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Top 10 Best Solar Trickle Chargers & Buyers Guides

Solar trickle chargers might be the perfect solution if you are looking for a great way to keep your car battery topped up.

The top 10 best solar trickle chargers will help you keep your battery from shutting down when you need it most.

Sometimes, you can use a vehicle rarely, and there might be a chance to power out of the battery. It will increase the possibility of damage or being out of service.

To avoid this risky situation, you can use solar trickle chargers.

This writing will focus on the significant features you should consider for a good solar trickle charger.

Besides, we will present a complete buyer’s guide and reviews of the top 10 solar trickle chargers with their specifications, features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Finally, we will summarize the article and help you to choose the right one for you.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in a Good Solar Trickle Charger?

What to Look for in a Good Solar Trickle Charger?
What to Look for in a Good Solar Trickle Charger?

When you are worried about your vehicle’s battery and searching for a good solar trickle charger, you must consider the key features of the charger to find out the best solar trickle charger. 

It is a solar-powered energy-producing device. So, you have to review some specific features that will lead you to the right path.

We present some major features to consider in your search for the best solar trickle chargers. These features include including power and wattage, efficiency, price, design, and warranty.

You can search for these key features before purchasing a good solar trickle charger.

Power and Wattage

Comparing the power of the solar trickle charger with the battery’s power is necessary to get accurate power measurement. 

If you have a vehicle that contains a small battery, you can purchase a solar trickle charger with the same wattage.

It is important because you are going to add energy to your battery via the charger. A charger with less wattage and power won’t be able to charge the battery.

So, the solar panel and power wattage are important while choosing a solar trickle charger for your car or other vehicles. It will help you to make the right decision with the right power.


Efficiency is considered as the output of the device. 

If you select an efficient solar trickle charger, it will smoothly serve you. The device will help you to get outstanding results for a long-time.

On the contrary, an inefficient device can be the reason for your trouble.

You have to consider the most proficient charger that is perfect for your vehicle’s battery. Before purchasing a solar charger, you have to consider its energy production rate. 

The right charger provides you with sufficient energy to power your battery and helps you to keep the battery from going dead.


It is important to compare the cost of the charger because you are selecting an additional device for your vehicle.

You have to select the trickle charger that contains sufficient wattage and comes with the best price.

If you have a cost-effective trickle charger, then you get the ultimate result along with the value of the money.


A handy design will help you to mount the solar trickle charger easily on the vehicle. 

If you select a model containing some additional ports and mounting options, you can easily use it to charge the battery.

Some trickle charger comes with multiple vehicles’ usabilities, and it is the time when you should analyze the design perfectly.


A manufacturer warranty is one of the most important key features for any device, and it applies to solar trickle chargers as well.

A good warranty coverage ensures the after-sales service of the charger, and you can use it with freedom.

In case of any damage or manufacturer’s fault, you can claim the exchange or repair option if you purchase the best solar trickle charger with a good warranty facility.

Check out the list: buyers guide for any solar product here.

Top 10 Best Solar Trickle Chargers Reviews 

Top 10 Best Solar Trickle Chargers Reviews
Top 10 Best Solar Trickle Chargers Reviews 

This section will present the top 10 best solar charger reviews based on their specifications, features, usability, and durability.

These solar chargers come with significant key features and maintain high-quality material to ensure long-lasting service.

The selected solar trickle chargers are good in quality and efficiently produce sufficient power to charge your battery.

We compare and calculate the value of the money with features and specifications to find out the best solar trickle charger.

In the same way, our reviews include genuine customer reviews and ratings for presenting authentic information.

We expect these top 10 best solar trickle chargers to be perfect for your daily and long charging activity.

POWOXI 3.3W Solar Trickle Charger

The POWOXI Solar Battery Trickle Charger has a built-in barrier diode to prevent back discharge. 

This effective trickle charger comes with 3.3 watts and can recharge any 12-volt rechargeable battery. 

The solar battery charger can perform in low light conditions. It contains amorphous technology that makes it workable even in cloudy weather. 

This cost-effective trickle charger can prevent your rechargeable battery from draining out. 

You can connect it easily with its one-way connector. It has IP65 waterproof technology and UV resistant system for outdoor usage. 

The thin-film technology can capture energy indirectly from the sun in overcast conditions. You can use it in a rainy region as an instant outdoors and indoor battery chargers.

Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Spec 1: 3.3 wattage
Spec 2: One-way quick connector
Spec 3: 12V battery charger
Spec 4: Crocodile clip
Spec 5: Cigarette lighter plug
Spec 6: Battery prevention technology
Spec 7: Portable
Spec 8: Durable ABS plastic casing
Spec 9: One year warranty
Spec 10: Suction tray


You can use this ultra-convenient solar technology to charge your car’s battery, automotive, motorcycle, boat, and many more. 

The solar cells of this trickle charger have polycrystalline solar panels that can produce up to 20% energy from the sun

It has a user-friendly design, and the mount holes allow you to install it on the glass or body of the vehicle. 

You can absorb sunlight from the vehicle’s interior if you put it beside the car’s windshield. It requires no wiring and comes with easy connectors. 

It is a durable solar trickle charger and is applicable to all 12-volt rechargeable batteries. It will save your batteries from draining out. 

In the same way, this charger has an easy-to-carry design and lightweight materials. You can maintain small and medium batteries with this environmentally friendly technology.

Pros and Cons

Green initiative
Four suctions cup
Requires sunlight to charge the battery

SUNAPEX 12V Solar trickle Charger

If you are searching for a cost-effective solar trickle charger, the SUNAPEX 12V Solar trickle Charger can be an outstanding solution. 

This powerful solar panel can charge a 12-volt battery of your vehicle. It comes with a charging indicator, and you can easily understand the energy production of the solar panel. 

This easy-to-maintain solar trickle charger contains abs material that makes it durable. The portable design allows you to take it to any place.

It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The waterproof technology enables wide use of the trickle charger in any weather conditions.

Rating: 4.2 out of 5
Spec 1: 1 x Solar car battery maintainer
Spec 2: Cigarette lighter plug 
Spec 3: 12V battery charger
Spec 4: Battery charging clip line 
Spec 5: 1.8W solar panel
Spec 6: Waterproof & Splashproof
Spec 7: Built-in indicator lights
Spec 8: Portable
Spec 9: One year warranty
Spec 10: 4x Suction tray


This trickle charger is suitable for all kinds of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, trailers, etc. 

It will protect your battery from damage. The charger has a slow charging process that maintains battery power

You can mount it easily with the suction cup fixing technology. The plug-and-play system allows you to use it instantly. 

Similarly, this trickle charger includes a clip for battery connection. You can easily clean this solar panel, and there is no maintenance required for this handy solar power charger.

Pros and Cons

Easy to install and use
Environment friendly
Zero maintenance
Only can perform with sunlight

SUNER POWER 12V Solar Trickle Charger

The SUNER POWER 12V Solar Car Battery Charger & Maintainer allows you to charge your battery anywhere with sufficient power production. 

This proficient solar trickle charger comes with a 2.4-volt solar panel, and it is perfect for any weather condition.

It will help you to charge your vehicle’s battery safely and save it from draining out. The durable design and strong body will enable a wide range of use. 

High-efficiency solar cells transfer sunlight quickly to produce electricity. The solar glass panel protects the solar panel from snow, water, and dust. 

ABS frame and mount holes help you keep the device on any surface, including the vehicle’s body and ground. 

Cigarette lighter socket and one-way quick connector make this charger handier.

Rating: 4.4 out of 5
Spec 1: Reverse protection
Spec 2: 2.4W Solar Panel
Spec 3: 12V battery charger
Spec 4: Charge maintainer
Spec 5: 1.8W solar panel
Spec 6: ABS frame
Spec 7: Waterproof & Splashproof
Spec 8: Battery clamps
Spec 9: Quick connector
Spec 10: 12-volt charger


This low-maintenance solar trickle charge is suitable for your car, boat, RV, trailer, etc. 

Sunpower 12 Volt Solar Trickle Charger is an efficient device to keep your battery topped off in all seasons and works with solar power. 

The efficient crystalline solar panel works better, even in less sunlight. It comes with a built-in diode control to prevent reverse charging. 

It has a  covered tempered solar glass that protects the panels in case of hazardous weather.

You can easily carry or store the device in any vehicle because of its small and portable design. The easy mounting process is perfect for mounting it instantly. 

Besides, it contains two interchangeable battery clamps for connection.

Pros and Cons

Low maintenance
Not suitable for high-power battery


The MOOLSUN 12 Volt 12v Solar Battery Charger comes with a high-power solar panel and is suitable for instant charging. 

This portable trickle charger can charge your 12-volt battery with solar power. It has a powerful 10W solar panel that is comparatively proficient than other chargers in this category.

MOOLSUN 12 volt trickle charger includes cigarette lighter plug, alligator clips, ring terminal. It has a built-in blocking diode that protects reverse charging and helps you to charge the battery rapidly.

Running in many weather conditions and don’t worry it is shock, dust and waterproof. It is a complete set of perfect accessories such as suction cups, crocodile clips, a one-way plug, etc.

The scratch-proof solar panel will serve you for a long-time, and you will use it for fast charging without turning on the vehicle.
Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Spec 1: 10-watt solar panel
Spec 2: Up to 23% efficiency
Spec 3: 12V battery charger
Spec 4: One-way connector
Spec 5: Plug and play 
Spec 6: Built-in diode
Spec 7: Waterproof & Dustproof
Spec 8: Battery connecting clips
Spec 9: Instant charging
Spec 10: Low light efficiency


This latest solar trickle charger is compatible with a car, motorcycle, boat, trailer, or other vehicles with a 12-volt rechargeable battery. 

The slim and lightweight design allows you to carry the solar charger in expected places. 

You can mount it easily with the suction cups, and the plug and play system helps you turn it on instantly. 

This high-quality device comes with durable material that can perform a long-time use. 

The charger maintains a slow level charging to protect your battery and high-level sunlight absorbing for quick power generation. 

It will provide you with a hassle-free charging experience without electricity. You can use the device to charge your battery, even for camping and fishing.

Pros and Cons

High Efficiency and Portable 
Anti Discharge System
Monocrystalline Solar Panels
Durable Design
It can only work with sunlight

TP-solar 10 Watt 12 Volt

If you are looking for a cost-effective solar trickle charger, you can consider the TP-solar 10 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel Car Battery Charger. 

This high-efficient solar battery charger comes with a 10-watt solar panel and is perfect for 12-volt battery charging.

It has four suction cups for the easy mounting facility. It includes additional equipment such as clips and connectors to provide you with an uninterrupted charging solution. 

The TP-solar trickle charge is waterproof and suitable for rainy and snowy weather. The built-in safety protection enables you to operate a secure charging capacity.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Spec 1: 10 Watt solar trickle charger 
Spec 2: 6.5ft extension cable 
Spec 3: 12V battery charger
Spec 4: Alligator clip 
Spec 5: Power reserve technology
Spec 6: Powerful solar cells
Spec 7: Waterproof technology
Spec 8: DC plug
Spec 9: Fast charging
Spec 10: 14.5 x 7.8 inch


This solar charger comes with all the basic features and is suitable for car, RV, motorcycle, and trailer battery charge. 

It can be a great solution to charge your 12-volt battery without electricity. The device maintains a proper design to generate power for the battery.

You can mount this solar trickle charger beside or on the windshield of the car. It will start work when getting direct sunlight. 

The high-quality glass thin protector makes it durable, and the small design turns it into a portable design. 

It has a built-in circuit to avoid reserve discharge protection. It is a great charger and allows you to establish a direct connection to the battery.

Pros and Cons

Easy to set up
0 shape ring connector
Can not charge a completely discharged battery

NUTAKI Solar Trickle Charger Kit

The NUTAKI Solar Battery Charger comes with a high-efficient solar panel, and the device can charge a 12-volt battery with solar energy

This high-quality solar trickle charger contains an upgraded version of the solar panel. It has a durable design and polycrystalline solar cells. 

The device has additional connectors, and the solar panel is 1.5 watts. This solar trickle charger comes with amorphous solar panels that generate energy even in low light conditions. 

The cigarette lighter plug and alligator clips create a continuous power supply opportunity for your vehicle’s battery. 

It is covered with an ABS plastic protector, and waterproof technology allows you to use it on a rainy day.

Rating: 4.2 out of 5
Spec 1: 1 solar car battery maintainers
Spec 2: 2 Battery charging clip lines 
Spec 3: 4 Suction cups
Spec 4: 1.5 watt
Spec 5: Power reserve technology
Spec 6: 12-volt charging capacity
Spec 7: Waterproof technology
Spec 8: Polycrystalline solar cell
Spec 9: Ultra-thin design
Spec 10: 24-inch long cable


This simple and easy-to-use solar battery charger will help you to produce sufficient energy for your battery. 

You can use this trickle charger for motorcycles, cars, and other vehicles that contains a 12-volt battery. 

The stronger design of this charger enables you to use it outdoors and indoors. We find this charger effective and affordable in price. 

It has a simple application, and the simple connectivity makes it handy. It is the best in its category, and you can get an instant charging facility with this trickle charger in any weather conditions.

Pros and Cons

Simple installation
Wide applications
Plug and play system
Requires sunlight to produce power

SOLPERK Solar Trickle Charger

It is a solar trickle charger that comes with ultra-conversion power to absorb more sunlight. This solar panel is made from high-quality crystalline silicon materials. 

It works with a great conversion rate, and the device enables you to protect your battery from complete discharge.

It includes reverse protection mode and blocking diode to save the battery from discharging.

The trickle charger contains a 5-watt effective solar panel and comes with the necessary connectors.

You will get more power with the 98.42-inch wide solar panel. The manufacturing process of this design maintains quality control to make it the best in the category. 

A blue indicator light is included to monitor the charging time. Waterproof and easy clean technology allows you to use it with zero maintenance.
Rating: 4.4 out of 5
Spec 1: 12-volt solar car battery charger
Spec 2: Extended connectors
Spec 3: Cigarette charging port
Spec 4: 5-watt solar panel
Spec 5: Non-stop discharge
Spec 6: Completely off-grid system
Spec 7: 1.78 pounds 
Spec 8: Efficient solar cells 
Spec 9: Water and dustproof
Spec 10: Vacuum suction holes


This great solar trickle charger is the latest version of a trickle charger with a controller. It is made from ABS industrial-grade material and crystallizes silicon. 

You can use the solar panel instantly in the expected place because of its wind and water-resistant system. 

It has a simple installation method and contains a plug-and-play facility. The ultra-thin conversion increases the energy production rate while focusing on the sun. 

You can use this trickle charger easily outdoors, and it has a quick storage system. The small and compact design allows you to take it even in your backpack.

It is perfect for charging your car’s battery, motorcycle, boat, RV, trailer, and many more. You can get a hassle-free and powerful charging capacity with this efficient trickle charger.

Pros and Cons

Easy to use
High-quality solar cells
The sun is the only power source

ALLPOWERS 12V 5W Portable Solar Charger

This solar trickle charger comes with a handy and protective design. The polyester back protection coating makes it different from other chargers. 

This cover provides a grip to mount it in desired places. The ALLPOWERS solar charger has a 12-volt charging capacity and contains a 5W portable solar panel. 

This high-efficient solar panel can generate sufficient power to charge your battery. The device is suitable for multiple applications, and you can use it outdoors and indoors. 

The built-in diode blocking system and waterproof technology make it handy in any situation. Besides, monocrystalline silicon material increases the production rate and efficiency.
Rating: 4.1 out of 5
Spec 1: Able to charge a 12-volt battery
Spec 2: 5-watt solar panel
Spec 3: Cigarette charging port
Spec 4: Suction cups
Spec 5: Car socket plug
Spec 6: Canvas coating
Spec 7: Charging clips
Spec 8: SAE connectors
Spec 9: Blocking diode
Spec 10: Fast charging


You can use this high-efficient solar trickle charger for the battery of your car, motorcycle, RV, pickup truck, etc. 

It can increase battery life by up to 60%. This solar car charger and maintainer keep your battery topped up. 

The light and easy-to-connect socket provide power for a long-time charging service. It comes with a plug and plays connectivity. 

Similarly, the ALLPOWERS solar trickle charge contains an easy installation system along with instant powering. 

It will be a great charging solution for your 12-volt battery and enhance the lifespan of the battery. The compact and small design helps you to carry and store it with ease.

Pros and Cons

Multiple mounting options
Fast installation
Crystalline solar cells
Requires sunlight to operate

ECO-Worthy 12 Volt 10 Watt

The Eco Worthy solar battery charger is ideal for multiple charging options. This proficient solar trickle charger has a 22.1-inch long cigarette lighter and 22.8inch alligator clip.

The solar charger contains a 10-watt solar panel and comes with a direct battery charging system.

It is an efficient solar panel and made with high-quality crystallized silicon. The system has a peel-off protective film and directs to a car hood system that increases the durability and usability of the charger.

It can produce energy from the interior of the car. The is designed to generate power in low light conditions. The low-light power production system is important for a solar trickle charger.

Rating: 4.2 out of 5
Spec 1: 12-volt charging capacity
Spec 2: A 10-watt solar panel
Spec 3: Suction cups
Spec 4: Multiple mounting options
Spec 5: Car socket plug
Spec 6: High-quality clips
Spec 7: Unique design
Spec 8: SAE connectors
Spec 9: Short circuit protective
Spec 10: Reverse discharging


This module is perfect for most vehicles, including trucks, cars, tractors, motorcycles, and lawnmowers. 

The plug-and-play system allows you to connect it instantly. You can use the charger for the fishing board, pontoon board, and jet skis. 

This solar trickle charger will extend your battery life and enable you to protect the battery from draining out. 

You can use the cigarette lighter to the car socket for charging the vehicle’s battery. The SAE port allows you to connect it instantly. 

The advanced solar cell system is perfect for sufficient charging. You can use the solar charger for the USB socket too.

It is an eco-friendly device, and you will return the investment with the value of money.

Pros and Cons

Easy to install
Only the sun can provide power

Schumacher Solar Battery Maintainer

Schumacher SP-200 solar trickle charger comes with 2.4-watt power, and it is ideal for 12-volt battery charging. 

This charge controller maintains the lifespan of the battery along with a quality charging supply. It is water-resistant and can work in cloudy conditions. 

The high-quality solar panel is made from crystallized silicon. The polycrystalline silicon is perfect for energy production, and this trickle charger will produce energy from sunlight. 

It has a thin film glass-type coating to absorb heat from the sun. This device can serve for a long-time.

Rating: 4.1 out of 5
Spec 1: 2.4 watt
Spec 2: Water-resistant
Spec 3: Suction cups
Spec 4: 2.4 pounds 
Spec 5: Instant plugin
Spec 6: High-quality silicon
Spec 7: Latest design
Spec 8: Solar battery maintain
Spec 9: Circuit protector
Spec 10: High-quality materials


This charger works great for your RV, car, pickup, motorcycle, and other vehicle’s battery. It is a portable and little charger that enhances your charging experience. 

It is suitable for recharging small and medium batteries. The ultra-thin design is perfect for storage and mounting. 

It can absorb energy from the sun to get sufficient power. The latest solar panel technology and powerful silicon cells make it incomparable. 

It is perfect in the category the device contains the value of money regarding the service. Schumacher SP-200 will help you to keep your batteries from topped up.

Pros and Cons

Heavy-duty materials
Easy to connect
Affordable price
18 months warranty. 
Requires sunlight to operate

Best Solar Trickle Charger FAQs

Is trickle charging bad?

A trickle charger is not bad for charging your vehicle’s battery. You can use this charger when you are not driving the vehicle. 
The trickle chargers are not suitable for electrical devices like smartphones, laptops, etc. But you can continue charging vehicle batteries.

Can you leave a solar trickle charger on all the time?

You cannot use a solar battery charger all the time. It can be used for the battery of a vehicle that is not in service. A solar trickle charger will save the battery from draining out.

What is the best 12-volt solar battery charger?

TP-solar 10 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel Car Battery Charger is the best solar trickle charger regarding its features and specifications.
This charger gains thousands of positive reviews worldwide. It has all the latest features of a trickle charger.

Wrapping up

Altogether, a solar charger will provide energy to charge your vehicle’s battery, and you can select the best solar trickle charger according to your needs and expectations.

The above-listed top 10 solar trickle chargers contain positive customer reviews along with excellent service quality. You can pick a charger that is best for one.

But if you cannot decide which one is best for you, then you can follow our suggestions. We are suggesting this shortlist to help you to select a high-quality charger.

The POWOXI 3.3W Solar Trickle Charger and the SUNER POWER 12V Solar Trickle Charger are the best chargers in this category. It will help you to get the ultimate result.

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