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How to Clean Solar Panels with Vinegar

Maintenance can enhance the performance of a system or device. Solar panels also require cleaning and washing. Cleaning solar panels with vinegar might be a successful decision.

Generally, solar panels are installed on the rooftop of a house, and the system should clean in a timely fashion.

Rain can clean the panels automatically, but it must be cleaned to remove other dust and scratches. A solar panel can get dirty from the wind and birds.

This article will discuss how to clean your solar panels with vinegar and the estimated duration from one cleaning to the next.

Cleaning Solar Panels the Right Way

Cleaning Solar Panels The Right Way
Cleaning Solar Panels The Right Way

If you want to clean your solar panels, you can do it separately. In general, there are two main ways of cleaning solar panels. You can do it yourself or hire a professional solar panel cleaning service.  

Several companies are ready to provide the service for a fee. They offer monthly or yearly cleaning services along with on-demand maintenance. 

Similarly, you have to decide the right way to clean the solar panels. The panels are sensitive, and cleaning them the wrong way can damage the solar power system. 

Try to follow experts’ suggestions and technical guidelines while cleaning solar panels. 

Most servicing companies try to make the task complex and demand extra charges. You can avoid this unwanted and expensive situation by doing it yourself.

You have to collect some cleaning instruments and products. The right products and processes will help you to get the ultimate result.

If you think you are not fit for the task and don’t have a clear idea, please call a professional. Unwanted cleaning methods can reduce the energy production capacity of a solar panel.

Cleaning in the right way will enhance the performance and provide uninterrupted service. Try to clean the panels on a cool day to protect them from burns because detergent or other cleaning material can make the panels hot.

However, cleaning with vinegar might be the right way, and you can use this cleaning method yourself. Vinegar has some special cleaning capabilities. It will clean the solar panel properly and remove any dirt from the panel.

The method may be different based on the place and weather. So, try to find out the best cleaning method.

How to Clean Solar Panels with Vinegar

Can You Clean Solar Panels with Vinegar?
Can You Clean Solar Panels with Vinegar?

You can clean solar panels with vinegar. Vinegar is a natural product that has the cleaning capacity to clean any crystal and metal object. Mix 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon liquid non-abrasive soap or detergent, and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Mix those things to make the vinegar effective on solar panels.

Some solar experts even suggest cleaning solar panels with vinegar because of their natural properties. Vinegar will reduce unwanted materials and dust from the surface.

When you mix vinegar with water, it will work as a chemical and remove all the dust from the solar panels. This process will help you to keep the solar panels clean. 

You can add some detergent with vinegar to get more cleaning power. 

Cleaning Solar Panels With Vinegar

Understand About Vinegar

Vinegar is made when alcohol gets fermented by bacteria. These fermented bacteria produce acetic acid, and it is called vinegar. But remember, acetic acid can’t make vinegar alone; more ingredients are related to vinegar production. 

You will find several types of vinegar on the market. These varieties are used for cooking, cleaning, etc. For solar panel cleaning, you need cleaning vinegar. Cleaning vinegar is a kind of vinegar produced explicitly for cleaning purposes. 

You need acid to remove all the dust and filth for better cleaning. White vinegar is perfect for cleaning your solar panels. 

White vinegar is produced in a laboratory with acetic acid and water. It is the most acidic vinegar. You can find this vinegar in the local market. It is affordable and suitable for solar panel cleaning. 

Besides, vinegar can remove grease, grime, dirt, and other debris on the surface. A mixture of vinegar and water can tackle the dirtiest job. To do this at home, you have to understand the proportion of materials in the mix. 

To get the maximum result, you must follow all the instructions while cleaning solar panels with vinegar. A mistake can create an unwanted situation and a huge loss.

Remember, the primary investment of a solar system is large, and a single mistake can destroy the whole system. Therefore, you have to clean all the panels carefully.

If you get the right type of vinegar and understand how to use it, it will give you a dirt-free cleaning surface. If you want to do it from a professional cleaning agency, then provide clear instructions for them.

Cleaning Solar Panels with Vinegar

A professional solar panel cleaning company may use soap, detergent, or other heavy chemicals to clean the dirt from the surface, which is not suitable for cleaning solar panels.

The mixture of strong chemicals can harm the photovoltaic cells of the panels. It can reduce the system’s productivity and produce less energy than before. 

On the contrary, a clean surface is required to generate energy on a sunny day. Solar panels get power from the sun. If the solar panels cannot get enough sunlight, it will decrease the output. So, cleaning is necessary for good electricity production. 

However, you cannot avoid dirt on the roof of the house. Air brings dust and filth to the panels. Birds can also make your panels dirty with their droppings. 

You can resolve this problem by using the cleaning power of vinegar. You know that white vinegar is suitable for cleaning. In the local market, it is called the cleaning variety of vinegar. 

Cleaning solar panels with vinegar is common in this industry. It works with other materials and equipment to clean the solar panels on the rooftop. 

This process is a safe and effective way of cleaning. The solar system is eco-friendly, and vinegar makes the cleaning system eco-friendly. It doesn’t require harmful chemicals or materials. 

The process enables the opportunity of the green cleaning system and makes the service affordable. In this process, a homeowner can easily do the job by themselves. It will also reduce the maintenance costs of the solar system. It will encourage more people to set up a solar power system in their homes or office. 

How Long the Solar Panels Will Work Fine After Cleaning?

How Long the Solar Panels Will Work Fine After Cleaning?
How Long the Solar Panels Will Work Fine After Cleaning?

It depends on the place and weather where the system is installed. Cleaning is only necessary after getting dust or damage. If you live in a place where a breeze happens frequently, you often have to clean the solar panels.

Similarly, if your residence is in a foggy area, you must often clean it. Sunlight must be projected on the solar panels to generate energy.

On the other hand, if you find a nest on the roof, you should clean the panels frequently to remove the bird’s droppings.

Usually, after a successful cleaning, the panels will remain clean for three months, after which they will need another cleaning. Solar panels will get clean automatically with the help of rain. Therefore, during rainy seasons it will require less cleaning. 

Regular cleaning will help the system remain durable and provide more energy for you. The panels are the only materials that collect energy from the sun. So, it is necessary to clean them regularly for uninterrupted energy production. 

Wrapping Up

Finally, cleaning solar panels with vinegar is easy to do and beneficial. The process helps the panels to remain good and functional for a long time. It also enhances energy production by removing dust and filth from the panels.  

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  1. We do not use any special cleaners for our Solar Panel Cleaning. Here in the Bay Area we use RODI water which is pure water, no minerals. And a little elbow grease. We use a WFP (Water Fed Pole). Per the manufacture you’re not supposed to use any cleaners on the panels.

  2. Thanks Jason,

    Can you elaborate on the elbow grease? What is that for and what is the correct way to apply it? And the water – can I use water from my resin filter?

    Where can I find the panel manufacturer instructions for cleaning?

  3. Great article!
    Is it necessary to tidy up the solar panels of my garden lights often? I think I must be insightful about how often it is needed to clean the solar panels of my garden fixtures. 🙂


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