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Can I Use a Portable Solar Charger for Tesla?

Using solar power, now you can run numerous devices, and solar technology is growing rapidly. Portable solar chargers, converters, and batteries work with solar panels to produce green energy. But, the question is, can I use a portable solar charger for Tesla?

On the contrary, electric cars reveal an eco-friendly and green powering system such as Tesla. An electric car gets power by charging from conventional electricity. 

If you can replace it with a solar panel like other electronic devices, it will reduce fossil fuel usage and costs.

In this writing, we mention the power required to run a vehicle like Tesla and explain the usability of solar chargers for Tesla. 

Similarly, we will help you understand the capacity of a solar charger and find alternative options to charge a Tesla with a portable charger.

How much energy is needed for a vehicle like Tesla?

How much energy is needed for a vehicle like Tesla?
How much energy is needed for a vehicle like Tesla?

Like petrol or diesel cars, an electric vehicle requires charges from the grid, and the power consumption depends on the model and the manufacturer. 

Tesla is a renowned electric car manufacturer, and we will understand the power consumption better if we consider a car from this manufacturer.

We try to understand the energy consumption by comparing the charging of a Tesla Model X. You can charge this car at a Tesla supercharger station or another charging station. 

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But the power consumption depends on the size of the battery pack you have purchased with the model. The Tesla Model X contains different battery capacities between 60 to 100 kWh.

On the contrary, 1 kWh means 1000 watts used for one hour. You can multiply the value with the power of the EV’s EV’sery. It will show you the perfect estimation for charging and driving an electric car. 

The charging time also depends on the charger’s capability and its output. 

So, the charging time and electricity costs rely on the battery’s capacity. You can purchase a model with a convenient battery power suitable for your driving range.

Can I use a portable solar charger for Tesla?

The direct answer is no. You can not charge your Tesla car with a portable solar charger. A tesla car contains a high-power battery and requires a supercharger station to charge the vehicle. However, it might be TeslaTesla’sging point or another power station.

Electric cars generally store the battery’s charge, and it is important to have available charge stations for your vehicles.

In case of a power outage or before commuting, you must ensure sufficient power for the electric vehicle. A portable car charger can be a great solution, but it is impossible for large batteries like Tesla electric cars. 

Most of TeslaTesla’sls come with 60 to 100kHw batteries that are consistently more efficient. This type of powerful battery only can be charged with an authentic charger.

On the contrary, portable solar chargers are inefficient in generating power like Tesla cars. If you want to make a portable solar charger, you must install many solar panels and connect them to the vehicle. 

It is not possible, and management is completely difficult. Besides, there is an issue of sunlight when using solar power. So, you can not use a portable solar charger for Tesla.

Understand portable solar charger capacity

Solar charger works together with solar panels, a converter, and batteries. It is a combined system, and you can’t charge the batteries directly from the solar panels.

Similarly, portable solar chargers come with an attached solar panel that is small and compact. These types of chargers are typically used for mobiles, laptops, and other small electronic devices.

They are designed to be used outdoors and when you are not close to the grid.

The battery power and power absorption capacity are not so high. They can not fit for charging an electric car like Tesla Model X.

So, the capability of a portable solar charger is standard for small and medium applications.

You can install a powerful solar charger with high capability at your home or office. 

But you can not make it portable. You may need several solar panels for this, and they are the obstacle to carrying the charging system.

So, you can get a valid answer to the topic by comparing solar charger capacity.

What is the alternative option to charge a Tesla with the portable charger?

What is the alternative option to charge a Tesla with the portable charger?
What is the alternative option to charge a Tesla with the portable charger?

The most convenient charging option for your electric car is to get a home charging station.

Having a home charger, you never have to visit the charging station, and it will enable you to charge the vehicle at your home while you are indoor.

You will never ask the question; where are Tesla chargers near me? This portable home charger will enhance charging capability and provide you with the real experience of having an electric vehicle.

We recommend the Tesla Wall Connector as an alternative and portable EV charger.

This is Tesla’s charging station, and the stunning design allows you to fit it smoothly into your garage. 

It is specially designed to work with Tesla cars. So, it will be a great charging companion from the same company.

You can install this charger indoors and outdoors. The efficient charging capacity of this device allows you to run 44 miles after a one-hour charge.

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Wrapping Up

Finally, You can not charge a Tesla car with a portable solar charger. You have alternative options and knowledge about electric car charging.

It is recommended to use authentic chargers and power sources for an electric car. You know that the price of an EV is much higher than a conventional fossil fuel car.

Try to measure the power consumption and running time per hour charge to get real experience of an electric car and the value for money.

It will increase the opportunities of having an electric car like Tesla.

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