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Top 10 Best Solar Outdoor Candles

Are you looking for a digital candle solution for your pleasant nights? Solar outdoor candles can be an effective solution for decorating your homes, camping tents, or party areas.

The best solar-powered outdoor candles enable you to access light without electricity and installation costs.

Solar candles are an amazing replacement for traditional candles to provide aura and comfort without safety concerns.

Unlike traditional candles, solar candles are more secure and handy, and the water-resistant feature makes them durable even in heavy rain.

These candles are perfect for multiple outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, and a wedding celebration.

In this writing, we present the best solar-powered outdoor candles with their key features and a buyer’s guide. 

So, let’s explore the top ten solar-powered outdoor candles and their reviews.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look For in a Good Solar Powered Outdoor Candle?

Comparing the features and specifications, the best solar-powered outdoor candles should have some specific characteristics for outstanding performance.

If you understand the key features of a solar power candle, you will find the best one quickly. It will reveal the usability and durability of the candle according to your expectations. 

Similarly, it will be easier for you to find a good solar-powered outdoor candle by reviewing its additional features. You can assume the value of money in comparing a product’s features and price. 


For solar-powered outdoor candles, brightness is the primary concern. You have to decide the pattern of the brightness before selecting a candle.

The best candle must have several brightness modes and control. Regarding your choice, you may like soft light or brighter light.

A good outdoor solar candle can provide you with the expected lighting mode. It will bring charming brightness to your surroundings.  

So, it is important to consider the brightening efficiency of the candle.

Battery Power

When looking into solar devices, battery power and backup are the most vital parts of the product. A good solar device must include an efficient battery for long-time backup.

If you plan to get a whole night’s candlelight, you have to ensure the charging facility, power, and backup of the included battery.

Fast charging capability will allow the candle to charge itself rapidly during the day, and you will never have to worry about charging.

The battery power will assure you that it will run for the expected time frame at night. Sufficient power makes it high-efficient in its category.

It is also important to understand the battery backup. You may buy a powerful battery, but you have to confirm the backup for a certain time.

So, batteries are significant when it comes to solar-powered outdoor candles.

Power Control

The best outdoor solar-powered candles are easy to control and come with several operating options.

Conventional solar candles include a manual on/off switch and plug-and-play powering option. But the top quality candle comes with remote control, and you can enable different modes with remote control.

As a conscious buyer, your goal is to find the best product and ask for advanced features. In this sense, get solar candles with handy operations.  Remember, the best candles have the best power control.

Construction Material

The standard manufacturing process and high-quality materials will ensure the quality of the product. 

Solar candles are designed to be used for a long-time. So, you have to find a candle that comes with standard materials and passes quality control. 

Category one manufacturing material makes the device durable and proficient.

Color Options

Conventional candles have different color options to provide a pleasant light. It is also applicable to the best solar outdoor solar-powered candles.

Selecting the latest candle model from a renowned manufacturer will get different hues with neutral colors.

Solar candles are ready to provide blue, green, red, purple, orange, and many more colors for your satisfaction.


Comparing the additional features, the timer is one of the most valuable features for solar-powered candles.

It will allow you to set the starting and ending times of the candle. You can turn off the candle with preset timer control.

This feature will save the battery and ensure backup for a long time. Before purchasing the best solar-powered outdoor candles, you must consider this feature.


Warranty coverage enables you to get after-sales service and spare parts. In general, solar candles come with specific models from the manufacturer, and the batteries are designed individually for a model.

Warranty is important because you might have to replace the battery or light in case of any damage.

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Top 10 Best Solar Powered Outdoor Candles

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best Solar Powered Outdoor Candles in the market today.

We include the top ten solar-powered outdoor candles in this article. Reviewing these candles, we find the best in the category regarding their specifications and features.

Besides, our consideration depends on customers’ real experience and reviews and our technical skills. 

By researching the market and comparing it with other products, we ensure the quality and value of the money of every single candle of this review chart.

Oubell  Solar Power Tea Light Candles

[cua-amz asin=”B07TTN4P6K” src=”” name=”Oubell  Solar Power Tea Light Candles”]

First, we introduce a complete set of solar-powered outdoor candles that contain 12 attractive individual candles.

These flickering warm candle lights are smoke-free and flameless. You will get a realistic candle’s light effect without flame.

It is easy to place on any furniture or basement with outstanding features and design. It will automatically charge when you put it under the sun. 

This cost-effective candle will take 6 hours to be fully charged and serve you for a whole night. Each candle comes with a 200mAh AAA rechargeable battery sufficient to get a longer backup. 

Besides, waterproof technology makes this solar candle usable for outdoor uses and decoration.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Spec 1: Solar powered
Spec 2: 12 x Solar candle
Spec 3: Warm lighting 
Spec 4: Fast charging
Spec 5: Attractive design
Spec 6: Automatic charging
Spec 7: Smoke-free
Spec 8: Waterproof


If you are looking for a solar-powered outdoor candle that is no less than a traditional candle, the Oubell  Solar power Tea Light Candle is best in the category. These are outstanding solar candle lights perfectly placed on various tea light candle holders.

With the simulated true flame pattern and no smoke feature, you will access these candles to create a romantic atmosphere at your home or party area. The inside lamp bead is designed to serve more than 20000 hours.

It comes with waterproof technology, and you can use this solar candle in heavy rain to make a natural lighting mode at night. It can be placed in the garden, balcony, or porch of the house.

You can also give those lights to your dearest and nearest one as a gift. The realistic view of this solar power tea light will make the tea-time amazing.

Pros and Cons

Excellent performance
Portable design
Easy to store
The size is bigger than the normal tea light

MYHH-LITES Solar Lantern Tea Lights Candles

ZHONGXIN Solar Lantern Tea Lights Candles, Flameless Rechargeable Amber Flickering LED Candle Lights, Waterproof Great for Garden, Yard, Pathway, Balcony, Wedding, Part, Holidays, Home Decor-8Pack
  • Flickering Amber LED; Flameless and smoke-free, provide a realistic flickering effect.
  • Solar Powered and Easy to Use; Illuminates for up to 5 hours on a full charge. Lights sensor technology makes it can automatically turn on in darkness and turn off in brightness.
  • Includes Eight (8) LED Tea Lights; Requires 1 Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Each Light(Included)

The MYHH-LITES Solar Lantern Tea Lights Candles come with 8 individual candles that will bring a realistic flickering effect to your surroundings.

These solar candles have LED lights and smoke-free operations to create an aura like traditional candles.

It has a 100mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery with 5 hours backup on a full charge. Besides, this solar-powered candle set is waterproof and perfect for indoor and outdoor uses.

The ABS material makes it more durable, and the candle size is 1.5x 1.8 in diameter. This light will produce 0.6 watts of warm candlelight, and it is sufficient for making excellent decorations.

Rating: 4.1 out of 5
Spec 1: Solar powered
Spec 2: Auto on/off
Spec 3: 8 solar LEDs
Spec 4: 100 mAh battery (each)
Spec 5: Waterproof
Spec 6: ABS materials
Spec 7: Durable
Spec 8: Warm amber color


Next, we have a solar-powered tea light that will help you to make your house reliable and decorative. These tea lights are perfect for homes, patios, parks, backyards, outdoor areas. You will love the flickering flame effect of those lights and feel just like real.

With the automatic on/off system, you can easily access the control, and it will be turned on at night and turned off during the day. This feature enhances usability and provides you with flameless candlelight.

This widely used solar candlelight will be a great solution for your decorative purposes. The warm cozy light of this candle will allow you to focus on Halloween, weddings, and hangouts.

The main problem with these tea lights is that dust will affect the charging system. Please clean it regularly.

Pros and Cons

Complete candle set
The solar panel is not dustproof

Outdoor Solar Powered Candles by LAMPLUST

[cua-amz asin=”B08G9XJP48″ name=”Outdoor Solar Powered Candles by LAMPLUST” src=””]

The Outdoor Solar Powered Candles come with a large 3-inch diameter and flameless LED light. 

The pack contains 3 separate pillars, and they are completely waterproof. These affordable lights are designed with artistic thoughts, and they will enhance the beauty of your surroundings. 

It has an automatic on/off feature and can perform in heavy rain. Each candle will run for 8 hours and have a 300mAh high power rechargeable battery with a single charge.

You will get warm white real-like light from these solar candles that come with a matte finish. Besides, it is manufactured with resin plastic to create a smooth surface on the body.

Rating: 3.3 out of 5
Spec 1: Auto on/off
Spec 2: Solar powered
Spec 3: High-quality material
Spec 4: 3 x candles
Spec 5: Water-resistant
Spec 6: Rechargeable battery
Spec 7: 8 hours working time
Spec 8: Warm light


This set of solar candles is a combination of three flameless pillars that will increase the beauty of your interior and exterior. They work great and are perfect for steps, porch, patio, wedding, summer, and BBQ parties.

Each outdoor candle will provide a realistic flickering lighting effect with warm glow light. It will ensure the artistic display and bring an aromatic lighting aura.

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You can use these cost-effective candles to decorate your garden and hang them on the tree. It will increase the beauty of the trees and bring heaven like dim light.

Besides, these solar candles have a measured light temperature that will provide a smooth and cool lighting effect. You can put the candles even on the blade of the bed.

Pros and Cons

Versatile uses
Energy saver
No alternative power option

NIGHTKEY Solar Power LED Pillar Candle

[cua-amz asin=”B07SW34CW5″ name=”NIGHTKEY Solar Power LED Pillar Candle” src=””]

This effective solar outdoor candle comes with realistic flickering light and eco-friendly operation. It contains a 300mAh rechargeable battery that enables you to run it for up to 10 hours with a single charge. 

The easy and safe operation makes it handy and hassle-free. Besides, these candles use 3D technology to make the flame real like.

The package contains 4 individual LED solar candles, and each candle has a diameter of 2.6×4.33 inches.

It has a durable design, and waterproof technology enables it for versatile use.

Each candle will take only 5 hours to be fully charged and bring outstanding decoration without electricity or smoke.

Rating: 2 out of 5
Spec 1: Solar powered
Spec 2: Powerful battery
Spec 3: Flickering lights
Spec 4: 3D technology
Spec 5: Environment safe
Spec 6: AAA battery 
Spec 7: Realistic design
Spec 8: Waterproof


This solar-powered product is an energy saver and perfect indoor and outdoor decoration. You can celebrate your anniversaries, wedding parties, and birthdays with the romantic light of the candle. It is flameless and ideal for lighting without installation costs.

The perfect combination of functions and features is an excellent ornament suitable for various candle holders.

Selecting these candles for your next decorative purposes will enable you to bring an artistic lighting solution for your homes, garden, balcony, and more.

The bottom switch of this candle makes it handier and allows you to turn it on/off within seconds. Similarly, portability enhances the user experiences of these candles.

You can also present these candles as a gift to your friends and family. It will reveal your romantic personality for them.

Pros and Cons

It doesn’t have an automatic on/off feature

Horeset Solar Power LED Flameless Candle

[cua-amz asin=”B071GSMJPJ” name=”Horeset Solar Power LED Flameless Candle” src=””]

Now, we present the Horeset Solar Power LED Flameless Candle that is loaded with features and contains 6 individual solar candles.

It is a perfect size with 2x 2.3 inches diameter, and you can easily put them in your expected places. This durable light has ABS quality materials and an AAA button cell battery. 

Besides, the round-shaped yellow flickering light is lightweight and has 7.2 ounces of weight.

It will absorb sunlight quickly and get charged for the next long-term operation. 

The push-button allows you to turn it on and off without delay. This candle comes with children’s safe mode and is safe for the whole house.

Rating: 5 out of 5
Spec 1: Flameless
Spec 2: Solar powered
Spec 3: Multiple operations
Spec 4: 10 hours continuous light
Spec 5: High-quality material
Spec 6: Children safe
Spec 7: Flickering lighting


Are you looking for a solar-powered outdoor candle that got 100% customer satisfaction? Then the Horeset solar candles are a great example. 

This set of 6 pieces of candles gets 5 out of 5 in online stores. These lights are perfect for outdoor and work great as a standard tea light.

With these cost-effective candles, you can decorate your home without electricity and installation costs. With the smoke-free lighting solution, you will get healthy candlelight.

It has an easy to charge facility that automatically absorbs sunlight and stores it on the battery.

You can get a peaceful mind in a relaxing environment and use these candles for gifts, hotels, home decoration, Christmas Day, birthday parties, Outdoor, etc.

The main problem is that it is rechargeable, and there is no alternative charging option.

Pros and Cons

Easy to set up
Easy to store
Not waterproof

Tomshine LED Solar Lantern Candle

[cua-amz asin=”B0787KVPT1″ name=”Tomshine LED Solar Lantern Candle” src=””]

This is an attractive solar-powered decorative light, and it comes with a beautiful Tomshine hanging box to set it in ease.

It contains a AAA rechargeable battery with a solar charging facility. This long-lasting battery will serve you up to 10 hours after a single charge

The solar candle is designed with metal finished bronze and clear glass walls to provide warm light.

It contains IP55 waterproof technology and is lightweight of 680g. The light works at various temperatures from 15 degrees to 45 degrees.

The 0.06 watts solar panels will charge themselves within 6 hours. During this time, it will get sufficient charging for the next operation.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Spec 1: Solar powered
Spec 2: Fast charging
Spec 3: AAA battery
Spec 4: Flickering effect
Spec 5: Weather resistant
Spec 6: Metal finish
Spec 7: Efficient solar panel
Spec 8: 14x 14-inch dimensions


Next, we have an attractive and useful solar lantern-style candle that is flameless, and it will add a fine decorative touch to your garden, patio, and indoor usage.

It is inexpensive, sturdy, and has cute lights that are durable. The entire solar-powered energy source will add an excellent aura to the surroundings. 

You have to place the solar lantern in the sun to enjoy the colorful light at night. This Tomshine solar lantern is easy to install, and you can place the light on any location, including patio, courtyard, garden, entrance, and balcony. 

Besides, you can bring this handy light with you to the camping tent. It will create a unique camping night, even in a remote place.

Pros and Cons

Attractive design
Multiple usages
The candle is placed in the box permanently

MPOWERD Luci Candle – Inflatable Solar Light

[cua-amz asin=”B085ZFDSNW” name=”MPOWERD Luci Candle – Inflatable Solar Light” src=””]

Next, we have the MPOWERD Luci Candle: Solar Inflatable Light that comes with a powerful rechargeable 350mAh battery. 

This light will last up to 18 hours on a single charge. It is an inflatable and completely flameless solar light that keeps your home safe while providing vivid light. 

The device will be fully charged with 8 hours of direct sunlight, and amber LED light is a clean and reliable lighting source. 

This device is covered with one year manufacturer’s warranty, and the IP67 waterproof technology makes it fit for outdoor use in any weather conditions. It is lightweight and comes with 65g of weight

Rating: 4.4 out of 5
Spec 1: Small and compact design
Spec 2: Solar powered
Spec 3: Waterproof
Spec 4: Multiple lighting modes
Spec 5: 350mAh battery
Spec 6: 65gram 
Spec 7: 1-year warranty
Spec 8: Inflatable


Luci Solar Candle Light comes with 3 lighting modes, including low, high, and candle flicker, to provide you with multiple lighting experiences. It is nice for ambient lighting and essential for household chores. The light comes with a vinyl strap across the top.

With the low light mode, you can use it as a dim light and run it for the whole night to get a mild lighting atmosphere.

The high mode will allow you to get clear light for reading, walking, and to do other works.

Besides, the flicker mode will enable you to use it as real candles.

Planning to make your house full solar? Check our complete guide here about using solar power for your house.

You can use this warm LED light for decorating your patio, yoga studio, parties, holidays, and more. 

Similarly, you can use this attractive and simple light as a gift to your nearest one. Using the toggle setting of the Luci light, you can power the candle easily and make the place vivid in darkness.

Pros and Cons

Several lighting modes
Not strong enough to tolerate heavy shock

Solar Flameless Tea-Light Candles

[cua-amz asin=”B0741TXBS5″ name=”Solar Flameless Tea-Light Candles” src=””]

The Solar Flameless tealight candles are excellent in design and perfect for outdoor and indoor decoration.

These lights come with a rechargeable battery and waterproof technology. It is a flameless solar candle set that includes 6 individual candles. 

Besides, these high-quality candles are made with eco-friendly material along with a quality manufacturing process. 

It will last for 2 years without any replacement. This proficient candle has a 300mAh battery, and it will last for at least 12 hours. 

On the contrary, it will be automatically charged from the sun and store the absorbed power to provide light at night. You have to put it for five hours under the sun for a complete charge.

Rating: 3.2 out of 5
Spec 1: Solar powered
Spec 2: Waterproof 
Spec 3: Warm white light
Spec 4: Powerful battery
Spec 5: Rechargeable
Spec 6: Flameless
Spec 7: No wires
Spec 8: Polished shape


This is an excellent solar-powered candle perfect for the bedroom, living room, and outdoor. 

It will bring a romantic light to make the time enjoyable. It holds charge more than traditional solar light, and the design is standard for outstanding decoration.

It is easy to use, and the automatic power on/off feature makes it the best in this category. The light will be turned on in the darkness and turned off during the day.

This flameless tea light is safe for children, and you can place it on any surface or table.

For your next birthday or anniversary, you can select this solar candle set for creating an impulsive atmosphere at your home.

Pros and Cons

No electricity costs
No carbon emission 
It can not light up during the day

Sunsbell Solar LED Tealight Candle

[cua-amz asin=”B07P1RKSVC” name=”Sunsbell Solar LED Tealight Candle” src=””]

Sunsbell Solar flameless tealight Candles come with flickering light and provide you real candle experience. 

It contains a 300mAh battery that will allow the device to run for 8 hours with a single charge. Each candle has a 0.03 watt solar attached solar panel, which is enough to charge this powerful solar candle. 

It is a modern-style candle, and you will get a pack of 6 candles to decorate your home. The 2″ x 2.4″ diameter is perfect for indoor and outdoor usage. 

This device contains a 1-year warranty and 90 days money-back guarantee for 100% customer satisfaction.

Rating: 3.8 out of 5
Spec 1: Solar powered
Spec 2: Unique design
Spec 3: Efficient solar panel
Spec 4: Warm light
Spec 5: Durable material
Spec 6: 1-year warranty
Spec 7: 300mAh battery
Spec 8: 6 individual candles


This is a flameless flickering light and doesn’t produce hot and dry wax while using. It has a realistic dancing simulation technology to provide flickering lights without fire. These lights work great, and they are high-performing lights in the category of solar power.

With the outstanding system and specification, this light produces a clean and romantic atmosphere along with safety. You can use these solar candles for decorating parties, weddings, houses, bars, and more.

It is easy to use and automatically turns on in the darkness. Using this solar candle, you can save the money you will use to purchase traditional candles.

Pros and Cons

Stylish look
Easy to store
Simple installation
No automatic on/off switch

Sterno Home Paradise Solar Flameless Candle

[cua-amz asin=”B017HOGTWE” name=”Sterno Home Paradise Solar Flameless Candle” src=””]

Finally, we have the Sterno Home Paradise Solar Flameless Candle with a large body and shape. 

This colorful solar candle comes with 5 hours of running time and contains a flickering color-changing mode. 

It has a crystalline solar panel for absorbing more sunlight during the day. The waterproof and durable plastic finish body doesn’t melt while using. 

It requires 2 AA rechargeable batteries that are included. The device is lightweight, and the net weight is 4 ounces.

Rating: 3.9 out of 5
Spec 1:Solar powered
Spec 2: Massive design
Spec 3: Colorful light
Spec 4: High-quality material
Spec 5: Flameless
Spec 6: No wires
Spec 7: Color lighting mode


This is useful solar candlelight that is perfect for outdoor and indoor use. You will feel like the traditional candle while using this candle at your home, tea-table, or bedroom. It is reliable and perfectly made for everyday candle solutions with decorative purposes.

It will be automatically switched on/off and get charged from the sun. This effective candle will last for at least 8 hours with a single charge.

You can use this solar candle even in your car and carry it to a remote place for camping. It will enhance the beauty of the place and create an excellent lighting mode.

The flickering color-changing mode allows you to get several colors with a single candle. This candle will never melt and last at least for 2 years.

It will be a wise solution to save your money and get attractive candlelights.

Pros and Cons

Traditional design
It’s a single solar candle, not a complete set

Good Solar Powered Outdoor Candles FAQs

How good are solar-powered outdoor candles?

Solar-powered outdoor candles are best for getting permanent candlelight without everyday costs. These candles will enable you to access flameless and smoke-free light at your home.

Do solar-powered outdoor candles work at night?

Yes, solar-powered outdoor candles are designed to work at night. These types of candles get charged from the sun during the day and work fine at night.

How long will a solar-powered outdoor candle last?

Depending on the power of the battery and charging capacity, a solar-powered outdoor candle lasts from 5 to 10 hours with a single charge.


Altogether, solar outdoor candles can be a great solution for getting romantic light, and it is an eco-friendly way to produce candlelight without carbon emission.

You can select the best one from the above list according to your needs and expectations.

If you don’t want to make your choice, you can have a look at our suggestions. 

We prepare this short suggestion from our personal experience and technical knowledge.

If you are looking for the best overall, then the Horeset Solar Power LED Flameless Candle is the best in the category. 

On the contrary, if you want a budget-friendly solar-powered outdoor candle, the MPOWERD Luci Candle – Inflatable Solar Light is perfect at an affordable price.

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