How To Remove Snow From Solar Panels?

Snow is the beautiful thing that inspired us to feet the natural white color. In winter, there are several things to celebrate with snow.

You might notice that snow stops solar panels from functioning because it creates shade. During the snowfall, the solar panel’s surface is covered with snow and stops productivity of the lack of sunlight.

Snow will stop the sun from reaching the solar cells. As a result, the panel will not produce any electricity. So, you should keep the panel’s surface clean. It is difficult to do in winter but you can take care of it in several ways.

In this writing, we present how snow affects the solar panel and what are the most effective ways to shovel snow from a solar panel.

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What Happens If There is Snow on Solar Panels?

What Happens If There is Snow on Solar Panels?
What Happens If There is Snow on Solar Panels?

Snow is a part of nature and it doesn’t have any major issues without freezing and cold temperatures on solar panels.

A solar panel produces energy from the sun and it can not do anything without sunlight. Many things can happen after a snowfall but nothing is dangerous. The only thing you can consider the productivity of the solar panel. Let’s see why?

Reduce or Stop Productivity

As we described, solar panels can not produce energy without sunlight. When snow covers the solar panel’s surface, it will be disconnected from sunlight. So, solar cells lose their energy source.

It only happens due to the extreme snowfalls and when the panel stack with ice. In normal situations, snow will melt quickly from the panel and allow it to collect energy from the sun.

You don’t need to worry about other problems except for productivity. Solar panels are made with high-quality materials that can perform in any weather condition. Snow can only reduce power production due to the lack of sunlight.

Can Snow Damage Solar Panels?

Can Snow Damage Solar Panels?
Can Snow Damage Solar Panels?

No, snow can not damage the solar panel. Snow is not a sticky object that can attach the solar panel for a long time.

We all know that snow will melt soon after reducing the temperature. But, if you are living in the northern part of the world, where excessive snowfall is available almost half of the year, you can run a regular cleaning in winter.

The solar panel’s surface contains a thin coating of high-quality tempered glass that is durable enough to perform in any weather condition including snowfall.

Besides, the aluminum frame and waterproof wiring, protect the frame and cable from snow and water.

If you have installed the solar panel in the right pitch, focus, and slope, snow can not damage the panel. The slope of the panel automatically cleans the solar panel after melting the snow.

So, you don’t have to worry about the longevity of the solar panel due to snow and ice. The tempered glass will help you to remove and protect the cells from cold bites.

Is It Dumped When Removing Snow from Solar Panels?

It is completely safe and you can remove the snow from solar panels easily. But, you have to maintain a standard cleaning method that is suitable for solar panels. It will save you time and help you to complete the task efficiently.

Cleaning snow from the surface is not difficult but tricky. It is almost the same as removing snow from other surfaces.

First, you have to melt the ice and divide the snow bunch for easy cleaning and removing.

You can use some special tools that are handy for removing snow from the panel.

You have to do the job carefully and not hit the solar panel with cleaning tools. You might hire a professional solar panel cleaning agency or individual.

You don’t need chemicals or detergent to do this. So, there is no risk of destruction while removing snow from the solar panel.

6 Tips Remove Snow From Solar Panels

How To Remove Snow From Solar Panels
How To Remove Snow From Solar Panels?

You can remove snow from solar panels by yourself or by hiring a professional. It depends on the place and number of solar panels. 

If you have a few solar panels that are located in an open roof or convenient place, you can do it by yourself.

On the contrary, it is better to hire a professional if you have a large solar system with several panels. It will be difficult to remove snow from a large area or roof without a professional snow removal expert. It will save your time and help you to remove snow quickly.

Here we present the most efficient ideas for removing snow from solar panels with their brief introduction, advantages, and disadvantages.

Automatic Change Panels’ Angel

Automatic Change Panels’ Angel
Automatic Change Panels’ Angel

It is an advanced option to protect snow and keep the panel efficient during winter. This system is in the primary stage but you can use it for residential solar systems.

A device will be installed with the solar panel that understands the temperature and sunlight’s focus with the help of a sensor.

Your solar panels will be installed in a way so that they can move by the angle-changing device.

When there is rain or snow, the panel’s angle will be changed automatically. It will help solar panels to stop storing snow on the surface. Due to the wide-angle and slope, snow will remove naturally.


  • The advantage of this system is that you don’t need to remove snow manually.
  • It will help the panel to continue power production.


  • It is expensive and difficult to install.

Hose It

Spraying snow from the solar panel is an effective way. The pressurized hose will help you to remove snow easily. It is the most convenient way for melting snow.

You can use this method for extremely cold temperatures. Otherwise, the normal cleaning methods are suitable for snow removal.


  • It will remove snow quickly and turn it into water.
  • The process is cost-effective and you can do it by yourself. 


  • Your goal is to wash the snow and not to melt ice. So, this method will take more time and turn the snow into water. It will be difficult to wash the weather again. So, you need to do the same work twice.

Sweep It

You explored two methods already, and there is another option for removing snow from solar panels. You sweep the snow from the surface. 

This method is suitable for tiny solar systems that are using very small-sized solar panels. Most of the solar panels have been installed at a great slope and angle. It will be not easy to sweep snow from a large solar system. 

If you use hard tools for sweeping snow from the solar panel’s surface, it will be dangerous. Again we recommend doing it for single, portable solar panels. 


  • It is a faster method than other options. It will enable you to clean the surface directly. 


  • It is not recommended due always because of the risk.
  • This process needs some tools that can damage the surface of the solar panel. So, do it carefully.

Wait for Snow to Melt on Its Own

You can wait until the snow melts naturally. It is only possible when you have a grid-tied solar system. In winter, snow will take more time to melt naturally and you can not get energy from the snow-covered solar panel.

Besides, some areas have extremely low temperatures and it is almost impossible to melt the snow naturally for seven or more days. So, you need an energy backup system for this period.


  • It doesn’t require any tool or professional person. This method is completely free of cost and you have to wait for nature. 
  • No risk for damaging and breaking solar panels. 


  • It will stop energy production for several days.
  • The lengthy process might destroy the other parts of a solar system.

Should You Heat Solar Panels to Remove Snow?

Do you want your solar system in the name of snow removal? It is the most dangerous idea to remove snow from the solar panel’s surface.

Solar panels are made with PVC materials and silicon that are highly flammable and can blast with heat. 

You can not remove the snow without high heat. It is dangerous because of its long-time burning and flammable materials. 


  • We don’t recommend this method and think it is not suitable for removing snow from solar panels. 


  • The heat will destroy the solar panel and reduce productivity.
  • In most dangerous cases materials of the panel melt due to extreme temperature.

Wrapping Up

Finally, you have all the information about snow and solar panel matters. You can now easily identify the problem and solve it

It will be better if you select a method depending on the solar panel’s size, position, and roof condition or design.

In this way, you will get the most effective and convenient way for snow cleaning. Don’t try any risky and unprofessional materials or methods. Use proved and recommended methods that are safe and secure.