14 Ideas for Solar Energy Research Topics

The renewable energy sector spreads out over the world and creates sustainable energy solutions for us. The invention of the latest technology increases the possibilities of this sector, and research makes it more affordable for consumers.

You may have ideas for solar energy research topics, and you can research the latest valuable topics that can change the whole industry.

Finding an appropriate research topic for you can be a long process. To make this process more accessible, we present 14 ideas for solar energy research topics in this writing.

ThePhoenixsun Video Series x
ThePhoenixsun Video Series

Bionic Leaf

Scientists recently created a model named bionic leaf that can separate sunlight into water into hydrogen and oxygen. With bacteria engineering, it converts carbon dioxide and hydrogen into a liquid fuel called isopropanol. The efficiency of this process is 1 percent, and you can turn sunlight into fuel.

This research is currently in the initial stage, and you can improve it if you are interested. This is a possible process that can become an outstanding source of renewable energy. The improvement of energy recreation will be a great solution. It allows scientists to use natural resources for energy production.

3D Printed Solar Powered Trees

The idea is very innovative, and it started at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. They have created a solar-powered electric forest with 3D printed trees. It has changed the idea of a solar panel. With 3D printing technology, scientists created a leaf that works as a solar panel.

This technology will save the space needed for installing solar panels and help the service provider to install solar panels on a small surface. It can be grounded in any place, and it will increase the beauty of the place. You will get the proper land utilization with 3D printing solar panel trees.

You can check the video here.


Researchers work on a project to create a specific crystalline structure. Stanford University makes this structure with lead, ammonia, and iodine. The process is very cheap, and Perovskites are more efficient than silicon in some ways.

This idea allows them to increase the efficiency of silicon solar cells, and the rate can be optimized up to 17 percent. This enhances the efficiency of the solar cells in the monocrystalline solar panels to about 44 percent.

This research field will allow you to work for the most important part of solar cells. Efficiency is now the main concern of solar engineers to produce more energy with small panels.

Thin Film Solar

New research shows that scientists are preparing better solar cells by alternating the chemistry of the materials. Thin-film solar represents materials like silicon onto a substrate. This new solar panel manufacturing process takes a liquid as a source and uses a coating to strengthen the surface.

Besides, this module is perfect for commercial solar sectors, and consumers will get more efficient panels. 

The perovskites techniques get retouched here to invent the latest thin-film solar panel. You can enrich the research element on this project if you are interested.

Carbon-Based Solar Cells

Researchers show the advantage of carbon-based solar cells with the help of a new invention. The printed carbon-based is cheap and alternative to silicon. The efficiency is comparatively low, but the organic manufacturing process increases the possibility.

Global manufacturers work on this new invention, and you can add a new gauge to it. The initial research stage should be developed, and it will focus on commercial purposes. 

So, the future of this project is valuable and business-worthy. Let’s have a look to develop the technology as a new researcher.

Colored Solar Panels

Colored Solar Panels
Colored Solar Panels

You might notice that most solar panels are blue, and silicon provides them this only one appearance. Now you can get different colors of solar panels. Scientists have found a way to make colorful solar panels. 

They changed the crystal structure to create these multi-colored solar panels. This is an outstanding process, but these solar panels are less efficient. 

They can produce less energy with a maximum of 9% efficiency. Researchers try to enhance technology and make them similar to the blue solar panel.

Polymer Solar Cells

The  P1D2 or polymer solar cells may enhance the efficiency of the current solar panel’s technology. The University of Chicago’s chemistry department works with polymer solar cells. They find it more efficient by comparing the chemical structure of the cells.

The polymer breaks down easily and allows more electrons to move faster. The researchers claim that it increases the efficiency of solar cells by 15%. 

This field has the opportunity to develop high-efficient panels and establish a solar system with fewer solar panels. Let’s explore the opportunity.

Solar Concentration Technology

The already established idea of concentrating photovoltaic cells is great for a giant solar system. The system requires an accurate angle and the right amount of sunlight during the day. They produce huge energy, but the system is not compatible with the rooftop.

Now, a team of researchers is working on making the system suitable for a household solar system. This system will increase the efficiency of solar panels, and rooftop solar panels will gain advanced technology. 

The goal of this research is to create much smaller solar panels with higher efficiency.

Lignocellulose Hydrolysis Technology

This field is comparatively new. The goal of this topic is to develop a sustainable energy source. Depolymerization of lignocellulosic biomass technology is the key feature of this invention. They convert biomass into liquid fuel.

The process clears away the physical and chemical barriers to produce this liquid. It will enhance the efficiency and cost of solar panels. 

With this research, scientists will present several ways to create an outstanding production rate. It will be a revealed opportunity for making cost-effective solar cells.

Bio-Oil Produced from Biomass Pyrolysis Technology

Bio-Oil Produced from Biomass Pyrolysis Technology
Bio-Oil Produced from Biomass Pyrolysis Technology

Bio-oil is one of the latest research fields for solar energy. You can contribute to this topic to increase the usage of solar energy worldwide. Bio-oil has several environmental advantages over fossil fuel. You can save the earth by using bio-oil for energy production.

Pyrolysis technology brings renewable energy into a new path. It will help the manufacturer to produce more eco-friendly energy for the consumers. 

As an enthusiastic renewable energy lover, you can concentrate on the development of this research. It will bring a new era of energy production apart from fossil fuel.

Design and Construction of Biodiesel Production Plant

The biodiesel production plant is technology based on the chemical reaction of triglycerides. It works together with methanol and glycerin and enhances the efficiency of renewable energy. Solar pants can be designed with this latest technology.

The system is perfect for working with silicon cells. If the research is successful, the consumer will get solar panels with more absorbing power. 

The chemical reaction allows solar cells to charge in the chastest way. The entire process will make the converter-based AC electricity system more powerful.

Membrane-enhanced Reforming Technology

In this research, scientists show the process of converting fuel gas into electric power. It is a highly efficient process, along with environment-friendly performances. The system only exhausts the water of the fuel cells.

Using the latest renewable power production technology, we can make the world a better place to live. The entire process increases the possibility of reducing carbon dioxide and creates the world green.

You can add a dimension to this research and enrich the work by adding some valuable information. It will help the team to make it more reliable and affordable.

Think Tank Platform of Renewable Energy Industry

The Taiwan government offers a research field to scientists and researchers for promoting green and renewable energy like the solar system. They emphasize the manufacturing and production of green energy that will be affordable for the whole world.

It will speed up the scientists to convert and generate an eco-friendly energy production system at an affordable price. The benefit of solar energy will only boost up when the public gets easy access to it.

The total system depends on the availability and price of the materials. So, this research concentrates on the manufacturing of the most efficient solar cells. 

It will also develop the electricity supply in remote places where the grid is unavailable.

Wrapping Up Solar Energy Research Topics

Solar Energy Research Topics
Solar Energy Research Topics

Finally, you have explored the 14 solar energy research topics. These topics will allow you to get the additional latest knowledge about solar energy and cope with the upcoming revolution.

Try to research these growing fields and make something unique and environmentally friendly. The world will remember you for this great job.

You have to consider the future demand for solar energy and prevent the usage of fossil fuels for generating electricity.

Besides, only scientific research and experiments can create something new in the field of renewable energy. So, if you spend your time in this field, it will welcome you as a creaAXtor.

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