How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Run an AC? Top 2 Exclusive Answers

To power an average air conditioning unit, you should determine several factors to know the actual amount of solar panels. 

As an energy-conscious person, you may know the answer to this question. How many solar panels do I need to run an AC?

You have to understand various criteria to catch the point. Your understanding will assist you in setting up an effective solar air conditioning system.

This writing will interpret some elementary questions related to this field. These are:

  • Can you run an air conditioner with solar power?
  • How many solar panels do you need for an air conditioner?
  • How many watts does an AC use?
  • How many solar panels for a 3600 watt AC?
  • How many solar panels do you need for a one-ton AC?
  • Table of the number of solar panels needed for different wattages of AC

Finally, we will present a table of content including the number of solar panels needed for different wattages and wrap up the article for your better understanding.

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How Many Solar Panels Do You Need To Run an AC?

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need for an Air Conditioner?
How Many Solar Panels Do You Need for an Air Conditioner?

A typical air conditioner for family usage requires 900 watts of power for an hour of operating. You will need three solar panels (300-watts type) to run 900-watts AC. You will need four solar panels to generate 1200 watts of AC for larger rooms.

Number of Solar Panels for Different Wattage of AC

Different types of air conditioners need various amounts of wattage. Depending on the wattage, you will need a number of solar panels as below to run an AC.

Types of ACWattNumber of Solar Panels (300-watt)
Central Air Conditioner3500 Watts15 solar panels
Central A/C Fan Only – Compressor Off750 Watts 3 solar panels
Largest Window Units1440 Watts 6 solar panels
Medium Window Unit900 Watts4 solar panels 
Smallest Window Unit500 Watts2 solar panels
Number of solar panels you need to run different types of AC

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Can You Run an Air Conditioner with Solar Power?

Can You Run an Air Conditioner with Solar Power?
Can You Run an Air Conditioner with Solar Power?

You can run an air conditioner with solar power. A simple solar system requires an inverter, batteries, and solar panels. After connecting those components, you can run your AC on solar panels without grid electricity.

To understand how many solar panels you actually need for your house/room. Let’s walk you through how much energy AC use, and then we will find the correct number of solar panels you need.

How Many Watts Does an AC Use?

An air conditioner may use different wattage depending on its function and action.

The most common varieties of air conditioners, depending on their capacity, are central air conditioners, central A/C fans with disabled compressors, largest window units, medium window units, and smallest window units.

A central air conditioner requires 3500-watts. The solar panels should provide equal power to run the central AC. It is ideal for small and medium businesses to get a central cooling system.

The Central AC fan that comes with the compressor-off capacity needs 750-watts of energy. You have to establish the same solar energy production system. It consumes less energy than other air conditioning systems.

The largest window unit requires 1440-watts and several solar panels to power the air conditioner. It can absorb lots of air for fast cooling and large area coverage.

A medium window unit uses 900-watts of energy to provide the cooling system. It suits medium living and bedroom. You can use additional batteries for emergency backup when using these types of AC.

The smallest window unit uses 500-watts. It requires less power due to its lower cooling capacity. The system needs a few solar panels.

Besides, during the cooling season, your air conditioner needs more power. The wattage depends on a wide range of factors. The total energy consumption will measure based on the per hour running duration.

So, you should know all the factors, especially the necessity wattage of the AC, while calculating the number of solar panels for the system.

How Many Solar Panels for a 3600 Watt AC?

If you use 250-watt panels, it requires 15 solar panels for a 3600-watt AC.

It is the most common capacity of an air conditioner. The homeowners and small businesses feel this is the ideal capacity for cooling their places.

A collection of 15 solar panels is enough to run a central air conditioner. This measurement is perfect, depending on the watts and solar panels.

To realize the fact, you can compare it to the monthly costs of a 3600-watt air conditioner. It is affordable and perfect for small houses. It will help you create an advanced cooling system at the lowest cost.

You can set up this 3600-watt AC in your bedroom, living room, or a place where you need a continuous air conditioning system. The low energy consumption capacity will help you to get a potential service.

On the contrary, a 3600-watt air conditioner corresponds to a one-ton AC. That means 15 solar panels are enough to power a one-ton AC.

So, the primary investment will include these solar panels, and you can understand the matter perfectly. As we said, a proper estimation will enhance the production capacity and allow you to enjoy profitable solar energy consumption.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for a One-ton AC?

To understand the matter, you have to get the measurement of wattage that a one-ton AC needs.

A one-ton air conditioner comes with a capacity of 3517-watts. That means you have to supply 3500-watts to run a one-ton AC.

Now, you should calculate the number of solar panels and watts to get a proper estimation.

As discussed above, if you use solar panels that come with a 250-watts capacity, you need 14 solar panels to run a 1 ton AC.

However, the cost of a one-ton air conditioner is vast when you power it from the grid. It consumes lots of electricity for a month. Solar air conditioning systems will enable you to run a one-ton ace without spending too much money.

Remember, the number of solar panels and their calculation always depend on the capacity, sunlight, and region where it will be settled. Depending on the weather, you may need additional solar panels to get essential energy.

The system and function of the air conditioner can also differentiate the total number of solar panels. If you have a central AC with the largest window unit, it must consume huge energy from the system. So, you need more panels to turn it on.

How To Run An AC Using Solar Power

However, solar panels produce less energy depending on the weather and temperature.

Read our full article about solar panels for air conditioners to understand the topic.

The sun is the only solar energy source, and the panels get energy from the sun. So, it is important to establish the panels directly under the sun to get estimated power for the air conditioning system.

You should discuss with the service provider and buy the best AC that consumes less energy. You can also ask for solar panels with the latest technology and more production efficiency. 

Wrapping Up

Finally, you can run an air conditioner with solar power, and the number of solar panels depends on the wattage of the AC.

Now, you can understand the amount of wattage that an AC requires from the off-grid solar system. However, a 3600-watt or 1 ton AC is ideal for solar energy consumption.

Select the best solar air conditioner and use green energy to reduce electricity costs. It is eco-friendly and requires low maintenance.

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