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How Long Does It Take to Charge a Solar Power Bank?

Solar power banks are the ultimate solution to portable power sources. You can keep it in your pocket or backpack and go to your destination. It will provide you with an uncut power supply for charging your mobiles, laptops, torches, LEDs, lights,  and other small rechargeable devices.

But after finishing the stored power, how long does it take to charge a solar power bank? The answer to this question will reveal the queries that you have about solar power banks.

In this writing, we will show you the perfect duration of solar power banks to charge that comes with different capacities. Besides, we concentrate on the average charging time of a power bank in comparison with solar power.

How long to charge a 25000 mAh power bank with solar panels?

How long to charge a 25000 mAh power bank with solar panels?
How long to charge a 25000 mAh power bank with solar panels?

The charging time and estimation depend on the power of the solar panels and the battery. A 25000 mAh battery is powerful enough, and it will take a little bit extra time to charge. In general, a power bank will take 30 hours to be fully charged.

Let’s explore the calculation.

For example, if you have a 6watts solar panel and a 25000 mAh battery with 3.7 volts. It will take 30 hours to charge. This estimation applies to lithium-ion batteries.

How does it work?

You have to convert the battery power into watt. Then divide the battery capacity with the capacity of the solar panel’s watt. Then multiply it with 2.

The calculation is 92.5/6 x 2 = 30 hours to charge a 25000mAh battery with a 6-watt solar panel.

So, you have got the perfect estimation, and now you can select the accurate solar panel to charge your power bank. The charging and discharging capacity depend on the manufacturer of the battery. A high-quality battery may take less time than an average battery.

On the contrary, the charge controller plays a vital role when you are using solar power to charge a battery. You have to ensure that the controller has the efficiency to charge the battery that you have.

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The discharging capacity also affects the charging time and reduces efficiency. If you purchase a battery that has a problem with the discharging, it will prevent the fast charging technology.

Similarly, if you purchase a power bank with an attached solar panel on the body, it may take a longer time to charge. The attached solar panel will work slower than a solar system with a charge controller.

Try to consider all the things to get a proper estimation before installing or purchasing solar panels and batteries. 

How long does it take to charge a solar power bank on average?

It depends on the battery power of the power bank. You can charge a 5000 mAh power bank within 3 hours. Some companies have fast charging technology that allows you to recharge it within 2 hours on average.

A power bank that uses traditional electricity will take less time to be fully charged than a solar power bank.

You can purchase a power bank with the desired battery capacity. You have to consume all the stored power, and connect the empty power bank with the charger, calculate the time when it will get fully charged. It is the most practical way to find out the accurate time.

This is the most reliable way to understand the charging time of your power bank.

On the contrary, if you have a power bank with more power and efficiency, the calculation and estimated time will be different from an average power bank.

An average power bank contains 5000/10000 mAh power, and it is perfect for smartphones, laptops, and other small devices. You can use it for remote places too.

But the main problem of a traditional power bank is that you can not recharge it in a remote place. If you like to explore outdoors and use a power bank for camping, hiking, fishing, it will not be suitable for those places.

However, a solar power bank takes much time to be fully charged, but it is perfect for outdoor usage. You can get unlimited power access for your devices.

So, there are advantages and disadvantages to solar and traditional power banks.

Power bankPanels NeededTime to fully charged
5000 mAh power bank1 solar panel6 hours
10000 mAh power bank2 solar panels12 hours
25000 mAh power bank5 solar panels30 hours
30000 mAh power bank6 solar panels36 hours
50000 mAh power bank10 solar panels60 hours
75000 mAh power bank15 solar panels90 hours
90000 mAh power bank18 solar panels108 hours

You can decrease the number of solar panels by using solar panels with more watts. We mentioned the above estimation with 6 watts per solar panel.

But you can select a single solar panel that comes with more efficiency, like 50 watts, 75 watts, 100watts to reduce the number of panels.

The total number of solar panels depends on the capacity of the system. You can ask your solar system installer to provide more powerful panels to save space.

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If you can get the necessary power from a single solar panel, it will reduce the costs and enable you to utilize the rooftop for other activities.

So, consider the most efficient solar panels for charging your solar power bank. The good news is that you can charge a traditional power bank with solar power.

Wrapping Up

Solar Power Bank
Solar Power Bank

Finally, solar power banks are the best alternative to traditional charging options, and the portability of solar power banks enhances usage.

You don’t have to worry about the next outdoor campaign. You will get a perfect charging solution if you have a solar power bank.

The battery power, wattage of the solar panel, and charging capacity will decide the time. It is better to ask the service provider or manufacturer to understand the accurate time and efficiency of a solar charging system for power banks.

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