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Arlo Solar Panel Below Freezing: 4 Tips to Keep Arlo Functioning During Cold

Keeping your solar devices productive is a stiff task in the winter. At the same time, if the temperature goes below freezing, it will be difficult to maintain energy production for the devices.

Your Arlo solar panel can encounter some problems when it goes below freezing, and the cameras will be unable to receive the necessary power from the panel.

If your device can not produce energy in the winter, especially in the case of below-freezing conditions, it increases the security risks. You have to consider that factor to get effective security solutions.

In this article, we discuss the reason for the unproductivity of Arlo solar and reveal four tips to keep your Arlo solar panel functioning below freezing conditions.

Does Arlo work in cold weather?

Arlo Solar Panel Below Freezing
Arlo Solar Panel Below Freezing

The minimum operating temperature for Arlo cameras is -10 degrees celsius to -20 degrees celsius. This requirement is different for individual models and solar panels.

Arlo cameras and solar panels work in cold weather, but the devices might report low power due to cold weather. The chemical reaction of the batteries works slowly in cold weather.

You can keep the battery safe and avoid permanent damage if you can stop the charging when the temperature stays below freezing. It will help the solar panel and camera to function accurately during the winter season. You can rely on the outdoor service of Arlo if you follow the proper user guide in case of cold weather.

When does Arlo stop functioning? And Why?

In below-freezing temperatures, Arlo solar will stop functioning. But, it will only happen when the device crosses the limit of the minimum temperature.

Arlo wire-free cameras require -10 degrees Celsius to work, and they will stop working below this temperature. Besides, Arlo Ultra, Pro 2, and Pro 3 work at -20 degrees, and they will stop working under this temperature.

This problem is due to the chemical reaction of the battery. A battery will store and release energy through a chemical reaction. The battery requires a standard temperature to create chemical reactions.

When the temperature increases or decreases at a significant rate, the battery will be unable to get and use the energy.

It is also applicable to solar panels. Each solar panel comes with silicon cells, and they need reaction with the sunlight to convert the thermal energy into electricity.

For this reason, the minimum temperature is mandatory in energy production.

04 Tips to keep Arlo solar panel functioning below freezing

Arlo Solar Panel Below Freezing Temperatures
Arlo Solar Panel Below Freezing Temperatures

If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and maintain the proper use, you can keep the Arlo solar panel functioning even at below freezing temperature. Here, we provide important tips to keep your cameras and solar panels effective in the winter.

You have learned that the Arlo solar panel can function in cold weather, but it can not charge the device after reaching a certain temperature level. If you want to keep your device functional in this situation, you can follow these tips and maintain a proper user guide.

Besides, you have to rely on authentic information. Remember, Arlo cameras are wire-free and work together with the solar panel and app.

So, you have to use the proven tips and tricks to continue the operation. In this section, we arrange them in an orderly manner.

Monitor your camera battery when the temperature dip

According to Battery University, batteries operate over a wide range of temperatures, depending on the type of the battery.

The chemical reaction of the battery keeps your device functioning at this temperature.

So, when the battery reports low power, the chemical reactions slow down due to the low temperature.

The Arlo devices run on original Arlo batteries, and they require a standard temperature to operate in a colder situation.

However, you can easily avoid this situation and make the camera function below the freezing temperature.

First, after opening the battery and cable connection, return the camera to room temperature and maintain the power cycle.

Now, the camera is at room temperature, where it overcomes below freezing conditions.

You have to check the app online, and you will see that the notification restores to the normal situation.

Pro tip: If your camera is still displaying a low-temperature notification, then keep it in a warmer place that does the same as before. Don’t provide heat or keep it near to the fire.

After doing all these things, we hope the camera will start functioning, and you will get the perfect security device.

After completing these steps, if you don’t find any solution, don’t hesitate to contact Arlo Support for further assistance.

Provide adequate heat to the Arlo solar panel

The energy production rate of any solar panel depends on several external factors, including temperature, shade, weather, and dust.

These factors can also affect your Arlo solar panel and reduce the power generating rate.  

In general, the sky is covered with fog, and we receive less sunlight in winter than in the summer.

In this condition, it is not easy to provide adequate sunlight to the solar panel.

When you notice that your Arlo solar panel is not charging, you can check the existence of sunlight.

It is clear as you read. If your solar panel doesn’t receive adequate sunlight, it can’t charge the battery in the winter.

You can avoid this condition and keep the Arlo cameras and solar panel functioning below the freezing temperature.

Remember, Arlo devices require a specific temperature to function in the winter. You have to ensure minimal sunlight and the temperature standard to keep it on during the cold operation.

Just try to focus the sunlight where it will get a little bit of sunlight, and it is not impossible. If you focus on the daylight, it can generate something.

If it is not possible, try to connect the Arlo certified charger and power the battery with electricity.

Don’t plug in the solar panel to the camera for charging in extreme cold

The Arlo cameras contain lithium-ion batteries, and as a consumer, you know that this type of battery can not function below 0-degree celsius.

The chemical formation and cold temperature can damage the battery and reduce its capacity. It is better to unplug the solar panel and keep the camera in a warmer place in this situation.

Lithium-ion batteries can vibrate in extremely low temperatures if you connect the solar panel for charging.

You can remove the camera from the functioning area and back to the room. You have to turn off the camera and put it in a warmer place until the below freezing condition goes out.

After returning to the warmer temperature, connect the solar panel or Arlo verified charger to charge the battery again.

You may notice that the one common solution in every step is the camera’s movement to a warmer place.

Yes, it is the best option, and you don’t have to worry about the camera’s functioning if you maintain these steps.

So, don’t’ plug in the solar panel when observing that your camera is not charging due to below freezing temperature.

Try to charge in an alternative place

If your Arlo camera gets stuck due to the low temperature, you have to select alternative options for charging.

The Arlo solar panel is the most effective charging solution for Arlo cameras, but it can not perform below the freezing temperature.

You can charge the camera in your room with the verified power adapter suitable for Arlo cameras and batteries.

You have to use a 9V power adapter to charge the camera, and a regular 5V USB cable is not perfect for providing enough voltage.

If you use these chargers, you will get a faster charging method even in cold weather. It will keep the battery functioning and help you secure the place.

On the contrary, an alternative charging option will provide perfect charging and reduce the risk of battery damage due to low temperatures.

So, make sure that all these things are happening correctly and monitor them on the app. The app will help you understand the situation and provide you with correct instructions.

Just don’t do anything as you wish. Let the app decide what is happening and what the device will need.

So, you can keep your Arlo cameras and solar panels functioning even at low temperatures.

Wrapping Up

Altogether, you don’t have to bother about the capability of Arlo solar panels and cameras in below freezing temperatures.

The devices can perform in cold weather, but you may get low power due to the battery function and insufficient sunlight.

You can keep the camera functioning by maintaining the manufacturer’s instructions and the above tips.

It is not a significant issue, and you will have multiple solutions for this problem. In general, a single solution is enough to keep the camera in a warmer place for a specific time and start charging again.

So, let’s get prepared with these tips and get a proper security monitoring system with Arlo’s solar panels and cameras.

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