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13 Tips to Identify Fake Solar Panels

The increasing demand for solar technology creates the opportunity to spread fake solar panels in the market. A fake or faulty solar panel can destroy the entire investment and prevent you from getting renewable energy.

You can’t easily identify counterfeit solar panels without technical or basic knowledge. If you follow tips to recognize fake solar panels, it will be easier to find the faulty panel.

Fake solar panels will decrease energy production or can’t produce any power. Selecting a genuine solar system with an original panel is important.

In this writing, we will present 13 tips to recognize fake solar panels and help you understand the existence of fake panels.

Are There Fake Solar Panels?

Are There Fake Solar Panels?
Are There Fake Solar Panels?

The straight answer is “yes.” There are fake solar panels in the market. Like other electrical products and devices, counterfeit solar panels are also available in the market. Fake solar panels represent the panels that come with faulty design and don’t have power production capacity.

In general, solar panels are made with silicon, and the standard manufacturing process ensures the quality of the panels. But, you may find fake solar panels in the market. If you select solar panels from an unrecognized supplier, they can provide you with faulty or unable solar panels.

Similarly, silicon cells absorb sunlight and generate electricity. Sometimes, fraud manufacturing companies produce solar panels that are not energy-producing. They just create these panels with the same appearance as the original one. 

You can avoid this situation by selecting a renowned manufacturing and installation company for your solar system.

On the contrary, it is sometimes hard to identify solar panels because of their unique design. These faulty panels contain the actual measurement, look, and color to cheat you. It is very difficult to find the authorization until it is installed. 

You can only identify the originality of this panel when it will go for energy production. It will disappoint you with zero energy production. In this case, a fake solar panel is available in the market by hiding its faulty parts. 

So, fake solar panels are available and dangerous for your primary investment.

13 Tips To Recognize Fake Solar Panels

13 Tips To Recognize Fake Solar Panels
13 Tips To Recognize Fake Solar Panels

Knowing the solar panel’s manufacturing process and production function will make it easier for you to select the original solar panels. You may be concerned about how to identify a fake solar panel.

Don’t worry. We include 13 valuable tips to recognize fake solar panels in this writing. Let’s explore the tips and select original solar panels.

Focus on Body

Fake solar panels naturally come with substandard materials, and their outer protective coating is not so stable. It will be removed within a short time.  The body of the panel can present the other visible defect easily.

Solar Cell Alignment

The alignment of a fake solar panel is not perfect. The connecting cells are misplaced or not connected perfectly. If you notice this fault on a solar panel, consider its quality and alignment are important.

Tempered Glass

Each solar panel comes with a tempered glass panel. This glass panel protects the solar panel surface from scratch. You will notice some scratch on a fake solar panel because of this counterfeit material.

Substandard Metal

Solar panels are confined with a steel structure frame, and this frame will protect solar cells from damage. The structure won’t be so strong with substandard material, and fake panels include this incapable frame.

Check the Wiring

The wiring of the solar panel absorbs sunlight via the circuit on the back. A standard solar panel always contains quality wiring and cables to provide power. A fake panel doesn’t have this.

Consider the Color

In general, most solar panels come in blue color. Fake solar panels may contain other colors. The manufacturing process of silicon makes it blue. You have to consider the color to pick an original solar panel.

Calculate the Power

When purchasing a solar panel, you must have to calculate the energy production rate according to its size. A perfect combination ensures the original panel.


An original solar panel must have an efficiency of 17% to 19%. If you got a solar panel that produces less energy than this statistic, you would have to think about its supplier.


Solar panels with original and standard materials will be durable enough to serve you for a long time. On the contrary, a fake solar panel will damage quickly because of its substandard materials.

Weather Resistant

An original solar panel can perform in any weather conditions including, rain, winter, and storm. But, a fake solar panel can not stand in a hazardous situation. Check the weather performance to avoid fake solar panels.

Find a Brand

Try to purchase solar panels from renowned brands. If you select a company with positive reviews and past successful projects, they will supply the original product because of its brand value.

Manufacturer Warranty

Solar panels from renowned manufacturers come with a 25 to 30 years warranty. It is original if you get this warranty with your selected solar panels brand. The company will provide after-sales service.


Sometimes, a fake solar panel manufacturer or salesperson offers you a low price. You have to ignore these types of offers. Remember, you install solar panels to get renewable energy for many years. So, it should come with the value of money.


Finally, there are fake solar panels in the market. You have to select a solar panel’s brand after knowing all the factors.

Fake solar panels will destroy your primary investment and prevent the energy production system. It can be a great obstacle to going solar.

Considering the matters discussed above, we hope you can identify the original solar panels to produce sufficient energy.

Besides, installing solar panels from a renowned solar brand is better. They will help you to estimate the energy calculation and ensure original products.

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  1. I have just installed a Maxeon 3 (400w) system. I noticed that none os the panels(16) have barcodes . As far as I am aware it is an IEC requirement that all solar panels must have barcodes edged under the glass!!


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