 

It is a 2.8 watt light and has a 3.2Ah LFP battery. It comes with four brightness settings, including bed light, low, medium, high, and you can set different lighting modes with this powerful lantern.

This effective lantern will supply power to your mobile phone and give power access wherever you want.

It includes a solar panel with a 4-meter cable and mobile charging adapter. The solar panel is highly efficient for producing energy quickly.

You can also charge it with AC. 

It is weather-resistant and perfect for use in hazardous weather. The lantern can run up to 100 hours on a single charge and contains two years of brand warranty.

Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Spec 1: 100 hours of bright light
Spec 2: Solar panel included
Spec 3: USB charging port 
Spec 4: AC Adapter 
Spec 5: Water-resistant
Spec 6: 2.8W 
Spec 7: 3.2Ah LFP battery
Spec 8: 4 brightness settings
Spec 9: Rugged Design
Spec 10: 2 years of warranty


This effective lantern has a rugged design and is extremely durable for super bright. It is ready to light the way of your adventures wherever you go. 

You can use this lantern for camping, hiking, walking even cycling. The lantern has a flexible design and gives you access to 360-degree illumination at night. 

Besides, the step-down function enhances your user experience and provides hassle-free service.

With the multiple functions, you can use it for lighting your bedroom too.

You can carry this lantern on your backpack and find your destination by removing darkness. The low energy consumption facility will enable you to run the lantern for a long time.

Considering this best solar camping lantern for your adventures might be a great choice. You will get a first-class experience with this portable device.

Dlight S500 Solar Lantern

Pros and Cons

Hanging facility 
Separate solar panel
Step-Down Function
Flexible Design
You have to connect the charging adapter while absorbing sunlight.

Goal Zero Crush Light

If you are searching for a pocket, but not a small solar camping lantern, then Goal Zero Crush Light is best in the category.

It is an expandable and collapsible solar-powered lantern. You can reduce its size when carrying or storing it in the house.

The easy to expand feature increases its using range and makes it suitable for versatile uses.

You can charge this device by sunlight or USB port. It will run for 35 hours with a single charge.

It has four lighting modes such as high, medium, low, candle flicker. 

With these attractive lighting modes, you can make the darkness enjoyable. Besides, this lantern comes in 7 colors, and you can pick your favorite one.

The handy on/off switch of the lantern gives you easy power access even in darkness. It can produce up to 60 lumens and generate additional brightness for your camping. 

Rating: 4.4 out of 5
Spec 1: 35 Hours run time
Spec 2: 4 lighting modes
Spec 3: Multiple colors
Spec 4: USB Recharge 
Spec 4: Solar Recharge 
Spec 5: Weatherproof 
Spec 6: Lightweight 
Spec 7: Fast recharge
Spec 8: Included cable
Spec 9: Maximum 60 lumens


The crush light is designed for easy lighting experiences with green energy. You can charge the device with solar power or a USB port.

The two types of charging capacity enable you to use it for a long time. Just expand the lantern and get plenty of bright light.

You can eliminate darkness easily with this handy solar power lantern.

The removable hanger will permit you to hang or set it on a travel bag, branch of the tree, top of the tent, and many more.

On the contrary, Goal Zero is a renowned company for useful and innovative design. The crush light design idea makes them famous, and it will satisfy you.

You can carry it on your glove box, backpack, purse, and much more.

Goal Zero Crush Lantern

Pros and Cons

Fold and flat light’s handle
Long run time
Long press power button

LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lanterns – Raising Star For Solar Lanterns

LuminAid Solar Inflatable Lantern comes with LED lights and multiple brightness settings. This energy-efficient light is dust and waterproof. 

Besides, the light is safe for children. The lantern comes with a powerful battery and runs up to 24 hours after being fully charged.

The two-way charging options make it the best in the category. The lantern takes 10 hours when you will charge it by sunlight and 2 hours by USB port. 

It can produce up to 75 lumens of brightness and run for 12-50 hours with a single charge.

It can spread light around 125 square feet and capture the area of camping or hiking. It is also perfect for household usage. 

Rating: 4.7 out of 5
Spec 1: Extra bright solar-powered LED
Spec 2: Multiple brightness settings
Spec 3: Indoor or outdoor light
Spec 4: Two ways to recharge 
Spec 4: 100% Waterproof
Spec 5: 50 – 75 lumens of bright
Spec 6: 50 hours of light on a single charge
Spec 7: USB port


This energy-efficient light is perfect for the backyard and campground. You can recharge it without an outlet or batteries.

This lightweight lantern is ideal for remote places. Its brightness will enhance your outdoor activities.

Similarly, it has an emergency prep. With this feature, you can use it during a power shortage. The lantern can be used in pools, beaches, rivers, festivals, and more.

This lantern comes with lightweight, packable, and easy-to-carry features. It has an adjustable strap and a simple flat and expandable design.

Similarly, it has multiple light settings from higher to lower levels to make the light ideal for different situations.

This product is familiar with searching for something at night. You can use it without camping too.

The lantern will help you to find something outside at night. For example, your pet goes out of home, and you need to find them in darkness. In this situation, you can use this solar camping lantern.

Pros and Cons

Emergency Prep
Sunlight is required to charge the lantern

Solar Tabletop Lantern (Portable)

This easy-to-use solar camping lantern comes with multiple functions and is loaded with outstanding features.

The lantern contains 1.2 watt LEDs and a 500mAH battery to provide you with uninterrupted light. It has powerful charging capacities by solar panel and USB.

The attached solar panel allows you to charge the device without electricity, even in a remote place. This best solar camping lantern has lightweight, and you can carry the device with ease.

The collapsible body makes it handy and easy to carry. You can bring it in your bag, purse, luggage, or other small carrying areas.

It can function at an extreme temperature. The light will remain functional at a 40-degree temperature.

Rating: 3.9 out of 5
Spec 1: Functional in extreme temperature
Spec 2: Solar Powered & USB rechargeable
Spec 3: IP68 Water-resistance
Spec 4: 12 months warranty
Spec 4: Easy to use
Spec 5: 500mAH battery
Spec 6: 1.2Watt LED lighting
Spec 7: USB Charging Cable
Spec 8: USB port
Spec 9: Flashlight


The amazing feature of this lantern is water cup usability. It can be used as an emergency water cup after extending the device.

This high-quality solar camping lantern is ideal for wide use. Its multifunctional design meets the needs of a diverse group of users.

It includes some popular applications such as hanging handles, attaching windows, the suction cup with holes, and many more.

This one lantern is enough to provide you with sufficient brightness, and it will prepare you for removing darkness in an emergency.

Similarly, the lantern has three brightness modes. You can set the brightness mode into 25%, 50%, and 100% regarding the place and situation.

It has 12 months of warranty, and you will get 30 days money-back guarantee and free technical support.

Besides anti-corrosion and anti-aging, environment adaptive make it durable enough to function in extreme temperatures.

Altogether, this lantern is perfect for your daily use and adventures. The different features of the lantern provide you with brightness and perfectly eliminate darkness.

Pros and Cons

Easy To Carry
It can be used as an emergency water cup after extended
Lightweight and portable
You can not expand it with the hanging handle

TANSOREN 4 Pack(Rechargeable or 3 AA Power Supply)

Let’s introduce a lantern that comes with three kinds of power modes and built-in batteries along with solar power charging. 

You can also charge the device by USB port from electricity. This 5-volt AC USB charging capacity makes it more functional. 

Similarly, it can produce up to 60 lumens brightness and has a lightweight of 330 grams. You can fold and expand the device up to 10′ in height.

Rating: 4.4 out of 5
Spec 1: 3 Power supply methods
Spec 2: USB Port
Spec 3: Solar powered
Spec 4: LED lights 
Spec 4: 330 grams and lightweight
Spec 5: Built-in power bank


This product is compact, portable, collapsible, and lightweight. It is perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, boating, and can be used at home, garage, garden. 

It has an outstanding design to function even in an emergency such as a storm, hurricane, or rain.

This small and mighty lantern works in a power outage and removes the darkness. The device is simple and good for outdoor activities too.

The device will allow you to charge your mobile phones because it contains a built-in power bank.

TANSOREN Solar Lantern

Pros and Cons

2 in 1 emergency lamp
Very compact and small size
Easy to use
3 AA 1.5 V batteries (not included) 

Best Solar Camping Lanterns FAQs 

What is the brightest camping lantern?

The Luci Outdoor 2.0 Pro (MPOWERD) and AGPTEK Solar Lantern solar lanterns are the brightest camping lanterns.
Both of the devices can produce up to 150 lumens of brightness. They contain USB ports and some excellent features discussed above.

What is the best lantern for camping?

LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lanterns – Raising Star For Solar Lanterns is the best solar camping lantern. It is loaded with multiple functions and perfect for emergency and household use too.

How many lumens should solar lights have?

One hundred lumens is considered the standard brightness of a solar sight. For camping, you can pick a lantern with the same capacity, and other lumens are also fine.

Can you replace the lumens of a solar lantern?

Yes, you can replace the bulb’s lumen, but it is hard to find the same structures LEDs, and it is not a worthy process.


We hope the above-listed lanterns meet your expectations and provide you with a hassle-free lighting experience.

If you can’t understand which solar camping lantern is best for you, consider our recommendation.

Discussing the features and functions of the lanterns and considering our personal experience, we make this suggestion.

LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lanterns – Raising Star For Solar Lanterns is the best solar camping lantern regarding its features and functions.

On the other hand, Luci Outdoor 2.0 Pro (MPOWERD) is perfect for camping, hiking, walking, fishing, traveling, and household usage.

Solar Camping Lantern vs. Hand Crank Lantern

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