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10 Best Solar Powered LED Wall Lights Reviewed 2021

If you love LED lights, then you will probably love this article. Here you will see some of the best Led solar powered wall lights that are available in the market today.

For those with a large yard and need lighting for their driveway, garden, or even the porch, you will need to install one of this solar powered led light, which also comes with motion sensors.

Most of them are waterproof, and you will be sure your yard will look great once you install one of them. Let us check out some of the best led solar powered wall lights in 2020.

In a hurry? This is our TOP 3 picks for solar powered LED wall lights

Solar powered LED wall light: Litom 12 LED

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Solar powered LED wall light: URPOWER Lights

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Solar powered LED wall light: Baxia Technology BX SL

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Best Solar Powered LED Wall Lights & Their Reviews

1. Litom 12 LED (4 Pack)

They have one of the best reviews with an average of 4.5 out of 5, and they come in a four-pack.

They are retailed at $55.99, which is very reasonable considering their power output.

The bulbs are energy savers, and they have that warm light color, which makes your compound or yard look incredibly comfortable.

It has a very intuitive interface, and they are relatively easy to install and need not much effort. 

They can be installed in any part of your yard, and customization is relatively easy and accessible.

They come with internal batteries that, during daylight, the solar panel that comes with it, charges the battery to be used at night.

The lights can detect the brightness of the surrounding environment.

If the day’s brightness starts to go low, the LITOM will automatically switch from saving mode to lighting mode without switching on anything. 

They don’t need any motion for them to operate, and if you want to change the light options from dim to bright, there is a button which you press twice to change from either dim to bright.

It is very efficient and has a high ABS on plastic and performs very well on monocrystalline silicon. LITOM technology is durable and can last along.

Pros and Benefits

  • Efficient and saves energy
  • Waterproof
  • Easy installation and easy usage

2. URPOWER Lights (4 PACK)

URPOWER has been rated among the best on amazon, and it has amazon’s best choice badge.

With nearly 10,000 reviews, it is one of the best when it comes to solar powered led wall lights. They cost less than 30 dollars and come in a set of 2 packs.

The ultra-power is very efficient that even on rainy days, it will still provide that warm white light to brighten your yard.

It comes with a solar panel that charges so fast during daylight, and that means it can store enough energy to take you all night without running out of energy.

It is easy to install and can be placed anywhere from the driveway, deck, pathway, or even the docks.

The URPOWER comes with lithium batteries, which can store more energy to serve you for long hours, and it is powered with four led lights.

Their voltage power is very efficient, and the batteries can charge to the maximum in about 5 hours. It has 3.7 volts and 2200 mAh, and the dimensions of the lights are 29 by 9.5 by 34 centimeters. They are wireless, and installation is relatively easy and straightforward as you do not have to do any wiring. It is just fixing it in your desired spot, and you will enjoy your evenings. 

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The lights are very adjustable, and you can get them at any angle by just pressing the button on it to get a 270 degree or 90 degrees, respectively. The package comes with other utilities like the six screws, two spikes, two manuals, and two solar-round lights. They are weather-resistant and can work well on rainy days and even when it’s snowy.

Pros and Benefits

  • It comes with two one functionality.
  • Easy to install
  • It is adjustable and customizable.
  • Automated switch

3. Baxia Technology BX SL Lights (4 Pack)

Baxia technology has provided the market with reliable and efficient lights for many years and has 3000 reviews on Amazon. They cost less than $30 for a set of four-pack, which means you will save when it comes to lighting your yard. They come with inbuilt batteries, and once they are fully charged during the day, they can operate throughout the night, and they also have motion detectors. 

They do not have a Dim option, which means that your yard will be well lit when they go on. Their batteries enable the BAXIA to light your compound for three full days without charging them again. It weighs 6.77 ounces and has dimensions of 5.1 by 4.3by2.7 inches detectors go on if you are 10 feet, and they reflect light at an angle of 120 degrees. 

Its power specifications include 1200mAh, 3.7 volts, for the lights 0.2 watts, and 400LM. The packaging comes with two key pins, a manual, eight pillar hinge expansions, eight installing screws, and 4solar lights.

Pros and Benefits

  • Weather-resistant and sturdy
  • Eco friendly and efficient
  • Motion detectors
  • Has no DIM option


Yet again, we have another LITOM in the top 10. This time it comes with 270 degrees view, and it comes in 4,2, and one pack and each light go for $15 each. It boasts of more than 10,000 reviews on Amazon. LITOM focuses mostly on energy-saving, and with the latest technology, they are among the leaders when it comes to the solar industry.

 LITOM will ensure that your yard, driveway, and even pathways are well illuminated, and they will save you a lot of daunting electricity bills. The lights are weather resistant and can work for up to 30,000 hours without losing light. They are made with ABS and PP materials and an IP 65 waterproof system. 

Once they are fully charged during the daytime, you will be guaranteed perfect lighting throughout the night with no interruptions. With its 270 angle degrees illumination, your yard will not miss out when it comes to lights. They can be installed anywhere from the driveway, garage, around your fence, and even the pathways.

Pros and Benefits

  • Can withstand any weather
  • 270 degrees illumination
  • Has a motion detector
  • Durability 30,000 plus hours of lighting

5. ITHIRD Light

They are among the most robust and most potent when it comes to the solar lighting industry. The repellent is made with strong stainless steel, which makes the solar repellent durable and going at $23 each, it is one of the best in quality when it comes to solar power. It comes with a waterproof ability of IP 44, which makes it stand any weather conditions.

 Once the lights are fully charged during daylight, they will automatically switch when it starts to dim. They come with the OFF mode, and that works during the day when there is brightness. It has dim and bright options, and once the motion detector goes on, it turns from dim to bright light automatically. When they are fully charged, they can operate for more than 120 times without charge. 

Every package comes with two pins, two screws, one ITHIRD light, and a manual. It comes with indicators ranging from Red, Green, and Blue, all of which function differently when the motion detector senses anything. Its sensor distance is more significant than others at 16.4 feet and a 120-degree illumination angle. It has lithium batteries and a 2200mAh, 3.7 volts, a waterproof system of IP44, and 330 Lumens.

Pros and Benefits

  • Durable with stainless steel
  • It is eco friendly
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Waterproof and dustproof

6. TOPMANTE 30 Lights (2 PACK)

They are the latest newcomers in the solar lighting industry, and people already like them because they are well designed and are very efficient. They sell at $20 each, and now they come in 1 and 2 packs. They charge when there is a lot of sunlight, and once the batteries are fully charged, they can operate the whole night without dimming. 

They have a 2000mA battery, have motion detectors, flexible heads back and front, and adjustable to increase light conversion. They work perfectly on fences, yards, and even your garage. It is made of a durable ABS premium body and can withstand any weather. It has a 10 feet motion detector and a 120-degree illumination angle.

To turn on the lights, never forget to insert the pin in the switch sensor. They do not come with any wires that means installing them is relatively easy, and once installed, your yard will be secure and well-guarded with TOPMANTE solar.

Pros and Benefits

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Automatic sensors
  • Great design
  • Comes with different angle positions


They are Amazon’s best choice, and that is because many customers love how it operates. It comes with two packs and four packs for $15 each. They have proved to be the best for solar outdoor lights, and they have 10 feet to 16 feet motion detectors. At an angle of 125 degrees, they also have 2000 lumens, 2600mAh, high capacity batteries that can operate the whole night with no faults when fully charged. 

They have bought more than five million times, and it’s one of the most recommended solar outdoor lights. They have 100 led nightlife, which means your yard will be well illuminated when the sunsets. They automatically turn on when darkness sets in, and they are durable and can withstand any weather. 

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Once it is fully operational, it can light your garage area, your pathways, and the whole compound will be well illuminated. It has a 100 led light, which is bright enough, and with 2000 lumens, they can last for years without you replacing them every time. The panel has a capacity of 4.8 watts, 2600 mAh, and 3.7 volts. The 100 led lights can perform for more than 12 hours once fully charged, it has a 125-degree illumination angle and its dimensions are perfect at 10.3 by5.2 by2.7 inches. 

The motion sensor goes up to 26 feet, which means it can sense anything near the lights. It has a NO-DIM mode, and when fully operational, it delivers bright white light, which cannot go unnoticed. Its waterproof is IP65 to ensure maximum security, no matter the weather condition.

Pros and Benefits

  • Bright 100 led lights
  • Easy installation
  • Has motion sensors

8. WarmTaste 100 Lights (2 PACK)

The warm taste is also another solar light that is highly recommended by many buyers. It comes in 1,2 and 4 packs, and they have solar panels just on top of the frame to ensure that they are fully charged when the sun is out. They cost $16 each, and they have an excellent solar conversion rate of up to 14% when fully charged. 

They are suitable for all kinds of weather as they can withstand rain, snow, and even heavy winds. It has a sensitivity of up to 17 feet, and the 100 brights LED provide bright white light at night for maximum security. It can rotate to an angle of 120 degrees and can be used on paths, garage, backyard, and even the driveway. 

They are liked the most because they are user friendly and provide high-quality lights. The batteries can hold power for a long time, and when fully charged, they can run all night without going off. The extended sensor length makes it reliable, covering a wide area. It has a fast charge and has high photovoltaic efficiency of 5% better than the poly silicone panel.

The package comes with two warm taste lights, four screws, four plastic anchors, and a user manual. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the product, they always offer a money back guarantee.

Pros and Benefits

  • Has a 270-degree coverage
  • Comes with a 6-month warranty
  • Made of polysilicon technology
  • Comes with three different modes

9. VOSONX 40 Lights (2 PACK)

They have the best aesthetics and excellent design, making them one of the best when it comes to solar technology. The solar repellent goes for $32.95 for a two-pack and 49.95 for a four-pack. It comes with a 120 degrees motion head, and its motion sensors can reach a distance of 26 feet.

The motion detector is built together with the solar panel, which ensures the lights are fully charged during the day. The package includes 2 VOSONX lights, two screws, two pins, two expansion pillars, and a user manual. Once they detect any motions, they automatically go into a light mode, ensuring your yard is well protected.

Pros and Benefits

  • It has bright lights to ensure night security.
  • It’s waterproof and heatproof.
  • They are energy-saving and durable


They are also among the best when it comes to solar lights, and they are very economical. They cost $25.99 for a two-pack, 600 lumen, and a ten led light. They are among the cheapest when it comes to solar lighting for your yard. They can withstand all four seasons and are best when installed outdoors—the work well on driveways, garage, and even the porch. 

The solar specifications include 2 volts, 0.25 watts,1000mAh, and a 1.2 power voltage. Its charges are using sunlight, and once it’s fully charged, it can operate the whole night without any disturbance.

Pros and Benefits

  • Has a new design and a ten led light?
  • Easy to install and intuitive
  • Affordable and reliable

Final Thoughts About Solar LED Wall Lights

Now you have some of the best solar-powered lights available in the market, it’s now up to you to choose which one fits well in your compound, and you are good to go.

They are some of the best and are highly recommended by many customers.

Right from the design to the price, you can never fail to get something for your yard, garage, driveways, or even pathways.

Next time you want to light up your compound, think of the above-mentioned solar-powered wall lights.

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