Top 4 Important Solar Gadgets You Must Have

When you are thinking about an off-grid lifestyle, you should also have an idea of solar gadgets you should buy. These top four gadgets will make your life more comfortable at home. There are no worries about electricity bills anymore.

Overdependence on the utility power supply can be inconvenient and expensive. Your activities stop when there is a power outage. Here you will learn about top solar gadgets for every home and those you need to avoid.

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What Is A Solar Gadget?

Solar Power Bank

Solar gadgets are any electrical and/or electronic equipment powered by energy from the sun. Such systems consist of a solar panel, which acts as the generator, charge controller, an inverter, and a battery bank. Do not be surprised to find all these packed into one unit.

The heat energy from the sun is used to excite electrons in the silicon atoms used for making solar panels. This is turned into electricity which flows through the wires to the charge controller, which charges the battery.

Some solar gadgets (electrical loads) can use the power directly from the solar panel, while others require DC to AC conversion. In the latter case, you probably need an inverter and a battery bank, which is the energy reservoir.

For instance, a solar-powered pump can be directly connected to the solar panel to pump water during the day. At night, the excess electrical power stored in the battery is used for lighting and powering TVs and other systems.

Also, note that solar produces more electricity than needed during the day. That is the reason we need to store it. At night, there is no energy from the solar panels. You will depend entirely on the energy reservoir.    

Home use of solar gadgets

Photo of a modern home exterior with a solar power awning over the back porch

Solar-powered gadgets are used for different purposes. First, you need solar lights to provide luminance for your home. Solar bulbs are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and they are energy-efficient and reliable.

Your life at home is not only tied to light. You also need solar water pumps to draw water from the underground well or borehole to the overhead tank for use. Luckily, you do not need a battery bank for this purpose, as your pump can be set on during the day.

For comfort at home, you need solar AC systems. A solar attic fan is one such system that stabilizes the temperature in the attic space. With a solar-powered AC, you can achieve off-grid living without worrying about summer and winter.

You also need a solar entertainment system to make your life at home complete. There are TV sets and home theatres powered by solar, or at least, you can use a hybrid inverter to get the AC power. Even power banks and calculators are also solar gadgets.  

Top 4 Solar Gadgets You Should Have

Desk with various gadgets and office supplies.

Solar-powered gadgets are, no doubt, very crucial in your life. So, what are the top four solar gadgets that should be on top of your list? Let us find out in the next section.

Solar Power Bank and Phone Charging Stations

We cannot detach our lives from technology and social media. To access all these goodies, you need a smartphone to access the internet. Also, the phone is crucial for communication and sealing business deals remotely. Can you imagine what your life will be without it?

Smartphones do not last with charge more than a day if continuously connected to the internet. That means you cannot afford an off-grid lifestyle without an alternative source of power for recharging your phone. Solar power banks and phone charging stations are what you need.

The power bank is charged during the day when you are off to the office. When you come back in the evening, you need to recharge and find your power bank ready for you. Some solar power banks are also portable.

There are many different solar power banks in the market today to choose from. This makes it hard to make the right decision when shopping for one. In our reviews of the best solar-powered power bank charging stations, the QiSa brand caught our attention.

QiSa power bank is an all-in-one unit that will make your life off-grid worth living. It features a 32,800 mAh battery and outputs 5 volts 3A for fast charging. The gadget can also charge wirelessly and can charge up to three devices simultaneously and IP66 rated.

QiSa Solar-Power-Bank-32800mAh-Power-Bank

The prices of solar power banks vary from brand to brand and model to model. On average, you are likely to pay $50 for a reasonable one that will serve an entire family.

Solar Powered TVs and Audio Systems

You need to relax after a long day at work and catch up with the latest across the country. That means TV and audio systems are also a necessity for a complete life. Unlike smartphones, these solar gadgets are heavy consumers and need a robust solar system.

To ensure your solar-powered TV or audio system gives you maximum entertainment, invest in a battery bank and solar panels with higher wattage ratings. The batteries are charged during the day to be used at night when everyone is likely to be home.

There are different DC-powered TVs and music systems on the market and what you buy depends on your budget and other preferences. You can find a sizable TV for about $150 and a music system for $40. This should be a good enough combination for home entertainment.

Trexonic Portable Rechargeable 14 Inch LED TV

Also, you can explore other options available on Amazon for more solar gadgets. Do not limit yourself only to what we have suggested here. And if you cannot find the best DC-powered product for you, go for the AC option but buy an inverter.

Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

Indoor or Outdoor Solar Security Camera

When taking your life off-grid, do not forget about your home security. We already have many solar security cameras in the market to choose from, and they are affordable. Installing them at strategic places can go a long way in boosting the security of your home.

Do not assume you have fences or security personnel at the gate. That is not good enough as the intruder can be someone from within. You can monitor all the interior rooms and outdoor spaces if you buy enough of these security cameras.

There are different brands from manufacturers. This literally makes your decision-making process a time-consuming task. Fortunately, we have a suggestion which you can go buy or look for a similar brand of solar camera.

The BOAVISION outdoor solar camera is our best pick. It features an 8-watt solar panel and a powerful 14400mAh rechargeable battery. That means you have 24/7 surveillance of your home, and you can monitor everything remotely from your phone.

Boavision S10 Solar Powered camera

Other features of this brand include the following:

  • Day and night color vision
  • High quality 1080p video
  • Two-way audio and live video viewing through an app
  • IP66 rated – weatherproof
  • Pantile and PIR smart detection with a wide-angle of view of 320 degrees

The cost of a solar-powered security camera will vary depending on the feature mentioned above and many others. On average, a good enough solar camera should be priced at $120, but you can find cheaper ones if working on a tight budget.

Solar Animal Repeller

As much as we love pets, there are still other animals we want to keep off. Mice, rats, squirrels, deer, stray dogs, cats, and many other animals can disturb your peace at home. The best gadget to keep them off your yard is the solar repellent. But how does it work?

Using an intelligent motion sensor, the gadget can detect animals and produce ultrasonic sound at a frequency that irritates the intruding animals. Some repellers can flash a light, on and off, to scare them away by giving an impression of a person walking towards the animal.

So, which is the best and competitively solar animal repellent in the market? After searching far and wide, we settled on Thanos Solar Power Ultrasonic Repeller. It offers the most cost-effective way of keeping rodents and many other annoying animals away.

Thanos Solar Power Ultrasonic Animal Repellent

The solar gadget charges during the day and then uses the power at night to protect your home. It also has a charging port for external recharging if you need to install it in shady places such as farms, gardens, lawns, etc.

Other remarkable features

  • Eco-friendly – Repels animals through ultra-sonic and LED light emission, which is harmless to the animals.
  • Adjustable ultrasonic frequency to repel only the targeted animals
  • Solar and rechargeable battery, making it work 24/7 without adding to your monthly electricity bills.

The prices of solar-powered animal repellers vary, depending on the features and other factors. When shopping for one, a budget of about $50 should get you a recommendable gadget [to help you guard your home against intruding animals.

Top 2 Solar Gadgets You SHOULD NOT Buy

The era of free energy from the sun is here. From the beginning, it was thought of as the solution to many energy problems experienced. Thus far, it has worked great, but not with a downside.

New solar gadgets are flooding the market, with quite a number being useless or pointless. Let us check out two such devices that you should not bother buying.

Kodak KS100-C+2 Solar Charger

Designers and manufacturers of this product thought they have brought a solution to many people who struggled to recharge their phones. It features a very tiny solar panel and two rechargeable batteries. The solar charger is portable, just as it was designed to be.

Unfortunately, these solar gadgets have not lived to their expectations. It takes what seems like a whole century to recharge even one phone. The reason is that the solar panel and battery system are just too small to fulfill the task.

Some users have even reported that it cannot charge anything, and yet you pay about $40 for it on Amazon. With just $10 more on the budget, you get a high-quality QiSa solar power bank to recharge multiple phones at once.

Solar Powered Calculators

Calculators have become an integral part of our lives. For whatever reason you need it at home, we do not recommend buying solar-powered calculators. Are they bad ideas, or what is the reason behind them?

First, many solar-powered calculators just have a micro photovoltaic panel in front of it that will contribute nearly nothing. Secondly, you are likely to use your calculators in place without natural light. So, is it worth the hefty price you pay for it?

A calculator advertised as solar-powered usually does not live to that expectation, and the manufacturers know it. The statement is mainly a marketing point to get you to buy the product. After all, any ordinary calculator lasts long only on the internal batteries.

It is not worth paying extra for the solar feature in a calculator. Just buy an ordinary calculator and find a new battery if you ever need to replace them, which is very rare.

Wrapping Up

Solar gadgets make your off-grid life complete. You get to do all your things as usual, if not even better, without worrying about the electricity bill. You get free power from the sun to power your devices.

Solar devices are very affordable. So, there is no hindrance to choosing an off-grid living. You can detach yourself from utility power systems by simply buying the solar gadgets you need or solar panels for heavy consumers. Life feels more comfortable when you do not have to think of monthly bills.