Solar Power AC for Car: The Complete Guide and Tutorial

Vehicle air conditioning symbolizes instant comfort during the travel. With solar power AC for the car, you can get consecutive air conditioning service even on the go.

Besides, when you are using AC in your car, your car consumes more gasoline than normal operation. It is unprofitable both for you and the environment. You can reduce this massive hurt by using a solar air conditioning system for a car.

This writing will help you to get this advanced option for your car and explain some basic queries including can you run an AC for your car with solar?

It will also assist you to understand how solar power ac for car works? And how many solar panels do you need for a car’s AC? You will also discover the answer, what are other accessories you can run with solar power in your car?

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Can You Run A Car Air Conditioner on Solar Power?

Can You Run an AC for Your Car with Solar?
Can You Run an AC for Your Car with Solar?

Air conditioning is a vital accessory to maintain the temperature of a car. It ensures a comfortable journey on a sunny day. If you are stuck in heavy traffic and the weather is very hot, then you can get cool air from the AC. But this system needs huge fuel to run the AC in a car.

The question is- can you run an AC for your car with solar? Yes! You can. Let’s learn more.

Solar AC can provide an uninterrupted cooling system in a car. Solar technology makes this possible and it is applicable for different types of vehicles. You can reduce environmental pollution and the costs of fuel by using a solar air conditioning system for the car.

However, the Automobile Solar Air Conditioner system is used to run AC for cars. The system fully depends on solar energy. It can decrease the engine load and increase the average life of the car.

Similarly, solar energy is eco-friendly and doesn’t require any fossil fuel. The source of solar energy is the sun. Sunlight is converted into electric energy to run solar-powered devices. In this sense, the solar air conditioning system for cars is an innovative idea and it can change the conventional concept of a car’s power.

When you park your car under the sun, the system will automatically absorb energy from sunlight. If you want to make the world better and go for green energy, you can try a solar-powered air conditioning system for a car.

As a part of an on-going technology, it is now available and usable worldwide. The scientists and researchers bring solar energy to the next level. The vehicle industry also collaborates to spread the project at a future level.

So, you can run a solar power AC for a car. It will help you to reduce fuel costs and save the environment.

You Might be Looking For Solar Car Exhaust Fans

If you are not looking for an option to run car air conditioners on solar but researching for cooling your car when parking under the sun, a car exhaust fan is your best for you.

Solar-powered car fans are an affordable and convenient way to keep your car smelling fresh, and the air constantly circulated.

Whether you have a working air conditioning unit or not in your car, these exhaust fans work to keep your car cooler in the summer while you’re at work and your car is sitting in the hot sun

Check the list of best car exhaust fans or have a look at editor’s choice.

Understand How Solar AC for Car Works?

Understand How Solar AC for Car Works?
Understand How Solar AC for Car Works?

A solar AC for cars can function with several instruments. The system needs some light and small devices to collect energy from the sun. It requires a solar panel, battery, compressor, and solar air conditioner for cars.

  • A photovoltaic solar panel will be installed on the roof of the car to collect solar energy and store it in the battery. This stored battery power is used to run the compressor with the help of an electric motor.
  • The compressor produces cool air for the car. It is connected with the solar control box.
  • The solar car AC can be switched on when the vehicle isn’t running.

The solar system for car air conditioning and general solar system both are the same in their function. The power is stored in the same way and used to run appliances. In a home solar system, home appliances run by solar energy and reduce electricity costs. On the contrary, solar AC for the car gets power from the solar system and reduces the use of fuel.

At the same time, solar energy and AC are related to each other. The system requires sunlight to get energy. More sunshine will bring cool air through the system in the car.

The installation of the solar panel on the roof of the car will provide energy and produce desired electricity for the AC. The total function of solar AC is eco-friendly and cost-effective. You can run the system without spending enough money.

The function of the compressor is important when you are talking about solar AC for cars. A swash plate compressor is suitable to produce energy in the system. 

Besides, electric DC motors have a proven work history in the automobile industry and it is also perfect for the Automobile Solar System. So, solar AC for cars works with an easy system and it is not so complicated.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need for a Car’s AC?  

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need for a Car’s AC?
How Many Solar Panels Do You Need for a Car’s AC?  

It depends on the wattage of the AC. But in general, you need a single 100-watt panel for a 100-watt AC to run the air conditioner for cars.

You have to consider the additional matter when you are installing a solar power AC for a car. A single 100-watts solar panel is suitable for the car’s roof. You can install it without too much modification of the car.

The power measurement depends on the usage and sunlight in a solar power system. If you run the AC for a long time, it will consume more power from the battery. To get an average running time, make sure that your car is under the sun when parked. You can use the online solar power calculator to understand the matter clearly.

However, the efficiency of the solar panel can measure the number of panels. Several panels have multiple energy efficiency. You have to select the latest and most powerful panel to get more power within a short time.

The battery plays an important role in the method. If you have a powerful battery, then you need a minimal number of solar panels.

Remember, a conventional car’s AC gets power from the powerful engine of the vehicle. So, solar power required the best instrument to get the ultimate result and durability.

Finally, you can install a 100-watt solar AC for a car with a single 100-watt powerful solar panel.

What are other Accessories You Can Run with Solar Power in Your Car?

What are other Accessories You Can Run with Solar Power in Your Car?
What are other Accessories You Can Run with Solar Power in Your Car?

You can use several solar-powered accessories for your car including AC. The manufacturers find many useful car accessories that can run with solar power. It helps the car owners to produce green energy and keep the vehicle fresh.

If you are looking for an ecofriendly lifestyle and convert your car with renewable energy, then solar power is an outstanding solution.

Solar-powered accessories provide continuous service and they don’t require additional costs. Let’s discover some solar-powered car accessories that you can use.

Solar Powered Car Ventilator

You can install a solar-powered car ventilator car fan. It is very useful and easy to install. You can mount it on the window of the car. The device runs with green energy that comes directly from the sun.

With this device, you can move large amounts of hot air out of the car. It will help you to maintain a cool temperature in the car during the summer. The ventilator is also compatible with a solar-powered car’s air conditioning system.

It can enhance the performance of a car AC. In the market, you will get several car ventilators that can run with solar power. Some ventilators use a double fan to ensure a faster cooling system.

So, a solar-powered air ventilator is a handy accessory for cars.

Solar Powered Radar Detector

We know, you are a very conscious driver and don’t want to disobey the traffic rules. A solar-powered radar detector can help you to avoid an unwanted speeding ticket.

Solar-powered radar comes with various alerts and modes to make your journey safe. The radar is eco-friendly, and it can absorb energy directly from the sun. It won’t get power from the battery of the car. It doesn’t consume energy at all.

Besides, the device can ensure maximum protection and read police radars. It has 360-degree coverage capacity along with signal detection.

Also, it can detect more than one signal at a time. It also keeps you alert on a long trip and ensures that you won’t fall asleep during the driving time.

Solar Powered Car Dancing Toy

If you want to make your car’s interior charming and beautiful, you can try a solar-powered car dancing toy. You will get these accessories in different shapes and designs including, flower, doll, fish, tree, ball, etc.

It will enhance the beauty of the interior and provide a pleasant moment for you. You can add this eco-friendly device while using solar AC for your car.

Solar Powered Anti-theft LED Flashing Light

It comes with a simulated warning system. The device needs solar energy to operate and has multiple options to protect your car. It is one of the best car accessories among anti-theft devices. This safety device is suitable for renewable solar energy.


Finally, you can run a solar powered AC for your car. It will really help you to reduce the costs and protect the vehicle’s engine. You can get an outstanding air conditioning system without damaging the environment.  It is cost effective and eco friendly.

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