Arlo Solar Panel Not Charging? 6 Steps to Fix & Alternative

The Arlo solar panel is suitable for Arlo cameras, and the solar panel comes with a compact design. The manufacturer presented the panel in an efficient way that changed the idea of portable solar panels.

If you use an Arlo solar panel, you don’t have to worry about the charging of your cameras. It will always keep the camera on and ensure security.

This device works great as Arlo cameras, especially the portable design and wall mounting system makes this small device handy for any home, office, and business.

Sometimes, your Arlo solar panel will be unable to charge, but it is not permanent. If you face this problem, this article contains the solution to what you are looking for.

In this article, we try to explain why the Arlo solar panel is not charging and how to fix the problem.

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How will you know if your Arlo solar panel is charging?

Arlo Solar Panel Not Charging
Arlo Solar Panel Not Charging

First, you have to connect the solar panel perfectly to the battery. Mounting the solar panel in the right place and way is important. After ten minutes, you have to check the camera’s status in the Arlo app or website. 

The app will show you a lightning bolt battery icon showing that your Arlo solar panel is working.

The solar panel can charge the battery, but it can’t if there is no battery. If you want to run the camera with the solar panel directly, it is not possible.

So, knowing the status is very easy, and it will allow you to charge the battery without electricity.

Arlo Solar Panel Not Charging? 6 Reasons & How to Fix

The Arlo solar panel is efficient enough to charge the battery, but it might not work expectedly due to proper installation and environmental issues.

There are several reasons for this unexpected situation, and here we try to present the most significant issues and their possible execution.

It is common for solar panels not to produce any energy if installation and mounting issues are. Here we will concentrate on these factors with effective solutions. Let’s get started. 

Lack of direct sunlight

The first thing is first. If you see that your Arlo solar panel is not charging, you should consider where it is mounted. 

Every solar panel in the world requires sufficient sunlight to produce energy from the sun. This is also applicable to the Arlo solar panel. Your Arlo solar panel needs direct sunlight to generate power for charging the battery.

Sunlight can be prevented for several reasons. If you install the solar panel in a place where direct sunlight is unavailable, the device will be unable to charge. 

The shades of trees and walls might reduce or stop production completely. It will prevent direct sunlight on the solar panel. 

On the contrary, the panel can only perform when sufficient sunlight is focused. Otherwise, it can provide any power.

You can understand this issue by calculating the chagrin time. If your solar panel connected properly, and your battery didn’t get anything for a whole day, you might understand the problem. 

You know that an Arlo solar panel requires 2 to 3 hours to charge fully. Your panel must have maintained this duration for proper charging. 

It will reveal the performance, and you can measure the charging time and the focus of the sunlight. 

When the panel gets proper sunlight, it will provide energy to the camera. As a result, the camera’s battery will be fully charged within 3 hours.

Don’t worry! You can easily overcome this situation by fixing the sunlight issue. You have to install the solar panel in an open space where plenty of sunlight is available.

If possible, mount the solar panel to focus on the south. The south-facing solar panel gets sunlight from morning to evening. 

You can clean the solar panel surface to remove the dust that may hamper sunlight. You will get an outstanding result. 

Connection issue

Sometimes, you might notice that your Arlo solar panel is connected to the camera but can’t charge the battery. 

In this situation, you have to ensure that your solar panel is getting sufficient sunlight along with proper installation.

Now, the matter goes on the connection. Without a proper connection, your solar panel will be unable to generate power. 

Arlo solar comes with a special cord, and this cord should be connected by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

The cable of the solar panel comes with a special lock-type side. It would be best if you treated them gently while opening and connecting. 

In case of overpressure or pull, the cable will be damaged. It is important to squeeze the sides of the plug completely. 

That’s it. Now, you can observe the situation of the connection. You have to note the present condition of the cable. If you find any connection issue, you might follow the step below to fix the problem.

You can unplug and reinsert both sides of the cable from the panel and camera. Again, to plug the cable, you have to squeeze both sides of the plug properly. The side of the plug clicks into the port, and it will be attached tightly.

After reinserting the cable, it will be okay if you notice something changed. You have to check it on the Arlo app and ensure that sunlight is available while checking. 

On the contrary, if nothing has changed, try to use a new Arlo verified connection cable with the model.

This time, you will get a perfect solution and overcome the charging problem of the Arlo solar panel. Remember, without a proper connection and a faulty cable, your solar panel, will never produce energy. 

So, make sure that everything is fitted successfully and the device installation has no issues with the solar panel. 

Battery is dead

Now, we discuss one of the major issues regarding Arlo solar panel charging factors. After getting sufficient sunlight, and proper connection with a new cable, sometimes the solar panel will be unable to perform.

To solve this unexpected situation, you should consider the lifetime and performance of the battery. In the FAQ section, you will get that an Arlo camera’s battery lasts for six months. In some cases, it will only serve you for three months.

Ensure that your battery is not dated and can charge and discharge properly. If you find everything fair and good, then it is perfect for generating power.

On the contrary, if you are trying to use the solar panel to charge an outdated battery, you will fail to do that. A dead battery can store energy in it.

You can observe all the things on the Arlo app or website. But, you can overcome this situation by following these steps.

First, remove the battery from the camera and insert it after 30 minutes. It might reabsorb energy after a sudden period.

Second, you can try to charge the battery with electricity. If the battery is fine, it will get fully charged from the grid.

You have to charge the battery with a verified adapter while using electricity. Then reinsert the battery and reconnect the solar panel to the camera. Get back to the Arlo app to notice any change.

After following the above steps, you might be able to charge the battery with the solar panel. It will restore energy.

After doing the above steps, if the battery is unable to charge, you have to change the battery. A dead battery can not store energy. It will happen after six months of battery usage.

So, you will get the most effective solutions for battery issues while your Arlo solar panel is not charging.

Didn’t get fully charged before from the grid

In this step, we talked about a mandatory issue that you have faced while your solar panel is not charging.

It is mandatory to charge the battery from the grid before connecting the solar panel. You have to connect the battery to the grid and wait until getting fully charged.

So, if your battery reaches 100% and there are no issues regarding sunlight, cable, and battery, it will get charged from the solar panel.

Most people faced this situation because they tried to charge the battery with the solar panel from the first day. According to the Arlo manufacturer, it is not possible. They recommend charging it with the grid for the first time.

After unboxing the camera, remove the battery and check that all the accessories are installed and assembled properly.

It is recommended because the solar panel can not charge an empty battery. It will be difficult to provide additional energy from the sun.

This issue depends on many things, including the charging and discharging capacity of the battery. A solar battery should have 50% stored power to get instant charging.

For this reason, most solar system users install specific solar batteries instead of lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are okay, but they come with this problem.

However, you can easily fix this problem by following the manufacturer’s instructions. It will help you understand the characteristics and features of the Arlo battery.

Once you understand the ability and charging capability of the battery, you will get the proper user guide. The panel will never fail to charge the battery in this way.

Another thing you can do that use an already charged battery to understand the situation of the solar panel. If you get positive results, then everything is okay.

You have to consider solar panel efficiency and capability for a negative result.

Not mounted properly

You have to mount the solar panel properly because energy production is not possible without proper installation.

An Arlo solar panel is sufficient enough, but it won’t be charged if you mount it in the wrong way. So, concentrate on this matter while getting problems with charging the solar panel.

You have to read the instruction manual and follow it correctly to start this section. First, find a place where sufficient sunlight is available. Face the solar panel to get enough sunlight all day long.

Install the solar panel at the proper distance. If you mount it at a long distance, the camera might affect it from charging.

You have to illuminate all the difficulties that might prevent sunlight from focusing on the panel. It will help the solar panel to generate adequate energy.

So, we hope you install the solar panel according to the manufacturer’s instructions and get the necessary energy from the device. But, if you face further problems, you have to consider other things.

Here are some professional recommendations to solve this problem. Let’s explore.

If you have already mounted the solar panel in a place or wall, remove the solar pane and install it in another place. It will help you to mount the solar panel in the perfect place.

After reinstalling the solar panel, it will be able to produce energy for the camera.

In general, the only issue with the mounting option is getting a place with adequate sunlight. Otherwise, it is fine and capable of producing energy.

Another reason is the distance between the camera and the solar panel.

You should place these two devices at a standard distance. The recommended distance is 6.5 feet or 2 meters.

The panel will provide energy to the camera at this distance if the other options and features are installed.

Overcharge issues

This is not a common issue but sometimes prevents the solar panel from producing energy. In general, batteries require charge after discharging completely.

Overcharge can cause major problems with the solar panel and the battery. It can damage the battery and prevent it from charging.

Besides, the battery’s lifetime will be reduced if you overcharge it. A battery gets charged and discharged in a standard way. Without maintaining the standard charging option, the battery will perform for three months instead of 6 months.

There are several solutions to this problem. You can avoid overcharging the Arlo solar panel and battery.

First, the solution is in the Arlo app. You have to monitor the app and connect the solar panel when required. It will protect the battery from getting overcharged.

Second, you can only connect the solar panel at a certain time of the day. At midday, the sun provides bright light, and you can use this time to maintain a scheduled charging.

Your camera will use a certain amount of energy every day, and the solar panel will provide this energy within the maintained charging time.

Third, you can use the grid to provide a 100 percent charge to the battery. After getting a 100 percent charge, you have to connect it with the solar panel.

This system ensures energy backup from the panel and prevents overcharge possibilities.

After following and maintaining all the procedures, you will have a positive result. If you don’t get it even after having adequate sunlight, proper connection, and perfect installation, please change the solar panel and install a new one.

But, before doing that, contact customer support and report the issue with details. You might get an instant solution to the problem. Arlo experts will help you to solve the problem.

Arlo Solar Panel Charging FAQs

Does the Arlo solar panel need direct sunlight?

Yes,  an Arlo solar panel requires direct sunlight because the silicon cells of any solar panel get energy from the sun. It will produce energy to charge the device.

Can you charge Arlo with house electricity?

You can. Arlo batteries require household charging before connecting them to the solar panel. You have to connect the solar panel after the battery gets fully charged from the grid.

How long does the Arlo battery last? 

Wire-free Arlo batteries last for six months with average use. It depends on the usage, and if you connect the Arlo solar panel, the lifespan will be expanded.

How long does it take for an Arlo solar panel to charge? 

It usually takes one or two hours to charge an Arlo solar pane. The device will be fully charged within this time frame and provide you with energy for the usual operation.

Wrapping Up

Finally, several matters are related to Arlo solar panel charging, and you can understand these after getting the proper explanations here.

To get a hassle-free operation, you have to monitor the solar panel and the battery via the app. It is easy and reliable because Arlo developed this app with all the facilities.

Besides, you can maintain the user guide and proper installation process for a perfect result. It will ensure adequate energy to run the device.

This solar panel contains a compact design, and it is very easy to install. So, you don’t have to worry about maintenance.

Similarly, the manufacturer warranty will ensure after-sales service in case of any problem.