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Portable Battery Powered Heater – Understand the Myth & Alternatives

Before reaching the content of the page, I want to share my story from many years ago.

When Do You Need a Portable Battery Powered Heater?

I wanted to have portable battery-powered heaters many years ago every winter. The cold in some of the US states is so horrible. I feel like I’m freezing every day.

I was searching for a portable heater that REALLY runs on batteries, but after purchasing a few products, I don’t satisfy at all. The heater’s output simply can’t warm me up (even my hand).

In 2014, I went camping more often and purchased my first power station (it was just $139 in 2014 but now quite costly – I bought this model: Jackery Portable Power Station). After my camping, I hadn’t used the power station for months until the next winter. It was so cold in Feb 2015 that I again looked for a heater, not a battery-powered heater but a portable heater that could run perfectly with my power station.

it was so cold in Feb 2015, a portable battery powered heater saved me
it was so cold in Feb 2015, and a portable battery-powered heater saved me

You know what? It was amazing, and I ran the heater for 9 hours with my fully charged power station.

How do I run my 500 watts heater on a 1000W power station for 9 hours?

For the first 1 hour, I choose the highest mode of the heater (consumed 500Wh), and for the rest of my sleep, I switch it to the energy-saving mode, which consumes around 60Wh per hour.

How do I keep the warm air? It is winter!

Can you guess it? I used a blanket to keep them warm, and all the heating progress was inside the blanket.

With a proper blanket, you can save a lot of power compared to normal heating (the whole room).

First of all, please bear with me that we can simply suggest a battery-powered heater by including a hand heater. But here, we give you an alternative to portable power heaters on batteries or a power station. WHY?

A heater with a “packed battery” simply CAN NOT store enough power to run the heat in your large space, and your heater won’t last for even half an hour. Do you want that?

Purchasing a portable power station and then powering your portable heaters with it is a super effective solution, especially when there is no power or you go camping. With your power station, you can run not just heaters but many other devices.

Read my story to get my honest experience with my first power station and portable heater.

How to Operate Portable Heater on A Power Station or Battery

Now, if you still here, I promise I can convince you with my solution.

Powering anything on a power station is simple; you need a good power station to store the energy; the energy later will be used to charge your devices portably.

The same approach applies to your portable heaters. Charge your power station at home or by solar panels, then power your heaters with it.

How to Operate Portable Heater on A Power Station

Bonus: You can purchase a solar panel to sufficiently recharge your power station whenever sunlight is available. Check our tips on a heating solution for camping.

What to Look For In A Good Portable Heater for Battery-Powered?

Portable Battery Powered Heater Alternative - What features to look for?
Portable Battery Powered Heater Alternative – What features to look for?

If you are looking for a portable heater, you have to understand the key features to look for. It allows you to find the best product in the category.

Here, we present a buyer’s guide with the key features you must consider before selecting your portable heaters for battery-powered camping.


The design and shape are very important for the battery-powered heater. You will use this heater on the tabletop, desktop, or any nearest place to you. So, if you buy a large heater that is not suitable for your expected place, it will be a bad choice. So, select a heater that is ideal for your needs.


The battery is not a built-in part of the heaters below, but we still include it into the feature to check because it anyway will affect your heating experience.

The efficiency of the battery will ensure the service of the heater. If you select a good battery (we suggest you go with a power station), you will get a hassle-free service. You have to consider the power and charging capacity of the battery.


For getting a safe operation, you have to select a heater with standard safety features. Tilt over protection is one of the significant safety features for portable heaters. You can compare the features and select the most secure heater for your convenient use.


You are going to use a battery-powered heater if you want to get a warm temperature instantly. Portability will enable you to take the heater with you. In general, you can use a portable heater for multiple places.

Best Portable Battery Powered Heater & Their Reviews

In a hurry? Top 3 best portable battery-operated heater alternatives.

We organize this writing with reviews of the top ten portable heaters along with their advantages and disadvantages.

We put these heaters on the list because they are the best product in the category. 

By researching on the internet and reviewing the features of the devices, we organize this shortlist of the best products. Besides, we analyze the reviews from real customers.

Again, a heater with a “built-in battery” simply CAN NOT store too much power to run heaters for so long, and your heater won’t last for even half an hour.

Purchasing a portable power station and then powering your portable heaters with it is a super effective solution. With your power station, you can run not just heaters but many other devices.

AmazonBasics 500-Watt Ceramic Personal Heater

Amazon Basics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Indoor Space Heater, Personal Mini - 3.4 x 5.8 x 6 Inch, Black
  • Compact personal space heater in Black; small enough for tables or desktops
  • 500 watts of power; efficient ceramic coils heat up in seconds
  • Tip-over protection for extra safety

First, we have the AmazonBasics 500-Watt Ceramic Personal Heater that comes with a compact design and efficient heating capacity.

This 500-watt mini heater has four color options to custom-match the decor, table, and desktop.

The device contains tip-over protection for extra safety. Besides, the coil of the heater is very efficient for producing sufficient warm temperatures.

It has a convection heating method suitable for a small space and enables you to protect the cold bites of winter.

This cost-effective heater is made with durable materials and has ideal dimensions of 5.87 x 3.2 x 6 inches.

Similarly, it is lightweight and comes with 1.43 pounds. The most important thing is that the device has easy manual control for safe operation.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Spec 1: Battery-powered ability
Spec 2: Amazon brand
Spec 3: Compact heating solution
Spec 4: Tip-over protection
Spec 5: Efficient ceramic
Spec 6: 4 colors available
Spec 7: 1.43 pounds 
Spec 8: 5.87 x 3.2 x 6 inches 
Spec 9: 500-Watt
Spec 10: Fast operation

This Amazon Basic ceramic heater can create a warm, cozy environment in any small space. The heater is perfect for drafty or unheated rooms and works simply when you need an extra warm temperature. It is a great heater that comes with the value of the money.

With the compact heating solution, this portable heater will produce air space heat, and you can utilize the time like a natural heating element.

You can also use this heater for comforting an office, bedroom, den with the air-generated heat.

The device has a fast-heating coil, and it will enable you to get sufficient heat even in a snowy area.

Besides, you can bring this portable heater for camping as an adventure lover. The heater will change the temperature of the tent in comfort mode.

The safety design feature makes this heater secure for use at the nearest place, and durable material enhances portability possibilities.

The main problem is that it is only suitable for a small space.

Pros and Cons

500 watt might be lower for large space

Lasko 100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater

Lasko MyHeat Personal Mini Space Heater for Home with Single Speed, 6 Inches, Black, 200W, 100
  • ✅【KEEPS YOU WARM AT WORK】At 200-Watts and 682 BTUs, this low wattage mini space heater is ideal for use under the desk to keep your feet and legs warm. Best of all, because it’s low wattage, it won’t keep tripping the office circuit breaker every time you turn it on
  • ✅【YOUR PERSONAL SPACE HEATER】At 6 inches tall with a 4” x 4” footprint, this cute, small electric heater takes up minimal desktop space and is intended to heat up your immediate space at home or the office. Designed to warm you, not a room. For that, we recommend getting a Lasko 1500-Watt tower heater
  • ✅【EASY TO USE】No assembly required. Simply take it out of the box and plug it in to a standard 120v wall outlet. This energy-efficient, indoor ceramic heater draws about 2 amps and turns on with a flip of a switch. Compact and portable, MyHeat comes with a 6-foot cord and a 2-pronged plug. It’s also easily stored when not in use

This effective heater comes with a compact design and 100watt efficiency. With the convection heating technology, this heater will spread the warm air all over the space.

It has a 6 inches tall durable body with a 4×4 footprint design. It will ensure indoor and outdoor use.

This easy-to-use heater requires no assembly, and you can get the advantage after unboxing it. The 6-foot cord and two-pronged plugs enable you to charge it conveniently. 

Besides, the lightweight design and perfect dimensions of 3.8 x 4.3 x 6.1 inches make the device incomparable in its category.

The power switch is unique, and it will indicate the power source to avoid any danger.

Rating: 4.4 out of 5
Spec 1: 6 inches tall
Spec 2: Power indicator
Spec 3: Convenient power switch
Spec 4: Portable
Spec 5: Space efficient 
Spec 6: Effective distribution
Spec 7: Quick heating 
Spec 8: 200 watts 
Spec 9: 1 pound 
Spec 10: Built-in safety features
Spec 11: Battery powered

The Lasko 100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater is perfect for your desk, tabletop, kitchen, office, counter, bedroom, and more. It will enable you to get a warm comfort at your premises without electricity. It is an awesome quiet little ceramic heater that is worth every penny.

With the safe ceramic element, the device will provide concentrated personal heat ideal for your favorite desktop. It is a budget-friendly heater and doesn’t require electricity to operate.

The overheat protection system allows you to use safe heating technology while getting this type of smart device. 

Besides, the design is excellent, which can increase the beauty of your workstation or reading table.

You can carry this portable heater for camping, fishing, and making an outdoor picnic. And run them on a single power station. The warm tent will welcome you if you have this efficient heater.

You are getting this quality device from a high-performing home comfort products manufacturer that has been renowned in the US and around the world for more than 100 years.

Pros and Cons

Ceramic heater
Ideal for desktop
No issues found

BOVADO USA Portable 166648 Ceramic Space Heater

This heater comes with a ceramic fan-forced air heating system and uses an electric cord power source. 

The 6.5 lbs lightweight of this device allows you to carry it to the desired place. It is an effective heater for a small space and contains three powerful temperature settings. 

The power indicator will help you to understand the operation easily. On the contrary, the safety tip and overheat protection system enable you to get a warm temperature without any risk.

It comes with a fully assembled box, and you can start the operation instantly with the power cord. 

This six-inch power cord will help you get a plug-and-play service. Also, this product has compact dimensions of 10 x 6 x 6 inches.

Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Spec 1: Adjustable thermostat
Spec 2: Overheat protection
Spec 3: Tip-over protection
Spec 4: Fan forced fast heat
Spec 5: Corded electric
Spec 6: Black color
Spec 7: 6 inches power cord
Spec 8: Multiple uses 
Spec 9: Fully Assembled
Spec 10: Ceramic PTC Heating

The BOVADO USA Portable heater is ideal for personal use, and it can generate sufficient heat to make warm temperatures in a hassle-free way. It is a cost-effective heating solution for protecting the cold bite of the winter. Besides, it is perfect and works well in a smooth way.

It has three temperature settings, including low heat, high heat, and fan only. With these three user-friendly settings, you can fix your expected temperature without any delay.

The heater is suitable for tabletop, desktop, office, bedroom, and many more.

Using the durable carrying handle, you can easily move it from one place to another. This portability feature enhances the usability of the device.

You can also increase the temperature of your bathroom and living room by using this heater. It is also perfect for a tent while camping outside.

So, let’s customize your comfort with this plug-and-play mini heater.

Pros and Cons

Easy to use
No issues found

Brightown Mini Personal Ceramic Space Heater for Office Desktop Table Home Dorm

Brightown Small Space Heater for Indoor Use - 400W Low Wattage Portable Personal Mini Heater with Tip Over Protection, Low Noise Desk Heater for Office Bedroom Home Use
  • 【Brightown Mini Heater】Single on/off switch on the back of electric mini heater. Minor glow from the power light is red to let you know the unit is on. The cord is 5 1/2 feet long with 2 prong connections. The desk heater for office indoor personal use such as office desk table tent camping desktop
  • 【Low Wattage Small Heater 】 400 watt, 120 volt AC, 3.63 amps. Low wattage space heater is more economical than running a higher wattage space heater and will not overload the circuit. Great choice for people who live in a mild climate
  • 【Quiet and Fast Heating】 Brightown electric heater puts out a pretty decent amount of heat, suggesting using it for space about 100 square feet. Use it by the desk, take the chill off a small, cool office space. Use it at home when you don't want to heat up the entire house with other centralized heaters. Desk heater for office quiet, so it won't affect your sleep, work or study.

Next, the Brightown Mini Personal Ceramic Space Heater comes with beautiful orange color and 400eat heating capacity. This heater runs with an electric cord and enables you to avoid the cold bites of winter.

The convection heating method and the overheat protection system will work together to provide you with a safe operation.

It has tip-over protection, and the device will automatically turn off when tilted.

The 400-watt power will increase the heating capacity of the device and make the temperature warm.

The device has sufficient power to heat a 100 square feet space within a short time.

Besides, advanced safety features and a one-year manufacturer warranty make it incomparable in its category.

Rating: 4.4 out of 5
Spec 1: Ceramic heater
Spec 2: Convection heating method
Spec 3: Overheat protection
Spec 4: Auto-off when tilting
Spec 5: 400 watt
Spec 6: Tip-over protection
Spec 7: 6.3 x 3.15 x 6.3 inches
Spec 8: Fast Heating
Spec 9: 100sq.ft recommended use
Spec 10: 1-Year warranty

This is another ideal heater for personal use. It will bring a warm temperature without too much cost. The device has the efficiency to heat a standard size bedroom within a short time. On the contrary, it is a perfect little heater that works great for multiple purposes.

With quiet and fast heating technology, the heater will increase the temperature without any noise and sleeping interruption.

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You can use this brilliant device on the tabletop, desktop, deck, and more. It is also suitable for home, office, and counter.

The bright and compact design will enable you to use the device in a hassle-free way. Similarly, it has an expandable air spreading capacity for maximum heat production.

It is a portable device, and you can carry the heater at ease. This space-saving heater will take a small space on the tabletop.

Pros and Cons

Easy to use
Very portable and space-efficient
It runs smoothly and silently
No issues found

Portable Electric Space Heater

Portable Electric Space Heater 1500W/750W Personal Room Heater with Thermostat, Small Desk Ceramic Heater with Tip Over and Overheat Protection ETL Certified for Office Indoor Bedroom (Silver)
  • Safe for kids and pets: The heater is made of flame retardant material to achieve zero fire hazard; automatic overheat protection system will shut the unit off automatically when reaching overheat limit; tip over switch at the bottom will be triggered and the unit will be shut off in tilted or tripped over condition; power indicator indicating it’s plugged in; ETL certified, safety tested
  • Speedy warming: With PTC ceramic heating tech and high speed fan, this heater put out tons of heater to heat up 200 square feet in minutes. Helps to save electric bills by heating up needed small spaces instead of heating the whole house with other centralized heaters. Lower than 45 decibel while working, quiet enough and better heat dispersal for indoor sleeping, reading and working
  • Easy to use: Adjust the knob on the right to turn the unit on. "I" is for producing heat at 750 watts, "II" will produce heat faster and hotter at 1500 watts, and “Fan” will blow out cool air. Then turn the thermostat knob on the left toward the + sign. The adjustable temperature range is 0℉ to 158℉. It will get the heater to cycle on and off according to if the room’s temperature reaching heater's setting temperature

The Portable Electric Space Heater is ideal for personal heating solutions and comes with a 1500 watt powerful fan. 

This device has fast heating technology and an adjustable thermostat to maintain the best heating option.

The overheat protection system will protect against the risk of any damage and provide you with safe operation at your home.

Besides, tip-over protection is also a vital part of the safe heating operation. It provides heat to the room quietly, and you will never bore with the silent operation.

The 120volt AC adapter is perfect for running three heat modes, even with low voltage.

Similarly, it has a lightweight of 3.09 pounds that will enable you to carry the device at ease.

You can easily get after-sales service from the authorized distributor with the one-year warranty facility.

Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Spec 1: 1500 watt
Spec 2: Overheat protection 
Spec 3: ELT certified
Spec 4: Tilt protection
Spec 5: Safety PTC element
Spec 6: Speedy warming
Spec 7: Multiple operating modes
Spec 8: 12 months quality guarantee
Spec 9: Adjustable thermostat 
Spec 10: Quiet

This device is lightweight and has a flexible design. It will bring a warm temperature and make your home comfortable. Similarly, the portability allows you to heat spaces and consume the lowest energy. Besides, the device is perfect for a small area and has a powerful fan to do the best heating job.

With the safe ceramic element, you will get perfect heat in a hassle-free way. It will use the adjustable thermostat to reduce the electricity cost.

The device is perfect for your deck, tabletop, counter, bedroom, and more. It will protect you from the cold bite of winter.

Besides, you can bring this efficient heater to the poolside to get heat before and after swimming.

Using the over-heat protection feature will ensure a safe user experience for all your family members.

You can use this compact heater in your tent while camping, and your outdoor experience will be enhanced.

Pros and Cons

Easy to use
No major issues found

Honeywell HCE100R Heat Bud Ceramic Heater

Honeywell HCE100R Heat Bud Ceramic Heater, Red
  • Personal heating for small spaces
  • Tip over protection
  • Red: hce100r

We present the Honeywell HCE100R Heat Bud Ceramic Heater with electric cord function and convection heating technology.

It has a tipped-over protection system and can protect the 360-degree tip-over operation.

Besides, the device has a double overheat protection facility. You can run the device only with 250 watts, and it will be your electricity saver.

The design of this affordable heater is compact, and high-quality materials make it durable enough for long-term use.

The attractive color enables you to present the beauty of the deck and table, and you can carry it easily anywhere.

Besides, its dimension is 5 x 4 x 7.75 inches, and you can easily place the device in your backpack.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Spec 1: Low wattage
Spec 2: Cool-touch plastic body
Spec 3: Tip-over protection
Spec 4: 2x overheat protection
Spec 5: 5 x 4 x 7.75 inches
Spec 6: Compact size
Spec 7: High quality
Spec 8: Durable design 
Spec 9: 1.05 pounds 
Spec 10: Portable

This heat bud is ideal for dorms, cubicles, and office use. You can take advantage of this device to protect yourself from the cold bite of winter. This heater will warm you quickly and not the room. It is a good mini space heater and comes with good value.

The heater warms you quickly with ceramic heating technology, and you will feel comfortable.

You can also use this efficient heater in your bedroom, living room, and car.

This heater’s durable design and compact size allow you to carry it quickly. You can take this heat bud to the expected place in a hassle-free way.

You will feel like carrying a smartphone. Lightweight and high-quality materials enable you to do this job efficiently.

If you love to travel, this device will be the best choice for outdoor adventure in the winter.

The major concern is that it can not provide heat for several persons.

Pros and Cons

Easy to use
Requires small space
Easy to store
No issues found

GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater

GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater, 1500W/750W Ceramic Heater with Thermostat, Heat Up 200 Square Feet in Minutes, Safe and Quiet for Office Room Desk Indoor Use
  • 2 in 1 heater fan: This ceramic heater provides two heat levels, 1500W or 750W and one cool air fan, you can use it both for winter and summer. Thermostat control of the heater will turn the heater off when it reaches a preset temperature and turn the heater back on when the temperature dips below the thermostat setting
  • Multi protection safety system: These heaters are made of flame retardant material avoiding any fire hazard. Automatic safety shutoff system will shut the heater off when the heater overheat. The tip over protection system will also shut the heater off when the heater was knocked over by accident and it will come back on automatically if it is up righted
  • Compact and powerful: 6.2 inch x 7 inch x 10.2 inch, 2.9 pounds Portable mini heater with build in carry handle helps to reinforce the potential of rather low electrical bills by using at the place where you need when you don't want to warm the full house with other centralized heaters

This heater comes with a thermostat and 1500 watt heating capacity that will enable you to get a safe and quiet personal heating solution.

With high-quality materials, this durable heater is perfect for outdoor usage. It has a lightweight of 3.2 pounds, and you can easily carry it.

The dimension is  6.2″ x 7″ x 9.2″, perfect for placing the device on the tabletop, desktop, and any convenient place.

This easy control heater has an adjustable knob to turn it safely. The fan of the heater is efficient in understanding your needs.

With a one-year warranty, you will get the after-sales service from the manufacturer in case of any damage or fault.

Rating: 4.4 out of 5
Spec 1: Thermostat
Spec 2: Safe and quiet
Spec 3: 1500 watt
Spec 4: 3.2 pounds
Spec 5: 6.2″ x 7″ x 9.2″
Spec 6: Durable heater
Spec 7: 200sqf heating capacity
Spec 8: 2 modes
Spec 9: Overheat protection
Spec 10: Tilt-over protection
Spec 11: Manufacturer warranty for 1 year

This mini heater is ideal for your office, home, and living area. The heater comes with an efficient heating capacity perfect for personal care. You can use this heater on the tabletop, desktop, deck, counter, and more. It is a great device and worth every penny.

With the two different modes, you can adjust the fan’s wind, and it will allow you to get the expected heat. The natural wind mode is suitable for warm wind, and you can turn the heater to hot wind mode to get sufficient heat.

You can use this heater safely at any workstation because it has flame-resistant technology.

The portability feature enables you to bring this efficient device as a heat companion.

You can use this heater to get a warm temperature in the poolside if you want. The device has the power to provide you warm temperature directly to your body.

Pros and Cons

Easy to use
Plug and play 
Safe and convenient to use
No issues found

Andily Space Heater Electric Heater for Home & Office

andily 500W Space Heater Electric Heater for Home&Office Indoor Use Small Heater on Desk with Safety Power Switch PTC WHITE
  • Small Heater: 4.33’’L X 3.63’’W X 6.39’’H.This portable heater is very easy to carry. You only need one hand can take up. Manual controls. Fully Assembled. It’s the ideal choice of an indoor heater.
  • 500W Ceramic Heater With Fan: Up to 500W power is can create comfortable temperatures at the moment for your room. The power indicator light lets you know when it’s plugged in. The fan was extremely quiet.
  • Mini Heater: The whole heater only has one power switch is very easy to control. The fan at the back is efficient for heating and ventilation. The plastic floor mat is under the heater make sure this heater is freestanding.

The Andily Space Heater comes with a 500-watt heating capacity, and the device is perfect for personal use. This heater gets power with an electric cord, and the plug and play system enables you to get instant heating from the device.

Overheat protection brings a safe operation while getting sufficient heat, and the durable material can protect the heat of the ceramic technology.

The 1.4 pounds lightweight and sturdy body of the heater allows you to run it in any place.

This device requires manual control, making the heater safe and secure.

With the convenient power switch, you can easily control the heater according to your needs. 

Besides, you will get after-sales service from the manufacturer in case of any damage or fault setting.

Rating: 4.1 out of 5
Spec 1: 500 watt
Spec 2: Corded electric
Spec 3: Compact design 
Spec 4:Power indicator
Spec 5: Automatic overheat protection
Spec 6: Small and Safe
Spec 7: Durable
Spec 8: Easy to use 
Spec 9: Multiple heating modes
Spec 10: Plug and play

This is another efficient heater for personal care. You can easily protect the cold bites of the winter by using this mini heater. It will reduce the electricity cost but increase the possibility of a warm temperature at home. Besides, the heater is tiny but has lots of power.

It has multiple settings to control the temperature, and you can fix the best mode that you expect.

This compact heater can be a great solution for an office desk, tabletop, deck, balcony, bedroom, and more.

With the plug-and-play feature, the device will make the space warmer in a hassle-free way.

Similarly, the safe operation of the heater enables you to use it in most indoor places.

You can also take this affordable heater for camping, fishing, and attending a picnic. So, the product is pretty good for the price.

Pros and Cons

Easy to use
No issues found

OPOLAR 1500W Ceramic Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

Next, we have a cost-effective heater that comes with an adjustable knob and thermostat control. The design of this heater will help to distribute the generated heat perfectly.

Multiple operating modes allow users to set the expected operation at ease. It has a tip-over protection system, and the device will automatically turn off when tilted.

Besides, high-quality ABS plastic materials enable you to get sufficient warm air within a few seconds.

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With the three modes heater, you can control the fan hassle-free. The durable design makes the device sturdy enough to generate adequate heat.

It has an adjustable thermostat to control the temperature setting, and the operation is noise-free based on the settings.

Rating: 4.4 out of 5
Spec 1: Adjustable knob
Spec 2: Thermostat control
Spec 3: Perfect heat distribution
Spec 4: Multiple modes
Spec 5: Powerful battery
Spec 6: Durable design
Spec 7: Fast charging
Spec 8: Portable
Spec 9: Overheat protection
Spec 10: Tip-over protection.

This mini heater is great for personal use, and you will get an instant temperature solution without too much expense. The device is loaded with features, and it will enable a consumer to get a warm temperature with a plug-and-play system.

Using the thermostat control system, you can easily control the fan’s speed.

Besides, this device has three operating modes, including fan only, low heat, high heat. You can run the heater for cool air with the fan-only mode. Yes! This heater will also cool you with fresh air.

The low heat mode provides you with initial heat when you want a warm and cozy temperature. On the contrary, the high heat mode protects you from the cold bites of the winter.

You can use this cost-effective heater for bedrooms, office, living room, counter, deck, and more. 

The wide applications of this heater enable you to get multiple heating solutions for comfortable temperatures.

Pros and Cons

Zero maintenance
You have to replace the battery after a certain period.

Maradyne H-400012 Santa Fe 12V Floor Mount Heater

Maradyne H-400012 Santa Fe 12V Floor Mount Automotive Heater
  • 13,200 BTU per hour, 200 CFM, 6.0 amperes at12 volts, 5/8 fittings
  • Built-In Two-Speed Fan Control Switch
  • Heavy-Duty, Long-Life Motor

Finally, we present an efficient heater that comes with a unique design and can produce 13,200 BTU per hour.

This heater has 12volt energy efficiency, and the 2-speed fan control enables you to adjust the heat in a convenient mode.

Besides, the rigid steel case makes the device durable enough for indoor and outdoor use. With the adjustable louvers, you can control the heater’s operation easily.

It passed through quality manufacturing and contained a long life with multiple applications.

You can easily mount the device on the floor, and mounting accessories are included with the heater.

It has a lightweight of 7.76 pounds, and you can carry the heater in your car in a small space.

Rating: 4.4 out of 5
Spec 1: 13,200 BTU per hour
Spec 2: 12 volt
Spec 3: 2-speed fan control
Spec 4: Rigid steel case
Spec 5: Adjustable louvers
Spec 6: Long life
Spec 7: Heavy duty
Spec 8: Mounting hardware included
Spec 9: 7.76 pounds
Spec 10: Easy to operate

This is an ideal heater for your living room, bedroom, office, and small business. The heater is efficient and can produce adequate heat for space. It will warm the room at a reasonable speed. Besides, the good heat output and stable working mode increase the temperature quickly.

With the two-speed fan control switch, you can easily control the heat output of the device. It will enable you to get the exact heat that you want. You will get options for setting the mode.

The mounting option is perfect for this small heater. You can set the device within a few minutes to make the room warmer.

Similarly, the heater has the power to provide adequate heat for several persons.

You can reduce the electricity cost by using this compact and hassle-free heater.

Pros and Cons

Long-life motor
Perfect for family usage
No issues found

Top 4 Battery Powered Electric Heater Alternatives

We give you the list of battery-powered electric heater alternatives in case you want to explore other options than the products we list above.

All of the portable heaters below are not electric powered but still are some good alternatives when it comes to the personal heater.

DEWALT DXH12B Portable Heater

Dewalt F332000 Cordless Propane Heater (Tool Only)
  • 3 USB ports for charging personal electronics and accessories
  • Powerful LED light bar and integrated high-velocity fan
  • Dual tank capacity provides up to 7 hours of run-time

The DEWALT DXH12B Portable Heater has three USB ports and a powerful LED light.

With just two bottles, the heater can run up to 7 hours.

This high-quality heater contains a rugged handle for comfortable movement. You can easily pick the heater and carry it to another place.

It has a tip-over safety switch and an oxygen depletion system that make the device safe for every place and position.

Besides, the heavy-duty grill of the device will protect the heating panel from any unwanted materials.

Rating: 4.4 out of 5
Spec 1: Battery-powered
Spec 2: LED light
Spec 3: 3 USB port
Spec 4: 7 hours run time
Spec 5: Oxygen Depletion System
Spec 6: Tip-Over safety switch system
Spec 7: Rugged handle 
Spec 8: Heavy-Duty Grill
Spec 9: Quiet and reliable electronic ignition 
Spec 10: Easy to use

If you are looking for an advanced portable heater, this is the best option for you. This heater will provide you with multiple services and work as a power source for other USB devices. Besides, the quality of the heater is incomparable, and it comes at the best price.

With USB ports, you can power your smartphones, power bank, and other USB devices. The powerful battery of the heater will help you to backup these devices.

This heater is perfect for home, office, business, and personal care. You can also install the heater at your coffee shop to attract more customers.

The quiet operation of this effective heater enables you to get the warm temperature within a few seconds.

Its modern and compact design allows you to take the heater with you as the best comforter.

You will enjoy your tent time during your next camping with this brilliant device.

Pros and Cons

Modern and compact design
Not an electric heater

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy Heater

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Radiant Heater, Red-Black
  • PORTABLE HEATER: Portable propane heater designed for emergency heat, tents, campers, job sites, porches, decks, garages, tailgates, barns, sheds, ice fishing, hunting blinds, and more
  • HEAT SPACE: Perfect for heating enclosed spaces up to 225 square feet
  • PROPANE GAS: For use with propane gas; Runs off a 1-pound cylinder of propane and can connect directly to a 20 pound cylinder with optional hose and filter

This durable heater comes with a powerful heating capacity, and it can warm up to 225 square feet. The device has a clean-burning method that will enable you to get fresh air in the winter.

Besides, the fold-down handle of this device increases the possibility of carrying it wherever you want.

This heater will automatically turn off in case of overheating, and tipped-over protection allows you to use it safely.

With the heavy-duty grill, you can place the heater in any place, including indoor and outdoor.

The durable design and 100 percent efficiency make the product distinct from the low-quality materials.

You can use this heater most of the time in the winter, and the device will increase the possibility of getting a warm temperature.

Rating: 4.7 out of 5
Spec 1: 4,000- to 9,000-BTU
Spec 2: 225 square feet 
Spec 3: Indoor/outdoor use
Spec 4: Clean-burning
Spec 5: Auto shut-off if tipped over
Spec 6: Fold-down handle
Spec 7: 4 kg 80 g
Spec 8: Heavy-duty grill
Spec 9: Quality manufacturing process
Spec 10: Portable

This is an ideal heater for your outdoor and indoor activities, and it will consequently reduce your heating cost. It has safety features that allow you to run the device smoothly.  The heater is easy to use and can produce sufficient heat at the minimum cost.

You can use this heater in the bedroom, living room, and office.

Besides, you can carry it wherever you want with easy access and portability. It will enable you to protect yourself from the cold bites of winter.

This heater has the lowest noise level, and you will never feel bored with the sound.

The multiple usages of the heater make it convenient and create a warm atmosphere instantly.

The design is durable enough for long-lasting performance, and you will get a brilliant solution to keep yourself fit in winter.

Pros and Cons

Easy to use
Plug and play 
The weight is comparatively heavy
Not an electric heater

Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy Propane Heater

If you are looking for a small but efficient heater, the Mr. Heater F215100 is perfect for you. This little buddy heater comes with safe indoor technology, and the arrogant design is perfect for your home.

It has high-quality materials and passes through quality control manufacturing. The standard level operation will help you to get instant heat.

This convenient heater contains a simple power button for easy on/off, and you can start it within a few seconds.

The tipped overprotection and auto shut-off system protect the device and user from unwanted casualty.

It is highly portable, and you can take this small device to fight against the cold bites of winter.

Rating: 3 out of 5
Spec 1: Little buddy
Spec 2: Indoor safe
Spec 3: Efficient heating
Spec 4: Quality materials
Spec 5: Durable design
Spec 6: Easy to use
Spec 7: Simple power button
Spec 8: Auto shut off
Spec 9: Tipped over control
Spec 10: Portable

This amazing heater comes with an elegant design and the perfect shape for personal use. It will allow you to heat the space without electricity, and you can access the instant warm temperature of the room.

The device runs an eco-friendly operation for personal care in the winter with a clean-burning facility.

You can use this small heater for your bedroom, living room, balcony, and office. The durable design of this device allows you to carry the device in a hassle-free way.

This heater can change the atmosphere of your surroundings, and you will feel the silent performance of the heater.

It will increase the stability of your body by maintaining temperature smoothly.

You can take advantage of this compact device for a long-term energy-saving method.

Pros and Cons

Multiple applications
Quality manufacture
Not an electric heater (gas)

Portable Battery Powered Heater FAQs 

How good are portable heaters for battery-powered?

Portable heaters that operate on batteries or power stations are the best alternative to electric and gas heaters. These devices are safe and secure for indoor and outdoor operations. In general, they are good enough to protect the winter and get a warm temperature.

Do portable powered heaters for battery-powered work at night?

Any heaters work both day and night unless you still have energy on your power source. You can use these brilliant heating devices twenty-four hours a day, and they are capable of providing warm temperatures even on a snowy day.

How long will those portable heaters last?

It depends on your battery/power source capacity size. The larger capacity, the longer your portable heater lasts.


Altogether, we present you with top portable heaters for battery-powered. Remember that if you still want compacted battery-operated heaters, you can look for other sources on the internet.

With these efficient heaters, you will warm up your body and protect against the cold bites of the winter. 

Besides, these heaters are durable enough for indoor and outdoor usage, and multiple applications make them convenient for every person. 

However, sometimes, it is difficult to find the best heater from the several available options in the market.

Don’t worry! We will suggest you select the best heater from the above list. We make this shortlist with the help of our experience and expert opinion. 

If you are looking for a durable and sturdy heater, the Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy Heater is perfect for you. 

On the contrary, if you want to purchase a heater that has an excellent design, the Honeywell HCE100R Heat Bud Ceramic Heater is the best device.

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