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04 Arlo Solar Panel Alternatives

The Arlo solar panel and camera is the best combination of your security and power solution. If you want to make a proper security system based on a camera, these devices will help you establish that.

Besides, Arlo solar panel works only with the Arlo cameras, and there are few limitations and restrictions while using this energy solution.

If you have a tight budget and don’t want to spend a large amount on solar panels, you can search for an alternative. It will reduce the accessories costs and help solve the budget problem.

You can find the best alternative to select a product according to your needs and expectations. It will enhance the user experience and enable you to get high-quality service from different brands.

In this writing, we provide you with some alternative options to the Arlo solar panel and recommend the best option based on the features and specifications.

Besides, we discuss the Arlo solar panel and the possible issues regarding this selection.

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What is an Arlo solar alternative?

Arlo Solar Panel Alternatives
Arlo Solar Panel Alternatives

Several manufacturers produce certified accessories for Arlo cameras and other devices. These are the Arlo alternative, and you can use them with Arlo.

When looking for an alternative with the same features, you can select a product from this list. It will help you to purchase certified accessories at a reasonable price.

Besides, alternative options make the accessories available and provide you instant service in case of any damage.

Consumers are trying to find the best alternative to reduce spare parts costs. So, the Arlo alternative is now popular as the Arlo devices. They make connectivity easier for all.

How many Arlo solar panel alternatives are there?

You find several alternative options to Arlo solar panel, but you have to consider the high-quality options only. It will ensure the performance and service of the device. In general, there is four high-quality solar panels alternative to the Arlo. 

When you find the alternatives, you will see different models and manufacturers in the market. Companies produce different ranges of products and try to compete with the current manufacturers. 

It is important to find the best one to get the most reliable service. Similarly, you have to consider some factors while finding an alternative option to Arlo solar panel. 

First, you can compare the price and features with the Arlo. Then try to find out what advantages are included in the product in comparing the origin product. 

Finally, consider the pros and cons and make the decision that is it a good alternative? Or not?

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Detailed Reviews for Arlo solar panel alternatives

Wasserstein Solar Panel

[cua-amz asin=”B07BNDNPKY” src=”” name=”Wasserstein Solar Panel”]

Wasserstein manufactures the cheapest solar panels compatible with Arlo cameras and comes with versatile mounting options. If you compare the price of the Arlo and Wasserstein solar panels, Wasserstein is inexpensive compared to the Arlo. 

You will get it at an affordable price regarding the feature and specifications. It will cost you only $39 instead of $79.

Besides, the most advantageous part of this solar panel is that you can use it for all the Arlo products. This solar panel has versatile mounting options too.

Consumers searching for quality solar panels alternative to Arlo can select this item because of the value of the money.

Similarly, it is a good alternative that you are looking to purchase. It will help you get support and produce sufficient energy for several devices.


  • Easy to mount
  • No maintenance
  • Compatible with several models and devices


  • It has a limited lifespan.

[cua-amz asin=”B07BNDNPKY” name=”Wasserstein Solar Panel”]

Arlo Certified Accessory – Solar Panel Charger

[cua-amz asin=”B07KCD2MYZ” src=”” name=”Arlo Certified Accessory – Solar Panel Charger”]

If you are looking for an affordable solar panel alternative to Arlo, you can select this device. It has the same design as the Arlo solar panel, and it will enable you to get maximum power output. It will cost you only $57, and that makes it cost-effective.

It has 8 feet magnetic power cable, and it is longer than the Arlo solar panel. So, you can expand the camera distance from the panel.

Similarly, customers find that this product works better than the Arlo and produces sufficient energy for the long run.  You can rely on the compatibility of this device.

On the contrary, you can not claim that this is the best alternative because it only works with the Arlo Ultra and PRO 3 Camera. So, you won’t get a versatile device for daily operation.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use and longer lifetime
  • Durable for outdoor performance


  • Only compatible with Arlo Ultra and Pro 3

[cua-amz asin=”B07KCD2MYZ” name=”Arlo Certified Accessory – Solar Panel Charger”]

Arlo Certified Accessory – Solar Panel Compatible with Pro, Pro 2

[cua-amz asin=”B0721PJYTY” src=”” name=”Arlo Certified Accessory – Solar Panel Compatible with Pro, Pro 2″]

Now, we present the alternative option from the Arlo manufacturer. This solar panel is Arlo certified and comes at an affordable price. In comparing the other alternative that you got here, the price of this solar panel is a little bit higher. You have to pay the same amount for this alternative and the Arlo solar panel. 

It is suitable for outdoor and indoor usage. Besides, you can use this device for several purposes. A single solar panel provides you with multiple solutions.

Most users pick this solar panel because it is reliable, user-friendly, and easy to mount. You will have adequate energy for the camera, and it will work 24/7 hours.

If you think about the compatibility of this device, we say that it is the same product as the Arlo solar panel. The device is durable enough to perform in any weather condition.


  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor
  • DIY mounting option
  • Easy to use


  • The solar panel is only compatible with Pro, Pro 2.

[cua-amz asin=”B0721PJYTY” name=”Arlo Certified Accessory – Solar Panel Compatible with Pro, Pro 2″]

iTODOS 3 Pack Solar Panel Compatible

[cua-amz asin=”B0832MN3FY” src=”” name=”iTODOS 3 Pack Solar Panel Compatible”]

If you want to install your camera on a long-distance, the iTODOS 3 Pack Solar Panel is ideal for you.

With this high-quality solar panel, you will get the switch control, and it will help you maintain the charging schedule. The charging schedule is important if you don’t want to overcharge the battery.

Its durable design, high efficiency, and easy mounting option attract the consumers with the value of the money. The device works great with Arlo Pro 2 and provides excellent backup.

Besides, if you want to get a budget-friendly device, it is a good alternative to the Arlo solar panel with just the package of 03 solar panels for just $120 (which means $40 for each solar panel). It will provide you with better service than the original one. You can rely on this device, and it will provide you expected service.

Are you planning to buy solar panels to power your house? Read our Solar Panel Buying Guide first before purchasing.


  • Long power cable
  • Easy to install
  • Switch control


  • Only compatible with the Arlo Pro 2

[cua-amz asin=”B0832MN3FY” name=”iTODOS 3 Pack Solar Panel Compatible”]

Why do people look for an alternative while having the origin solar panel?

Several reasons lead consumers to find an alternative instead of origin solar panels.

First, if you want to purchase accessories from the manufacturer, you have to pay a little extra. But, there are affordable options available in the market. You can easily get them, and it will reduce the cost of accessories.

Second, the original one comes with standard measurement and capacity. If you want to expand the cable or install it in a customized way, you can’t. But, certified accessories enable you to do that.

For example, the origin Arlo solar panel comes with 6.5 feet cord, and most alternative devices offer more than 10 feet. Here is the difference.

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Why Do People Fail When Looking For Arlo Solar Alternatives?


Incompatibility increases the chance of failure when you are looking for an Arlo solar alternative. The cameras and app can’t work without verified accessories, and you have to connect the Arlo solar panel to their device.

For example, you are looking for a cheap solar panel to run the camera Arlo Pro, but the Arlo app will show you that it is not compatible with the device.

After getting this type of experience, consumers recoil from their decision and get an Arlo panel. But, you can select the best solar panel that is alternative and compatible with Arlo cameras.

Low efficiency

You will use the solar panel to charge the devices, and it must be efficient to produce the necessary energy. A solar panel with low efficiency will reduce the performance of the camera and other devices.

People fail to find an alternative solar panel to Arlo because they usually get an inefficient panel. An inefficient panel can not produce adequate energy, and you will be disappointed. 

If you fail to find an effective solar panel option instead of Arlo, you can see the detailed review that we add in the next paragraph. It will help you to overcome this situation and present the best alternative option for you. 

Harm the batteries

Unauthorized solar panels can harm the battery. This concept recoils thousands of consumers from finding an alternative to Arlo solar panels. It is a little bit true but not applicable to the authentic panel that Arlo verifies.

Consumers don’t want to lose the efficiency of their battery and move back from taking the second option.

But, the authentic news is that a verified and compatible solar panel will never harm your battery. It will work as an Arlo solar panel and provide power to the cameras and batteries. Similarly, it helps the battery to maintain a perfect charging and discharging facility.

Not durable

Consumers have an idea that other solar panels are not durable like Arlo. They can’t rely on the design and quality of alternative solar panels. For getting a durable design, they only believe in Arlo.

It is not an absolute claim, and you will find several solar panels in the market that are durable and alternative to Arlo.

You can purchase a product from a verified accessories manufacturer, and it will help you find the best one in the category. These products are durable to perform outdoors and generate power.


Aside from the above options, there are more reasons why people fail while looking for an alternative to the origin.

Some reviews and suppliers are providing wrong information regarding this issue. They only highlight the Arlo solar panel but ignore the secondary options.

New to solar energy? Do you want to know how solar energy works? Read our Solar 101 to learn more about solar energy.

On the contrary, the user experience is not so good when using other models with Arlo App. The app might show that this device is not compatible with the battery.

This notification prevents thousands of consumers from using alternative options instead of an Arlo solar panel. You can avoid these ideas and take the best solar panel that is compatible with  Arlo devices.

Our Honest Thoughts

It is better to select the original one. But, sometimes it is not possible due to the budget. If you have the same problem, you can select the best device at an affordable price from our recommendation.

We recommend the Arlo Certified Accessory – Solar Panel Charger and Arlo Certified Accessory – Solar Panel Compatible with Pro, Pro 2.

On the contrary, if you want to select a device for an experiment, you can pick a non-brand solar panel. It will reduce the cost, and you can observe the panel’s energy production rate and power output. This process helps you understand the basic information at a minimal cost.

Finally, if you want to select an alternative option from a renowned brand, Wasserstein is the best one in the category. It has millions of positive customer feedback. They make this possible because their products contain high-quality materials and last for a long time.

Wrapping Up

Altogether, an Arlo solar panel is the best option for your Arlo cameras and other devices. But, you can select other reliable sources when finding an alternative.

In general, alternative options are affordable and available in the market. You can purchase them at any time. It ensures sufficient energy sources and compatibility with the model.

You have to find the best alternative in comparing the price and features. Don’t just purchase a solar panel that is cheap but not suitable for your device.

If you have any trouble selecting the perfect one, you can consider our recommendation and compare it to the selected product.

We hope you will get the ultimate result without any difficulty.

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