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6 Best Solar Floating Pool Lights & Reviews (+ Buyers Guide)

The beauty of your swimming pool and party celebration will never get a vivid aura without colorful lights. Decorating solar lights can be your best lighting companion without electricity costs.

Besides, the best solar floating pool lights enable you to organize your surroundings at ease. You don’t have to worry about the installation and recharging.

Solar floating lights can be used for multiple purposes, and they are the most durable on-water lights for your swimming pool.

In this writing, we present the best solar floating swimming pool lights and their advantages and disadvantages.

Besides, you will find a complete buyer’s guide for solar pool lights that helps you understand the best light’s key features.

Finally, we will make a shortlist of the best products from this review list if you have difficulty selecting the perfect one based on your needs.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in a Good Solar Floating Pool Light?

Best Solar Floating Pool Lights
Best Solar Floating Pool Lights

As an energy-conscious person, you might search for the best efficient light with the ideal specifications.

But, if you don’t have initial ideas about solar floating light, you can not purchase the best one. You have to compare the product’s key features to understand the hidden values.

In general, a buyer’s guide helps the consumers with specific information and suggestions for the perfect selection,

Besides, the buyer’s guide makes the consumer conscious of the significant features and performance while using the device.

So, let’s explore the key features of solar floating pool lights before purchasing them.


The size matters while selecting the best solar pool lights. A light with perfect shape and size increases the beauty of the pool.

If you install an extra-large size light, the water will be covered with the device. It will reduce the beauty of the pool.

On the contrary, a tiny light will never give you sufficient light, and you can not notice it from the poolside as you expect.

So select the best size based on your swimming pool.

Floating efficiency

Inefficient light can’t create a vivid atmosphere for celebrating your parties and family time. Floating lights must have the best inflatable capacity to perform on the water. It will ensure the performance of the light.


Colorful lights are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. It is better to select a compatible light for multiple purposes. 

Most solar floating lights can perform in gardens, balconies, decks, yards, bedrooms, and more. You should purchase a light with versatile usage. It reduces the costs and allows you to install the same lights in different places.


Why do you purchase several lights if you get multiple colors from a single light? The best solar pool light can change the color automatically and contains four to seven colors in a single device.


For solar devices, the battery is very important. You are purchasing solar lights to decorate your pool at night. If the device doesn’t have a perfect battery, it cannot produce adequate lights. You have to concentrate on this matter.

Top 6 Solar Floating Pool Lights Reviews 

Here we present the top 6 solar floating pool lights and their overview. We find these products regarding their specification, features, and reviews from real users.

Similarly, we analyze each product and compare it with the competitor to find the best result. It revealed the real factor of the device that will help you realize the actual value with the money.

In this list, we try to add the most efficient products with the help of the expert’s opinion and our personal experience.

Finally, we concentrate on online and physical market research to understand the design and durability of the device. Let’s explore.

Floating Pool Lights Inflatable

[cua-amz asin=”B07PLNWF2H” src=”” name=”Floating Pool Lights Inflatable”]

First, we have an attractive solar-powered floating light that comes with LED lights and an automatic color-changing mode. 

This light has four colors, and the brightness is very engaging. The ball shape lamp will easily mount on the pool or other water displays. 

This inflatable light has a perfect dimension of 14 inches, suitable for a small and large swimming pool. You can use this light in any place.

It might be on the water or the ground. Besides, you will get energy-saving and long-lasting lights with automatic solar charging capacity.

After a single charge, this floating pool light will last for 8 hours. It is enough for a single night lighting. The powerful battery and solar panel make this possible.

Similarly, it has IP68 waterproof technology that allows you to run the light in any weather condition.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5
Spec 1: Solar powered
Spec 2: 0.45 kg
Spec 3: 14 inch
Spec 4: LED lights
Spec 5: 4 colors
Spec 6: Inflatable
Spec 7: IP68 waterproof
Spec 8: Multiple uses
Spec 9: Automatic color changing
Spec 10: 8 hours running time

If you are looking for a floating light that can be used for multiple purposes and consumes the lowest energy, these solar inflatable lights are best for you. This will be a beautiful addition to your pool and easy to use for every purpose.

The light will change the color and create an excellent atmosphere without electricity cost with the automatic color changing mode.

You can use this light for the swimming pool, balcony, garden, entrance, and other water displays.

You can easily hang this beautiful color source wherever you want by using the hanging hook.

It is entirely hassle-free, and during the day, the device will get charged automatically from the sun. 

It will be turned on automatically in the evening, and you don’t have to worry about charging and powering.

Waterproof technology allows you to get amazing lighting, even in the rain. It will create a reflecting and colorful lighting mode outside while raining.

Pros and Cons

Beautiful design
Easy to install and use
No issues found 

Floating Pool Lights Solar-15 Inches

[cua-amz asin=”B07T86MRLP” src=”” name=”Floating Pool Lights Solar-15 Inches”]

Next, we present the Floating Pool Light Solar (15 inches), which comes with a large globe shape of 15 inches. 

Like Floating Pool Lights Inflatable we have reviewed above, this floating light has an automatic color-changing mode. It will change the color every 15 seconds. The dimension of this solar-powered floating light is 9.84 x 5.7 x 1.69 inches.

New to solar energy? Do you want to know how solar energy works? Read our Solar 101 to learn more about solar energy.

Its dynamic shape will enhance beauty by producing colorful light. Besides, high-quality materials make the device lightweight, and it is only 1.25 pounds.

One AA battery is included with the light, and it will run the device for more than six hours after a single charge.

The light is entirely waterproof, and IP68 waterproof technology enables you to run the floating light in any weather condition.

This cost-effective light is perfect for multiple lighting and decorations. Similarly, it is eco-friendly and has the power to produce soft, colorful light.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5
Spec 1: Solar powered
Spec 2: Hanging hook
Spec 3: 6 hours working time
Spec 4: Automatic color changing
Spec 5: Transition mode
Spec 6: IP68 waterproof
Spec 7: Inflatable
Spec 8: Powerful battery
Spec 9: High-quality solar panel
Spec 10: LED light


This is an ideal solar floating light suitable for swimming pools, decks, gardens, lawns, and more. It has a globe shape that will increase the beauty of the place. With this light, you will get the exact color needed for the pool. Besides, the light has outstanding color and a gorgeous outlook.

The light is easily inflatable and pretty simple to use and store. You have to set the light on the pool or hang it on the balcony.

You can also decorate your wedding, birthday, and family parties with this excellent light.

If you have a restaurant or party center, you can purchase this colorful light for engaging visitors.

You will get multiple colors from a single light with the color-changing mode. If you install several lights, you can create a vivid lighting display on the pool.

The main problem is that you have to purchase at least two lights to get the minimum colorful lighting.

Pros and Cons

Need multiple lights for decoration 

HAPIKAY Solar Floating Pool Lights

[cua-amz asin=”B07WPS8C8D” src=”” name=”HAPIKAY Solar Floating Pool Lights”]

We have the HAPIKAY Solar Floating Pool Lights that come in seven colors, and the lights will automatically change the color.

It is inflatable, and you can also hang this light when thinking about other places.

This solar-powered light will change the color every 25 seconds and create a vivid atmosphere.

The light will provide you with colorful output for 8 hours after a single charge with a powerful battery.

Besides, the 14 inches size is perfect for multiple decorative purposes. You will get enough brightness, even in the extreme darkness.

The light has IP68 waterproof technology that will enable you to run the device in any weather condition.

The small and compact shape allows you to carry the light easily, and you can install this portable light within a few seconds.

You can return this light within 30 days if you find any difficulty.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5
Spec 1: Solar powered 
Spec 2: Floating
Spec 3: Hanging
Spec 4: 14 inches 
Spec 5: 7 colors
Spec 6: Automatic color change
Spec 7: 8 hours working time
Spec 8: Waterproof
Spec 9: Powerful battery
Spec 10: 30 days easy return


This is another best option for decorating your swimming pool or yard with colorful lights. You can use these inflatable lights for the swimming pool, backyard, patio, or any room in the house. The lights are so cool and produce a colorful aura without electricity.

With the automatic color-changing mode, you will get the best colors for creating a unique atmosphere. It has seven colors: white, pink, red, green, blue, aqua, and lime.

You can use these lights as a gift to your dearest one. If you plan to celebrate your next birthday, anniversary, or wedding party with colorful lights, this will be the best option for you.

Besides, it doesn’t require installation and comes with an instant running facility. You have to put the light, and it will get charged automatically from the sun during the day.

The portable feature lets you bring this light when planning an outdoor picnic or camping.

Pros and Cons

No issues found

MUCH Solar Floating Pool Lights

[cua-amz asin=”B083QHB523″ src=”” name=”MUCH Solar Floating Pool Lights”]

The MUCH Solar Floating Pool Lights have a ball shape and vibrant color-changing mode. These lights can produce colorful lights with seven colors.

This light will enable you to carry the device anywhere in the perfect shape. You can easily install this inflatable light on the swimming pool. 

It is an entirely do-it-yourself light and doesn’t require any installation cost.

The lightweight design makes the device easy to float and hang. You can use the light in a hassle-free way.

With waterproof technology, the light can run in any weather condition. The powerful battery of this device will serve you for 8 hours after a single charge.

Besides, you will get a 30 days easy return in case of damage or broken lights. One year warranty will ensure the after-sales service for the consumers.

Rating: 3.3 out of 5
Spec 1: Solar powered
Spec 2: High-quality materials
Spec 3: Powerful battery
Spec 4: 14 inches
Spec 5: Inflatable 
Spec 6: Hanging hook
Spec 7: 7 colors 
Spec 8: Automatic color change
Spec 9: 30 days easy return
Spec 10: 1-year replacement warranty


This light will be your best decorative companion at night. You will get a cost-effective lighting solution for your home and outdoors. The light is suitable for the swimming pool, fountain, garden, living room, bedroom, balcony, and more.

With the automatic color changing option, you will get multiple colors from this light, including pink, red, purple, blue, aqua, and green lime.

If you have a beautiful garden with several trees and flowers, it is the best lighting option for you. The device will change the atmosphere of the garden.

The light runs with solar power and doesn’t require an electrical connection. You are going to reduce lighting costs and install a vivid light at an affordable price.

Besides, you can bring this light for the next camping or outdoor family picnic to decorate the place, and you will feel the colorful light in nature.

During the day, this floating light will get charged automatically and turn on in the evening.

Pros and Cons

Zero maintenance
No issues found

Cootway Floating Pool Lights Inflatable

[cua-amz asin=”B083DCF8ML” src=”” name=”Cootway Floating Pool Lights Inflatable”]

The Cootway Floating Pool Light Inflatable comes in four colors, and it will change the color automatically after 25 seconds.

This solar-powered device will charge the battery during the day and run for 8 hours after a single charge. The light has an efficient solar panel and a powerful battery.

Waterproof technology makes the light suitable for a swimming pool, and you can run the light in heavy rain.

Are you planning to buy solar panels to power your house? Read our Solar Panel Buying Guide first before purchasing.

It contains an alternative power source with a USB port. When you use this light indoors, the USB port will get the power from the grid.

This light is made with durable materials, and you can carry it wherever you want.

You will get one year of warranty and 30 days easy return that ensures customer service in case of any damage.

Rating: 4.4 out of 5
Spec 1: Solar powered
Spec 2: USB for alternative charging
Spec 3: Automatic charging from the sun
Spec 4: 14 inches
Spec 5: 4 colors 
Spec 6: Floatable 
Spec 7: 8.5 x 8.2 x 4.9 inches 
Spec 8: 1.95 pounds 
Spec 9: Waterproof
Spec 10: Warranty


If you are looking for a vivid lighting solution for your pool parties with decorative lights, this light is the best one in the category. This floatable light enables you to get multiple colors without electricity. You will get a hassle-free lighting solution with zero maintenance.

 With the USB charging port, you can use the light indoors, and the solar panel will charge the device during outdoor use.

This light is perfect as a gift, and you can surprise your friends and family by giving them a colorful gift.

On the contrary, if you are an adventure lover, this light will help you decorate your camp and outdoor parties without grid connectivity. You can run this light with your power bank too.

For your next wedding ceremony or birthday party, you should purchase this light to attract the guests and create vivid surroundings at night.

Pros and Cons

Convenient use
Multiple applications 
Not suitable in strong wind 

(Star)Cootway Floating Pool Solar Lights

[cua-amz asin=”B086WBH93M” src=”” name=”(Star)Cootway Floating Pool Solar Lights”]

Finally, we present an elegant solar inflatable light with star shape design and multiple colors. This light will change the color automatically and create a vivid aura in the place.

The waterproof technology allows you to use the light wherever you want.

It requires sunlight to charge and is suitable for every place under the sun. During the day, the light will get power from the sun, and after a single charge, it will run for 8 to 10 hours.

It contains high-quality materials and is very easy to carry. You can take this light in your bag or car trunk while visiting other places.

The hanging hook of the light allows you to install it indoors to increase the beauty of your room.

With the manufacturer’s warranty, you will get after-sales service in case of any problem.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Spec 1: Solar powered
Spec 2: Day night use
Spec 3: Auto color change 
Spec 4: Powerful battery
Spec 5: Inflatable 
Spec 6: Cost-effective
Spec 7: Star shapes
Spec 8: Quality guaranteed 
Spec 9: Waterproof
Spec 10: Easy to use


This light is suitable for decorating your garden, pool, bedroom, yard, deck, and more. It has an efficient solar panel to charge the battery quickly. Besides, the light is best in its category and comes with the value of the money.

The star shape design presents your personality and enables you to get a unique lighting solution.

The light will provide you with multiple colors from a single device by using the color-changing mode. You can use this light for party decoration, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

The most important part of the light is that it doesn’t require electricity and will get an affordable solution.

The light can change the surroundings of your poolside and backyard. Your leisure time will be vivid and colorful.

As an adventure lover, you can bring this light for camping and fishing to get colorful light in nature.

Pros and Cons

Multiple applications
No alternative powering source

Best Solar Floating Pool Lights FAQs 

What are the brightest solar pool lights on the market?

It is difficult to specify the brightest solar pool light on the market. But, we find the HAPIKAY Solar Floating Pool Light is the most efficient and brightest light among the best floating lights.

How many lumens do you need for bright solar pool lights?

Most of the solar floating pool lights come with multiple color options.  A colorful floating light is noticeable at a long distance, and it doesn’t require extra lumens. But, if you consider the standard lumens for brighter light, then 70 to 100 lumens is enough.


Finally, you got the reviews of the top 6 solar floating lights with their pros and cons. Now, you can select the best one according to your needs.

But, sometimes it is difficult to find the best one among several lights. You might get confused while selecting the solar floating lights.

You can easily overcome this situation with our shortlist. We prepare this list by comparing all the products of the review section.

If you are looking for colorful solar floating lights, the Floating Pool Lights Inflatable is perfect for you.

On the contrary, the (Star)Cootway Floating Pool Solar Lights have a unique star shape that is ideal for creative pool decoration.

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